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Senior Member
Mar 8, 2011
Great rom so far so thumbs-up to the dev

One unrelated question although I love this rom but one feature that I miss from the stock rom is the ability to add buttons to navbar, like a notification pull down button. I know it's too early in the rom's age to request a mod, so I am mostly asking everyone else if they know a way to get it on this rom. Xposed is still a few months away from being ready from what I gather, to help with this.

Anyway please reply if anyone knows a way.


Dec 4, 2014
You actually have the option to add buttons to the nav bar. you can find the setting under Settings-Navigation-Smartbar settings-Toggle button editor.
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Feb 26, 2013
Buenos Aires
I keep on getting the same error
Something like two
E : unknown log

Then something about ext4

Fails to flash the Rom every time.

1) wipes full, factory reset , All 5 times
2) Install MODEM 21C
3) install ROM, Ignore error
4) Install gapps
5) Install SuperSU 2.78
6) Install Mr. Bump - the device reboot 2 times. is normal, after of the second reboot, Wait until you finish starting (5/10 minutes)
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Senior Member
Sep 24, 2014
Baldwin Park
Hi, is there way to use pokemon go and adroid pay on this rom?
Video recording is still not working?
Again, since that subject (first question) was discussed all over for some time it's best if you just search the web for that. No doubt you'll find a lot of info.
Please don't ask the same question in multiple threads. It'll be considered spamming. Just a friendly heads-up.

LG G3 D851, PAC-MAN LP ROM, Tapatalk 4.9.5


Dec 4, 2014
Tested. working nicely, no more transparency issues, bt working, recording working, double tap working. Try to perform a clean install, dirty flashing it yielded generalized crashes across the system with the SIM card not being recognized.


Senior Member
Apr 7, 2011
Where to download the 16.11 release? I only see a 20.11 release. Have randomly reboots here.

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    ## Beanstalk Nougat Rom ##

    Smoother than Butter
    Friendly Battery
    Tons of Features
    Dirty Unicorns Features
    Always Up-to-date
    100% Build from Source
    This is what

    More Customizations than Cm14 for sure for Now.
    More Features in next updates

    CM Kernel
    For more info about kernel, visit :

    G+ community



    VS985 18.10.16


    What's Not Working:
    1. Video Recording
    2. battery style in status bar. All other status bar settings work
    Flashing Instructions:-
    1. Wipe System, cache , data , dalvik cache from twrp
    2. Flash ROM reboot and then Gapps
    3. Reboot and Enjoy :D

    1. CM Team
    2. Beanstalk Team
    3. Google
    4. And ME.. :p

    Source Code: https://github.com/scotthartbti


    * build/
    8d7c71a Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of github.com:CyanogenMod/android_build into bs7.1

    * frameworks/base/
    2fff2a3 Use @hide for screenshot setting
    2cdc6b6 Optional screenshot type [1/2]
    5c86768 Don't crash if print spooler doesn't have location permission.
    828b537 Don't show quotation marks around Wifi network name in Settings.
    e68653e Support enforcing a minimum delay between notification sounds of an app.
    6eaa5c3 (Optionally) allow vibration during priority zen mode.
    21915d5 Revert "Mms: Fix no ringtone for MT SMS during the call."
    c36faf6 Add importance level to block lock screen notifications (fixed) (1/2)
    cf9a09a Revert "Proximity speaker [1/2]"
    0eae757 Revert "Dialer Lookup [1/2]"

    * frameworks/opt/net/wifi/
    8594d48 wifi: Set the mode at native layer

    * frameworks/opt/telephony/
    a164555 Telephony: handle 3rd party sms apps + 'always ask'

    * packages/apps/AudioFX/
    db8cc15 AudioFX: Fix possible RuntimeException
    a01d9e0 AudioFX: Fix possible NPE

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    182efad Optional screenshot type [2/2]
    b3f422c Show SIM name as data usage mobile network category title.
    19e7cf3 Integrate mobile network settings into SIM settings for MSIM.
    ef422dc Remove a few MSIM tab hosts.
    e3a92f5 Add setup UI for minimum delay between an app's notification sounds.
    de89d0b Allow selecting vibration mode during zen priority mode.
    0ea8bc6 Add importance level to block lock screen notifications (fixed) (2/2)

    * packages/apps/Snap/
    70edacf Snap: Fix possible RuntimeException (due to NPE)
    3da1aa3 Snap: Fix possible NPE
    72e249c CameraNext: dynamically generate available photo resolutions

    * packages/apps/Trebuchet/
    7b7aab4 Trebuchet: Remove stats/tracking

    * packages/services/Telephony/
    8a4f571 Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of github.com:CyanogenMod/android_packages_services_Telephony into bs7.1

    * system/sepolicy/
    df55f36 Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of github.com:CyanogenMod/android_system_sepolicy into bs7.1

    * vendor/beanstalk/
    6aab884 Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of github.com:CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm into bs7.1
    63984ef ambient: Remove from OSS builds
    1998914 vendor_cm: Vodafone TR: Fix mobile data on first boot
    26e669b cm: Autodetect SDCLANG in prebuilts/snapdragon-llvm
    082e0ec extract_utils: Add option to define the certificate for jars

    * vendor/cmsdk/
    91b3848 Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of github.com:CyanogenMod/cm_platform_sdk into bs7.1


