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[ROM] ► [9.0.0_r10] ► Nitrogen OS for OnePlus 6 [13 October]

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    Android OS version: 9.0.0_r10
    For devices: Oneplus 6
    Authors build: sakindia123
    Source code: https://github.com/nitrogen-project
    Developers: sakindia123,xyyx, wight554
    Thanks: darkobas,ezio84, beanstown106, maxwen, @SyCreed and etc.
    Google Apps: Open GAPPS
    Recovery: TWRP


    Based on AOSP

    xyyx (Max) - main developer


    Make sure you have Hydrogen OS/OOS Stable/Beta installed on both A and B slots!Rom will not boot with Oreo firmware
    Wipe Data(if coming from another rom)
    Flash rom zip followed by Twrp installer zip
    Reboot recovery
    Flash gapps and Magisk 17+
    Reboot - 1st boot takes around 5 minutes.


    Download Link- HERE


    Nitrogen Project

    Device config

    Known Bugs:

    * ??

    Telegram Discussion Group- https://t.me/joinchat/KCIhQw_ufo_vCBV93_tcoQ

    XDA:DevDB Information
    NitrogenOS, ROM for the OnePlus 6

    sakindia123, sakindia123, xyyx
    ROM OS Version: 9.0.0 Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.9.130
    ROM Firmware Required: OOS Pie firmware

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2018-09-19
    Last Updated 2018-09-19
    New build up! [22 September]


    • Fix Alert Slider
    • Blobs updated from OB3(however flashing OB3 n both slots should not be necessary)
    • Rom is now fully odexed
    • More options in Device Features(in Personalisation)
    • Disabled some debug in kernel
    • Updated NOS & AOSP source
    • Rounded corners(?)

    Download - https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262904011261

    Telegram Discussion Group- https://t.me/joinchat/KCIhQw_ufo_vCBV93_tcoQ
    Changelog[28 Septermber]

    • Fix Auto-rotation NPE(took a long time to fix)
    • Blobs updated from Pie official release
    • Rom is now fully odexed
    • Kernel updated with Pie official source
    • Updated NOS & AOSP source

    Download - https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262904016106

    Telegram Discussion Group- https://t.me/joinchat/KCIhQw_ufo_vCBV93_tcoQ
    New build up! [7 October]


    • New kernel patched to Linux 4.9.130
    • Android 9.0.0_r10
    • Updated NOS Source
    • Dual LTE capability
    • October Security Patch

    Download - https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262904021746

    Telegram Discussion Group- https://t.me/joinchat/KCIhQw_ufo_vCBV93_tcoQ
    New Build[13 October]


    Loads of changes in this build

    • Linux 4.9.130 --> 4.9.132
    • Simple LMK by sultanxda(i notice lower memory usage compared to google one)
    • Hwcomposer built from CAF source(built by darkobas)
    • Remove more debug from kernel,some OnePlus code removed
    • Updated Wifi driver,upstream kernel updates from CAF [LA.UM.7.3.r1-05500-sdm845.0]
    • Wireguard support in Kernel

