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[ROM][9.0] crDroid Android 5.8 [OTA][14 September]

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New member
Jun 25, 2015
Great work

Today I have upgraded my LG Pad 8.3 v500 to this rom and it rocks. Thank you for maintaining this rom. Please please develop for Android 10.:good::good:

I had an issue that I didn't have the correct version when I tried flashing this rom. The issue was that my TWRP was too old. I upgraded to the latest version of this device and then it worked smoothly. :Clap:


Nov 24, 2014
Did anyone noticed problems with this ROM after lastest Firefox update? It keeps crashing my LG even on freshly installed OS. It begins with Firefox 79 I belive.

Yes, I experienced this on all next generation Firefox releases. It was separate Google Play version before they transition it to standard nightly. So probably with version 79 it become mainstream?


Senior Member
Apr 4, 2008
I installed the latest 5.8 version but after I add a working wireless profile, it connects but hangs then reboots quickly.
It won't reboot at all if I switch wifi off.
How to debug this?


Jun 15, 2010
Sadly massive Batterydrain.
Will try stock Android 5.0.2 now.
RR was also so bad


May 2, 2011
Just realise that the restart has a recovery option. That's a great feature. I had installed the nougat too, and I still pondering how I can boot to recovery .
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Senior Member
Aug 28, 2008
Hi guys.
Been out of the scene for years. Found this tab and now wanted to update.
Went through the steps but when it boots up I get a loop of google apps that stop. And I can click close app but it just loops and I can't do anything else.
First it was a weather app. But now it's the google setup.
See video.
Tried re installing all zips. Re wiping etc.
Came from 4.4.2 to 9.
Any ideas?


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    1. Backup before you begin
    2. Format Userdata (not entire internal storage) if coming from another ROM even crDroid Oreo
    3. Format System and Cache always
    4. Flash ROM + Gapps
    5. Flash Magisk 18+ for root or Native Root Addon
    6. Reboot and profit!

    Can you add feature XYZ?
    Probably yes, but it will come gradually. You can request nicely.

    Is native root added?
    Available as separate addon. Once you flash and reboot, activate on below path System > Developer Options > Root mode.
    This may break safety net. Flash on your own discretion.

    Source :
    Kernel: https://github.com/beroid/android_kernel_lge_v500/tree/lineage-16.0

    XDA:DevDB Information
    crDroid Android, ROM for the LG G Pad 8.3

    beroid, neobuddy89
    Source Code: https://github.com/crdroidandroid

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2019-02-04
    Last Updated 2019-09-14
    update - v5.8

    • Updated to September security patches
    • Fix crash with some 3rd party apps
    • Improve font theming support and fix crash when applying new font
    • Add font tile
    • Improve Pocket detection
    • Port longshot (long screenshot) support from OOS
    • Add more fonts
    • Improved system fonts and theming
    • Allow configuring battery percentage position with respect to icon
    • Fix showing battery percentage text on homescreen when charging
    • Custom header support - display image at top of the notification panel
    • Added layout files to support Xbox controllers
    • Added crDroid welcome screen for new users
    • Improvements for live display support
    • More accent colors from familiar brands
    • Improved location detection
    • Improved localization / translation for Q Clock
    • Implement Aggressive battery customization
    • Gaming mode improvements
    • Ability to restrict VPN access per app
    • Updated sqlite lib
    • Added notification ticker customization
    • Added P clock accent variant
    • Improved Gaming mode support - added tile
    • Fixed long click crash for many Q
    • Added Ethans and Q custom system animations option
    • Added toggle to remove disabled data indicator in signal icon
    • Added OxygenOS QS tile style
    • Added customization to launch music app automatically when wired/wireless headset is connected
    • Added less boring notifications toggle
    • Updated crDroid Music app
    • Moved 'ticker' and 'less notification sound' settings under notification tab
    • Fixed missing notification default sound
    Update - v5.4

    • Android May Security update (9.0.0_r37)
    • Added Q style (centred) lockscreen clock
    • Added Q batery style
    • Added toggle to supress notification sound when screen on
    • Added in-call vibration customization
    • Added various analog and digital clocks for lockscreen
    • Added pulse for lockscreen visualizer
    • Added Restart SystemUI button on Advanced Restart Menu
    • Add advanced keyboard settings (crdroid -> Misc)
    • Reworked expandable volume dialog
    • Fixed lockscreen wallpaper issue
    • Fixed long press music skip and torch on ambient display
    • Enabled auto dark theme for battery saver mode
    • Improved stability and lag fixes
    • Improved Ambient Music UI - Pixel like
    • Improved weather client for lockscreen and launcher
    • More customization for lockscreen visualizer
    • Filter customization for lockscreen album art
    • Code improvements for foreground task killing
    • Few fixes for stability
    • Merged latest LOS changes
    • Minor overall improvements
    • Fixes for freezes and improved stability

    • v500: Fixed deep sleep
    Update - v5.2

    • Android March Security update (9.0.0_r34)
    • Added new boot animation
    • Added toggle to merge signal and signal type icons
    • Added running services icon in QS panel footer
    • Added option to toggle icons in QS panel footer
    • Added option to hide network traffic arrows
    • Added option to show network traffic in status bar
    • Added full gesture mode for pill navbar navigation
    • Added switch to toggle QS clock + improvements
    • Added PA PIE navigation controls
    • Added toggle switch audio panel
    • Added customizable timeout for audio panel
    • Added theming styles for preference switches
    • Redesigned BatteryMeterView (small tweak)
    • Added user icon to Settings UI
    • Redesigned Storage ProgressBar and Toolbar
    • Merged latest LOS changes
    • Some other small change
    • Improvements for performance
    • Dark theme improvements
    • Misc updates and improvements
    • Fixes for no QS titles mode