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Sep 30, 2010
Thank you dev. Except for performance everything is great. The animation is a bit stutter compared to EMUI. Otherwise, this is my favorite rom.


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Feb 20, 2015
Redmi K20 Pro


Oct 7, 2013
Has anyone experienced random reboots since flashing the new update?
This rom was great when I was on the previous build, but the reboots were the only thing that deterred me.


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Sep 8, 2006
Has anyone experienced random reboots since flashing the new update?
This rom was great when I was on the previous build, but the reboots were the only thing that deterred me.

I had one reboot, but I had GPS turned on. None with it off.
I did have one occasion when the fingerprint seemed to stop working, but cleared after a reboot.


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Sep 8, 2006
Bumping this up because it's still my daily driver. Fast, stable, decent battery, good set of features.
Use it with whitepug kernel for even better performance and battery, xda/blu_active.
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    Based on Lineage OS with extra goodies
    ROM dedicated to the Honor 8 community

    Feature Highlights:
    • Pixel look and feel.
    • OMS-rootless (theme engine) Supported. Install Substratum from Play Store.
    • OTA support
    • Google Assistant
    • LineageOS 14.1 - all mods and features
    • StatusBar: Network Traffic
    • StatusBar: SU icon toggle
    • StatusBar: Ticker
    • StatusBar: Hide/Show icons
    • StatusBar: Hide/Show data activity arrows
    • StatusBar: BatteryBar customizations
    • StatusBar: Date customizations
    • StatusBar: Battery styles
    • StatusBar: Tap to Sleep
    • StatusBar: Clock styles
    • StatusBar: Custom logo customizations
    • QuickSettings: QS Header image customizations
    • QuickSettings: Weather tile integration and customizations
    • QuickSettings: Tiles customization
    • QuickSettings: Brightness slider toggle
    • QuickSettings: Optional brightness icon
    • QuickSettings: Vibrate on Touch
    • QuickSettings: WiFi easy toggle
    • QuickSettings: Bluetooth easy toggle
    • QuickSettings: Data easy toggle
    • QuickSettings: Location easy toggle
    • Navigation: Toggle navbar
    • Navigation: PIE navigation
    • Navigation: DUI - SmartBar / Fling Toggle, animations and customizations (+ One Hand mode)
    • Navigation: Dynamic Nav Bar Color
    • Navigation: Pulse - smart visualization
    • Notifications: Power notification controls
    • Notifications: Force expanded notifications
    • Notifications: Toggle immersive mode messages
    • Notifications: Breathing notifications
    • Notifications: Headsup Snooze
    • Notifications: Headsup Timeout customization
    • Display: Ambient Display customizations
    • Display: Transparency Customizations
    • Display: Blur Personalizations
    • Display: Expanded Desktop Customizations
    • Display: Scroll Animation Customizations
    • LockScreen: Screen shortcuts
    • LockScreen: Weather display
    • LockScreen: Toggle longpress for screen shortcuts
    • LockScreen: Swipe shortcuts
    • LockScreen: Toggle media cover art
    • LockScreen: Toggle clock
    • LockScreen: Toggle date
    • LockScreen: Toggle alarm
    • LockScreen: Toggle status bar
    • LockScreen: Tap to sleep
    • LockScreen: Toggle longpress torch
    • LockScreen: Cutomize number of notifications
    • LockScreen: Toggle power menu for secure lockscreen
    • LockScreen: Toggle quick settings access and hide swipe shortcuts for secure lockscreen
    • Powermenu: On-the-go mode - camera overlay.
    • Recents: Immersive Recents
    • Recents: Hidden apps
    • Recents: Toggle OmniSwitch as default Recent view
    • Recents: Toggle Slim Recents as default Recent view
    • Sound: Charging Sounds customization
    • Sound: Toggle screenshot sound
    • Sound: Live customization for number of volume steps
    • Sound: Less frequent notification sounds
    • Sound: DND customizations
    • Animations Customization for Toast, System, etc.
    • Miscellaneous: Clock Widget
    • Miscellaneous: Wakelock Blocker (experimental)
    • Miscellaneous: Partial / Full screenshot selection option
    • Miscellaneous: Toggle suggestions on Settings dashboard
    • Miscellaneous: Toggle summaries in Settings
    • Miscellaneous: Toggle auto-start music player on headset detection
    • Miscellaneous: Show CPU info overlay
    • Miscellaneous: Disable Force Close notifications
    • Settings/Sound: Increasing Ringtone
    • 15 New Quick Settings Tiles including Caffeine mode, Expanded Desktop and Sync.
    • Settings/Security: Quick PIN/Password Unlock
    • Default sounds from latest Nexus image.
    • Stability and performance improvements.
    • ART Optimizations

    What's working:
    Probably every major feature is working including NFC, WiFi, RIL, Audio, FPS, Sensors, etc.