    More changelog below:
     * frameworks/base
    1b673f3  Cache KeyStoreService  [Till Kottmann]
    abd33f2  MountService: Unmount internal storage before restarting framework  [Steve Kondik]
    1afa23f  Location: Skip processing when reciever pointer is null  [masaru nakamura]
    ccf11b6  Fix System Server Crash in onRestrictBackground()  [Yusuke Akahoshi]
    b4d391d  Move BT state to OFF when BLE app count is zero  [Subramanian Srinivasan]
    e5fa696  Bluetooth: Prioritize Bluetooth state change intent to start Service  [Vic Wei]
    116ebea  wm: Passing a new ArraySet instance to avoid crash  [Qiushi.Han]
    8141d5e  Fix intermittent slowness in resolver activity towards end of day  [Danny Baumann]
    889fb76  Google FRP: save password quality in resetPassword  [kwangju.chae]
    6bd2546  ConnectivityService: Fix idle timer rule leakage  [Chiachang Wang]
    2b01f68  config: longer wifi scan interval  [Simao Gomes Viana]
    eb0d1a8  ActivityManagerService: dont be so hectic on cpu battery stats  [Simao Gomes Viana]
    67a1d08  Fix notification shows wrong question  [pengzhicai]
    48601ed  Make it possible to hide signal strength via Carrier Config  [Patrik Bannura]
    fb4cf7d  SettingsProvider: explicitly include android support libs  [Dan Pasanen]
    7ca5e9b  Prevent deadlock when going out of idle state  [Gabriele M]
    5065a4c  appt: Fix Compile  [Chet Kener]
    60e4cb0  DEBUG: Turn off some debugging we don't need.  [mydongistiny]
    187e447  base: kill some log spam  [maxwen]
    30d4ad2  Turn off some debugs  [AndroidRul3z]
    584ef3d  Disable overall debugging  [Simao Gomes Viana]
    01446fb  Workaround for wallpaper not shown correctly problem  [Yongqin Liu]
    abbfb49  Reuse DeathRecipient object for StatusBarManagerService  [Gopal Krishna Shukla]
    c9ccdae  Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization  [zljing]
    d5a1f4c  pm: Fixes can not boot issue  [songjinshi]
    4cae28e  PackageManagerService: update client app info when related shared library updated.  [Terigele]
    9631e2b  pms: Fix the IndexOutOfBoundsException issue  [tianxiaodong]
    706c366  services/job: Fix two Jobscheduler bugs  [周雷]
    6d31439  display: Don't animate screen brightness when turning the screen on  [Sultanxda]
    f2dc55c  NetworkDiagnostics: switch to Cloudflare DNS  [Daniel Micay]
    392eae8  Use Cloudflare DNS servers as defaults for tethering  [Daniel Micay]
    5f7ae6f  audio: dispatchPlaybackChange with handlerThread  [zengjing]
    416423f  Don't reset audio route if setBluetoothScoOn is called without SCO connection  [Satish Kodishala]
    7a6c3a9  ActivityManager: fix npe in ProcessRecord  [gaoshiqi]
    2303c0c  Fix pinned stack may be null after animation end  [zhaoyue9]
    baead3b  WindowManager: Remove unused calling for better performance  [qiushi.han]
    b166952  frameworks: Fix activity stack ConcurrentModificationException  [jianzhou]
    0dd0b85  Binder threads exhausted during waiting provider publish  [Hu Wang]
    3b1f3c5  ContentProvider: avoid client waiting forever if server is killed  [gaoshiqi]
    53e25a30  SystemUI: Fix SystemUI Crash Issue  [mqi]
    3f75f8d  Fix battery padding  [SKULSHADY]
    1cc3862  Disable FP Wakelock debugging  [Miguel Martinez]
    b3bbf7b  SystemUI: remove unnecessary recent apps transition  [Jake Weinstein]
    ca7646d  Fix NPE when AOSP ambient display preference is removed  [Alex Cruz]
    18e5f56  Use Cloudflare DNS servers as hints  [Daniel Micay]
    d8d3870  Can't enter "Connected devices" after pairing the BT REF phone  [Gaganpreet kaur]
    b57e5fd  Address NPE when removing preferences out of developer options  [Alex Cruz]
    9843081  Use getCompressedSizeLong to get correct size for 2G file  [robinz1x]
    571dc3a  DEBUG: Turn off some debugging we don't need.  [mydongistiny]
    19f00eb  Wi-Fi Auto-connect support  [Yinling]
    c890452  Fix a 'memory leak'  [George Burgess IV]
