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[ROM][7.1.2] AOKP Nougat with built in side bar! [tbltetmo][tbltecan]

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Dec 29, 2007
Nice work. Any way to get remote sensor working on this rom?
has anyone got this working?
is this a missing build property or what?
will starting from 5.0.1 stock rom fix this?
I really like this rom as well I hope the op will stay around long enough to address this ir blaster issue
or offer guide lines on how to fix this
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Senior Member
Mar 8, 2016
:) Thank you for leeting me know and hope you fix soon.? your rom Mr Aka i hope you fix soon the room is really nice I love it and I give you good credits leet me know when its ready and more Stable to be use. your room looks nice and greet on 7.1.1 and i really like it and I love it... SO I WIIL Remain On The OEM stock software rooted I have the backup files from my Original Rom and su bunary are not install on my System i have mine Permit running. Everything works good on mine SuperSU app work and opens. So mine is working OK :) please leet me know when its ready i love the rom. Am also a fan Dirty Unicorn i love the unlock custom rom running on the latest software 7.0.1 I love the room :)
Everything works good on mine so I wait and am also running x posed on my System and it works :) and

Main thing X-posed Dev its working on 7.1.1 framework and he expected to lunch the tool in May Or June
And x posed it's not available 7.1.1 sad hope they fix thanks for doing a greet job and I give you good credits for this new akop custom rom I love it leet me know when the room Becomes a little Better :) We can be a good Team :)

X-posed frame-work. :D. :eek:

Viper Works too :)


:) Thank you for leeting me know when its ready leet me know when is coming. When it becomes more stable to use I can wait for 7.1.1 version to work and become avaliable. With the fix and Also I See its running on beta now so I guess it will take you sever all hours and time. leet me know when is its fix
And have a more stablet rom beta :) Thank You

T-Mobile N915T Root New York City thank you. :) Good Credits :) Good Work :)
How did you put the edge feature


New member
Aug 2, 2013
Substratum Hanging

Hi guys. Just wondering if Substratum is working for the n915t? I read in the first few posts that it does but I cant seem to get it working. Everytime I try to compile any themes (Have tried many) it restarts Substratum and leaves the notification in status bar saying please wait, building theme but just hangs on the first overlay... Have tried both kernels and both with fresh installs. All from a clean install. I may be missing something though. Have played with it on a Lineage ROM on the Galaxy tabs 10.5 and it is working on that. any help is appreciated! Awesome ROM by the way, a bit of new life in this Note Edge!


Dec 10, 2008
Thanks for the kind words.

I don't think so. However, I made this same ROM for the international Note Edge, it is in the other forum. That one may work for your phone, but I'm not sure.

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Hello, sorry for the noob question but I am trying to go as far as possible from giants so because it is not in original android development I want to ask: is AOKP based on AOSP so if I do not install gapps then I should have rom clean from Samsung and Google?



Senior Member
Oct 23, 2015
Hello, sorry for the noob question but I am trying to go as far as possible from giants so because it is not in original android development I want to ask: is AOKP based on AOSP so if I do not install gapps then I should have rom clean from Samsung and Google?

Yes aokp is based off of lineageos, which is based on aosp. If you install this then don't install google apps and your phone will be free of google and Samsung apps.

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    To God be the glory, my AOKP NOUGAT project finally works!

    My fellow T-Mobile-ians, you have been left out of AOSP development long enough! By God's grace I was able to use mickey387's great tbltexx work, and completely adapt it to our tbltetmo after extracting all of the needed firmware from our 6.0.1 stock roms! No data zips are required here! It is all built in!

    This is not a dirty unicorn. This is the original unicorn, the AOKP. Now made out of Nougat! That's right, all of the AOKP stuff you love, plus LineageOS, plus a built in side bar, and more! All wrapped up into one! With tons of settings from status bar tweaks to button remaps, it's all here and ready to rumble!

    **** This is an UNOFFICIAL ROM. Install at your own risk! ****

    You must be on a 6.0.1 Bootloader with a 6.0.1 modem! I suggest if you are unsure, flash stock 6.0.1, then install this ROM!

    Downloads :




    Gapps link:
    -Which I personally tested Arm 7.0 Nano.

    No data fix zip is required for T-Mobile phones! This ROM is actually built for the T-Mobile variants (tbltetmo, tbltecan)!

    Be sure to follow these installation steps very carefully, as they may be different then what you are used to.

    Installation instructions:

    -Put your phone on the 6.0.1 Bootloader and Modem
    -Download ROM and gapps, and put them on your phone or external storage.
    -Reboot into recovery mode - TWRP (I personally installed this using Mickey's 3.0.0-0).
    -Backup what you had. (Just to be safe.)
    -Wipe. (I personally wipe everything prior to flashing new roms, but at least do the basic wipe.)
    -Install Rom.
    -Install Gapps. - Optional
    -Reboot to system and enjoy!

    I do not recommend installing superSU on this ROM! SU permission is already built in, and superSU has been causing problems with the rom. Please read the thread for further details.

    What works :
    + Phone calls/receiving
    + Data 2g/3g/LTE
    + Bluetooth
    + WiFi
    + MTP
    + GPS/Glonass
    + S PEN
    + Split screen
    + The WiFi hotspot does work with the AKLU kernel!

    What doesn't :
    - The edge panel is not implemented at this time. The screen wraps around the edge. But there is an app bar feature under ROM CONTROLS!
    - The capacitive buttons work, but do not illuminate.
    - The WiFi hotspot does not work with the stock kernel, it does work with the AKLU kernel!
    - Fingerprint sensor is really flaky. I got it to work once, but only once. Most times it will not register.
    - I have not found any big errors, fault crashes, or problems yet. Please let me know if you find an issue!

