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[ROM][7.0] MIUI Port 9 Hydrogen Port for Kenzo - [08-jul-2018] - Android 7.0

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Apr 26, 2018
Thank you @alexanrin, I never thought I would use MIUI again, all the ports I tested had a problem, no translation, no Face ID ... but your port is great, the only thing I had problems with was fingerprint (since I also use Goodix fp).
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Nov 11, 2015
Can anyone help for slow wifi speed when i use my wifi on other device it works fine but when i use it in my device it's too slow used many roms and got normal speed in them but not in all of them
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Feb 14, 2015
Porto Alegre
MIUI 10 Global Beta 8.7.26 MM Redmi Note 3 Pro (Kenzo)(Official)

Download link:
http: //bigota.d.miui.c....26_c3f457ccde_6.0.zip

MIUI 10 v8.7.26 MM Xiaomi.eu
Download link: AFH

MIUI 10 v8.7.26 MM by Hailapas

Build date: 26/07/2018

List of changes:
=> Face Id works
=> The fingerprint scanner works best
=> App lock works
=> Miui 10 recent applications running
=> VoLTE (HD) works
= > Magisk is built
=> Store themes
=> Android: 6.0.1
=> Security Patch: 1st July
=> Smoother operation of the system

Download link: G Drive
Face ID: G Drive

Note - Borrowed From 4pda.ru


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    Hi, I'm not a developer of this ROM. I do not see updates for this Rom in XDA, I got this rom in the 4PDA forum. So, I do not blame for anything, and the "bugs" is not my problem Enjoy! ;)

    This rom was developed for "Alexanrin" at the 4PDA (All credits for him - Original Post)

    The firmware has a little touched, under the preferences, since. Well approached and in everything suits, on the device 2/16. Requirements for the software, I have not inflated ... On Redmi Note 3, this is my first practice, I'm not Romodel, but Amator. I ask strictly not to judge. With questions and opinions, always happy to see in QMS.

    From the changes:
    Refreshed some system applications, replaced the core with Agni 10.9 , changed the system sounds, to Development. Added Enhanced reboot menu and Advanced network types. Removed white substrates under the icons (who is accustomed to them, download Attached file Default_icon.mtz.zip (4.65 MB)
    , .zip extension simply erase, without unpacking, in the "Themes"> Import> Components> Icons). Who Do not like gray / monochrome icons in Settings -
    on the way system> media> theme> default> delete the component com.android.settings ... :)
    Added togles / switches in the blind, slightly increased the "birdhouse" in the call, in Security fixed the display of the capacity of the battery (at 4100mAh), fixed the under translation in Recent, in Optimizations, a small right-hand side in "About the phone", fixed the connection to the computer, by default, in the mode (MTP).


