[ROM][9.0][DSE1][G950/55F-FD] ☼ CarHDRom V.26 ☼ [23/05/19][THEMES]

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Aug 12, 2011
Somehow you can not read all the information there.
Is there somehow a way to bring the font color to a well-recognizable font color?
I chose primary and secondary text in white, but it's still not white.



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Jun 13, 2014
Where is the Theme Part located?

Wysłane z mojego SM-G955F przy użyciu Tapatalka

How to install:
-Select the Main Theme (part 1) from Aroma Theme v.25
-Install manually the Main Theme Part II v.25.apk ... it's in OTA/SAMSUNG THEME
-Flash from recovery Main Theme Part II v.25 Fix.zip ... it's in OTA/SAMSUNG THEME
-Open section Themes and apply it
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    CarHDRom V.26

    -New Build SE1
    -All the mods like previous versions
    -Updated many many apps
    -Magisk v19.2

    Download v.26
    please, put your thanks here :)

    CarHDRom V.26 - 23/05/19

    Based on G955FXXU4DSE1 Firmware
    Android 9.0​
    S8 and S8+ Devices Supported​

    -Based on Firmware G955FXXU4DSE1
    -G95xF/FD Support
    -Partially Deodexed
    -Rooted with Magisk v.19.2
    -NX-R23.5 Kernels
    -Wipes Options in Aroma Installer
    -30 Extra Fonts
    -and more

    #Grx Rom Control#
    -Added Skip Tracks on volume thanks to @Grouxho
    -Added Plug/Unplug USB Disable
    -Added MultiAction Toggle for Recovery and other options thanks to @Grouxho
    -Added Next Alarm in the Lockscreen and AOD
    -Added Statusbar , Navigation Bar and AOD Customizable Background
    -Added Battery styles options in AOD
    -Added Statusbar Clock Positions (left, center, right)
    -Added Virtual Buttons in statusbar
    -Added 3minit Battery or Stock Battery (both hidable)
    -Added Network Traffic (left or right)
    -Added Screen Recorder tile thanks to @Grouxho
    -Added Long Press Back To Kill App
    -Added Settings Bixby Button
    -Added Bootanimations options
    -Added Open With options
    -Added Widget in Lockscreen Options

    Download and Changelog v.26

    -Need to flash the recovery 3.2.2_0 or upper
    -Flash no-verity-opt-encrypt v5.1
    -Full wipe
    -Flash only the zip Rom over your Oreo custom rom
    -After the first boot you need to reboot again

    Guide To make the transition from Nougat to Oreo or Pie
    -Need to flash the modded recovery
    -Format data from recovery (you will lose all your files)
    -Reboot recovery
    -Flash no-verity-opt-encrypt by micro sdcard or OTG
    -Put the rom in your sd card and flash it with full wipe selecting the new bootloader

    if you need to flash a new firmware ... follow this guide to skip the 7 days to get back the OEM displayed


    Created 13/05/2017
    Last Updated 23/05/2019
    CarHDRom V.20

    -Everything like previous version
    -New Build 4CRJ5
    -Added New Bootloader CRJ5
    -Added New Modem CRI9
    -Changed script to install Modem and Bootloader
    -Added Magisk 17.3
    -Deleted S9 Camera
    -Added Updated IncallUI Modded
    -Changed dpi control for Incallui .... you can choose the photo size for some dpi in Rom Control:
    1. From 330 to 360 dpi
    2. From 370 to 411 dpi (411 default)
    3. From 420 to 460 dpi
    -Added Animation in Call When No Photo with toggle in Rom Control
    -Added Next Alarm in AOD with toggle in Rom Control
    -Updated All The Apps

    wipe cache and wipe dalvik-cache

    if you make a full wipe , you need to reboot the phone at the first boot then you will see Google Play FC ...
    don't worry , it will work fine after the configuration

    Download V.20
    Download V.20 2° upload
    md5: c898f1cea4b74bd01a5a7d67cc0e6921
    don't forget to thank this post :good:

    Aroma Theme V.20

    -Everything like Rom V.20
    -Updated SecEmail
    -Updated IncallUI
    -Updated SecMyFiles

    CarHDRom V.25

    -New Build SC2
    -Kernel NX-23.5
    -Fix For Share External On Facebook
    -Unlock Screen With Fingerprint with or without pin or pattern
    -Notification BG Color or Image from Rom Control
    -Data Usage Text Options in Rom Control
    -Fix for FD model (dual Sim)
    -Fullscreen Photo Caller ID as option in aroma

    Download V.25
    dont' forget to thanks this post

    Aroma Theme V.25

    -Fixed Fingerprint
    -Added true icons in Settings
    -Everything like Rom
    -and more

    This Theme is composed in 2 parts and you need both to get a good theme :
    Main Theme Part I is in the Aroma Theme
    Main Theme Part II is a Samsung Theme

    How to install:
    -Select the Main Theme (part 1) from Aroma Theme v.25
    -Install manually the Main Theme Part II v.25.apk ... it's in OTA/SAMSUNG THEME
    -Flash from recovery Main Theme Part II v.25 Fix.zip ... it's in OTA/SAMSUNG THEME
    -Open section Themes and apply it

    Then you can change everything you want thought the Aroma Theme

    Don't use this samsung theme without his part 1

    CarHDRom v.19

    -New Build CRI5
    -September security patch
    -Added Next Alarm with toggle to switch on/off in rom control
    -Added choise in rom control for visible toggles shown
    -ReAdded S8 Camera as option, with super slow motion and AR emoji
    -Added RomControl Toggle in Pulldown
    -Updated all the apps

    you can try with wipe cache and dalvik-cache but ..
    if you have S9 Camera installed and you want change to S8 Camera , you need a full wipe to get it working fine

    warning: every time you flash the rom , the phone always reboots 2 times ... the first time is bad

    Download V.19
    don't forget to put your thanks

    Aroma Theme v.19 online in OTA

    -Added RomControl Toggle in Pulldown
    -Updated Calendar
    -Updated ClockPackage
    -Updated SecGallery

    enjoy !
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