[ROM][8.1.0][FINAL][LOS-based] crDroid v4.7.2 [VINCE][21.02.2019]

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Jun 11, 2014
Any news about new Oreo based crDroid 4.7 release with current security patches?

Can we have build instructions so that we, who still want to have Oreo, can build it ourselves?
Nov 1, 2018
Don't finalizing before this problems is fixed.

DisplayWidth reach 561dp before. Since v4.6 it's only 514dp. This 514dp looks ugly for users who choose small font and smallest display in options. This 514dp is not full-width anymore like 561dp. ImageHeader in QuickSetting appear cropped if we force back to 561dp (custom), also not enough space in statusbar to display TimeFullDateSecondsNetworkRoot Everything. Please bring back the 561dp!

SignatureSpoofing BOOTLOOP in v4.7. There's many users that don't use GAPPS. NanodroidMicroG installed successfully. But after enabling SignatureSpoofingPermission in CrDroidSettings v4.7 then enabling SignatureSpoofing in AppsPermission and restart, it's BOOTLOOP. Please comeback to MicroG!


I means ImageHeader in QuickSettings have problem since v4.6 (514dp), when we enter custom DisplayWidth 561dp. Thank's.
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Jun 11, 2014
Tried to build an updated crDroid version 4.7 myself according to https://github.com/crdroidandroid/android/tree/8.1, but it fails

root@host:/usr/src/crDroid# brunch vince
including vendor/lineage/vendorsetup.sh
build/core/product_config.mk:238: *** Can not locate config makefile for product "lineage_vince".  Stop.
Device vince not found. Attempting to retrieve device repository from crDroid Android Github ([url]http://github.com/crdroidandroid[/url]).
Repository for vince not found in the crDroid Android Github repository list. If this is in error, you may need to manually add it to your local_manifests/roomservice.xml.
build/core/product_config.mk:238: *** Can not locate config makefile for product "lineage_vince".  Stop.
build/core/product_config.mk:238: *** Can not locate config makefile for product "lineage_vince".  Stop.

** Don't have a product spec for: 'lineage_vince'
** Do you have the right repo manifest?
Nov 1, 2018
Here's ImageHeader problem screenshot.


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    crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. We're mainly based on LineageOS so use custom kernels compatible with them!


    Click for feature list

    Always Have a full functional Backup. Just in case!

    TWRP Recovery:
    Official TWRP - https://dl.twrp.me/vince/



    Telegram Discussion Group - https://t.me/officialcrdroidvincewhyred

    First time installing crDroid to your Redmi Note 5/Redmi 5 Plus, or coming from another ROM:

    ** Make sure you're running a proper working Recovery (CWM or TWRP)
    1) Copy crDroid zip, gapps zip to your device
    2) Boot into Recovery
    3) Wipe cache, system, & data (or just cache & system for a dirty flash).
    4) Flash ROM
    8) Flash gapps
    9) Boot up

    For root, AFTER you boot into the ROM, you can go back to recovery and install Magisk XX.x (whatever is most recent).

    Upgrading from earlier version of crDroid:
    The only difference between clean flash as above and upgrading is you just wipe system & cache, leaving data. Everything else is the same. ***Remember to always clean flash before reporting problems. Clean flashing is always the best method of ROM install.

    You tell me

    Don't expect any support if you:
    - are not running the included kernel
    - have installed any mods such as Xposed!
    - have modified system files

    Thanks to:

    - Google
    - LineageOS
    - SlimRoms
    - AOSPA (Paranoid Android)
    - OmniRom
    - NamelessROM
    - Many others... (if you're feeling upset being out of the thanks list just send a PM )

    Video Review - https://youtu.be/YcI2wy5TZRE

    Device Tree - [url]https://github.com/mdeejay/android_device_xiaomi_vince[/URL]
    Kernel - [url]https://gitlab.com/mdeejay/kernel_xiaomi_vince/[/URL]
    ROM - [url]https://github.com/crdroidandroid[/URL]

    @Ruturaj Kadam

    ROM OS Version: 8.1.0 Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Unlocked Bootloader & Official TWRP Recovery
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2018-04-11

    Created 2018-04-11
    Last Updated 2019-02-21
    Updated - 21/02/2019
    What's New -
    crDroid v4.7.2
    5 December 2018 Security Patch
    Added Gcam
    Fixed minor issues
    Upstream Merged
    Lots of rom get Pie 9.0 , so when Crdoid get 9.0 sir ?
    Soon. :)
    New build is out with upstream merged and minor issues have been fixed. Checkout link in the OP. :)
    New Build is up:
    Android 9.0 CRDroid V5.0 Stable :D

