[ROM][7.1.1][ONYX] Android Ice Cold Project 12.1 [Official nightlies]

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    EDIT: Today's build is fine, up for download.

    @Subhrajyoti Sen have you taken over AICP development for onyx?
    Nightlies will be fine from today. And yes, I'll be maintaining for onyx

    YES. AICP is going to build rootless builds.
    This change will happen during a short period of time.

    I could explain the decision for that,
    but that would not be understandable for all users, so i put it this way...

    Going rootless means that the ROM will NOT come with any Root or SU built in anymore.
    There will be no Magisk - as a buildin root solution - be provided when the user flashes the ROM zip file.

    What you will have to do (If you don't do it by now):
    You will have to flash a root solution of your choice (lineage-su addon, SuperSU or Magisk) by yourself after the ROM.
    I will link the appropriate solutions here in this post.

    First flash the ROM, then your desired root solution!
    This MUST also be done on every dirty flash to ensure root is not lost!
    This MUST be done, when using the OTA app too! Just add the "root" zipfile after the ROM!

    What will be noticeable to the user:
    1. We had to cut out some features for getting this done. Those are:
    a. The SELinux switch in the dev options is gone for now.
    This can also be done by other apps, if necessary.
    b. The feature to flash another bootanimation from AICP Extras is gone.
    You can still use a flashable ZIP from TWRP or Substratum.
    c. The builtin logcat feature in AICP Extras will be gone.
    Most users did not use it either as it only can store max. 400KB.
    We already advised to use Catlog or Syslog Apps (both free on Play store).
    Remember that both need root!
    d. The builtin "System app remover" will be gone, as it required root to run.
    2. You will, of course, not see Magisk Manager in the app folder, of course.
    3. Remember that without a root solution some other apps e.g. Kernel Audiutor will also not work.

    Whatever you choose. Lineage SU options are in dev options in settings. The others use separate Apps.

    Links to tested root solutions (download from the thread):
    Magisk (remember that v12 need the Manager to be flashed separately. v13 will have it buildin the flashable ZIP:

    SuperSU (Use whatever works for you, stable or beta):

    Lineage SU-addon (check your needed version 14.1 arm or arm64!):
    -> the removal zip is available here too.

    These instructions have been updated in the first post too for newcomers.
    after updating to 24 Feb build dialer keeps crashing and phone doesn't show sim cards

    The last nightly that correctly finds the SIM card is from the 17th. If you want to install a newer one, set the SElinux to Permissive in the Developer options. Your phone will find the SIM card and set the SElinux back to Enforcing.

    Hey can you tell me how to fix cts profile mismatch.

    Go to Settings in Maginsk and set the slider to ON next to "Magisk Hide". Start the SafetyNet check again.
    The best rom arrived to our device! Officially! Wohooo! \^^/
    I have merged the encryption fix patch by Ashwin and the next nightly will have it.