    60f6004  Fw_base - aapt: Default to 0 compression ratio  [arter97]
    d126e2f  Silence density flag warnings  [Alexander Martinz]
    2c2c4b1  aapt: Fix compiler warning (clobbered by longjmp)  [Christopher R. Palmer]
    96e854b  aapt: add check for untranslatable "string-array"s  [Chirayu Desai]
    d708a69  aapt: Use a std::map instead of a SortedVector  [Christopher R. Palmer]
    3cfd28c  aapt: Speed up the style pruning  [Christopher R. Palmer]
    4a06e6c  base: do not pack relocation table  [Chih-Hung Hsieh]
    f7f1e79  (Point) Only calculate sin and cos once  [Till Kottmann]
    bc9d682  CamcorderProfile: Add 1440p camcorder profile  [Sultanxda]
    c9dabfa  Disable more debugging  [Chet Kener]
    a09e860  hwui: Don't run comparisons on non-jank frames  [John Reck]
    acefa62  libs: hwui: Enable perf mode and disable pgo  [mydongistiny]
    11d4636  Reduce log verbosity: Don't spam logcat  [fusionjack]
    4bd6927  webview: Allow choosing the AOSP webview  [Christian Oder]
    ed996f1  webview: Prefer the more powerful Webview packages  [mfonville]
    d5e01fa  MTU should be 1358 as per 3GPP standards, especially for LTE radio interfaces.  [Stacy Devino]
    4cf8216  Use Cloudflare DNS as the default fallback  [Daniel Micay]
    037809b  Use Auto brightness for Ambient Display  [Ezio Lacandia Bijelkic]
    79d3dfa  core: Update GPS Icons to be more Material  [Chet Kener]
    358ca7a  base: Change dividers from Holo Blue to Pixel Blue  [David]
    68fe19f  core: Smoother Upload and Download Animation  [Muhammed Nazim]
    bac13bb  SmoothSpinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother  [Sar Castillo]
    e1fe00e  SystemUI: Adjusted animation timing  [Peter Schiller]
    e94ba3d  CamcorderProfiles: Add new profiles for recorder  [Praveen Chavan]
    a0adf48  Camera: Extend face detection  [Shuzhen Wang]
    b58eb2a  ExternalStorageProvider always throws exception when renaming  [Tony Huang]
    6f9c7bd  base: limit direct share targets to reduce lag  [Joey]
    6d84207  frameworks: Fix null pointer Issue  [mqi]
    9d0f37e  ListView: Obtain next list item in advance  [Sudharshun Iyengar]
    8eb1039  Optimize AbsListView to reduce click operation latency  [Jun Wang]
    cdd87d1  InputMethodManager: Fixed memory leak when windowDismissed  [10011283]
    95d12ca  FeatureFlags: Show Auto-BT while driving setting  [Joe Maples]
    7657d41  Rename the backup file to base file when backup exists  [songjinshi]
    5259064  Increase Zenmode max hour limit from 12 to 24  [Alex Cruz]
    11cd18e  Cache pin algorithms in PinSet  [Till Kottmann]
    707ce1d  ParcelFileDescriptor: can we stop the panic here?  [Simao Gomes Viana]
    96a4b26  NetworkManagement: Add ability to restrict app data/wifi usage  [Danesh M]
    073a614  Cache the global proxy to avoid fetching it for every request  [Till Kottmann]
    993f9bf  base: Modified that logs do not include URLs  [jongyun.kwon]
    618b668  Allow sending vendor- or device-specific commands to the camera HAL.  [Danny Baumann]
    2cd59ce  camera: Skip HFR checks for privileged apps.  [Sai Kumar Sanagavarapu]
    fa1dd43  system_server: Default to FULL synchronous mode for sqlite DBs  [Makoto Onuki]
    8a5dc70  Fix ix Intent restoreFromXml missing type  [Yuntao.Xiao]
    989e2ae  [SQUASHED] Add Dual Channel into Bluetooth Audio Channel Mode developer options menu  [ValdikSS]
    89f6793  Make the allPendingIntents add operation thread-safe  [xiaomei.li]
    f69b69a  Remove another unused calling for better performance  [qiushi.han]
    d40fcf9  Parse Exif OffsetTime in MediaScanner  [Ken Narita]
    56345a8  Default the network location provider to none  [Luca Stefani]
    cb3043e  combo issue when location reported by providers do not come with extras  [Kevin Tang]
    49d2dc0  NLP Combo feature  [Dante Russo]
     * frameworks/base
    405d3a5  Revert "SystemUI: use fp MODE_UNLOCK when pulsing or aod"  [sakindia123]
    89ed4e0  base: show bluetooth battery status when available  [Gavin Ni]
