[ROM][7.1.2][N8000/N801x/N8020][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 Nougat [EOL]

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Don Carnage

Senior Member
Mar 23, 2013
Don, maybe you should do some investigation of the kernel in the android-hilfe forum. The guy there fixed a lot of problems - maybe cooperate?


I sent him a message here on xda but no response yet. I will try to reach him on the android-hilfe forum. I found his Github account but there are no updates to it with current patches so there are no public sources available.
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Aug 5, 2018
Hey Don, found a German forum with an active development on N80XX devices using LineageOS 14.1. Used the ROM and it seems pretty good, even got MagiskHide working and passed safetynet. Just thought you guys could work together to make a more stable LineageOS 14.1 ROM.

(don't know if I'm allowed to post other forums link)
Did you try that rom?

Greetings from Bavaria ;)


New member
Jan 4, 2015
Screen off gestures not working and also interfering with other functions

Hi Im happy to see someone still developing roms for this old tablet, I’m currently using your rom but I think that off screen gestures interfere with third apps functions correlated to the spen. I usually use Microsoft onenote to take notes at the university and I find really useful the feature that when you press the button in the spen, the app switch from pen to eraser so I don’t have to manually select them every time. But in this rom I think that the gestures (that works only when the screen is on so I think they are pretty useless) catch every event of the spen when the button is pushed, so onenote does not see the button pushed, it just stops drawing. Hope you can fix this issue... :)


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Sep 12, 2006
Hello everyone,
I need some serious help.
When I copy any files to my n8010 tablet and reboot to recovery the files don't stay on the internal sdcard.
Similarly, when I install a rom and reboot to recovery there are no files on the internal sdcard.

Is my device locked so that no rom installation is possible? What is the solution. I need to get the thing going as I have not used it because no roms install, so it seems.


Senior Member
Oct 24, 2010
Are you flashing zip from ext sd card.
Or from internal sd card ??
Are files still on card with reboot and file explorer m


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Sep 14, 2016
Hello everyone,
I need some serious help.
When I copy any files to my n8010 tablet and reboot to recovery the files don't stay on the internal sdcard.
Similarly, when I install a rom and reboot to recovery there are no files on the internal sdcard.

Is my device locked so that no rom installation is possible? What is the solution. I need to get the thing going as I have not used it because no roms install, so it seems.
Do you have an external SD-Card within the tablet? Maybe that is conflicting with the internal sd-card?

Don Carnage

Senior Member
Mar 23, 2013
Guessing this won't be possible for the SCH-I925

Technically the SCH-I925 is very similar to the N8020. I could give it a try but I have no device to actually test it and it is difficult to get it over here as it is a US only device. If you don't mind a broken build or two we can give it a try.

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    This thread hasn't been updated in a while as I'm working on mainline support and a kernel 5.10 release for the Note 10.1. There are excellent releases of Android 9+ from @html6405 now and I don't intend on updating this thread. I'll leave everything as is, but don't expect me to view this thread on a regular basis. Most questions are already answered, use the search.

    For the new mainline kernel version, please don't ask for any ETAs, there's still some things to be fixed before there will be an official release and I have a normal life to take care off.

    If you have experience with kernel / ROM development and want to help me out? Leave me a message, I'd appreciate any helping hand no matter how much you can contribute, every little bit helps. Even looking at the device tree and giving me hints would be great as I would still consider myself being intermediate at best at putting everything together, it's just a lot to dig into with the little time I have.


    * Your (expired) warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Hi, I'm currently trying to get this device officially supported again as I really love it and it never let me down in the last 5 or so years. It still works amazingly fast and I have no need to replace it with anything else.

    As I'm a Java engineer for my day job there is a lot of new stuff here, I had some contact with C/C++ when I studied CS a couple of years ago but never actually wrote anything bigger than two or three files in these languages. This is quite an adventure and I learned a lot already but I'm open for any help you can offer. After all, I'm doing this for fun and getting better at whatever hits me in the face while doing it.

    Current Status
    Frozen - No further development!

    • Audio
    • Video
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • Hardware Acceleration
    • SELinux
    • Sensors
    • IR
    • RIL (N8000)
    • Wifi (98% of the time?)