    Download Link:


    * android/
    316aeb4 manifest: Track wifi proj

    * frameworks/base/
    1c2ee79 base: Make Build.DATE visible to apps
    0ac0981 base: API to restart SystemUI without root
    f855297 WifiDisplayController: handle preexisting p2p connection status
    f6d5689 WiFiDisplayController: Defer the P2P Initialization from its constructor.
    55cf0a5 Merge changes for launching wifidisplay from system settings
    bb0fd0d display: Add support for multiple displays.
    a265b05 BatteryStyles: Fix portrait mode battery

    * frameworks/native/
    3ac6303 sf: Add support for multiple displays

    * frameworks/opt/net/wifi/
    6a223c0 WiFi: Ignore connectivity scans during WFD session
    d388317 Wi-Fi : Abort setWifiEnabled if WifiController not ready

    * hardware/libhardware/
    ab0650b libhardware: Add new display types.

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    e3b3033 Settings: Add permission to allow restarting SYSTEM_UI
    2046ce4 Settings: Add AGPS setting menu.

    * packages/apps/SettingsIntelligence/
    5dfd79e Settings: refresh search index check on build change
    ae58519 SettingsIntelligence: Switch to round search bar

    * packages/apps/Snap/
    97374f5 Merge 'android-9.0' into 9.0


    * bionic/
    d868a99 bionic: Remove ARM/MIPS fenv duplication
    9924f0c arm64: Extend branch range in __memcpy_chk
    e447f88 bionic: strip libc and linker
    00bd633 libm: Update to FreeBSD r336665
    16f71b5 bionic: Update libm from upstream
    4b6bd9f libm: Switch to FreeBSD's actual sincos
    c464279 Switch to FreeBSD catrigl.c for complex arc trig functions
    18cdf58 Improve strncmp for mutually misaligned inputs
    564badd Improve strcmp performance for misaligned strings
    5abf779 Optimize memcmp for medium to large sizes
    e7c3475 arm64: Use builtin for nearbyintf/nearbyint
    5f1b541 Optimize the clone() system call on ARM(64)
    e4c8e3d bionic: Use legacy pthread_mutex_init() behavior on pre-P API levels

