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Aug 11, 2012
Can someone provide me with battery usage of AOD in this rom? For example, by putting the device on Airplane mode at night and reporting the hours and battery percentage change. Thank you in advance :highfive:
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Nov 5, 2012
São Paulo
Guys how is the phoneperformance, i cant decide between j7 pro or moto z2 play, both are the same price, but z2 is far superior but vanilla android is MEEH and Samsung Experience is good af. My GS8 just died and till i have enought money to buy the gs9 i'll buy a mid end phone
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Oct 22, 2017

Working so good on J730F, no problems with lag or battery, after flashing the fixes everything is allright, thanks :).
The only issue I´ve found is that while reocrding a video on instagram, the front flash is not working, apart from that all is ok

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    NovaXOS Project​
    You Not Allowed To Take Any File From This Rom Without My Permissions
    If You Want To Port It To Your Phone PM Me First ^.^
    Rom INFO :
    - Deodexed
    - Zipaligned
    - Rooted
    - BusyBox Support
    - Knox Completely Removed
    - Debloated
    - Added CSC Tweaks

    Features :
    *Note 8 Apps
    *Note 8 Audio
    *Note 8 Bootanimation
    *Note 8 Keyboard
    *Note 8 Infinity Wallpapers
    *Note 8 Fonts
    *Animations Speed 0.5x By Default
    *Daul Messnger
    *Edge Screen
    *Lighting Edge
    *Camera Features
    *Game Launcher
    *Screen Recorder
    *Smart Capture
    *App Lock
    *Caller ID and Spam Protection
    *Video Enhancer
    *Call Recorder
    *S Pawer Planning
    *Floating Messages
    *Palm Swipe To Capture
    *Smart Alert
    *Super Speed With Awesome Battery
    *New SystemUI Icons
    *Advanced Power Menu
    *S Pen
    *And More..

    *Flash TWRP Recovery From Odin
    *Press On Wipe And Press Format Data And Type Yes
    *Copy NoveXOS To Ur Internal Storage
    *Flash It

    @GhaithSYR Me ^.^ For Porting This Rom :p
    @ananjaser1211 For His Help And Fingerprint Fix

    NovaXOS v1.2 "Latest": Download Link...
    Mods Folder Link...
    Fixes Folder Link...

    Help And Support Me To Get Back Home And Continue My Development By
    Donate To ME

    Dont Forget To Join My Telegram Group And NovaOS Channel To Report Bugs And Get Latest News
    To Join My Telegram Group Click Here
    To Join NovaOS Channel Click Here

    HIT Thanks Button If u Like My Rom ^^​
    Yes, install ROM Toolbox Lite, go to Interface, click bootanimation, download any and apply it, reboot.
    If you click Local, you can install your custom animation.
    If a new update ever arrived, it would be good to include the fixes and the missing fix of the non-working hotspot.
    Hello, beautiful rom, but in my J730G has a bug in the camera, when I go to shoot the device reboots, or when I'm going to take pictures in the front, when focusing on the face, of the server error. Sorry for my bad english, I use translator.
    J730X, X means any J730 modifications.
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