    Partly working
    • Camera (use OpenCamera, zoom and focus not working currently)
    • Setup Wizard: Voice Match installation screen has wrong rotation
    • MTP (occasionally crashing)

    Not working at all
    • RIL (N8020)

    Reporting Bugs

    Please provide logcat, dmesg, kmsg, steps to reproduce or whatever is appropriate to help me understand the issue.
    Here is a link to help you help me: How To Logcat

    Source Code

    Device #1: n8000
    Device #2: n8013
    Device #2: n8020
    Common: n80xx-common
    Common: p4notelte-common
    SoC: smdk4412-common
    SoC QC: smdk4412-qcom-common
    Kernel: smdk4412
    Hardware: samsung


    • Q: Why another thread?!?
    • A: The ROM provided by @lirokoa is great but it is based on sources that deviated quite a lot from the official LOS repo, I try to close this gap and get the ROM aligned to the remaining devices based on the SMDK4412 core so that everbody profits from the development going on there. This ultimately means that we can get a 8.x alpha version "soon" after fixing the remaining issues.

    • Q: How can I help to improve the ROM?
    • A: If you are a developer, I'd be happy to discuss the remaining issues with you and how to approach/solve them. I'm open for pull requests on Github. If you are testing the ROM and can provide log files for issues this is also a great thing, even more so if it is one of the devices I do not own.

    • Q: What's up with the performance?
    • A: Disable Live Display, it's actually not supported by the GPU (or at least by the current driver)

    • Q: The camera is crashing!
    • A: Use Open Camera

    • Q: Wifi attempts to connect but never succeeds!
    • A: Try reflashing again, including wiping. This usually fixes it.

    Credits and Thanks
    • all the people that worked/are still working on the smdk4412 device and kernel source code, this wouldn't be possible without their hard work!
    • the guys from #lineageos-dev channel for helping me out with my questions
    • all the people posting helpful guides in various sections all over the forums
    • @lirokoa for the updates and support that helped this device to live on until today

    XDA:DevDB Information
    LineageOS 14.1 N8000/N801X/N8020, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

    Don Carnage
    Source Code: https://github.com/Viciouss?tab=repositories&q=android

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information

    Created 2018-12-28
    Last Updated 2019-11-28

    Build N6 (12.03.2019)
    • Bluetooth for the N8020
    • Reactivated pegasusq boost
    • Set maximum volume from 5 to 7
    • Platform Security Updates (03/19)

    Build N5 (15.02.2019)
    • Enabled IR sender
    • SELinux rule cleanup
    • Added N8020 support!

    Build N4 (21.01.2019)
    • Fixed Power HAL permission issues
    • Eliminated some warnings from logcat (camera and boost related)
    • Camera shouldn't crash anymore

    Build N3 (07.01.2019)
    • Fixed the video playing issues

    Build N2 (31.12.2018)
    • N801x now available!
    • Basic camera support, some problems with video
    • Activated CPU Power Management
    • Streamlined some kernel parameters with other configs for the same board

    Build N1 (29.12.2018)
    • Make the Note 10.1 great again!
    • Lots of device file adjustments
    • Fixed keyboard not showing up initially
    • Fixed Settings app crash
    • use TWRP files from the link below!
    • coming from stock: flash TWRP TAR.MD5 file via Odin (I used 3.12 for this) or Heimdall (latest)
    • TWRP already installed: flash TWRP IMG file via TWRP
    • boot into recovery
    • wipe cache + dalvik/art
    • coming from stock/another rom: wipe system + data
    • flash ROM first, then GApps without rebooting the device
    • wipe the cache again just for fun

    Need Root for Apps?


    TWRP got it's own thread, click this link to get there.


    Open GApps

    • Click me (ARM - 7.1 - don't use FULL as there is not enough space to install it - try micro or lower instead)

    Archived Downloads
    Small update from my side:

    I added the IR module which doesn't seem to make any problems.
    The N8020 build was successful and I already booted into the system, still need to do some testing though.
    Updates will be uploaded next week as I still don't have my personal internet access back.
    I'm currently planning out my next steps after fixing the damn MTP bug. Is there anything bothering you currently which needs to be fixed ASAP with the current version of the ROM and that cannot wait any longer? If not, I would propose (if there is any demand) to build maybe one or two other Custom ROMs which shouldn't be too much work and then start on the 8.1 update. What do you think? Are you even interested in having some choice or are you ok with having LineageOS and want the 8.1 update immediately? I'm curious about the answers.
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