    * frameworks/base/
    9a68de0 BatterySaverTile: Set meter style to portrait
    59064e8 battery: Allow setting custom symbol near text on charging [1/2]
    ac6b2d8 BatteryMeterDrawable: add battery styles [1/2]
    3c3d12d Use SHOW_BATTERY_PERCENT to position battery percent [1/2]
    721fcbd Fingerprint authentication vibration [1/2]
    587a44e FB: Clean up oneplus camera support
    34332d6 FB: Add oneplus camera support
    ef8fbd5 Camera: Longshot with Burst Functionality.
    c5c9716 Camera: Force HAL1 for predefined package list.
    b78018b Base: fix facelock crash when lock screen is disabled
    414de64 Camera: Add missing imports
    7d38468 Camera: Ignore torch status update for aux or compsite camera
    deee7a6 Camera: Skip stream size check for whitelisted apps..
    087cae5 camera: Skip HFR checks for privileged apps.
    f8aa1f3 Camera2: Notify fps as Session Based Parameter
    ddaf72f camera: Check if aux camera whitelist is set before restricting cameras
    121cb77 Camera: Expose Aux camera to apps present in the whitelist
    47bbe06 Camera: Clearing exception for Extended Face
    9e21039 Camera: Extend face detection
    909b73e Camera: Don't throw exceptions when value pairs have spaces in them
    c256394 Allow using 4G icon instead LTE [1/2]
    228e638 Make roaming indicator optional [1/2]
    8664ee6 PM: Enable signature spoofing by default [1/2]
    75f600d Add ability to toggle bluetooth battery level in QS [1/2]
    863571a Add ability to toggle bluetooth battery level [1/2]
    bb7d632 base: show bluetooth battery status when available
    77520c1 Add CarbonGestures [1/2]
    5e3d2cf SystemUI: PoorManThemes: fix aod dash animation
    5398942 SmartPixels: Also depend on burn in protection
    f012051 SmartPixels: Add config to enable smartpixels support
    2f45209 base: make smart pixel burn-in protection dependent on device burn-in
    259fd47 Add smart pixels [1/2]
    eb9e295 Custom logo customizations [1/2]
    39a545f Statusbar clock customizations
    8636704 Allow using position tunable to hide clock
    dae7e58 Add separate tunable for clock seconds
    05267aa Use alphaoptimized layout for custom icons on left
    3686379b CollapsedStatusbar: Fix phantom spaces in status bar
    1992d0e Workaround network traffic to the right
    9de0bbc SystemUI: Network Traffic [1/3]
    9fd3dc9 SystemUI: Add Lineage statusbar item holder
    ed85d21 CompassTile: Do not use slashed icon
    559254f CompassTile: Set default state inactive
    abb1231 Add Compass tile
    e638c60 ExpandedDesktopTile: Set default state inactive
    ac92a0f QS: Add Expanded Desktop QS Tile
    59dbb5a PhoneWindowManager: Do not panic if immersive mode active
    56e5779 Implement expanded desktop feature
    1084c95 Add a whitelist for location providers outside of /system [1/2]
    cfe1455 PM: Signature spoofing [1/2]
    e795641 core: Add support for MicroG
    c7de348 AbsListView: Fix widget couldn't find any view fc
    60d006b Return: Listanimation Views and Interpolator [1/2]
    fe1c61c Add option to disable scrolling cache [1/2]
    5cdfb8f Fix: No text in toast for RTL layout
    1c719b5 FW_Base - XuiMod: Toast Animations [1/2]
    2140c3e AppTransitions: Remove hackery for controls duration
    3d39772 Allow toggling animations off [1/2]
    46facc2 SystemUI: remove unnecessary recent apps transition
    d119593 AOKP custom system animations (1/2)
    a920368 base: make screen off animation selection logical [1/2]
    26c0843 display: Don't animate screen brightness when turning the screen on
    1533a85 Add interpolators to qs tiles animation [1/2]
    9ba4ddc Add animations to quick settings tiles [1/2]
    ead97e5 base: screen off animation config [1/2]
    584cc03 Update ringtones and notifications
    5859682 Force Expanded Notifications [1/2]
    67076ef Base: HeadsUp snooze function [1/2]
    49826d3 HeadsUp: add timeout option (1/2)
    8690827 base: Add accidental touch prevention for assist key
    51c0d95 base: Introduce Accidental Touch
    fcad624 base: Introduce new navigation bar key event source
    15ef8a5 Battery light: 100% charged level (1/3)
    93e4137 Add HW Keys QS tile
    5e8ca19 policy: introduce pocket lock
    d9d6dff pocket: introduce pocket judge
    0e215a7 base: themes: dont use colorPrimary for active qs
    2f19212 Fix pinned stack may be null after animation end
    447421e Expose faststroller text for themes
    cecf528 Allow Immersive cling colors to be fully themed
    2d8745d base: fix notification overlay config
    3c28cf5 Expose two target preference divider color
    35bf032 Expose and tint settings dashboard icon tint
    7d3470b Add support for theming notifications
    5f335e0 Expose autofill save dialog text color
    9853efb Expose toast colors for themes
    546bfe0 Expose notification info text color
    8ecd2e2 NotificationColorUtil: Fix missing resource import
    90c9016 Expose screen pinning dialog background and text color
    48c88ea Expose resolver hardcoded colors
    4f9506f base: Add bool to enable/disable doze by default
    d551c14 Allow tuning ambient display with sensors [1/3]
