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[ROM][8.0]N950FXXS3CRF1][G950F/FD & G955F/FD & N950F/DS] alexega Oreo Rom Note8

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Senior Member
Mar 18, 2009
Does anybody know if I can remap the Bixby key?
I want it to act as the back button


Senior Member
Dec 13, 2009
I don't know if it's something I'm doing but has anyone tried to install viperfx? I'm getting random reboots with it installed.


Senior Member
Mar 18, 2009
So I bough a used Note 8 and I'm really happy
2 days of usage is a bit to short but so far this ROM works well for me

After installing systemless xposed from magisk I ended up in a bootloop
The normal xposed works but the playstore has problems with it
As in I can't do anything there now without an FC

Does anybody know if I can remap the Bixby key?
I want it to act as the back button

I couldn't find that anywhere but the Bixby mapper (root) from the playstore works well for me
But I still think I'm misisng a bit custom settings somewhere

Look in settings and use your brain ;)

Which part of my brain should I use ?
Please point me in the right direction


Senior Member
Mar 18, 2009
Turns out that you have to pay for the full version.
I guess that the devs work hard for ROM's like this and donations are welcome but I won't pay if I can't even try it first


Senior Member
Aug 5, 2012
They want get rid off the ROM leaker, so they did a global purge in free and international premium group, only russian group is still up.
New international group will be build, be patient.

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    [ROM][8.0]N950FXXS3CRF1][G950F/FD & G955F/FD & N950F/DS] alexega Oreo Rom Note8

    alexega © PROJECT

    Very fast and literate!
    Android 8.0 OREO
    For Models:
    Note8 N950F / DS
    S8 + G955F / FD
    S8 G950F / FD
    Base N950FXXS3CRF1
    Odex Version
    Kernels of stock
    Fix OEM!
    Magisk v16.0
    MagiskManager v5.7.0

    The firmware is cleaned from the applications,
    which can be installed from the market
    Removed Knox and updates
    All known hidden opportunities of Samsunga
    Tweaks build.prop and cscfeature
    Added camera modes
    Video recording in the shutter
    An additional icon in the power menu is activated
    Lock application
    Activated Mode Outdoor
    Disabling of system applications in settings - applications
    Full date in the blind
    Full date on the lock screen
    Full AOD dates
    Disable the dialog for safe volume
    Disable the dialog about high brightness in the curtain and in the settings
    Multi-user mode is activated
    Additional icons added to the curtain
    Network traffic in the blind
    Accelerated reboot speed
    Internet speed on the left in the status bar
    Up to 7 icons in the dock TouchWiz (by default it was up to 5)
    Full Photo caller (The newest SamsungInCallUI.apk)
    Name, number, location in 3D
    Name of the subscriber in 2 lines
    The keyboard has white letters for good visibility
    Cosmetic text under the icons and removed some
    Region number locator
    Opred. numbers and anti-spam
    Call recording
    There are 7 visible togles in the curtain (the default was 6)
    When you first set up, forced installation of software from Google
    State Official
    The Volume bar activates the Signal Volume
    Saving messages
    Floating messages
    Animation steps in developer mode for all regions
    Can that and still did useful
    General cosmetics and optimization!

    Screenshots did on S8 + (S8) - removed S Pen!
    On Note 8, respectively, everything is in place! https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Bjz7/623D1L6pR

    TWRP: Required: format data yes for Note8 !!!
    Cleaning data, system, cache and dalwick!
    (data on the phone will be deleted! Save them!)
    Install the firmware!

    MD5: 75DB24D12A75A37FDA3707581A66AF72

    XDA:DevDB Information
    alexega © PROJECT, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (2017 Phone)

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2018-06-28
    Stable Release Date: 2018-06-28

    Created 2018-06-28
    Last Updated 2018-06-28​
    Thank you, friend! The new base will be N950FXXS4CRG1
    Why not? If u want a ROM fully loaded with mods there are not many free alternatives for N8

    try this ROMcomplete stable and with all existing mods !! :good: