[ROM][7.1.2][hero2lte][UNOFFICIAL] Hexagon Rom For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Jul 24, 2017
yes, fire opal 3.1 works on your rom flash on twrp right after rom flash before reboot. great job rom is really smooth


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Jul 24, 2017
Hay after you flash opal 3.1 the Bluetooth working ?

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I dont use bluetooth I removed it from srry or I would check. It was on before I removed it though with no error message.There was no icon in notification bar tho like there usually is when turned on. If that helps.


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Mar 10, 2016
Building Hexagon 7 For S7 Flat!


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    A ROM brought to you by renosang-sang nguyen from DroidVN team (droidvn.com)

    Introducing Nougat based HexagonRom for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Exynos Variant!


    About Hexagon Rom
    • Based on Lineage OS with the latest And the greatest features from all the custom roms out there! DroidVNTeam hopes that we can bring a whole new experience to android users.
    ROM Source: https://github.com/HexagonRom


    Features of Hexagon ROM
    Designed To Give You The Hexagonal Feeling All Around The ROM!
    System extensions:
    -App side bar
    -App circle bar
    -Pie Control
    -System App Remover
    -Superuser indicator on/off
    -Show 4G instead of LTE
    -Battery bar
    -Traffic indicators
    -Carrier label
    -Hexagon logo
    Notification Drawer:
    -Custom header image
    -Header provider
    -Header image pack
    -Header image shadow
    -Running shortcut
    -Running services icon
    -Edit icon
    Blur UI:
    -Blur statusbar background
    -Blur scale
    -Blur radius
    -Translucent expanded statusbar
    -Translucent level
    -Blur recents background
    -Show settings
    -Shutdown confirmation dialog
    -Launch music app
    -Camera shutter sound
    -Disable immersive mode messages
    -Disable FC notifications
    -Swipe to screenshot
    -Screenshot sound
    -Screenshot type
    -Screenshot delay
    -Device hostname
    -Scrolling cache
    -Lockclock settings
    Lock Screen:
    -Torch on power button longpress
    -Power Menu
    -Quick settings disable on lock screen
    -Hide statusbar
    -Show alarms text
    -Show clock, date and AM/PM
    -Batery infor
    Recents panel:
    -Show memory bar
    -Immersive recents
    -Hidden apps
    -OmniSwitch recents
    -Hexagon recents
    Display and Animations:
    -Power menu animations styles
    -Quick settings animations styles
    -Toast animations styles
    -Animations duration
    -Animation interpolator
    -Toast icon
    -Toast icon colors
    Quick settings:
    -Tiles customs
    -Smalls tiles
    -Rows portrait and landscape
    -Columns portraits and landscape
    -Volume dialog
    -Power menu
    -QS shade opacity
    -QS shade stroke
    Headsup notifications:
    -Enable headsup notifications
    -Time out
    -Snooze timer


    Changelog v-2.3
    Hexagon Rom
    - ham: Added to officially supported devices
    - Osprey: Added to officially supported devices
    - T00F: Added to officially supported devices
    - ef63: Added to officially supported devices
    - enable OTG notification
    - Change url Google plus, Facebook and Telegram group
    - Fix APN for Device:bacon
    -New UI Settings
    - Change icon of the Hexagon interface
    - change logo of no recent app
    - Fw_base - Proximity speaker [1/2]
    - Resize buton navigation with devices screen hdpi
    - Add busy box
    - FWB: Volume dialog timeout (1/2)
    - Add option to disable scrolling cache [1/2]
    - Support for Configurable Trigger Region
    - FWB: Implement App circle sidebar [1/2]
    - Add boot animation preview (1/
    - Add kill button to notification guts [1/2]
    - Slim recents: make longpress options size better when small
    - [1/2] base: SystemUI: config to hide status bar on lock screen
    - Pulse: allow custom opacity for solid line renderer [2/3]
    - Pulse: Moar bars for solid line renderer [2/3]
    - LuckyPatcher Carnt sniffer
    - Slim recents app sidebar [1/2]
    - SystemUI: Add config to disable HumanInteractionClassifier
    - Set mProximity to PROXIMITY_UNKNOWN on screen off
    - Expanded desktop QS: select style on longpress
    - build: Pass path into grep instead of using cat
    - make suppersu default
    - Roomservirce :Fix clone devices
    - kenzo: Use MIUI Global Stable build fingerprint
    - backuptool: Preserve the SELinux context of the files
    - APN updates
    - overlay: enable productivity_device for DocumentsUI
    - Hex: add NexusLauncherPrebuilt
    - deb | flo: Update fingerprints to MOB30X
    - bullhead: update build fingerprint
    - hammerheadcaf: Update build fingerprint and description to MOB30Y
    - Hex: Change wallpaper default final
    - apn: Updating Movistar Argentina APN
    - cm: charger: Correct res_create_multi_display_surface() usage
    - Add libra (mi4c)
    - And more


    Download ROM On Mega
    GApps from OpenGApps



    • Android Ice Cold Project
    • Resurrection Remix
    • Lineage OS
    • Fred for images


    • @LahKeda - My AOSP Teacher ! :)
    • @Frug01 - For Testing The ROM And Screenshots!
    • renosang
    • chautruongthinh
    • remilia15
    • EsromG5
    • Has.007
    • Aashish15
    • Bitti09
    • moresushant48
    • nguyenquangduc2000
    • PhuocBull
    • RakeshBatra
    • thinhx2
    • Prakhar
    • Rkschunk
    • ankurpandeyvns
    • MR.HACKER5476

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Hexagon 7, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Albe96, Fevax
    Source Code: https://github.com/HexagonROM

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2017-08-12
    Last Updated 2017-12-08





    Syncing Hexagon Source Again.Probably Gonna Build It Tomorrow For S7 Flat!
    F.A.Q :​

    Q - Why you mustn't quote the hole post ?
    A - As you are killing us dude !

    Q - Why mustn't I ask for ETA ?
    A - Simply , we are students and colleges so we are busy with our studying and other life problems !

    Q - Why mustn't you Spam ?
    A -As Organization Is the key to achieve the impossible !

    Q - I have faced some issues, which is not mentioned in the 'Not Working/Bugs' list........?
    A - For bug reports, the least we can expect from you is a logcat taken during the issue. Or atleast, you could tell us how and when did you face the bug, how can we reproduce the bug to fix it. Reports without any of these will be ignored.

    Q - Can I use your ROM/any part of ROM and modify it and release it separately?
    A - Yes you can. But please mention proper credits.

    Q - I flashed this ROM, but I dont find any Google App, where can I find it?
    A - gapps will be mentioned later in OP but you can get them from any where and flash it !

    Bug reporting
    How to report a bug?

    First off all, check the 'not working' list and see if the bug you are facing is already mentioned or not. If it is, stop right away because the concerned people working on the ROM are aware of the issue.
    If the bug/issue is not mentioned in 'not working' list, check the Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q) and see if issue is resolved already.
    If the issue you face is not in FAQ either, you would probably post a reply in this forum, and not PM anyone, about the bug.
    Attach a logcat.
    If not possible, mention a proper way how you encountered the bug.
    Also mention any 3rd party stuff you installed. (Like mods, themes, kernels etc).
    Building Hexagon 7 For S7 Flat!