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Sep 13, 2010
Climax, Ks.
Just wanted to say WOW!
Install went smoothly (snapshot 9-11), opengapps micro, blu spark 106, busybox stericson, supersu pro, TIB, BBS, WLD all working.

GPS shows birds in view but no signal lock.

First time apps run there is a long delay (build time?), most give cancel,wait or report option box. However right about the time the box comes up so does the app. My guess is its v7? Dunno why, not bad once you figure it out.

Very very nice work!
Thank you sir

Nexus 5 16g

Note: for T-Mobile users change the "apn protocol" section to have "ipv4" if calls cant connect properly
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Oct 17, 2015
Anyone tried to flash GApps Full or Stock?
I haven't but I have flashed a lot of Moda including arise sound mod which is 90 mb so there may be enough room in the system just try it worst that happens is it tells you theres not enough space.

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Am I the only one having dialer issues? When in a call the screen won't turn on.
This was not a ROM issue it was my screen protector lol


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Oct 18, 2012
When connecting to PEAP Enterprise networks, the "connect" button stays grayed out so it is impossible to press connect regardless of whether the information is correct or not.


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May 8, 2011
Already tried but no Luck
I had this problem after my last dirty flash. I had to remove my Google account from my phone then clear cache and data from play store and play services. Reboot and add your account again. I was still getting the error right after adding my account again but about 15 mins later it was good to go. Hope this helps


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Nov 8, 2006
Does GPS Status works for you ?
For me, with Nitrogen OS NRD90U (10 september), GPS Status = black screen :(
EDIT : GPS Test works fine, so, I use it and wait...
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Sep 13, 2014
just stuck on bootanimation (build 20160911) ,,

i already wipe before installed rom & gapps (i use purenexus 6.0.1 before).

Me too stuck at the boot animation
I have flashed the Rom then GAPS and all fine
then when i flashed SuperSU stuck at the boot..
i will read some previous comments

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Guys could u please provide me with SuperSU Zip file to download?

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    [ROM][7.1 r4][OTA][GCC+CLANG][Substratum][MULTIROM] ► Nitrogen OS ◄ [03/11/2016]


    • Android OS version: 7.1.0_r4
    • Authors build: @xyyx, @Mr.MEX
    • Source code: https://github.com/nitrogen-project | https://github.com/nitrogen-devs
    • Developers: @xyyx, @Mr.MEX
    • Thanks: all
    • Google Apps: Open gapps 7.1 pico
    • Recovery: TWRP.


    The rich functionality is based on AOSP, development was begun in September, 2016.


    xyyx (Max) - main developer
    Mr.MEX - developer


    Copy the ROM and Gapps in SD card.
    • Go to your recovery
    • Wipe Data
    • Install ROM and Gapps zip.
    • Reboot - 1st boot takes around 3-4 minutes.




    • See logs


    If you are not indifferent, and you like our work, you can always support us. This will give us the incentive to make more and more opportunities in our firmware.
    xyyx: PayPal
    Mr.MEX: PayPal






    Nitrogen Project | Nitrogen OS Devices

    XDA:DevDB Information
    Nitrogen OS N, ROM for the Google Nexus 5

    Source Code: https://github.com/nitrogen-project

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: TWRP 3.0.2-0 or last
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2016-11-03
    Stable Release Date: 2016-11-03