    This AOKP N ROM was built for the tbltetmo, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. I have not tried this on any other device, but you are welcome to try it AT YOUR OWN RISK. You will need to edit the META-INF updater script to accomplish this.

    Disclaimer: AOKP is not responsible for any damages to your device.
    All of my work is completely available for any who wish to use or modify it. I didn't make AOKP, the device trees, or vendor blobs. I simply used and edited existing material. A huge thanks should go to those who actually created this stuff.

    AOKP XDA Forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/aokp
    Source Code: https://github.com/AOKP
    Official website: http://aokp.co/
    Device trees: https://github.com/alaskalinuxuser/

    ROM OS Version: 7.1.2 Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.40
    Based On: LineageOS and PA, and AOSP.

    Created 2017-02-16
    Last Updated 2017-05-02

    Change log:
    + Edited camera settings to help with third party apps that use the camera.
    + Fixed recent button.
    + Synced with AOKP source!
    --> Security update to April 5th, 2017
    --> New battery icon options.
    --> New powermenu torch option.
    --> Long press hotspot tile to go to hotspot settings.
    + Added kexec hardboot to both default and AKLU kernels to allow this to work with multirom.
    + Borrowed from mickey to fix the notification led lights for proper color display.
    + Synced with AOKP source!
    --> Security update to March 5th, 2017
    --> Numerous AOKP fixes for the ROM itself. See the change-log under Rom control.
    + Added in possible VOIP fix for voip app problems.
    + Synced with AOKP source!
    --> Merged with Android 7.1.1_r21
    --> Added PIE controls
    --> Security patches updated to Feb 5, 2017
    --> Now FULLY supports OMS/SUBSTRATUM
    + Screenshot issue fixed
    + SDcard read from File Manager fixed
    -Fixed WiFi hot spot issue with AKLU kernel, but must be downloaded from the kernel thread.
    -First build release.
    -Built with AOKP 7.1.1 source
    -Added Kernel Adiutor and Omni-Switcher
    Features and Screenshots!

    Features and Screenshots!

    - Advanced Reboot
    - Omni-Switcher
    - Kernel Adiutor

    + Rom Control:

    + App Launchers
    - App Circle Bar
    - App Side Bar
    - Gesture Anywhere

    + General
    - cLock settings
    - Recents settings
    - Wakelock Blocker

    + Hardware Keys
    - Backlight control
    - Power button options
    - Launch vibration control
    - Home button controls
    - Recents button controls
    - Long press options, double tap options
    - Kill app back button option
    - Volume buttons wake
    - Volume button playback controls
    - Keyboard cursor controls
    - Volume button reorientation
    - IME features

    + Lockscreen
    - Media Cover art
    - Display music visualizer
    - Show weather
    - Blur background
    - Fingerprint auth vibration
    - Double tap to sleep (DT2S)
    - Disable quick settings
    - Show lockscreen clock and date
    - Lockscreen notification count

    + Notification Drawer
    - Brightness slider
    - Brightness icon
    - Rows in portrait and landscape modes
    - Columns
    - Tile Animations
    - Advanced data tile
    - Smart pulldown
    - Quick pulldown

    + Power Menu
    - Animation choices
    - Screenshots
    - Screenrecord
    - Airplane mode
    - Sound Panel

    + Sound
    - Various sound settings
    - Volumn step control

    + Status Bar tweaks
    - Network traffic
    - Clock style
    - Double tap to sleep (DT2S)
    - Superuser indicator
    - Icon controls
    - AOKP logo

    + User interface
    - Toast controls
    - AOKP animations
    - Transparency controls

    AND MORE!!!
    Well guys, I hate to say it, but this is it. I really enjoyed working with the note edge, but now it's time for me to move on.

    I thought the edge would be a really neat phone to work with, and though it was, I never could get used to the "edge" for aosp style ROMs and I'm not a touch-wiz fan.

    I hope that you enjoyed the ROMs and kernel, but I will not be working on them for the note edge any more. I'll be selling my edge.

    I don't plan to close the threads, you are all welcome to use them for discussion or to use any of my work if it is at all useful.

    For now, if you are looking for me you can find me hanging out at the T-mobile S4 and Verizon S5 threads.

    Thank you for your kind comments, thanks button slaps, and feedback. God bless, or, as we say in the Navy, God speed and smooth sailing!

    Sent from my SM-G900V using XDA-Developers Legacy app

    A huge thanks to the Android Open Kang Project team!

    And all of these great testers (some for other devices, not all helped me test this rom, but helped me test the Note Edge in general, as well as provided valuable feedback!) :
    Praise God! Another update WITH NEW GOODIES!!!!

    I know many of you had your doubts when I decided to cut back on the number of roms to work on, but it really has helped me focus on the few roms I still maintain. So, without further ado, I present the update for AOKP Nougat!

    + Synced with AOKP source!
    --> Merged with Android 7.1.1_r21
    --> Added PIE controls
    --> Security patches updated to Feb 5, 2017
    --> Now FULLY supports OMS/SUBSTRATUM
    + Screenshot issue fixed
    + SDcard read from File Manager fixed

    Substratum worked before, but in legacy mode, now OMS is fully supported, and in my testing was really superb! Also, PIE controls are back, as well as a few minor fixes and the latest security updates, so feel free to download and try it out.

    The new download does have the CM kernel, but I tested the AKLU kernel and it still flashes just fine! Remember, the CM kernel does not support hotspots, but the AKLU kernel does.

    Let me know if you find any issues so we can work them out! Positive feedback is also welcome!