[ROM][8.1.0][eagle] Resurrection Remix v6.1.0


Nov 13, 2017
Hello! Why on RR 6.1.0 graphics "simplified", i.e. no effect open/close apps, also chrome working in "simple mode" without 3D tabs and switch effects. Why? How to fix this?
On RR 5.8.5 no this problem.


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Jan 17, 2015
Ok here is the patched boot.img.
Its for fixing the video recording laging.
Just unzip the boot.zip file.get the boot.img file and flash it with twrp recovery.

-After you flashing the boot.img. Download the lib.zip file. Unzip it and copy all the files to System\lib overwrite. Yes to all.then reboot.

( its the same boot.img file from sgspluss rom.but i just patched the zram file from Konstantinosj77 rom to make the video recording working fine)and the lib files from Konstantinosj77 rom too.)

The second file is the build.prop that i edit it
-What you will get with my edited build.prop to this rom:
1_ smother rom.( almost lag free).
2_ increase the performance.
3_ no over heating.
4_much longer battery life.
- How to:
Just open the build 2.txt
Open with txt editor.Select all. Then copy.
Open your system\build.prop file.
Select all. Delete.
Now past what you copy before from build 2.txt.
Press save. Done.reboot your phone.thats it

Edit: build 3 has been deleted build 2 is better
Where is the build 2.txt files? It was attached here.how its been deleted? Is it a mistake from any moderater?

Edit: for my luck :) i found a copy of the build 2 file in my PC. So i upload it again in post #120
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