    Created 2016-09-04
    Last Updated 2016-11-03
    Nitrogen update 30.09.2016:
       * build/
    872f2f1 build: Allow both OpenJDK and OracleJDK by default
       * device/lge/geehrc/
    55d0206 Clean overlay. Use default settings
       * frameworks/base/
    f337044 Return: Smart Pulldown [1/2][Squashed]
    3acf072 Add Quick Settings Pulldown options
    c89495e Revert "SystemUI: make sure to expand all the way when flinging"
    3f15fe2 Revert "Fix slow anim when using a gesture to open status bar pulldown"
    5bdbaa2 lights: Make sure the lights are out
    851607f Frameworks: Allow/Prevent notification light in Zen mode (1 of 2) This allows the user to prevent the notification lights from showing during Zen mode
    97a80a5 Add private copy of Palette
    edbc361 FWB: Battery light: 100% charged level (1/2)
    24c959b framework: add config_ledCanPulse overlay setting
    8e81e98 Lights with Screen On [1/2]: Optional allowment of lights
    056fdc8 [1/2] frameworks/base: Battery and Notification Lights
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    fdc4be2 Return: Smart Pulldown [2/2] Rewritten for 6.0/7.0 by @Beanstown106
    7380597 Add Quick Settings Pulldown options PureNexus edits: *Add Always quick pulldown options
    b127a47 Light settings: reduce tone if preview image color is very light Prevents material whiteout in color preview.
    54c3ca0 Replace ugly rect shape with oval from CM. old: http://imgur.com/a/4D2oU
    1d0b110 Settings: Notification and battery light [2/2] (SQAUSHED) BenzoEdit: Squashed: Omnigears: [2/2] Notification light settings Omnigears: [2/3] Battery Light Settings Settings: [3/2] Battery Light Settings
       * build/kati/
    2c9fcb6 Ignore white space around $(call) function name
    831e58e kati: Silence FindEmulator
       * frameworks/base/
    77f6e97 Fix italian translation http://imgur.com/a/FJ164
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    517d012 EXCLUDE_SYSTEMUI_TESTS :=true
       * frameworks/base/
    92cd153 fix crash issues by IndexOutOfBoundsException in ProcessStats
    90fc834 Fix thread race caused double free issue.
    b693c38 Avoid the system server hang forever.
    a8d8621 Resolve deadlock between ActivityManagerService and PowerManagerService
    efd1855 Fix deadlock b/w ActivityManagerService and MediaSessionService
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    d77bdda NetworkTraffic: Replace SeekBarPreference
    ed5792d Add CustomSeekBarPreference
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    9eafdcc Settings: Remove demo mode and ota update from dev settings
    35e69bc Remove Bug report options from developer settings
    7ddb191 Settings: display fstype for mounted volumes
    b294c52 Settings: Expose storage summary text
    8442825 Fix two same BT devices are shown
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    ab113f1 Clean and update banner
       * frameworks/base/
    19355b4 Unhide google's features: -small tiles count -small tiles animation -move whole row (i don't know what is the ****)
    780f8e9 fwb: Seperate statusbar from tuner and launch externally
    dc34db7 Allow navbar tuner/nightmode to be launched externally
       * packages/apps/Nfc/
    73472f0 Disable NFC & NDEF by default Signed-off-by Mr-MEX <[email protected]>
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    ccdb94d Run systemui tuner navbar and statusbar fragments
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    ee3b7c0 Dashboard: Change activity for new Superuser
    837e783 Display: Add night mode option from tuner
       * system/core/
    7a29fe2 Apply seSuperuser patch
       * system/sepolicy/
    b3799b0 Apply seSuperuser patch
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    4d60e13 Add Superuser
       * device/lge/geehrc/
    1686437 ueventd.geehrc.rc: Revise permissions for the decoder/encoder As mediaserver as been splitted, the encoder and decoder are mostly used by cameraserver so change the group and permissions related to this.
       * frameworks/base/
    a1af15b Core: Fix setupwizard FC
    a06d604 fix persistent process is killed and restart again and again
    75f1cb3 SystemUI: avoid lock screen shortcut picker crash
    0470a43 Fix race condition when writing UidState of appops.
    7847821 Fix WallpaperManager APIs
    bf4ed3b Also remove activity record if its app is removed.
    d1a0b28 SystemUI: Tiny expanding improvement
    b6a7e35 Activity: Add an helper to get its handler instance
    dde6142 SysUI: Guard against NPE in SignalClusterView
    6d15a2a pm: Use /system/bin/sh instead of /bin/sh
    75c11ed Increase brightness faster if ambient light is brightening quickly.
    bc7946f systemui: fix NPE when opening now on tap
    925fe13 Powermenu Users option switch[1/2]
    222f8b0 Powermenu Torch option [1/2] - Ported up by @Mazda-- from Lollipop fd77071
    8aad2ea Revert "Framework: Introduce a different navigation animation"
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    98d5098 Powermenu Users option switch[2/2]
    f222c5b Powermenu Torch option [2/2]
    e0622c4 Enable/Disable hardware buttons backlight
    0b03b91 Fix hardware buttons backlight timeout
    f4fdc6b HW keys tweaks (2/2)
       * device/lge/geehrc/
    19f5a26 Add sepolicy for fetch-swv
       * frameworks/base/
    d8048b4 base: silent mode is back Update SoundTile for silent