    * android/
    8e7b6d6 Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of github.com:CyanogenMod/android into bs7.1
    128fe35 cm: Use CM fork of legacy apache-http library

    * frameworks/base/
    e328814 Add the user set network mode to the siminfo table
    6d7980e AudioService: allow volume control on analog dock
    1d95876 Add Motorola EMU audio dock jack sensing support
    9c9da15 Add Dock USB Audio Support for Samsung Car / Desk Docks
    5fdf58b bootanimation: enable multithread decode by default

    * frameworks/native/
    28ee195 libui: gralloc1 getphys implementation for samsung OMX

    * frameworks/opt/telephony/
    7dfa69b SubscriptionController: properly detect when MSIM has 1 SIM
    cef16bb telephony: Only set prompt enabled if available subscriptions > 1.
    fa9eead telephony: Workaround default sms sub id not being set.
    80b9aae telephony: Do not set default subscriptions on shutdown
    af77077 Set default subscriptions when single SIM is available

    * packages/apps/DeskClock/
    6846bad Fix copy'n'paste mistake in database creation.

    * packages/apps/Dialer/
    152af85 Dialer: Fix proximity on wake handling
    f5c0256 Fix AppBarLayout elevation handling.

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    4efb9c7 Seekbars are just stylish, let's use them
    3af75e5 Kill marquee display of app version/package name in app details.

    * packages/inputmethods/LatinIME/
    231c497 Fix send button not being centered for non-standard densities.

    * packages/providers/TelephonyProvider/
    6b8cecc telephony: Fix initial database creation

    * packages/services/Telephony/
    1a1b3cd Allow MobileNetworkSettings to be invoked for selected SIM.

    * system/bt/
    a791538 Fix AG API result code to internal result code mapping.


    * android/
    da4729b Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of github.com:CyanogenMod/android into bs7.1
    5186065 Use our fork of jemalloc

    * build/
    ea931d0 Kill some log spam

    * frameworks/av/
    1e7d2ad libstagefright: fix exynos4 camcorder

    * frameworks/base/
    fe7ddda sysui: Use pixel navbar icons
    be9a9a6 Expose call creation time to link call recordings with recent call log (1/2)

    * frameworks/opt/telephony/
    099ccdf Add the user set network mode to the siminfo table

    * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8916/
    1416e5d Silence log spam.

    * hardware/ti/omap4/
    4a0023e camera: switch to Gralloc.allocate and generate unique Id for allocation
    c31e66e gralloc: remove gralloc-overlay, breaks build on cm-14.1

    * packages/apps/CMFileManager/
    5d00161 Properly upgrade DB.

    * packages/apps/DeskClock/
    0179b3f Provide upgrade path for cm12.1 -> cm13.0

    * packages/apps/Dialer/
    e977cac Handle DB upgrade from CM13.
    5226272 Don't use a different call log for MSIM.
    12bbdb5 Re-add call stats feature.
    bb46078 Update SpinnerContent class from CM 13.

    * packages/apps/Email/
    eac3cf6 Fix DB upgrade from CM13.

    * packages/apps/SetupWizard/
    3408466 GmsAccount: If there's no network and FRP isn't enforcing, skip GMS

    * packages/providers/ContactsProvider/
    e9be98e Ignore old CM13 columns in DB migration.

    * packages/providers/TelephonyProvider/
    4957de9 Add DB upgrade path for SMS/MMS and telephony provider.

    * packages/services/Telecomm/
    c0941f5 Honor option to allow vibration during priority zen mode.

    * vendor/cmsdk/
    e01237e Add a CMSystemSettingDropDownPreference.
    fbd5dc1 Add option definition for vibration during zen mode.


    * build/
    da989e7 build: Increase diff timeout

    * external/DUtils/
    0c937ae DUI: Update kill process logic [2/2]

    * frameworks/base/
    45d51bf SystemUI: grant PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS permission for DUI [1/2]
    1c63ce3 DUI: set bar IME hints when we add/change bar
    b96cc56 DUI: Initialize package monitor class
    79503e8 Pixel blue for globalActions silent mode selection indicator
    1198153 Revert "Power menu: Change color of volume selector to material green"

    * packages/apps/Snap/
    3f2a096 Allow to use power key as shutter

    * system/sepolicy/
    11db560 sepolicy: allow sdcard access via sdcardfs


    * frameworks/base/
    c3979a1 Fix Google Calendar FC
    8cd5fcd Add back gapps permissions
    7ebf65f frameworks: Toast long timeout fix
    c05c3cb frameworks: fix system server crash
    abb326f Brightness slider: only enable auto brightness toggle when also enabed for QS
    475dd40 Fix automatic brightness QS toggle icon

    * packages/apps/Eleven/
    407a867 Fix MediaSession queue handling.

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    7074af0 Settings: Privacy Guard: Fix missing background tab

    * vendor/cmsdk/
    dd09ee8 Merge branch 'cm-14.1' of github.com:CyanogenMod/cm_platform_sdk into bs7.1
    c7ecd4d cmsdk: Fix non-triggered ON_DISCONNECT + cleanups
    Android 7.1 build coming
    New build coming today for :

    Downloading... Come again with update!

    After installing
    +ROM works smoth;
    +More settings then others 7.0 ROMs;
    +Pixel Dialler works;
    +Video recording work with google camera for android 6+;

    -Link2SD don't work;

    If I will find thing that don't work i will post them, same for nice features ;)

    Thank's to developers!