    c8605c3 Add string to store status for dark theme usage
    574ad91 Toast icon switch [1/2]
    3085f62 Show icon of package associated with Toast
    799b963 Integrate crDroid OTA into crDroid Settings [1/3]
    1454733 StatusBar: add missing import for ContentObserver
    51a9306 LOS theming: worst APIs ever [2/3]
    da96e15 SystemUI: Berry styles
    376806c LockSettingsService: Support for separate clear key api
    dad4453 Use fdeCheckPassword error code to indicate pw failure
    f33b152 frameworks: base: Port password retention feature
    65a4872 Add AlarmsBlocker [1/2]
    c905a67 Add WakelockBlocker [1/2]
    db443e7 SystemUI: CpuInfo overlay: bug fixes and improvements
    b8f75a6 CPUInfoTile: Reduce code redundancy
    efd1677 Add default temp sysfs path for CPUinfo overlay
    96fc039 QS: Add CPUInfo toggle tile
    2e896e7 SystemUI: add CPU info overlay
    6116c76 ambient display: Fix volume key music control
    02b6ce0 Base: Hide power menu on secure lockscreen [1/2]
    1d9b660 base: persist screenshot type in settings
    3629a7f QS: Add partial/full screenshot QS tile
    8515d15 QS: Add Screenshot QS Tile
    81fef6b core: Add api to take screenshots
    1c5dc26 base: bring back screenrecord [1/2]
    005a964 Live Volume Steps [1/2]
    314abb4 Improve a calculation method for LTE antenna reception level
    ef8efb9 QS tile titles visibility [1/2]
    7e76bbe Add customizable action for back long press button [2/3]
    5b7e870 Add device key action to kill app [2/3]
    45169bf Add toggle to disable HW keys [1/2]
    eeceafb Statusbar: Clean up Tuner API
    2e57e9d SystemUI: Add back the Pixel Navbar
    ca3a3d9 Use FORCE_SHOW_NAVBAR to actually toggle navbar
    6aae5fe Quick settings: Add Haptic Feedback to tiles [1/2]
    96e8142 Add option to select brightness slider positon [2/3]
    5f7710b Fix playing screenshot's sound when camera's sounds off
    207eab5 Allow to disable screenshot sound [1/2]
    c495ae1 Separate double tap to sleep on lockscreen [1/2]
    7a67ef8 Return: Smart Pulldown [1/2]
    3ac4057 SystemUI: Add case to quick pull down status bar anywhere
    94b92e2 NotificationPanelView: Clean up tuner API
    3b30f4e SystemUI: Update NFC tile drawable
    cc7d1c8 MediaScanner behavior on boot (1/3)
    7062b33 Keyguard: Fix scramble PIN view for multiple users
    7eb4406 Disable PIN entry after successful quick unlock
    ef6877c Keyguard: Forward port lockscreen quick unlock (1/2)
    146b8c5 Add preference for automatic face unlocking [1/2]
    6d53c19 Dismiss keyguard automatically when face is recognized
    2885c13 Add crdroid utils
    cada59a base: Add metric for crDroid Settings
    aec1772 BatteryService: add dash charging support
    c53eef1 LockscreenCharging: squashed (1/3)
    567611b base: Add stub files
    8da005e SystemUI: re-enable Tuner
    643a8ca Disable AOD by default [1/2]
    5872670 view: add null check for dispatch touch view
    d70c042 Fix UsbDeviceManager null object reference
    9ce64d7 ExifInterface: Avoid infinite loop on stream seeking failed
    7630307 Revert "ViewRoot: Ensure we release surface from setWindowStopped"
    2695f54 AppStandbyController: Only check user standby setting
    318811f WallpaperManagerService: Fix theme switching
    e5e2d2f ConsumerIR: Support Huawei's DSP chip implementation
    57e630a Revert "Check VintfObject compatibility on boot"
    ae375ce ConnectivityService: Fix idle timer rule leakage
    75cf239 PackageManagerService: update client app info when related shared library updated.
    938eba9 ExternalStorageProvider always throws exception when renaming
    74ab957 audio: dispatchPlaybackChange with handlerThread
    59558e2 Settings: Only valid screen power consumption need to smear
    4af1939 Fix ix Intent restoreFromXml missing type
    9d988d5 pm: Fixes can not boot issue
    f2c7c05 pms: Fix the IndexOutOfBoundsException issue
    5434a87 Location: Skip processing when reciever pointer is null
    517190d InputMethodManager: Fixed memory leak when windowDismissed
    97b4673 WindowManager: Remove unused calling for better performance
    bef6518 SystemUI: Fix ArrayList callbacks not being thread-safe
    15eb1c0 Parse Exif OffsetTime in MediaScanner
    f6243ef Can't enter "Connected devices" after pairing the BT REF phone
    a0e8504 Use getCompressedSizeLong to get correct size for 2G file
    16e9901 connectivity: Configure additional TCP parameters
    c026d73 Fix MtpDatabase multithreading NullPointerException
    08c1796 MtpDatabase: Fix potential NULL dereference errors
    844c15d Return null if a provider died before acquisition
    cbba3d3 SystemUI: restart timeout causes black screen
    91bea73 system_server: Default to FULL synchronous mode for sqlite DBs
    058e3b7 wm: Passing a new ArraySet instance to avoid crash
    8beeac2 GlobalActions: Fix systemserver crash issue
    58de2b1 Make the allPendingIntents add operation thread-safe
    79a95c6 Fix System Server Crash in completePauseLocked()
    0a879ed Reuse DeathRecipient object for StatusBarManagerService
    e1b36f4 Binder threads exhausted during waiting provider publish