    bda3071 Fix NFC tile disappearing randomly
    26d8736 Add NFC Tile
    1439375 Status bar carrier: don't show Emergency text if no sim is installed
    91aebe4 GlobalActions: Set the initial status of airplane mode toggle Actually, the initial status of airplane mode toggle is set to false when the power menu dialog is initialized. This causes an issue if you set airplane mode and then reboot. After the reboot, the dialog displays the wrong airplane mode status, eg. "Airplane mode is not active", and if you toggle that option, a wrong intent is sent again to put ON the airplane mode, instead of OFF, the toggle (that is in transition state) will be set disabled.
    d0d23dd SysUI tuner: fix the Night mode on/off switch
    580f9d3 SystemUI: add caffeine qs tile Velvet edit: Adapt for Nougat by @iskandar1023
    e6cefad UItuner: tricky fix to avoid battery percentage settings reset
    ff8a599 Don't check tuner availability to allow night mode
    f61a903 Added show volume panel tile to QS
    e0d38e8 Reboot/Recovery QS Tile
    bf13251 Add Sound tile to Quick Settings
    d2a75f3 CellularTile" Replace longclick intent with longclick. And open detail by longclick
    9ede21c Remove EdgeGesture service
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    1dcbfb0 Remove SuperSU entry from Settings when SuperSU is not installed
       * system/sepolicy/
    3512529 Update SELinux policy for sysinit
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    6e68c20 builder: add user scripts
    efcc20d Clean sepolicy
       * frameworks/base/
    7fcbb8c [Base] HW keys tweaks (1/2)
    104c174 Do not block HOME if background incoming call (marshmallow) - Ported this commit by kufikugel for marshmallow by @KreAch3R - Removed the ContentObserver
    8a76f1f base: Dynamic navigation bar toggling
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    7dec510 Return SuperSU init.d script
    Update 03.11.2016:
       * frameworks/base/
    84c0aca Keyguard: Fix scramblepin logic.
    d9dc135 Keyguard: Don't disable visibility when scrambling pin.
    27f85ef Keyguard: Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking (2/2)
    3ab192b wm: Add support for split screen button behavior
       * hardware/broadcom/wlan/
    01d8892 Add condition USE_BCM_FW_FROM_DEVICE for BCM4339
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    e4404a9 Add split screen to button behaviors
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    f66e07a Add option to scramble pin layout when unlocking [2/2]
       * external/DUtils/
    29e5c4d DUI: Update kill process logic [2/2]
    3ed33be Update UserContentObserver for 7.1
       * frameworks/base/
    26b4d7c Enable NightMode for all
    66e740c DUI: Initialize package monitor class
    82c224f Fix Google Calendar FC * Reported by many users using full dynamic gapps pkg
    415a6af DUI: set bar IME hints when we add/change bar
    ae170d5 SystemUI: grant PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permission for DUI [1/2]
       * kernel/lge/geehrc/
    b5c18ae mm, gup: close FOLL MAP_PRIVATE race
       * packages/apps/DUI/
    6f94014 SmartBar: add Flip button animation [1/2]
    ee01a08 Use Nitrogen OS logo for Fling bar
       * packages/apps/Nfc/
    df2b024 Disable NFC & NDEF by default
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    e6a0dee ButtonBacklight: Rework for bacon with CustomSeekBar
       * packages/apps/PackageInstaller/
    2a61b82 Fix PackageInstaller FC when tapping on a downloaded apk notification
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    9466d6b Live Volume Steps [2/2]
    3113f7b Settings: Use seekbar to allow setting arbitrary animation values @dwitherell updated to incorporate support friendly internal approach KreAch3R - AnimationScalePreference: better max/default/digits values
    bf47865 SetupWizard: fix Vision Settings crash
    e254bd6 Enable color temperature and allow run gesture settings
       * system/sepolicy/
    e20e072 viper4android: this is better
       * device/lge/geehrc/
    49c4635 Sepolicy: updates for system_server
    ca96d1b Sepolicy: updates for new camera patch in mediaserver
    576bfef Sepolicy: updates for fetch-swv
       * frameworks/base/
    c053435 Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime (2/2)
    d897a0b Hide QS customizer correctly
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    4f385fe Option to use volume keys to control media volume anytime (1/2) Some users don't adjust ringtone volume often (e.g. only use toggle to switch between silent and non-silent) mode. Having an option to use the volume keys to control media volume anytime allows media volume to be controllled/muted before entering a game or other apps with sound in an undesirable location.
    0428dae Add option to disable scrolling cache [2/2]
       * packages/apps/Stk/
    a474a3a Merge tag 'android-7.1.0_r4' into n2
    75ef143 Revert "Stk: New launcher icon"
       * system/sepolicy/
    ecb26f3 Sepolicy: allow for geehrc fetch-swv
       * frameworks/base/
    daef986 Add option to disable scrolling cache [1/2]
    3d9e55c Immersive Recents [1/2]
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    937a330 Immersive Recents [2/2]
    dcc6dc6 SmartBar: add Flip button animation [2/2]
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    f31d2fa builder: upgrade version, upgrade sync and clone repos for geehrc
