[ROM][7.0] Android 7 - Nougat [T700/T705/T800/T805]

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    [ROM][7.0] Android 7 - Nougat [T700/T705/T800/T805]

    Please follow this link for more information about Android 7.0

    Android 7.0 Nougat is coming to a Tab S 8.4/10.5 WiFi & LTE !
    This ROM is for T700, T705, T800 and T805.

    It is directly based on vanilla Google Android sources. Real AOSP.

    Before continuing, please keep in mind that this ROM is created in my free time. Donations are greatly appreciated
    If you like my ROMs please donate by pressing the "Donate to Me" button below my name on the left side or by pressing the following link.
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    Download GApps
    • OpenGApps
      Do not use Stock or higher. Nano is recommended.

    Download SuperSU

    • TWRP or higher. I always use @ashyx newest builds (TWRP builds by @ashyx)
    • Applied bootloader update, e.g. by
      • flashing the stock 5.0(or higher) samsung rom or
      • by applying bootloader directly with odin (Link).
    Don't skip this step! If the incorrect bootloader is used your device WILL NOT BOOT!

    Already running AOSP Marshmallow
    Are you already running AOSP Marshmallow? Awesome! :good:
    At the moment dirty flashing this ROM on top of AOSP Marshmallow has not yet tested.
    So please create a backup of it first and install AOSP Nougat as a clean install.
    Dirty flashing of AOSP Nougat on an existing installation of AOSP Marshmallow will be supported in a few days.

    1. Cleaning System
      Reboot into recovery. Go into wipe menu. Select "Advanced Wipe". Check
      • Dalvik Cache
      • System
      • Cache
      • Data
      and wipe them. Don't reboot just yet.
      This step is only necessary on the initla installation.
    2. Install this ROM
      Go into Install
      Flash aosp-XXX.zip
      On initial installation it is necessary to Reboot to Recovery. Don't skip this step!
      (E:unknown command [log] messages can be ignored.)
    3. Install Google Apps and SuperSU
      Go into Install
      Flash GAPPS.zip
      Flash SuperSU.zip
      Reboot to System

      [*] Fix Google Apps SetupWizard Bug
      As soon as the SetupWizard is display don't press any key but execute the following command on you pc using adb
      > adb shell pm grant com.google.android.setupwizard android.permission.READ_CONTACTS
      > adb shell pm grant com.google.android.setupwizard android.permission.WRITE_CONTACTS
      > adb shell pm grant com.google.android.setupwizard android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION
      This is only a temporary workaround, hopefully this issue will be solved soon.

    4. OpenDelta - OTA support
      Check Settings->System Updates (Creates /sdcard/OpenDelta/FlashAfterUpdate)
      Copy SuperSu and Gapps zip to /sdcard/OpenDelta/FlashAfterUpdate (If directory does not exist, create) so that they are automatically applied after OTA update. Else your system will be unusable after an OTA!

    • Wifi
    • Bluetooth
    • HW Video Accel
    • DRM
    • Camera
    • Fingerprint
    • Basically everything that is not mentioned in the open issues list below...

    • Graphical glitches on rotation and screen off
    • RIL, meaning no telephony support so far

    • Exchange services have been dropped by google. You will have to use a third party app for Exchange syncing.

    • Hearthstone and serveral other Unity games: Enable 4x MSAA in development options else it won't work
    • Slither.io and a few other games don't run if 4x MSAA is enabled: Disabled 4x MSAA in development options else it won't work
    • If you install Gapps after the ROM has been booted for the first time you either need to wipe data or manually delete /data/system/users/0/runtime-permissions.xml and reboot. Without this Gapps will crash constantly. This is due to the new permissions-system in M.

     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I will not accept responsibility for any adverse effects to your device,
     * including, but not limited to: bricking, dead SD card, bootloops etc.
     * You mod your device at your own risk.

    Please Donate
    If you like my ROMs please donate by pressing the "Donate to Me" button below my name on the left side. It takes a lot of my spare time developing these ROMs for the community and every penny is greatly appreciated :D.
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    XDA:DevDB Information
    Nougat, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S

    Source Code: https://github.com/Schischu?tab=repositories

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Tab S Lollipop Booloader
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Alpha

    Created 2016-08-27
    Last Updated 2016-09-18

    Features that extend AOSP functionality
    • WiFi Country Code setting


    • Button Backlight control

    • Display colortone

    • Navigation bar
    • Reboot menu

    • ExFat
    • NTFS
    Awesome. :good:

    Currently working on Mobile Data, hopefully I have a fix by tomorrow.

    Next on the list would be why some YouTube videos don't seem to use the hw decoder.

    And if that is solved integrating September Security Patchlevel. :highfive:
    Update for all devices is being uploaded
    • Fixes Baseband on T805 T705
    • Fixes Reboot menu
    • Fixes WiFi CountryCode selection
    • Fixes GPS on T800/T700/T705
    T800 will be up this evening.
    T70x will have to wait till earliest Tuesday.