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[ROM] [8.1] nAOSProm for Xperia S / Acro S

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Feb 27, 2016
Hi! Thank you very much for this awesome rom.
Please, can anyone tell me if the Picture in Picture mode works when trying to play a youtube video in whatsapp? In my case the picture is absolutely green. I can hear the audio of the video though. Thanks!

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    The purpose of this rom is to provide a rom not so far of the AOSP with some cool features (nAOSP means "near AOSP").

    This rom is legacy of @mickybart's work from 5.0 to 7.1 versions. He also did initial rom setup for oreo.

    This version is based on @AdrianDC oreo port for huashan/blue devices.

    NOTE: Please read this post before flashing b05

    nAOSP 8.1 Oreo Changelog

    • android-8.1.0_r74 (March 2020 security patches)
    • fixed storage permission grant
    • gps: fixed location timestamps
    • bluetooth: display bt device battery level in bt QS tile label
    • bluetooth: stopped background scan after turning off bluetooth
    • SystemUI: fixed crash when on some QS tile long press (jack detect,...)
    • Settings: added 0.25x animations scale to Developer options

    • android-8.1.0_r70 (November 2019 security patches)
    • added support for flashing Magisk

    • fixed boot to charging mode
    • fixed Bluetooth pairing

    • android-8.1.0_r65 (June 2019 security patches)
    • fixed Bluetooth/FM Radio crashes

    Previous Builds

    • android-8.1.0_r63 (April 2019 security patches)
    • fixed flac playback

    • android-8.1.0_r62 (March 2019 security patches)
    • Setup Wizard re-enabled

    • android-8.1.0_r52 (December 2018 security patches)
    • Added Superuser permission to App settings
    • Fixed motion detections
    • Fixed OTG for Acro S
    • Fixed nAOSProm settings crashes
    • Fixed Fast charge QS toggle
    • Fixed Jack detection QS toggle
    • Changed Fast charge icon

    • android-8.1.0_r50 (November 2018 security patches)
    • added build for Xperia Acro S
    • Fixed manual network selection
    • Fixed OTG
    • Fixed wifi hotspot
    • Fixed lightbar notifications
    • Fixed Desk Clock alarm
    • SystemUI: QS tiles in 3 rows in potrait
    • SystemUI: Added tiles from nAOSP-7.1
    • Added nAOSProm options (Settings > System)
    • Added "About nAOSProm" (nAOSProm options)
    • Added WakeUp (nAOSP options and System > Gestures)

    • android-8.1.0_r47 (October 2018 security patches)
    • Improved stability
    • Enforced selinux
    • Fixed soft reboot when turining GPS on
    • Disabled Setup Wizard
    • Fixed proximity sensor
    • Added lineage apps: Jelly, Eleven, Gallery2
    • Changed boot animation to pixel dark bootanimation
    • Developer options enabled by default
    • SystemUI tuner enabled by default
    • Advanced restart menu enabled by default

    • android-8.1.0_r46 (September security fixes)
    • Beta build - relatively stable.

    b01 alpha - alpha4
    • Alpha builds.
    • Gradualy enable hardware features
    • Android Go
    • Selinux permissive

    This ROM has built in superuser however since b10 it is also possible to flash Magisk, by using Boot Bridge:
    • flash BootBridge-Init.zip
    • flash Magisk zip (currently Magisk-v20.1.zip)
    • flash BootBridge-Restore.zip
    Built in superuser is official/preferred root method and I will not fix issues with Magisk like not being able to reboot to recovery.

    nAOSP 8.1 on GitHub
    Boot Bridge - GitHub

    Android File Host - nAOSP 8.1 for Xperia S (nozomi)
    Android File Host - nAOSP 8.1 for Xperia Acro S (hikari)

    TWRP-3.2.3 for Xperia S
    TWRP-3.2.3 for Xperia Acro S

    Android File Host - Boot Bridge

    nAOSP-8.1 b05 released

    List of changes:

    • android-8.1.0_r52 (December 2018 security patches)
    • Added Superuser permission to App settings
    • Fixed motion detections
    • Fixed OTG for Acro S
    • Fixed nAOSProm settings crashes
    • Fixed Fast charge QS toggle
    • Fixed Jack detection QS toggle
    • Changed Fast charge icon

    This build must be flashed from the latest version of TWRP (3.2.3).

    It also needs to be clean flashed or you have to delete /system/addon.d/70-gapps.sh and flash nAOSP and gapps together (I did the second option).
    The reason for this is Superuser permission change, which is in PackageInstaller. By default gapps replaces installer with it's own and when you dirty flash rom addon restore override PackageInstaller from the rom. Removing gapps addon script prevents overriding of PackageInstaller, but you have to flash the gapps manually.
    This version has gapps-config.txt which will prevent PackageInstaller override.

    Jack detection can be set in nAOSProm options. When it is on it means Manual, so you have to toggle jack QS tile to turn earphones on. When it is off it is automatic, so phone will try to automatically detect earphones. In my case phone can auto detect Sony original earphones but when I use some others I have to use jack toggle.

    I tried to fix the bluetooth crashes but they still occur sometimes for me. Generally I can use bluetooth and when I turn it on and start playing music it works fine. But sometimes crash occurs when I turn it on or when start to play music. I didn't have problems when I played some youtube videos with bluetooth earphones.
    nAOSP-8.1 b06 released

    List of changes:

    • android-8.1.0_r62 (March 2019 security patches)
    • Setup Wizard re-enabled

    I succeeded to fix force closes during Setup Wizard, so I have enabled it again.
    When clean flashing nAOSP and OpenGapps micro first boot takes around 15-20 minutes, and setup wizard process takes 5-10 minutes.

    I've tried to optimize battery usage but I haven't succeeded. For me when device is idle around 4% per hour is drained. After clean install without gapps around idle usage is 1%/h and after clean install with gapps and nothing else usage is around 2.5% per hour.

    P.S. Sorry for not answering emails. I was busy lately, so I didn't followed xda forum. I'm glad others answered. Thanks.
    nAOSP-8.1 b09 released

    List of changes:

    • fixed boot to charging mode
    • fixed Bluetooth pairing

    I have found the reason for not booting to charging mode when connecting charger while phone is off. Charger daemon was renamed in android 8 from healthd to charger.
    I've found the commit in xperia sp device tree, and applied it to nozomi / hikari. I had also to bring back chargemon rules from nougat.

    For the Bluetooth I found the reason for not showing pairing dialog and fixed that, but after that I found that receiving files with bluetooth also doesn't work, so I had to cherry pick another 17 commits to fix that.
    In b08 I switched to nougat Bluetooth stack - because oreo bt changes caused bt / fm radio to crash and I couldn't found what was the main reason for that. That switch caused some things to fail, like bt pairing, so I fixed that now. Also, some Bluetooth options in developer settings have no effect because they are not implemented in nougat bt stack.

    Btw. there is no July security patch for oreo in android source. June patch might be the last one.
    nAOSProm 8.1 screenshots