    cef2691 builder: Use n2 branch for all devices
       * frameworks/base/
    e2b70d1 fix mistaken check of mScreenBrightnessDarkConfig
    39e7c74 [ActivityManager] clean up pending broadcast receviers when force stop package
    1c6cff5 AppOpsManager: Fix wrong coarse location permission issue
    3719a42 Add missing STORAGE_INTERNAL permission for BackupRestoreConfirmation
    bafc565 Send broadcast to MediaScannerReceiver to refresh gallery
    a181f07 base: fix native crash in system_server
    5da0787 SystemUI: Fix systemui crash issue
    880102c SystemUI: Fix SystemUI FC issue
    dd68716 SettingsLib: the time is wrong in battery info view.
    119efdb CameraJNI: Fix memory leak in stop recording.
    f80d02e Fix illegal argument exception when take picture.
    0e669ef Avoid automatically mirroring Drawable of CustomTile
    46b8896 MountService: ensure VolumeRecord with UUID exists before modifying
    617e397 mountservice: Don't nuke all volumes when decrypting
    888b551 mountservice: Shut down volumes before restarting framework
    10682e9 Fix NPE in BaseStatusbar in onListenerConnected
    ec5c02d Fix split-screen flash issue
    429c5b0 Cancel unlock sound when screen if off
    5be5163 Reduce the delay during headset removal
    8ed704d AsyncTask: Fix to remove canceled tasks from executor's queue.
    89bfa43 [ActivityManager] handle dumpHeap() but no free space case.
    7d06df5 [DownloadManager] Enqueue download request might fail and cause NullPointerException
    bcc33f8 Add handling SQLiteDatabaseCorruptException.
    f4f67da frameworks: squash of leak & race fixes
    2c0039d Fix problem with BootAnimation exit
    70baa69 MTU should be 1358 as per 3GPP standards, especially for LTE radio interfaces.
    5d78a4a Remove unnecessary updateSurfaceScreenOn call.
    24ffaf8 Fix for google backup and restore
    b77d9e9 Skip uninstalled package for getPackagesForUid()
    8684f6c [ActivityManager] Reset killed flag at attachApplicationLocked
    915391a Checking null in NsdService
    67ae10a Fixes the system server crash issue caused by uncatched exception.
    198e16f ZenModeConfig: Fix weeknight and weekend days arrays
    af9f8ce BroadcastQueue: change ActivityInfo to ResolveInfo
    d9a8d64 Fix type casting for broadcast delay with service
    c07a0cb [ActivityManager] Fix the inconsistence between ProcessRecord and BroadcastQueues
    9916e6c Make PIN/password failed attempts dialog non-cancelable
    72d01c8 PowerManager: don't pass NULL pointers to power HAL
    09b1adc frameworks: Fix keyboard layout notification missing issue
    c75eb33 Fix DismissView cannot be clicked sometimes after boot
    0ab5153 fix wrong algorithm in getMobilePowerPerPacket()
    b6a7039 Fix struct vs. class mismatch in forward definitions
    60ff15b fix crash issues by IndexOutOfBoundsException in ProcessStats
    451a566 Fix thread race caused double free issue.
    506a9ef Avoid the system server hang forever.
    19903e4 Resolve deadlock between ActivityManagerService and PowerManagerService
    6df2015 Fix deadlock b/w ActivityManagerService and MediaSessionService
    c60a17d fix persistent process is killed and restart again and again
    4d6a0bc SystemUI: avoid lock screen shortcut picker crash
    aa2d60f Fix WallpaperManager APIs
    d98344d Also remove activity record if its app is removed.
    0a230bc Fix batterySendBroadcast not synchronized issue.
    076429c Fix system_server crash issue.
    312f6ee Fix missing dependency on R.java
    29e2158 Fix memory leak in MediaScannerConnection
    0911e79 Remove freezing window to fix UI freezing issue
    e1a2ac6 Sometimes property service is slow to respond
    f0cb73d Fix inconsistant display number format issue in Messaging application
    04c67fc Handle ActivityNotFoundException for contacts activity
    88ab46c Fix the NullPointerException
    1a86771 Handle IllegalArgumentException
    e789f8b Deadlock in PackageInstallerSession
    5bf4245 Fix NPE in updateEmptyShadeView() upon screen rotation
    40b3c30 Handle NPE due to threading race
    ba1c180 Fix ListView is not scrolled properly with arrows
    8a575d7 Handle IllegalStateException from Surface.lockCanvas
    0c1ad03 Fix NPE in TextUtils
    79cdd90 Fix to avoid UI freeze issue
    a7caa0a Handle NPE in TelephonyManager
    fb8bbe3 Update cached buffers in async mode
    f2d9b820 Fix dangling ellipsis state
    d5cedf9 binder: adjust GC interval for binder ops
       * frameworks/base/
    4cde377 Battery: Show low battery red icon when statusbar color in battery saver mode disabled. And show white icon when enabled.
    7319ceb Live Volume Steps [1/2]
    e2ef108 Clock: Remove duplicate and increase date size
    86682b3 base: SystemUI: update power save status correct
       * frameworks/native/
