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[ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL][Alpha] LineageOS 16.0 for Oneplus One [bacon]

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Nov 29, 2018
there is no point in sharing a non-working file. Try getting a log (catalog, dmesg) while booting if device is adb recognized by a PC.
It could be helpful for debugging.
Try flashing dev ROM boot.img right after flashing your build.
Thank you! Your advice worked!
I used Loxe's ROM's boot.img and the ROM booted up normally. However, I faced problems like Bluetooth was stopping repeatedly (so I had to remove its app folder using TWRP Terminal).
I guess the kernel was not compiled properly. Will try personal builds soon to get rid of the Bluetooth problem and for proper compilation of kernel.
Once again, Thank you! Thanks to Loxe as well!
Nov 29, 2018
No, the two kernels didn't work for me.
I tried Franco r57 and Thunder 6S for OnePlus One (bacon).
The result after flashing each of the kernels (after my ROM) was that the phone was stuck on boot OnePlus Logo.
It only works with boot.img of Loxe's ROM.
Nov 29, 2018
It should be a bug in your build then.
Maybe sharing some information with @Loxe regarding the building process could help.
Maybe you're right. Anyway I shared information with @Loxe (PM). Awaiting his response…
And sorry, I think I didn't mention earlier, when I first installed my ROM and booted it up, it wasn't shown in the list of devices connected (using 'adb devices' command). Do you think there is a way of getting logs other than this? And if the only method is of serial USB console, do you know how to make it work? Thanks in advance!


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Thanks Loxe for your work on this ROM. I installed it yesterday and although I have not tried to test it with every combination of tasks etc, everything I use on a daily basis works perfectly. I am also rooted with SuperSu and that is working as well. This is such a great phone, I am glad some out there are keeping it current with the latest OS.

I did a dirty flash from Los 15 by mistake and it worked but really ran hot. Realized what had happened and wiped system and cache and it is normal now. Also discovered you need the latest GApps (9). Should have checked on that first.

I always do a Nandroid backup before any major changes like this.... I have the 64gb phone so I have space to work with. One of the reasons I got this model.

Again, thanks for your work. Do you expect to continue to work on this ROM as I am sure things will come up?
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    LineageOS 16.0 for Oneplus One (bacon)
    LineageOS 16.0 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 9 (Pie).

    All information and files — both in source and compiled form — are provided on an as is basis. 
    No guarantees or warranties are given or implied. The user assumes all risks of any damages
    that may occur, including but not limited to loss of data, damages to hardware, or loss of
    business profits. Please use at your own risk. Note that unless explicitly allowed by the warranty
    covering your device, it should be assumed that any warranty accompanying your device will
    be voided if you tamper with either the system software or the hardware.

    Official Device Specific LineageOS Wiki: https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/bacon

    - Hardware and Software Keys
    - RIL (Phone Calls, SMS/MMS, Mobile Network)
    - Private DNS (DNS over TLS)
    - WiFi
    - GPS
    - Audio
    - Sensors
    - Camera (with 3rd party app, e.g. OpenCamera)
    - Bluetooth (with dirty flash from 15.1)

    Not working
    - NFC
    - Phone can get very warm (Temporary fix: Go to "Settings" -> "Battery" -> "Battery saver and performance" and choose the Performance profile "Efficiency")
    - SELinux (Current status: Permissive)

    - TWRP Recovery (tested with version 3.2.3-0, others may also work)
    - Unlocked Bootloader

    1. Download the ZIP and copy it to the internal memory
    2. Boot into Recovery
    3. If you have got LineageOS 14.1 or earlier installed, wipe System and Cache
    4. Wipe Dalvik Cache
    5. Flash the LineageOS 16.0 ZIP
    6. Optional: Flash OpenGApps for Android 9.0 from SD card
    7. Reboot

    Changelog 03.12.2018
    - Most of the old LineageOS Features are implemented by now
    - Status bar can be pulled down from all over the home screen again
    - Bugfixes here and there

    Changelog 15.10.2018
    - Bluetooth fixes

    Changelog 13.10.2018
    - Fixed dark style issues

    Changelog 10.10.2018
    - Android 9.0.0_r6 -> 9.0.0_r10
    - Stereo Audio fixed
    - Camera fixed (but very slow at the moment)
    - Fixed cLock widget not loading after reboot

    Changelog 06.10.2018
    - Bugfixes
    - Phone not getting hot anymore
    - UI feels faster/more smooth

    Changelog 02.10.2018
    - Minor bugfixes
    - Reduced battery usage

    Changelog 30.09.2018
    - Added Trust interface
    - Bugfixes & Stability improvement

    Status: Beta
    OS Version: Android 9.0
    Kernel: 3.4.x
    Build Date: 03.12.2018

    Download Link
    MOD EDIT: Link removed as not kernel source link provided.

    Donate to Support the Lineage Developers
    Donate via PayPal
    Hi Loxe! It is nice of you to make this ROM. I am just curious, is there still development of LineageOS 16 on Oneplus One? I mean the developers at LineageOS. I saw very little change in gerrit.

    Yeah the changes needed for 16.0 are not so many as they restructured and refactored very much while preparing 15.1. So IMO it shouldn't take too long for 16.0 to be released officially. And don't forget: legends never die ;)
    (the OpO is still the most popular phone within the LineageOS stats, see stats.lineageos.org)
    New Build

    Since I didn't have the time to upload a new build until now, a new one is up by now that can be flashed and tested :)

    Sorry I didn't get to it earlier, please let me know what you think of the build.

    Thanks for the feedback! I don't have much time at the moment so the next build will come not too early but I've investigated the bluetooth problem a little.
    If you had LineageOS 15.1 installed, you can dirty flash 16.0 but should wipe /system and /cache. This way bluetooth works just fine. You can also flash LineageOS 15.1 first, boot it and then flash LineageOS 16.0.
    Regarding NFC: The NFC HAL has to be reimplemented, so that will take some time.
    I've the same bluetooth app issue. Clean installation, no Magisk, no gapps etc. Trying different firmwares didn't fix the problem.
    BTW other Pie roms updates also have bluetooth problems.

    Bluetooth is working now with the build from today. I've tried it also with magisk and OpenGapps.