     * frameworks/base
    c1e9a3a  base: Actually fix the padding on StatusBar  [ElDainosor]
    1041ae7  base: SettingsProvider: cleanup leftover logspill  [maxwen]
    1165dc5  Revert "frameworks/base: Support for third party NFC features and extensions"  [sakindia123]
     * system/vold
    61ceae7  Switch pattern/PIN constants to match values in cryptfs.h  [Paul Crowley]
     * frameworks/base
    abc5e8e  UserManagerService: Use NITROGEN_FINGERPRINT to signal upgrades  [Sam Mortimer]
     * frameworks/base
    e41f896  Add system_server to system group only if per_app_memcg is true  [Minchan Kim]
    8202adc  core: Handle long overflows in NetworkStats  [zhouzhijie]
    451a49f  SettingsLib: Cherry-pick misc fixes to AOSP  [hjchangliao]
    6e35281  TelephonyManager: Prevent NPE when registering phone state listener  [Toha]
    3dbbc6d  Reduce the uncessery wm call while checkKeyguardVisibility  [zhenjun.zhang]
    bdb5dba  Fix to avoid UI freeze issue  [Praveena Pachipulusu]
    ed0090b  Settings:Bugfix for NPE, Only valid screen power consumption need to smear  [Libo Jin]
    a0b225c  Return null if a provider died before acquisition  [Tobias Lindskog]
    82bd4ae  Sync Preference in UI for new cached device  [Srinu Jella]
    631b0fc  Run BackgroundDexOptService with background prio  [Tobias Lindskog]
    7529616  Set AppStandbyController charging state on init  [Michael Wachenschwanz]
    9e2d09d  Handling InputMethodService show with BadTokenException  [daqi]
    e82a1b4  DragSurface: destroy surfacecontrol in view site  [guyunjian]
    f289a0a  Not passing contentInsets to onAnimationStart  [Vadim Tryshev]
    4706c24  BatteryStats: Correct formatter for pkginst in battery stats  [Hirono Shiyama]
    8918c59  Don't apply filter in readback when there is no scaling  [Stan Iliev]
    760d98c  Clean receivers completely when forceStop the process  [yangbingqian]
    462dab7  Fix socket leaks in various android.net.Network methods  [Alex]
    1033c4e  Fix TextureView.getBitmap with scale layer transform  [Stan Iliev]
    a48d151  QS: Add Expanded Desktop QS Tile  [Altaf-Mahdi]
    14f3bf2  Keys: Return ExpandedDesktop action  [xyyx]
    ffc3213  Bluetooth: catch exception when unlinkToDeath to avoid crash  [Mingbo Zhang]
    f8b0ab7  Fix IllegalStateException issues in Setttings  [wangjing]
    de40c30  base: disable these options by default [1/2]  [liquid0624]
    e22299f  fingerprint: Speed up wake-and-unlock scenario  [Sultanxda]
    039b7f6  Wifi: Check for WiFiService's existence before its access  [Abhishek Srivastava]
    e7087df  SystemUI: fix the monkey crash issue  [huiwan]
    e2ddabd  SystemUI: QS: Name Cellular Tile based on carrier  [Manojkumar Murugeshan]
    1232db0  SystemUI: Fix SystemUI Crash  [mqi]
    c231375  SystemUI: Add tuner interface to StatusBarSignalPolicy  [Luca Stefani]
    2d2c23a  Add support for fake signatures, enabled per app by dynamic perms  [mar-v-in]
    af9b38a  Performance: Memory Optimizations.  [Shashi Shekar Shankar]
    1bd895e  SystemUI: use fp MODE_UNLOCK when pulsing or aod  [Marko Man]
    5a17eb2  frameworks/base: Support for third party NFC features and extensions  [Puneet Mishra]
     * packages/apps/Settings
    298b135  Changelog: fix possible title pattern mismatches  [Vol Zhdanov]
     * packages/apps/NitrogenSettings
    23b1813  NitrogenSettings: Fix BatteryLight and Gesture path and name  [xyyx]
    7728a33  NitrogenSettings: Add to Search code from https://github.com/nitrogen- */android_packages_apps_Settings/blob/p/tests/robotests/src/com/android/settings/testutils/FakeIndexProvider.java  [xyyx]
     * packages/apps/Settings
    6f368f6  Add NitrogenSettings to Search  [xyyx]
     * packages/apps/SettingsIntelligence
    40f2b70  Use NITROGEN_FINGERPRINT to reindexing  [xyyx]

    Download - https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262904027059

    Telegram Discussion Group- https://t.me/joinchat/KCIhQw_ufo_vCBV93_tcoQ