    48ae85c HACK:installd: Fix removing settings (sms/mms database) after restoring from backup 10-27 21:11:12.332   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.providers.telephony is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.providers.telephony 10-27 21:11:12.877   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.defcontainer is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.defcontainer 10-27 21:11:13.064   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/android is not active; migrating from /data/data/android 10-27 21:11:21.755   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.stk is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.stk 10-27 21:11:21.952   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.providers.settings is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.providers.settings 10-27 21:11:22.026   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.inputdevices is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.inputdevices 10-27 21:11:22.070   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.cellbroadcastreceiver is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.cellbroadcastreceiver 10-27 21:11:22.085   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/android.ext.shared is not active; migrating from /data/data/android.ext.shared 10-27 21:11:22.132   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.server.telecom is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.server.telecom 10-27 21:11:24.379   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/android.ext.services is not active; migrating from /data/data/android.ext.services 10-27 21:11:24.445   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.packageinstaller is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.packageinstaller 10-27 21:11:24.487   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.proxyhandler is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.proxyhandler 10-27 21:11:24.529   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.inputmethod.latin is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.inputmethod.latin 10-27 21:11:24.732   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.settings is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.settings 10-27 21:11:24.939   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.phone is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.phone 10-27 21:11:24.969   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.shell is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.shell 10-27 21:11:24.996   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.providers.blockednumber is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.providers.blockednumber 10-27 21:11:25.019   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.emergency is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.emergency 10-27 21:11:25.035   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.location.fused is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.location.fused 10-27 21:11:25.077   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.systemui is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.systemui 10-27 21:11:25.157   233   233 W installd: Requested default storage /data/user_de/0/com.android.bluetooth is not active; migrating from /data/data/com.android.bluetooth
       * build/
       * device/lge/geehrc/
    344b6d3 Fix recording in Camera2
       * frameworks/av/
    3edaf4a av: Add support for CameraSource as metadata type
       * device/lge/geehrc/
    3b4d500 Clean camera prop
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    43da994 Run google's gestures from our settings
       * art/
    92c71e1 Art: Disable FDO_SUPPORT [1/2] *this allows ccache to work on art/skia and increases build times by 10+ minutes
       * build/
    61502df Remove Feedback Directed Optimization support
       * external/skia/
    c024b4a Skia: Disable FDO_SUPPORT [2/2] *this allows ccache to work on art/skia and increases build times by 10+ minutes
       * frameworks/base/
    9b20594 Change logic of Cellurar Tile. - works in small tiles mode - settings in Detail mode open Mobile Settings
    208653c Lockscreen : Only animate targets if launched via swipe
    1145fed SystemUI: Lockscreen shortcut customization Change-Id: I4abf1deed0a342e111453516fa7820191a55ffc4
    6753a7d GAPPS: Add the rest of the regular Google Apps Also set all permissions to true
    03b187d Disable SystemUI Tuner
    cbe7f2a Run PowerNotificationControlsFragment external
    1c8aae5 fwb: Seperate statusbar from tuner and launch externally
       * packages/apps/DeskClock/
    75f835a Build in 7.1
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    b4f201e Settings: Lockscreen shortcut customization
    bd17ed2 *move do not disturb switch to NitrogenSettings *move and seperate volume up/down do not disturb switchs to NitrogenSettings *run statusbar icon editor from NitrogenSettings
    9db7ef3 Repurpose SystemUI tuner for NitrogenSettings *launch power notification controls *move do not disturb switch to NitrogenSettings *move and seperate volume up/down do not disturb switchs to NitrogenSettings *move navbar gesture switch to NitrogenSettings
    6bf4cf4 Move PowerNotificationControls from Tuner
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    2033bc1 Add Phh Superuser dashboard tile credit to @tsubus for his setting dashboard implementation
    fe8d17d Settings: Fix settings force close in monkey test.
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    e4b8065 Builder 1.5 Added validation file Added copy zip, and remove old file Added copy changelog Upgrade install soft command Other
    34c1ee6 Remove masquerade
    8a84268 Add Layers backup script. Thanks to @ShadySquirrel
    SnapShot M1.
    WiFi fixed.
    Media codecs and sound codecs updates.