    Version 8.7.8: This time, this is the Final update of this port. Made "thin" kernel settings. The "Browser" and "Component Updates" applications have been updated. The color scheme of the system is slightly changed. That's it ... :)In all likelihood, this Project is Closed !!!
    Version 8.7.1: At this time, less RAM, but this is temporary. Added the application Spectrum (kernel mode management), an item with the output to the application itself, in Settings> Desktop. Replaced applications taken from Miui 10: Hours and Cleaning. Updated the default browser. The Navigation buttons application has been removed.
    Version 8.6.24: The kernel adjustment has been completely changed. The previous version of the update (8.6.20) was deleted, due to sticking system, after a long sleep. Added support for VoLTE , there's no way to check ...Software, like, did not change anything anymore. Has corrected installation ...
    Version 8.6.20 For today ... System stabilization. Configuring the Kernel (Not Final ... :)). Returned the Calendar from Miui 10. Fixed a video editor in the Gallery. In Security, I adjusted the "Battery Capacity" to 1050 mAh. Bug, with notifications in the lock, could not reproduce, who had it, check ...
    Version 8.6.17 I bring my apologies, if in somebody Leisure has brought a little chaos ... Yesterday's link was deleted, because lost the Calendar. : umnik: Reloaded today's number. The nucleus stabilized slightly. Probably, more than anything ...
    Version 8.6.16: First of all, Thanks for the Feedback ... The update is related to the kernel adjustment, minor fixes to the system and the caller, added MoboMediaPlayer (with the ability to hang windows, do gifki, etc ...). I do not know how to correctly explain the kernel configuration ... I stabilized the work of the kernel, less power consumption, better performance, configured the thermal mode, quick connection to the mobile, added a TTL commit (did not check ...) .... Probably, still that then. Everything is intuitive, not for Science.
    Version 8.6.8: The kernel is the same, Radon-V6.3-Or , a little edited. It seems to be possible to get rid of sudden hangs and reboots, the Deep dream is corrected. Also ... Replaced: battery in the status bar, Calculator, Calendar, Weather MI, borrowed from Miui 10. With Sincere Acknowledgment and Thanks OutS, for the development, implementation and addition of the item "Animation removal" applications, from the desktop, in real time. I removed the SuperSU from the Auto Install, cleaned the system and the kernel from the .su tails. If necessary, put your Root right after installing the firmware.
    Version 8.6.2: Again, Changed the kernel, the choice fell on the Radon-V6.3-Or. The core itself did not wind up, picked up a bit, fixed "Awakening the screen with a swipe" (on the left on the right it awakens the device). As unnecessary, removed applications "Unlocking DablTap" and "Notice flash" (turned out to be such a function. Thank you suggested ... ). Added some icon animations to the icons. Modified caller, Photo outgoing call to full screen, auxiliary buttons in one row.
    Version 8.5.28: In the assembly, I replaced the kernel with UNICORN BLOOD (Unicorn Blood ). Also, the item "A-GPS Settings" is added.
    Version 8.5.26: Added "Animating scrolling in Recent". Thank you for inventing namin78 . Slightly rounded corners in the pop-up windows.
    Version 8.5.22:The kernel is replaced by a more stable Agni 10.9 . Fixed "Application notification counter, Desktop icons". I returned the item "Add imprint" in Settings (FPC only works).
    Version 8.5.19: Added a couple of items: "Round the corners of the Recent" and "Application Frost" (a separate application), Optimized Desktop, removed the animation of color confetti, when you uninstall applications from the Desktop.
    Version 8.5.13: Fixed the issue of "Round corners", Added the item "System Gestures". To Regret, it was not systematically provided.
    Version 8.5.8: Added a couple of functions, probably useful: "Switching tracks" with volume keys, "Hiding applications" from the Desktop, "Flash Notifications". Also ..., the screen flip 360 degrees and stabilize the system.
    Version 8.5.6: Added: "Double Tap unlock" (Alternative, not through the kernel ...), as well as a customizable "Navigation bar". Refreshed the Core.
    Version 8.5.1.: Removed the function "Blur background screen" to get rid of the bug with a white background , at the first startup.
    Version 8.4.29: Kernel, Agni 12.9. Added: "Morning weather report, in the alarm clock", "Seconds on the clock icon," hid "Mobile Internet hands," replaced "Background in the call," "Emoji in the keyboard" from Oreo. "Edit in Settings", fixed under-translations, added the items "Managing root, in" ... Developers "(for the possibility of installing applications with a hidden icon.
    Version 8.4.15: Added: Blur, with the ability to select in Settings. Also, the change point is 4G or LTE ...
    Version 8.4.12: Added: "Advanced notification settings", "Smart notifications", "Full screen mode" ...
    Version 8.3.31: Added: "Cyclic scrolling of Desktops", "Changing the background of the screen", "The sound of connecting / disconnecting the charge," expanded "Selecting a battery indicator", "Selecting the type of bar status in settings", returned the item "System Font", "Item Power Mode ", removed Banner to Theme Manager, removed the" Search Google "from the Desktop ...
    Version 8.3.1: The Agni 10.9 kernel with edits taken from Agni 12.2 (I did not notice the difference in autonomy, maybe even better ...). Added Smart mobile network. Fixed with the camera (video after deep sleep is saved). Added built-in SuperSu. In Settings "Select Desktop Grid". And on trifles ...


    I use official twrp-3.2.1-0, others have not tried ...
    Full Vipe, all items except Micro SD and OTG.
    After wipe systems, reboot from recovery to recovery. (I do not do it myself, but they say it's more right ...)
    Installing the firmware.
    At will, Ruth.
    - >>> Since the version from 8.3.1 SuperSU is built into the auto installation ... <<< ---
    - >>> Since version 8.4.10 SuperSU removed from the auto installation ... <<< ---
    Wipe dalvik, cache . (I do it out of habit ...)
    Reboot to the System.

    Ps At the first input, after a clean installation, on the Desktop it breaks the background to white. This is not a critical error, I will find a solution, it will be fixed. Bug because of the "Desktop Background" function, just go to Settings> Desktop> Desktop Background and blur on the "Blur Effect" sliders and below. More this bug does not come out.

    Since version 8.5.1 the bug with the white screen, at the first start, has cleaned. The function "Blur background" has been deleted.

    About Responsibility, for Your actions, you know ...

    Youtube Review - LINK

    Link to MEGA
    Link to Google Drive

    Patch for FIX VoLTE - Thanks @ansebovi

    Install Agni Kernel (I used 12.9 version)[/URL]

    Gentlemen, it's not interesting to stand still if there is an opportunity to go forward ... Miui9 closed to do Miui10. Thank you for your interest. :)
    Gentlemen, Thank you very much for your interest in the port. I want you to know that I'm not an expert at all and I do not know many things. I see the problems reported, but not everything is possible for me ... VoLTE in my country does not work and I can not check it to make it working. I'm sorry. Also, I completely agree with you that the firmware is not ideal !!! I Amator. Thank you for attention and publication.
    Hi! Update 8.7.1 is released! Where can I read about the changes?
    Hi. In 8.7.1....
    This time, less RAM, but it's temporary. Added the application Spectrum (kernel mode management), the item with the output to the application itself, in Settings > Desktop. Replaced applications taken from Miui 10: Hours and Cleaning. Updated the default browser. The Navigation buttons application has been removed.