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Sep 6, 2018
Videos playback

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with this rom (I suppose). It happened already twice. I can't play the videos correctly. Netflix is laggish and Plex play the videos at the double of velocity. It started to do it lateley not when I've installed it. It has already before (same rom), I have reinstalled it and it was "fixed" now it is doing it again, but I would like to avoid to format it again.

Any suggestions?



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Jul 30, 2010
hello everyone. i thought ill put new a life into my old mi pad 1 and install this rom (not the newest as this sseems to be the smoothest so far). i tried repartitioning with rahulthevirus zip file but apparently it doesnt work with newer twrp so i tried to downgrade the twrp but to no avail. btw, i have a mac so it was already difficult for me.

now, after numerous attempts at flashing old twrp and being stuck in the fastbood mode, i thought ill install the official fastboot rom and then try again but since i have a mac, i used this guide on xiaomigeek

(. Below the command, If it shows the device then you are ready to flash. Now, Execute following commands one by one to flash the whole ROM.

fastboot flash system system.img
Press Enter to Continue

fastboot flash boot boot.img
Press Enter to Continue

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
Press Enter to Continue

fastboot flash cache cache.img
Press Enter to Continue

Want Complete erase of data? All Data will be deleted it will be like new device. Then type this following commands.

fastboot erase userdata
Press Enter to Continue

fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
Press Enter to Continue

All Flashing process in complete. Now, Type the following code & hit enter button to Reboot your device normally.

fastboot reboot
That’s it! Congratulation! You have successfully Installed Latest MIUI Fastboot ROM. Your device bootloader is locked now & You device is unrooted.)

everything went smoothly but the mi pad has become almost lifeless. i say almost because i can sometimes get in to mi recovery 2.0.1 but nothing works. i am able to select english language but nothing after that. i cannot go into fastboot mode. as far as i understand, the guide i used for fastboot flashing did not ask me to flash tos.img (could this be a problem?). what are my chances of reviving my mipad as it can sometimes boot into mi recovery?


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Jul 29, 2019

Hi fellas,

1st of all THX much for this SUPER-FAST Rom for my MiPad! Im only wondering how to successfully access permissions for the VPN networks. When I install the app (TouchVPN) the access message appears when connecting but I could NOT tap on OK (only Cancel). Found out that some battery and screen saving apps could make this to happen but I have nothing of that matter installed and dunno if some part of this ROM is causing this - any help?

Sincerely, Jan

PS: The Antutu score is astonishing 120k!!!
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Aug 17, 2019

I'm using the Resurrection Remix N v5.8.5 (20180421) build on my old Xiaomi MiPad.

Device runs really smooth, however my background apps reload everytime I switch between two o more apps.

For instance: let's say I'm on Instagram and I switch to Twitter, few minutes later I go back to Instagram but it reloads again from the home menu. Anothe example, I'm watching a Twitch streaming and send it to background, I still keep hearing the sound (I have the background sound enabled on the app) but, a few minutes later, the audio stops sounding and if I bring Twitch to foreground, the app reloads...

This happens with every app. It wasn't an issue with the other roms I've used in the past. (I tried to disabled battery optimization on some apps, but the problem still occurs).

Any help? Any config that would help to fix this out?.



Jun 18, 2019
Compile a aegis kernel with dynamic fsync:laugh:It can improve sqlite's performance by 5-10


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Aug 25, 2017
unreal benchmark

installed this on my old mi pad which was running miui android 4.4 before, beautiful score of over 100.000 antutu ! so happy


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Mar 19, 2014
I got this ROM and it works like a charm but the charging is very very slow. Is there any solution

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    Resurrection Remix Nougat
    Resurrection Remix Nougat has been based on CM/LOS, Slim, Omni and original Remix ROM builds, this creates an awesome combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features, brought directly to your device.

    Many things in previous versions were tweaked with mods, are now included by default in the ROM so, please enjoy!

    Special thanks to, the CM team, OMNI team, SLIMROMS and of course to all the supporters.


    -> This ROM is for the Mi Pad 1 (codename: mocha) only. Please do not try it on other devices.
    -> This ROM is based on @Artemka2008's sources. Full credit to him for his work on them

    Same as Oreo LOS based on shield blobs:
    • Camera is broken


    -> change active system to system1
    -> Merge system partition
    -> flash BootBlobs-SHIELD-mocha.zip
    -> flash twrp-3.2.1-0-mocha-shield-20180419.img or twrp-3.2.1-0-mocha-shield-multirom-20180419.img (multirom support) as recovery (not boot), then reboot to recovery (press vol+ while rebooting)
    -> flash multirom-20180403-v33x-UNOFFICIAL-mocha.zip if you need multirom.
    -> flash ROM
    -> flash GAPPS
    -> flash SuperSU or Magisk
    -> reboot






    AFH folder

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Resurrection Remix N for mocha (shield blobs), ROM for the Xiaomi Mi Pad

    Source Code: https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Beta Release Date: 2018-04-21

    Created 2018-01-14
    Last Updated 2018-04-25

    • sync device tree (missing some commit in previous build)

    • fix reboot to recovery/fastboot
    • multirom support (kexec-hardboot)
    • 64bits binder
    • using sdfat (replace vfat/exfat)

    • fix Wifi Direct
    • fix Miracast
    • vold will mount exfat/ntfs sdcard via kernel by default, if failed to mount, will try fuse again (so you can replace kernel which not include exfat/ntfs.
    • fix bluetooth get wrong mac address while reboot
    • fix hotspot (wifi tether) issue
    • add exFAT support to kernel, vold won't mount exFAT partition via fuse now.
    • vold mount NTFS partition via kernel now.
    • fix volume key swap issue
    • some feature in kerenl switch to module, you need load it before use it. use Module Loader app
    You're DOT-N-v1.2-20180208-mocha-UNOFFICIAL.zip will be here, on xda?

    Sent from my Xiaomi MI PAD using XDA Labs

    yes, later.

    SmokeR24.1-V3.2.zip, new kernel from Smoke Team at 2018/08.
    Miracast doesn't work, No devices are shown in cast settings. Is there any way to make it work? Thank you, it's a very smooth rom:)

    miracast depend on wifi direct.
    you can try to change p2p_disabled=1 to p2p_disabled=0 for following files:

    maybe need to load mac80211.ko first.

    need some patch for wpa_supplicant to enable p2p feature (it will disable again if just change p2p_disabled value).

    you can try to change p2p_disabled=1 to p2p_disabled=0 for /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf
    and execute: setprop persist.debug.wfd.enable 1
    reboot, then wifi direct and miracast should work (if p2p_disabled change back to 1, try to change it again),

    Ok, I found solution for this.
    1. add p2p_disabled=0 to /system/etc/wifi/p2p_supplicant_overlay.conf
    2. execute: setprop persist.debug.wfd.enable 1
    3. after reboot, wifi-direct should work, and miracast also work.