[ROM / 7.1.2] LineageOS Extended


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Dec 10, 2016


substratum theme engine
Colour engine for theming
Status bar network traffic indicator
Status bar date and time
Disable screenshot sound
Enable media cover art on the lock screen
Double tap to sleep on the lock screen
One tap quick setting tile add/remove
Custom Rows/columns of QS tiles
One tap toggle
Clear All button in recent apps view
Show memory bar in recent apps view
and others that are not listed here.

Not working
• USB Tethering

Other problems
• Camera server may crash on constant usage. Use Camera Restarter available on Play Store.
• Media may not produce sound and skip frames. Initiate a call and terminate it when you hear a sound.
• Thumbnail of content captured with stock camera is not shown properly except LineageOS Gallery.

Wipe data, system, cache and Dalvik cache
Flash LineageOS Extended ZIP file, found in the Links section below.
Flash Open-GApps. Do not use higher than Micro (or else it may crash).
Flash Lineage Superuser Add-On, or Magisk if you want root.
Reboot to system.

24.10.2018 / Build 3: Updated security patch, rewrote GPU scaling, improved screen on time
26.06.2018 / Build 2: Updated security patch, kernel change, better GPU optimisation, minor bug fixes

LineageOS Extended Build 3 / Yumi
LineageOS Extended Build 2 / Aelita
LineageOS Extended Build 1 / Sissi
SU addon

• LineageOS - Base ROM
• Hikari no Tenshi, Main Developer
• exynos5420 team - Sources

XDA:DevDB Information
LineageOS Extended, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Source Code: https://github.com/LineageOS-eXtended

ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: LineageOS

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2018-04-28
Last Updated 2018-10-25


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Dec 10, 2016
Frequently Asked Questions

Which Google Apps package should I use?
OpenGapps. Pico or Nano.

Do I need to change my bootloader and/or modem?
As long as you have updated TouchWiz to Lollipop, you're good to go.

My phone doesn't turn off.
It will turn off. It may sometimes take a really long time.

Can I install Samsung Apps?
No, because Samsung needs its own framework.

Does S-Pen work?
Yeah. Just as a stylus.

My battery is draining too fast/abruptly.
Change your battery.

Is the video recording fixed?
Yeah. But to be sure, disable "Ok Google" detection. answered by Sgt. Kofeyeh

Why can't I upload stories to WhatsApp?
Facebook probably uses a different algorithm to encode stories.
And no, I cannot fix that.
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Feb 23, 2012
Best LOS based ROM till now. Minimal but essential functions only. Excellent performance. Just keep it updated plz as I will stick to it. Every feature that the los lacks is here. Just add HW keys mapping from RR. It lacks assigning shortcuts and apps.
Thanks again and plz keep it updated.
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Sgt. Kofeyeh

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Sep 14, 2014
oh are you saying we can record and send videos from gallery through whatsapp. ot watch videos from YouTube in Firefox???
The recording and sending videos from gallery to whatsapp requires extensive reworking of the camera HAL on our phone, which so far has not been possible as Samsung closed-sourced that to hell. So at the moment I don't believe it's fixed unless specifically mentioned by the dev.
You can still send videos to Whatsapp by using the built-in whatsapp camera or using Whatapp Web :good:

while having a call my phone's screen stays off until call doest Cut from other side (I'm sure nothing is covering proximity sensor)
Common issue but easily solvable :)
Get "Proximity Fix" from the Play Store, run it once (accept root access when it asks) and that's it issue should be gone :D
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