    c08b321 ViewRootImpl: Fixed memory leak caussed by viewrootImpl objects
    dc385ad ContentProvider: avoid client waiting forever if server is killed
    b9bc40f frameworks: Fix activity stack ConcurrentModificationException
    f79db32 PackageManagerService: Avoid NPE in matchComponentForVerifier
    e92c1f5 Reduce the uncessery wm call while checkKeyguardVisibility
    b88ed34 aapt: Fix compiler warning (clobbered by longjmp)
    7a21657 aapt: add check for untranslatable "string-array"s
    e14c0c3 aapt: Use a std::map instead of a SortedVector
    31e0974 aapt: Speed up the style pruning
    e1c7dfb CarrierConfigManager: Enable enhanced call blocking function
    4476ce5 SystemUI: guard possible concurrent issue in LocationController
    4ad3253 SystemUI: thread protect keyguard callbacks
    dca5b00 bgdexopt: Let PM handler run between optimizations
    18e71a4 Update whitelist when installing system application
    10e8830 fix incorrect context classloader initialization in system_server
    eb51411 Add system_server to system group only if per_app_memcg is true
    6b5eae3 StorageManagerService: Fix for system_server crash while booting
    f8a9705 core: set default longpress home action setting
    00b6514 WindowManagerService: Remove status bar perm checks
    363d6f5 BatteryStats: Correct formatter for pkginst in battery stats
    5542e4b SettingsLib: Cherry-pick misc fixes to AOSP
    3faa0a6 Handling InputMethodService show with BadTokenException
    c6eff56 DragSurface: destroy surfacecontrol in view site
    ae38ede Not passing contentInsets to onAnimationStart
    d4ec027 Persistent disable background app notification by default
    1810a97 services/job: Fix two Jobscheduler bugs
    fb14b00 Remove another unused calling for better performance
    b795f2c BackupAgent: add backup shared mode
    09acd40 SettingsProvider: Fix for google backup and restore
    742812a Rename the backup file to base file when backup exists
    29eaa3b Always refresh system apps launcher shortcuts on build date change
    e417f3d Fix intermittent slowness in resolver activity towards end of day
    024d3ab Add DeskClock in powersave whitelist
    0306179 base: disable warning in StaticLayout
    8821d5c Telephony: Don't crash for too long baseband version
    f6ba05f Google FRP: save password quality in resetPassword
    30907d5 base: SettingsProvider: cleanup leftover logspill
    d634002 Fix NPE when AOSP ambient display preference is removed
    fb86ac9 Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
    6e16cfe ActivityManager: fix npe in ProcessRecord
    5094a75 frameworks: Fix null pointer Issue
    22a5397 hwui: Don't run comparisons on non-jank frames
    1ebe7f8 Revert "Remove getIntWithSubId in TelephonyManager."
    82eb275 storage: Set all sdcards to visible
    7b3f15f base: limit direct share targets to reduce lag
    6e75458 SystemUI: Prevent NPE in Dependency.get() in BrightnessController
    5451a3e SQLite: Do integrity_check only once
    89817b6 Add handling SQLiteDatabaseCorruptException
    d2cf4ca MediaScanner: Detect folders
    804ae4c audio: Don't play sound effects if stream is muted
    9632530 SystemUI: fix MediaProjection cast crash
    dec148a aapt: silence density flag warnings
    715d338 Avoid needless Integer.valueOf() object allocation.
    a896c15 Reduce log verbosity: Don't spam logcat
    d18455e SmoothSpinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother
    8d10762 Scroll: modified velocitytracker
    4ec9f59 Allow faster app switching
    f4ec0d4 Speed up Orientation Listener
    9eded6e ViewConfiguration: misc changes (rev)
    85adfab android.view: Speed things up!!
    4991696 libs: hwui: Enable perf mode and disable pgo
    a5a08b2 ListView: Obtain next list item in advance
    3df8b7e SystemUI: Lower statusbar padding down to 1dp
    0430600 Notification: Remove logspam from apps without channels
    6df81e0 Don't crash if there is IR HAL is not declared
    4c2de41 TelephonyManager: Prevent NPE when registering phone state listener
    3e41dc5 InputWrapper: Opt out early if session == null
    b50cab3 Fix NullPointerException in CaptivePortalLogin
    fcb61fc core: touch response optimizations
    9311837 Optimize AbsListView to reduce click operation latency
    f0aa23e SystemUI: Remove annoying log caused by aosp bug
    1000ffa NavigationBarView: Avoid NPE before mPanelView is created
    6795cac Add missing STORAGE_INTERNAL permission for BackupRestoreConfirmation
    875d0ff SQLiteDatabase: Catch corrupt exception during transaction
    74a22ca Make Build.TYPE and Build.FINGERPRINT consistent for apps.
    d9b3b68 Enable NSRM (Network Socket Request Manager).
    30bfd56 Improve scrolling cache
    1e77038 DEBUG: Turn off some debugging we don't need.
    36d295d Allow Python Versions Higher than 2.6
    18b16a1 ParcelFileDescriptor: can we stop the panic here?
    7b4988d BluetoothAdapter: disable logspew
    9923da0 base: set scrolling to 0.006f
    c3681e7 hwui: Disable fine-grained logging
    8b92454 hwui: Remove deprecated compiler flag
    07e1c8d fw/b UserManagerService: Use ro.build.date to signal upgrades

