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[ROM][9.0][DSG1] ATN Project PIE v12 alexega & tn2009

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Sep 6, 2008
@Tamerlan2009 @alexega

I can not find the option push long key back to kill app !
is it possible to modify the camera with high resolution as for Dr. Ketan's rom ?
Is it possible to have the Auto opton in the MOD Super Slow Motion?

Thank you.

Very nice and great rom !
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Nov 2, 2019
I use android 8 before this rom. It's amazing and stable. But before i can connect wifi and turn on hotspot in sam time. But now when I connect with wifi and I try to turn on hotspot he saying (you most torn of wifi before you can use hotspot).
How can I make Wi-Fi and hotspot work together.
Thanks a lot.

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    Android 9 PIE

    Samsung Galaxy
    - N8 (SM-N950F/DS)
    - S8 (SM-G950F/FD)
    - S8+ (SM-G955F/FD)

    Android 9 Pie
    Base N950FXXS7DSG1
    Multi region: N950FOXM7DSG1
    List of changes: 16168780
    Patch security: 01.07.2019

    Deodexed need for modifications of files

    Magic 19.3
    Magic Manager 7.3.2


    Stock kernels

    Secure folder works !

    Patch paid themes !

    Full date in weather
    Removed text Updated. in the weather

    Full date in the area

    Full date AOD
    Full date on lock screen

    7 icons in the dock stock launcher

    Dialer increase the number caller
    Removed delay after call

    Removed software that can be installed from Google|Samsung market
    Removed non-working program after rooting
    Removed broken software responsible for updates

    Added build Tweaks.prop
    Mode Multiuser
    Fix MirrorLink
    Quick reboot
    Fix Training
    USB debugging
    Fix OEM-factory unlock

    Activated tweaks cscfeature
    Internet speed left
    Icon NFC device
    Mobile data in the power menu
    LTE only mode
    Camera sound
    Record calls
    Added icons to the shutter:
    - Inversion
    - Translation
    - VoLTE
    - Owner
    - Screen recording
    - Savings
    - Screen recording
    - Recovery
    - Insertion

    Additional function
    Scenarios Of Biksi

    Using the device

    Removed dialogues:
    - about safe volume
    - high brightness curtain

    The sound in the upper dynamics

    Disabled signature checking
    Fix sandwich (2 SIM + SD card)
    The screenshots in the protected applications

    Improved the quality of the screenshots

    Added Wallpapers from S10+

    Additional features added to the system
    Styles hours

    Tweaks floating_feature
    Added Backlight side panel
    Added the color of the marker sidebar
    Dolby Atmos in headphones and speakers

    Updated modules Good Lock

    ATN Interface system

    The tuning elements

    Advanced settings - Good Lock -
    details in the screenshots

    Recent apps

    Settings Recent, Good Lock -
    details in the screenshots


    Settings multicon - Good Lock -
    details in the screenshots

    Lock screen

    Settings lock Screen - Good Lock -
    details in the screenshots

    Navigation pane
    Settings navbar - Good Lock -
    details in the screenshots

    System setting

    Animation setup
    Animation Windows
    Animation transitions
    The duration of the animation

    Screen mode
    Turned off
    Hide status bar
    Hide navbar

    Mode On the street

    Quick charge

    Settings Samsung

    Sutnik GPS

    marshmallow land
    Box of sweets

    Additional options
    The notification log
    Device information
    Usage statistics

    The theme of the program
    The choice of topics: 28 options

    Samsung Dex !
    Sberbank from the market !
    Google Pay !

    Sberbank !
    Gpay !
    SPay on the clock !

    TWRP: wipe data, system, cache, dalvik
    install Rom



    Kernel Sources:
    Stock Samsung Kernel - http://opensource.samsung.com/reception.do
    Link isn't working for me? Are you guys able to download the free ROM?

    Try this link
    Well guys another rom they want us to pay for. You idiots how dare you?
    Does rom include modem or we need install it separately

    SM-N950F cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi

    In firmware modem there is no. The modem is the link to download the firmware.