    Download: http://xyyx-dev.ru/nitrogen-os/nougat/hammerhead/Nitrogen-OS-hammerhead-snapshot-m1-20160911.zip
       * hardware/qcom/display/
    5585d75 msm8974: IQService: Allow more processes to access IPC
       * bionic/
    94dab70 Disable CLANG only for msm8960 devices
       * build/
    e451c6e Merge tag 'android-7.0.0_r6' into n Android 7.0.0 release 6
       * frameworks/base/
    a70a67d SystemUI: Fix BT icon duplicate issue
    36680e5 Forward port 'Swap volume buttons' (1/3)
    e9eb673 Fix volume key music control with ambient display enabled
    3eb5914 Fix volume rocker music controls and wake up
    5b09035 Volume rocker music controls [1/2]
    f789c67 Volume Rocker Wake [1/2]
    a4a273b SystemUI: add flashlight notification reminder
       * frameworks/native/
    f6cadb5 Forward port 'Swap volume buttons' (2/3)
    80bf01b Update AppOps
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    cae6045 Forward port 'Swap volume buttons' (3/3)
    2712449 Volume Rocker Wake [1/2] Volume rocker music controls [1/2]
       * frameworks/base/
    8188d69 Optimize IncallUI delay for voice calls
    c4de560 SystemUI: disable statusbar time refresh when screen off
    dee03b1 Enable\Disable bluetooth battery status[1/2] Based on this patch: http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/153034/ CyanogenMod/[email protected]
    d81f0fd BACKPORT: SystemUI: Display bluetooth battery status when available
       * packages/apps/Bluetooth/
    4359be2 Bluetooth: Disconnect SCO for In-Band Ringtone.
    6912221 bluetooth: Broadcast battery status
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    9363f1f Enable\Disable bluetooth battery status[2/2]
    bb9b7cc [Base] long press back to kill configurable timeout [2/2] by cristianomatos
       * system/bt/
    02dd960 Added support for inband ringtone
       * build/
    f19ac0e Drop Music in build
    198a1c4 Drop QuickSearchBox in build
       * device/lge/geehrc/
    df7672a Enable config_intrusiveNotificationLed
       * frameworks/base/
    7c612bf policy: respect FLAG_TURN_SCREEN_ON flag with device flip covers If an application uses WindowManager.LayoutParams.FLAG_TURN_SCREEN_ON and the device supports covers and the cover is closed, then after the screen would turn on due to this flag, it would immediately be turned off because PhoneWindowManager thinks the cover is closed, so it puts the device to sleep.
    d7a91b9 [Base] long press back to kill configurable timeout [1/2]
    3128b5c HeadsUp whitelist (1/2)
       * packages/apps/Camera2/
    a35eff4 Fix crash if Exif-Tag buffer-length and component-count are both 0
    ef22395 Camera2: Fix Undo button behaviour
    d247fc2 Camera2: Remove google help preference
    9c63788 Camera2: Stop using GPS when going to background
    374fe6f Camera2: Remove settings preferences only once
    bc4e21c Camera2: fix video recording for older drivers
    904b53f Camera2: Only autofocus before a snap if we are actually in "auto" mode.
    c7ba07d Camera2: use settings theme
    70e8f71 Don't attempt to convert degree to orientation enum twice
    463664c Camera: Disable Camera Launcher when both Front and Back sensors are not detected
    3aabc86 Update material icons
    8ef240d Materialize icon
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    501da77 HeadsUp whitelists (2/2)
    deb7fc2 Fix NPE: 09-08 02:58:30.693  3251  3251 E AndroidRuntime: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.android.settings/com.android.settings.SubSettings}: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void android.support.v7.preference.Preference.onPrepareForRemoval()' on a null object reference
    9be8535 Update quick settings icon
    86ba6f9 Add notification settings
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    874dc96 Moved overlays with vendor
    6decc1b Settings: added Nitrogen OS build date
    13d05d9 Settings: Added Nitrogen logo and changelog
       * packages/apps/Terminal/
    f03e067 Added icon
    7b3e8b8 Translate into Russia
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    ca6b1f4 Kill unsupported overlays
       * build/
    80a98de Merge tag 'android-7.0.0_r4' into n
       * frameworks/av/
    7521ea8 Merge tag 'android-7.0.0_r4' into n
       * frameworks/base/
    a5ad77e Merge tag 'android-7.0.0_r4' into n
       * frameworks/native/
    7220833 Merge tag 'android-7.0.0_r4' into n
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    1e0f394 Merge tag 'android-7.0.0_r4' into n
       * system/core/
    383e5fb Merge tag 'android-7.0.0_r4' into n
       * build/
    995ca7d build: don't dex preopt by default on linux
       * frameworks/av/
    e8bd97e Forward Port: Add Camera sound toggle [3/3]
       * frameworks/base/