    * hardware/qcom/bt-caf/
    dbf0b50 libbt-vendor: Fix BLUETOOTH_MAC_ADDR_BOOT_PROPERTY definition
    6c254bb Don't build libbt-hidlclient for OSS builds
    af22394 libbt-vendor: Add missing vendor prefix to a bluetooth.status prop

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    9bf4349 Merge pull request #49 from ghostrider-reborn/9.0
    28566f7 BasebandVersionDialogController: Don't duplicate baseband
    f41280c Settings: add Trust interface hook
    5d70357 Settings: Override doze packages
    d94b745 Settings: Remove battery light and notification light settings
    46495ae crdroid: Move gesture settings under crdroid
    29fca36 Settings: refresh search index check on build change
    963d130 Move charging sound settings under crdroid
    ae1ad0b Settings: Remove kill app back button
    fb32f6b Settings: Fix NPE with customdialogpref for backlight settings
    2a1159f Changes on Settings UI for a better user experience
    f69058c Settings: Ambient settings moved under crDroid
    fe84e1c Allow tuning ambient display with sensors [3/3]
    f371036 Themes: Settings: Fix theming zoom preview timestamp text color
    e05b42d Themes: Settings: fix storage icon tint
    40b5709 Themes: Settings: Expose storage summary text
    fec49c4 Themes: Settings: expose msim color picker text colors
    74bd8ad Themes: Settings: Expose storage icon colors
    b3355de Settings: fix themeing of sim preference dialogs
    890e1ba Integrate crDroid OTA into crDroid Settings [2/3]
    d542137 Settings: Include crdroid settings indexable
    6a12f2a Port "Battery Usage Alerts" feature from factory images
    5e887dc InstalledApp: show link to Google Play
    2a74a8d Keyguard: Forward port lockscreen quick unlock (2/2)
    de10a26 Settings: remove unneeded collapse limits
    3eda206 Move style settings under crdroid [2/3]
    cce8f0a Move lockscreen visualizer and media metadata under crdroid [1/2]
    431affa Settings: fix dark style issues
    3f1c18b Settings: Hide AOSP theme-related controllers
    3bf31c8 Add crdroid settings category
    e1fbf76 Settings: Hide API version
    37ae89a Disable AOD by default [2/2]
    55f7226 Settings: Enabled advance reboot by default
    fab3631 Settings: Remove system update preferences
    1eafec6 Settings: (Bluetooth) Disabling Contact Sharing Doesnt disconnect PBAP
    42e7e53 Settings: Fix bluetooth pan memory leakage
    a53f73b Settings: Add animations on some preferences
    3c18ccb Fix the Wifi Calling back button goes to wrong screen
    9420ece Settings: Cherry-pick a bunch fixes to AOSP
    112c299 Fix toast is covered by PIN code screen after wrong pin
    f19924f Fix crash in clicking Default Home gear icon
    a07282d Settings: Fix for NPE caused by missing argument in setResult for ChooseLockGeneric
    3feac87 CryptKeeper need release all StatusBar blocks when it is destroyed by system
    94023ae Settings:Fix the crash caused by show DialogFragment after it state already saved
    c84ebf5 InstalledAppDetails: fix refreshing storage summary after force stop
    263b2ca Settings: Fixed bug in the summary of "Special app access"
    41253ca Settings: Fixed crash for ConfigDialogFragment
    43d3266 DashboardSummary: Fixed memory leak onPause
    549a7d9 Settings: Fix NullPointerException in BatteryUtils
    f0d295c Settings: Remove legal and regulatory info from device settings
    2c90f43 DevelopmentSettings: Remove system update switch
    e2e5c99 Revert "Settings: Add LineageOS legal info"
    27ab397 Revert "Settings: adaptive icon"
    0d07ad9 Revert "Settings: Add contributors cloud to device info"


