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Aug 13, 2015

Latest Pie builds are now live!!!

No Telegram? Don't worry, all stable builds will also come this way!

We are NOT responsible for anything that may happen to your device as a result of flashing ROMs, kernels, or installing any other mod. You are responsible for your own actions and bad decisions - so stop blaming others! ;)

This is a user friendly thread. Please be respectful and courteous to other users. While feature requests will be considered, AquariOS tries to maintain a ROM that is smooth and stable, so adding every feature under the sun is not the plan here.

1. Unless I tell you otherwise, you MUST always, absolutely, positively, most certainly wipe data AND system before flashing AquariOS...without a doubt!

2. Don't report bugs if you haven't followed directions - most likely it's user error at that point as far as I'm concerned.

3. Always run a backup before doing anything.

4. Provide a log when reporting a bug (see more info below).

5. Be respectful.

AquariOS Team:




Featured attractions
  • SmartBar, Pulse, and Fling
  • Theming: Dark/black background
  • Theming: Accent picker (27 colors)
  • Theming: AquariOS TileStyles (changes QS tile shapes)
  • Theming: Font engine
  • On-the-fly Recents style switch (Horizontal/vertical)
  • Custom status bar battery options
  • Custom status bar clock and date
  • Custom headers
  • Lock screen weather: Pixel style
  • BatteryBar: status bar & navbar
  • Custom LED color controls
  • "Clear all" recents button (if QuickStep disabled)
  • Volume rocker options
  • Lock screen visualizer
  • Lock screen custom clocks
  • Advanced power menu (Stock look & feel)
  • App Ops
Expand to see full list of features:

Navbar & Status bar
  • Smart Bar, Pulse, and Fling
  • Ripple/Spring/Flip/Pixel animations
  • Optional seek arrows for media playback
  • Pulse: Stock & SmartBar. Blacklisting. Advanced controls
  • Double-tap navbar to sleep
  • Custom status bar battery options (circle, dotted circle, large circles, hide)
  • Custom status bar clock and date (center clock available)
  • Battery Bar (status bar & navbar)
  • Network traffic indicator
  • Status bar icon blacklisting

Notification Drawer
  • Custom headers
  • Advanced location tile (3-mode location toggle)
  • Brightness: slider show/hide, slider positioning, brightness buttons show/hide, and more
  • Quick pull-down
  • Tile animation options
  • Ability to change number of quick settings columns/rows
  • Option to hide QS tile titles
  • Heads-up (immunizer, blacklister, snooze, duration)
  • QS opacity

Lock screen
  • Lock screen bottom shortcut options
  • Lock screen charging info
  • Media art on lock screen (enable/disable)
  • Lock screen weather (stock Pixel version)
  • Lock screen visualizer

  • Power Menu customizations (shortcuts, actions)
  • Volume key music control
  • Advanced volume panel
  • Long-press power button for torch

System and Misc
  • Substratum compatibility
  • Notification LED controls
  • Battery LED controls
  • Custom doze options
  • Optional "Clear all" recents button (including placement)
  • Increasing ringtone option
  • Ability to unlink notification volume from ringer volume
  • Option to force show Enter key
  • Network speed indicator
  • Status bar brightness control
  • Screen-off animations
  • On-the-go tile
  • Double-tap to sleep on lock screen, navbar, & status bar
  • Advanced screenshot functionality (partial/fullscreen)
  • Advanced screen recording tile
  • App package name to app info screen
  • Dynamic vendor image notification
  • Hidden dashboard hints & summaries
  • Developer settings enabled by default
  • Custom night light brightness options
  • Disabled forced encryption
  • Disabled tether provision checks
  • Expanded desktop options
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements




ROM: Latest AquariOS build

GApps: OpenGapps

Wallpapers: AquariOS Wallpapers created by @Roger.T

Q & A
Read this before telling everyone something is broken!

1. Android Pay isn't working!! What do I do?
Go into Magisk settings and toggle on the "Hide Magisk" option. Then try again. Also, I've found once in a great while, even with this enabled, it will say it failed - if this happens, just try again...it'll work.

2. It's bootlooping after flashing ROM with Magisk - now what?
Don't flash Magisk until you have already booted into the new AquariOS build at least once. If that wasn't your issue, sometimes Substratum overlays can cause bootloops. If you have anything applied, flash the SubstratumRescue zip from your substratum directory

3. Why is the built-in System Theme section greyed-out (background, accent, & fonts)?
When the Substratum app is installed, this section will become inaccessible in order to prevent conflicts. You CANNOT use them both at once!

Reporting a bug?
See how to do so here:

1. Flash the SubstratumRescue zip and see if your issue is still there.
2. If you have flashed a custom kernel or ANY OTHER MODs, delete 'data/system/packages_cache' then wipe dalvik/cache, and flash AquariOS again WITHOUT any additional modifications/custom kernel.
3. Check to see if your issue persists.

*Do NOT even bother reporting an issue if you have dirty-flashed AquariOS over some other ROM! We WILL be able to tell!

Logs are crucial to resolving almost any kind of issue. You need to provide a log in order for the issue to be addressed. Please also include info on how to reproduce the reported bug if possible (maybe even take a screen recording for us ;)).

If you need a log extracting app, try out CatLog!
Either save your log locally and share it, or paste your log into an online code sharing tool like hastebin.com - then share the URL after hitting the SAVE icon.

Credits & Thanks:
Dirty Unicorns
The LineageOS Community
Team Substratum
The AquariOS testers!!!
And all other open source Devs/Teams who share their work!

Source Code:

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM]​[OFFICIAL] AquariOS 9 || Live support || WFC* || Theming || April 12th, ROM for the LG Nexus 5X

popogijo, calebcabob, rc420head, bigrushdog
ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2017-08-07
Last Updated 2019-06-13


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Jul 14, 2013
How to fix auto rotate? Dont work!
Can anyone else confirm that auto rotate (screen) isn't working please?

Is this the issue you're talking about??

Also, I'm going to need a lot more info other than "Don't work!" - is it enabled? Have you tried it in an app like Chrome (something that supports it)? In other words, tell me more if you want the issue resolved...

Which Vendor, May or June?
June vendor
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Jul 12, 2011
Android Pay is not working. it says I have custom ROM.
in MaigcSK SafetyNet Failed: CTS profile mismatch.

How to fix this. Please help.

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Can anyone else confirm that auto rotate (screen) isn't working please?

June vendor
Auto rotate is working for me.


How to fix auto rotate? Dont work!
Did you flash back from Android O developer preview? If so, you need to fully go back to stock and let it actually boot to the stock ROM. Do NOT fastboot flash the partitions and immediately the ROM without booting into stock first.


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Nov 24, 2009
Did you flash back from Android O developer preview? If so, you need to fully go back to stock and let it actually boot to the stock ROM. Do NOT fastboot flash the partitions and immediately the ROM without booting into stock first.
Ok tnx that is it I was on Android O


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Mar 22, 2014
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