    7e8125e MTP Dirty Hack (use mtp as default after connect to usb) (1/3) In device tree check this string:
    c58cf66 Option to hide Adb notification icon [2/2]
    4b6150f Forward Port: Add Camera sound toggle [1/3]
    a6eb478 frameworks_base: SystemUI/notifications: add a separate charging vibration toggle
    3024aa7 SystemUI/notifications: fix charging connected/disconnected sound notification
    cd7e15d Disable/Enable screenshot sound [1/2]
       * packages/apps/Browser/
    7cea375 Build in N
       * packages/apps/Calendar/
    e875dde Merge my changes from MM
       * packages/apps/DeskClock/
    d186802 More materialization for icon
    16f0f16 Update material icon
    10aabbc New Launcher icon by Travis Hall aka Not Just Another Designer
    bfd49fa DeskClock: Speed up animations a little
       * packages/apps/Launcher3/
    8f6c5cb Use material icon
    1bd2bd9 Launcher3 -> Nitrogen Home
    9a9bc9d WallpaperPicker: Materialize icon
    65c29cd Options: Replaced blue on grey
    18be839 Use Teal Theming for Settings
    5a63416 Shorten dragOutlineFadeTime
    a37bcf1 Shorten Scroll Delay
    1ff0260 Put some SNAP into it!
    7ac7753 Materialize Launcher3's settings
       * packages/apps/Messaging/
    0203191 Messaging:Swipe right to delete conversation Change "swipe delete" to "swipe right delete", so SwipeArchive and SwipeDelete can exist at the same time.
    6b2b3e0 Messaging: Implement option for swipe to delete.
    9a6de84 Make Toast.LENGTH short
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    6d898de MTP Dirty Hack (use mtp as default after connect to usb) (2/3)
       * packages/apps/NitrogenWallpapers/
    6ff58b3 Wallpapers: fix black text in wallpaper chooser
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    631d2fa Always show screen on time
    99c435c Add fastscroll to the Manage applications screen
    ef90e36 Clean up manifest issues
    4236dee Use separate icon for flashlight power usage
    38875dc Settings: Wi-Fi WPS Materialized icon
    159f2ee Option to hide Adb notification icon [1/2]
    4233715 Forward Port: Add Camera sound toggle [2/3]
    70d2cf1 [2/2] Settings: SystemUI/notifications: add a separate charging vibration toggle
    c499582 Disable/Enable screenshot sound [2/2]
       * packages/apps/Stk/
    45e52bd Do not display toast if alpha text is null.
    bd74e58 Launcher: Present STK app name if possible
    012f523 Update layout to Material
    fe1f47a Stk: EL AOSP translation modification
    dfad766 STK application should not show the STK menu for unsupported card.
    452f072 Stk: New launcher icon
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    fc3d89a MTP Dirty Hack (use mtp as default after connect to usb) (3/3)
    89ee299 Build browser
    b3ba0a9 Added more overlays
       * device/lge/geehrc/
    4a1febf uevent.rc: remove vidc encoder permission It seems that if mediacodec service acquire vidc encoder handle, cameraserver cannot use video encoder.
    660ee90 Use GID "wakelock" to control access to kernel wakelock Bug: 25864142 from https://github.com/PureNexusProject/android_device_lge_bullhead/commit/49dc0c2ae2de089845b20753a4563056be90544d
       * frameworks/base/
    f69abc0 Adjust the power menu lock icon color
    e8078a5 Pimp the power menu out [1/2]
    9410ca2 SystemUI: Statusbar: Add HSPA+ icons
    e33676e framework: port IME selector notification toggle (2/2)
    84fef44 aapt: Default to 0 compression ratio
    ff32848 Speed things up!!
    898baab SystemUI: hide navigation bar faster in SetupWizard
    0261cf7 Fix slow anim when using a gesture to open status bar pulldown
    887f173 SystemUI: make sure to expand all the way when flinging
    8885a67 telephony: Hack GSM and LTE signal strength
    c754256 Show own tiles after reset in Quick Tiles Edit
       * packages/apps/Gallery2/
    3fba44f Materialize icons
    55fd636 Add record time to details view
    ee3c7e2 Fix crash of gallery on showing details
    210b860 Gallery2 : Store DATE_TAKEN as milliseconds
    d6325a2 Camera: Fix out-of-order operations while setting up the editor
    75d9719 Camera: Ensure background edition complete on back Key
    cd0b9d6 Gallery : Filter picasa specific options
    ff5d15f Gallery2: Make grids scroll vertically by default
    82ac3e9 Gallery : Remove DialogPicker theme in v21
    63e5768 Gallery2: More material for filtershow
    2bbd111 Add clean step after recent changes
    eb60312 Gallery2: Fix filtershow renderscript for lollipop
    8cef136 Gallery2: Materialization
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    a93a0eb Pimp the power menu out [2/2]
    9d591b9 settings: port IME selector notification toggle (1/2)
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    9ac05a7 Move App Ops to nitrogen category in Main Settings
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    28ef5cc Clean global_reboot options in overlay