    * build/make/
    7443af8 build: Automatically replace old-style kernel header includes with new header lib
    59c40f7 build info: Remove line breaks
    55b13c1 build: Add more info
    86559e1 Enable GSS garbage collection
    791fb8c libart: Turn off jit profiles and just use speed
    72f0163 build: execute changelog generator script
    7a7939a build: Enable custom ccache cache dir for Android
    44b63bd Make build ID simple
    bc5de0e build: force rebuild build.prop
    0dc0bbe Use 'release-keys' for build tag
    3dfeca3 Remove ro.kernel.android.checkjni
    591470b disable Dalvik lock contention logging as it isnt needed
    8db7fda Remove Feedback Directed Optimization support
    b23489b Comment out assertions
    5b0af92 DNM: Allow adb debug
    e7d630d core: Disable vendor restrictions
    2799550 build: Add ANSI name
    cbbc540 DNM: build: Disable adding compatibility archive on treble builds
    a844f8d target: Skip building QSB
    bf418b5 build: Rename OTA package
    98850e3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/pie-gsi' into HEAD
    ac22347 Revert "build: Allow devices to provide prebuilt vbmeta image"
    7f87da5 Revert "build: Allow building disabled vbmeta images in signing process"

    * frameworks/av/
    71346cb Allow FaceUnlock in background
    cdae7cf libcameraservice: add TARGET_CAMERA_NEEDS_CLIENT_INFO
    877a6d8 CameraService: Allow new msg types for OP cam
    d1b9427 CameraService: Fix openCamera denial for OP cam
    ebc6527 OMXNodeInstance: Do not use already freed memory
    033d2c4 Use uint32_t instead of int to support 2G or bigger file
    66879d8 Camera: Mark stream as ABANDONED if dequeueBuffer returns DEAD_OBJECT
    daa5e7f audio: add support to enable track offload using direct output
    d4a373b Camera: Skip stream size check for whitelisted apps.
    43ce2dc Tuning of Binder buffer for various HALs
    8256a45 audiopolicy: reset capture state when input is closed
    29304fd Audio: Set Deep Buffer flag for music stream.
    95d8559 base: bring back screenrecord [2/2]
    ab6b54e Stagefright: Do not skip frames in time-lapse-source for high-speed
    82cdf8b Stagefright: Update start-time once input-time reaches expected start-time
    2d66c34 Stagefright: Allow setting high-framerates in CameraSource
    a3af32e Modified that logs do not include URLs
    fae4308 Fix high battery drain after using flashlight
    06218d2 Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/pie-gsi' into HEAD

    * packages/apps/Dialer/
    a165ee7 Allow call recording for Austria

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    430eecd DO NOT MERGE Fix summary text for advanced button.

    * system/core/
    ade8b12 fs_mgr: Wrapped key support for FBE
    0222c3a LockscreenCharging: squashed (2/3)
    07b235e libpixelflinger: Avoid using x18 register in blend implementation
    1d5d49b libion: save errno value
    ff1ff94 Fix android_filesystem_config file relocation
    e319468 init: add install_keyring for TWRP FBE decrypt
    c36e8db Handle UFS card
    5b246ed Special tombstone delivery
    ceae954 Silence spammy logs
    531ddd7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/pie-gsi' into HEAD

    * system/sepolicy/
    8ba3099 Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/pie-gsi' into HEAD


    * android/
    dc1bda5 Merge 'lineage-16.0' into 9.0
    c3715a3 manifest: Track our own hardware/broadcom/nfc

    * build/make/
    05359c4 Merge "Allow GSI targets to build otatools.zip" into pie-gsi

    * lineage-sdk/
    c248b9f sdk: Disable selinux warning alert for now
    8ff11f1 sdk: Kill trust interface hint on first boot

    * packages/apps/Jelly/
    243233e Jelly: update assets to use outline style

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    a5604ab Settings: fix apn_editor carrier_enabled summaryOff string

    * packages/apps/crDroidSettings/
    51065f1 Fingerprint authentication vibration [2/2]
    9ed685a Disable square battery for now
    843be6d crdroid: Allow setting custom symbol near text on charging [2/2]
    c5f3d9c crdroid: add battery styles [2/2]

    * system/sepolicy/
    b402f6a Add rules required for TARGET_HAS_LEGACY_CAMERA_HAL1

    * vendor/addons/
    dd2fd1f addons: Update default wallpaper


    * build/make/
    56e46bb Allow GSI targets to build otatools.zip

    * hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8974/
    8716833 Add -Wno-error to compile with global -Werror.

