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Oct 19, 2015
OnePlus 5
If you mean by Apps getting uninstalled or removed from the screen and you have to reinstall to use the app then it is your device issue.
I had the same issue on Lineage os but after reflashing the ROM it is working fine. You can try the same.:good:

i add folder's of apps on home screen like of social apps and google but every morning all folder's get deleted and i can see apps how i saw home screen after fresh installation. home screen folders and widgets gets removed every morning.

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    Guys, I'm just sharing this topic to continue to maintain organization and posture of our forum, this rom is the MokeeOS which was shared by our friend --- in general forum Moto G4 / Plus (thanks)


    MoKee OpenSource is based on the Google AOSP. We update our source code frequently to keep up with the latest development, and not forgetting to merge in special features of our own at the same time.
    A small group of people from around the world who are interested in Android launched this project on the 12th of December 2012, and is committed to make this ROM better and better. Like most contributors of open source projects (Omni, CyanogenMod, Slim AOSPA etc), we are doing all these in our free time as our passion…
    Since this project is open source, anyone interested can participate in the development (maintain new devices, contribute code etc). Newcomers are always welcomed!
    Read here for developer application: http://www.mfunz.com/en/developer-application, you can host your unofficial MoKee builds on our server!

    Features: (I will mention only that which does not take into CyanogenMod)
    Listview animation
    Interpolation anmação listview
    Update over the air can download the download website only incremental, it helps lower faster update and upgrade more easily:
    Some icons and own layouts
    Manager for Google services, so no need to use a large gapps, you can only download necessary at MokeeCenter
    Ringtones, Alarms, Notification, UI sounds are all different CyanogenMod, thus bringing a beautiful charm to rom
    bootianimation own
    information integrated into MokeeCenter
    Settings to add speed data network
    Settings for navigation bar
    Settings for Statusbar
    Intelligent control settings to configure the newer apps and others.

    Downloads official:

    What is the difference?

    RELEASE: Tested after integrating new features, more stable than NIGHTLY. (Odexed builds)
    NIGHTLY: Built daily with newest code and experimental features, might contain undiscovered bugs. (Deodexded builds)
    HISTORY: Final odexded builds once a newer Android version is out and being built.
    EXPERIMENTAL: Released when a new device is added or when a new feature is added for public beta testing and feedback. (Deodexded builds)
    UNOFFICIAL: Maintained separately by individual developers, usually involves modification of shared code which cannot be merged (affects other devices), therefore maintained by the developer himself.
    Note: We always test the shared code for bugs, however sometimes we may not be able to detect device specific bugs. If you have such issues, it will be better to report to the device maintainer.


    Gapps recommended

    Installation mode :
    To install the clean rom:
    Download the rom
    enters recovery
    make all wipes (all)
    choose zip from rom and install
    you can use a gapps any of its taste since it is for android 7.1
    or you can go MokeeCenter after starting rom, there you can download the small gapps integrated into the system and have a lighter and clean rom.

    To install upgrade:
    Method 1:

    just download the complete package via OTA
    enter the recovery
    only to wipe cache and dalvik (optional, I do not)
    install the complete package downloaded via OTA

    Method 2:

    Download the complete package over the air and go on to install update
    let install automatically for you

    Method 3:

    Download only incremental updates
    for that you need to donate 30 CNY for the team to release the feature on the device directly
    But you can do this update without donation
    just go on the site and click below build itself where it is written (upgrade: OTA to MK ...)
    there will be the incremental free for you, this will save on your data package or in your spare time.

    Big Thanks @martincz for development

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Mokee Open Source, ROM for the Moto G4 Plus

    EsromG5, martincz
    Source Code: https://github.com/MoKee/android_device_motorola_athene

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Firmware Required: Custom Recovery
    Based On: CyanogenMod, AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Nightly

    Created 2016-12-24
    Last Updated 2016-12-24
    Stable ROM...Clean and useful tweaks and substratum is a plus...although with the latest updates the kernel is corrupt and won't boot for my xt1644 plus?...the 06/08/2017 build seems fine...any input from the community?

    I have the same problem, just flash a modified kernel and you'll boot

    I know this but I shouldn't have to do so!
    The issue is because of recent commits to the athene device tree. All maintainers who keep their device tree inline with LineageOS have been affected by this issue. The fix is simple, but not everyone was aware it was an issue as some devices were still able to boot, even with the latest commits to the device tree.

    Official LineageOS builds (which is what most ROMs are based off) were suspended due to this issue. From what I can tell, the issue will be resolved soon enough. The temporary solution is to flash another kernel, granted I get you shouldn't have to. Another option, if you prefer the stock kernel, is to download another ROM and pull the boot.img from the zip and flash it after you flash the ROM.zip. If you're going to do that, I would suggest using the boot.img from RR or NucleaROM (both ROMs are recently updated and properly compiled). If you use Magisk or any other root options available, the order you would need to flash everything would be as follows: ROM.zip, boot.img, GApps.zip, Magisk.zip (or whatever you choose for root).

    I know it's a pain in the ass, but not all maintainers use the ROMs they build and aren't always aware of said issues and actually rely on you the users for input. Hope this sheds some light and just know that this is only temporary ?
    Snap617 is a 64x processor. So is there any 64x OS for Moto G4 plus

    We already spoke about this many times. Search a bit please before spamming all threads....
    Thank you very much for sharing.
    Will try it instantly, loved MoKee on my Moto X 2013.
    Any plans to continue the project after CM dies next week?
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