    What's not working:
    • Encryption - stock encryption unsupported as of now
    • Other 'untested' things - the more you test the more bugs I can add :D
    Refer to the 'FAQ' in second post for a general discussion on bugs present and things that don't work.

    Download Links:
    crDroid Android v3.7 (2017-08-21): Click here! md5sum: b22dd9bdb2814dda164e0a5dc2cc9d91
    GApps: I recommend using Open GApps. Go to their website: http://opengapps.org. Select ARM64 > Android 7.1 > Variant of your choice (I like micro) and hit that download button.

    1. Grab the ROM zip file. Use the above download link to get it.
    2. Download the GApps package.
    3. Make sure you're on Lineage OS or any other LOS based ROM prior to flashing.
    4. Backup any important data prior to flashing.
    5. Reboot your device to TWRP and perform a full Factory Reset.
    6. Flash the ROM zip file and if you're planning to use GApps, flash them instantly after flashing the zip.
    7. Reboot to system from TWRP and enjoy.

    Device: https://github.com/H8-ROMS/android_device_honor_frd
    Vendor: https://github.com/H8-ROMS/android_vendor_honor_frd
    Kernel: https://github.com/OpenKirin/android_kernel_huawei_hi3650

    • A huge shoutout to OpenKirin (@XePeleato, @surdu_petru, @OldDroid) for their immense hard work to setup the extraordinary build repositories.
    • The crDroid team for bringing you this ROM.
    • You for testing the ROM, hitting that Thanks button and for reporting bugs.

    XDA:DevDB Information
    crDroid Android, ROM for the Honor 8

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Firmware Required: Stock EMUI 5.X
    Based On: LOS-14

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2017-06-21
    Last Updated 2018-01-24
    New Release 8/21/2017
    crDroid Android v3.7 - 20170821

    • Updated crDroid to latest 3.7 version
    • Merged in latest source and trees changes
    • Updated Android Security Patches
    • Updated Carrier Config to disable two APN options when using Verizon Globe
    • Added AOSP FlipFlap

    • FlipFlap is an AOSP Flip Cover app that can work with your default Honor flip cover to show you a nice preview when device is locked (I haven't tested it). Since a real flip cover was not available, I have used estimated values for the screen estate available via flip cover for the app so it might behave unexpectedly. If you have a flip cover, please PM me so that I can use correct values.
    • I am sorry for the huge delay for the release. I was actually disconnected from the internet from the past days on my main building machine rendering me unable to do any builds or look into any bugs. However, I've now migrated to a server so there'll be no such issues in future hopefully.

    crDroidAndroid-7.1.2-20170821-frd-v3.7.zip : https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=673368273298980200
    Update - 05/07/2017: Download: https://mega.nz/#!AIJlkJyB!bh0moRg7BnTdCKeY6TYoNL6fiKIk2OgQBE7yakNZaXc (md5sum: 2b7645e818ba05d09b7408de86177980)

    • Update to latest EMUI update on your device (B385 or later)
    • Update to the latest version of LOS or RROS to flash the updated vendor partition (failing to do so will result in broken camera, sensors)
    • Either make a clean flash or dirty flash (clean flash recommended)
    • First boot can take a long time. Be patient.

    • Merge the latest crDroid and LOS patches
    • Update to the latest OpenKirin repositories
    • Improved Camera implementation
    • Update to FRD-L04 B385 blobs for more stability
    • Fixed USB Tethering
    • Enabled NFC Support
    • Improve notification LED controls
    • PinnerService: Pin dalvik cache and camera to flash memory
    • Bluetooth: add A2DP, HFP and AVRCP profiles
    • CarrierConfig: initial carrier volte support added (not tested)
    • T-Mobile: Use ipv6 APN profile by default
    • Audio: add audio_policy and mixer_paths
    • KeyEvent: add support for Smart Key as a keyevent (thanks to @XePeleato for helping me out on this one)

    Special instructions for Smart Key and Fingerprint Swipes:
    Smart Key:
    • Download "All in One Gestures" app from Play Store
    • Open the App and enable Hard Keys.
    • Click on the 3-dot menu and select Custom Keys.
    • Click the Smart Key. The app will now detect the keypress.
    • Assign any shortcut or action you want to the Smart Key.
    Fingerprint Swipes:
    • Download "Fingerprint Gestures" from Play Store.
    • The interface is pretty self explanatory.

    Thanks for using this ROM. Good day!
    Okay so the smart key is now fully working. Some small configuration required so expect a release soon.
    New Update

    Download Links:
    Mega: https://mega.nz/#!sNQHRbKQ!Di65yX6_VN-TU6pcierY6wyPpY9G2veePWoVEhi4K7w
    Android File Host: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745425885120749595
    md5sum: cc004d9b97d183745a234ba533d907fb

    • Merge in latest crDroid and OpenKirin patches
    • crDroid updated from 3.4 -> 3.5
    • Updated to July 05 security patches

    Thanks for using this ROM. Have a good day!
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