    * packages/apps/crDroidSettings/
    66bae67 Use SHOW_BATTERY_PERCENT to position battery percent [2/2]


    * hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8974/
    b446b06 display: Enable clang for all display modules
    765083d display: remove compile time warnings

    * hardware/qcom/media-caf/msm8974/
    630adcf Add -Wno-error to compile with global -Werror.

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    17c6bce Settings: Sim status and IMEI info are wrong if only sim2 inserted

    * packages/apps/Snap/
    6b72dd7 Merge tag 'LA.UM.7.3.r1-05500-sdm845.0' into HEAD

    * packages/apps/crDroidSettings/
    bbc8c55 Allow using 4G icon instead LTE [2/2]
    ee43fa2 Make roaming indicator optional [2/2]
    fe45b12 crdroid: Enable signature spoofing by default [2/2]
    feccfbb crdroid: Goodbye gplus :(
    6334094 crdroid: Auto remove notification and battery lights pref properly
    1cd1340 crdroid: Enable statusbar tuner pref

    * vendor/lineage/
    9edbc84 crdroid: Add microG unifiednlp location provider
    fe00345 kernel: Correct CROSS_COMPILE_ARM32 toolchain


    * android/
    ed09554 manifest: Track SettingsIntelligence

    * packages/apps/crDroidSettings/
    d434a54 crdroid: Move in leftover gesture xml


    * android/
    cd999da Merge 'lineage-16.0' into 9.0

    * build/make/
    f75849a dex2oat: disable multithreading for WSL
    1f30b17 Add detection for WSL

    * frameworks/native/
    8f8e1f6 Gralloc2: Allow invalid usage bits
    8885938 native: touch response optimizations
    ce1751e Fix incorrect print starved time of binder pool
    52bf4b2 libbinder: auto-choose between binder/vndbinder
    e309a7c sensorservice: customize sensor fusion mag filter via prop
    24d20c1 sensorservice: Register orientation sensor if HAL doesn't provide it
    fa5c851 libbinder: Don't log call trace when waiting for vendor service on non-eng builds
    940042a Fix bugs regarding calculate dalvik-cache size
    730aaf5 Input: improve touch response slightly

    * frameworks/opt/net/wifi/
    8b2e58b wifi: Not reset country code for Dual SIM if any slot is active
    1675e04 wifi: don't check if WIFI_DRIVER_STATE_CTRL_PARAM is readable
    f2446dd wifi: Check whether dev node is accessible or not before opening
    178a9b6 libwifi-hal: add flag to wait for kernel driver to get ready

    * hardware/broadcom/libbt/
    2201061 libbt-vendor: add support for samsung bluetooth

    * lineage-sdk/
    258a10b sdk: Don't clear calling identify when calling IOverlayManager.setEnabled()

    * packages/apps/SettingsIntelligence/
    2f12222 Fix dark style issues


    * frameworks/base/
    854332a Screenshot: Append app name after screenshot date.
    7dc1eee SystemUI: Sort subscriptions in reversed order

    * system/sepolicy/
    e8df8b3 Allow to read events/header_page with debugfs_tracing


    * android/
    e171117 manifest: android-9.0.0_r6 -> android-9.0.0_r10

    * build/make/
    48ddae8 Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r10' into lineage-16.0-android-9.0.0_r10

    * frameworks/av/
    0ba2705 Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r10' into lineage-16.0-android-9.0.0_r10

    * frameworks/base/
    593900c Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r10' into lineage-16.0-android-9.0.0_r10

    * packages/apps/Launcher3/
    211b3cb Launcher3: Add SearchLauncher target
    f9f9337 Launcher3: Use new widget style for Google searchbar

    * packages/apps/Settings/
    9de0c6b Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r10' into lineage-16.0-android-9.0.0_r10

    * packages/providers/DownloadProvider/
    bfb6bca Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r10' into lineage-16.0-android-9.0.0_r10

    * system/core/
    7dbf1a2 Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r10' into lineage-16.0-android-9.0.0_r10

    * system/netd/
    cf8382e Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r10' into lineage-16.0-android-9.0.0_r10

    * system/vold/
    2a629d5 Merge tag 'android-9.0.0_r10' into lineage-16.0-android-9.0.0_r10

    Mind deleting this? First of all this is not my build. this is L-ROM build. And I request you all not to use their build. They didn't help and also their trees are private (which is against open source). I have already booted Official crDroid pie and was willing to release it today. So I request you to mark your post deleted. Thanks in advance.