       * build/
    fb21cfb Remove Feedback Directed Optimization support
       * frameworks/base/
    162ab1a Expose hardcoded colors
       * frameworks/support/
    53c2d7a Factor out preference-in-storage check to overridable method.
       * packages/apps/Dialer/
    9521d6a InCallUI: make incoming call screen background transparent
       * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings/
    9361ccf Button backlight timeout option
    ad59b6d Volume rocker cursor control (2/2)
    1490817 Hardware key custom rebinding (2/2) Longpress back to kill app [2/2]
    5898884 Settings: Fix helper pref Switches
       * packages/apps/PhoneCommon/
    2b46208 Themes: Make dialpad seperator line theme-able
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    4b614da builder: add branches for git clone command
       * frameworks/base/
    ead2e5b Move SystemUI Tuner to nitrogen category
       * hardware/qcom/display/
    ab35efb msm8960: IQService: Allow more processes to access IPC
       * build/
    c8d39b4 OMS-N: adb shell command to access OverlayManagerService
       * device/lge/geehrc/
    3c44757 - Update media_codecs.xml from Flo - Add media_codecs_performance.xml from Flo's CTS results - As MediaCodec acts as a separate process from MediaServer, it   can't read /dev/vidc_enc and /dev/vidc_dec. Fix this by allowing   both to be world writable (I'm not sure if it'll pose a security   threat later on) - Sepolicy: Add a rule for mediacodec to be able to read Qualcomm's   H/W based codecs
       * frameworks/base/
    1b1cbb7 Add back 'Show brightness slider'
    ee5e949 fix foreground process will be mistakenly killed when it uses content provider.
    a69f170 N-Extras: Add dynamic theme BootAnimation support
    d2df264 N-Extras: AudioService: Allow system effect sounds to be themed
    e20b2db N-Extras: Add dynamic theme fonts support (Squash)
    8bbf056 OMS-N: ApplicationsState: add filter for Substratum overlays [1/2]
    7c25e34 OMS-N: Allow on-demand window refreshes using "om refresh"
    6e992f3 OMS-N: Allow multiple targets for enabling and disabling overlays
    24062ea Prevent IndexOutOfBoundsException
    37699aa OMS-N: Disable Zygote preloaded drawables.
    02ed80a OMS-N: Themes should be dynamically theming the power menu
    270cb82 OMS-N: Officially announce the rebase completion to Nougat [14/14]
    ce661ac OMS-N: adb shell command to access OverlayManagerService [13/14]
    a3955eb OMS-N: Ensure unique type IDs when parsing overlays [12/14]
    e07ee86 OMS-N: Persistence on boot through OverlayManagerServiceImpl [11/14]
    e5f75f5 OMS-N: Fix memory leak during idmap creation [10/14]
    938e8b5 OMS-N: Check invariants after ResTable is modified [9/14]
    dbbe637 OMS-N: idmap: suppress print for padded resources [8/14]
    aedef8e OMS-N: pm: set EXTRA_REPLACING correctly in ACTION_PACKAGE_ADDED [7/14]
    bde7b05 OMS-N: integrate OverlayManagerService into framework [6/14]
    930b32f OMS-N: introduce the OverlayManagerService [5/14]
    1033079 OMS-N: Add ResTable::remove(cookie) [4/14]
    cf1ef26 OMS-N: Make asset manager cookies opaque [3/14]
    91113ed OMS-N: installd: add command 'rmidmap' [2/14]
    2f586b8 OMS-N: Support downloaded overlay packages [1/14]
    b833282 Keyguard: don't refresh ui when screen off
    784f407 PDBS: bail out early if package name is not defined
    d4b12ff SystemUI: Don't disable rotation tile
    52d53a2 Fix Android 7.0 GApps permisions which were causing F/C
    6916a17 Properly handle null URIs.
    ae053de Treat default value that wasn't found as empty value
    5781e40 Allow creating custom dialogs in DialogPreference
       * frameworks/native/
    f0d9d0f OMS-N: installd: add command 'rmidmap'
       * packages/apps/Settings/
    42a6619 location: Enable 3dot menu
    3f10077 Open app when clicking on icon in App Info screen
    05d0d84 Fix memory leak in Bluetooth settings
    cd1434a Settings: Fix cannot search paired BT device issue.
    3a1c5ad Fix crash when rotating HighPowerDetail dialog
    ba84e75 Fix NPE when rotating "Saved networks" screen
    c080e0e Fix NPE in SettingsPreferenceFragment
    5a3d82f bluetooth: Don't crash when the local adapter is not set
    c2751ff Fix InstantiationException when rotating Notification access settings
    4db0cb2 Add Up button in Status settings
    7ea00fc OMS-N: Apps: show/hide Substratum overlays [2/2]
       * system/sepolicy/
    bcc4788 OMS-N: Add service 'overlay' to service_contexts
       * vendor/nitrogen/
    bf8aecd Build masquerade
    af9b1ea builder: add shamu support
    b85784b builder: add mako support | bootanimation: add mako
    Do not flash SuperSU for next builds!!!!! Superuser included!!!
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