[ROM] [9.0] GODNESS ONE UI V5 [OFFICIAL] [J730X] [Estable]

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Aug 1, 2020
Great job

Nice rom.!.

Samsung cloud merge with OneDrive causes crashing of cloud. Disabled cloud sync and it stopped crashing.

Also call log doesn't show contact info, there's some weirdness going on. Unsaved numbers show as normal but you can't reach contact details via call log. All that shows when you touch on the info button is call history

Edit2: in case you didn't notice there's a power option called high performance. System speed considerably increases but battery usage doesn't increase as much. I'm not gaming on my phone so I keep it on. Feels speedy with it.

Thanks. Gave a bit more speed to my device.
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May 1, 2019
Definitly a very good rom, runs smooth on my J7 pro, Sim- Cards functionally too.
But how can i use the SD- Card as internal storage?
I had tried already Root Essentials, but after that try the sd- card was not shown anymore and the device starts only slow, very very slow..

Can someone helps me with that problem?

Also formating via adb- brigde dont works.


May 1, 2019
no help

It does not recognize the sim card, i have 2 sim card slots and none recognizes!!!

It's no help for you but i have same trouble with almost every other costum rom based on Android 8, and also no fix or anything helps me.

Maybe search in this forum for an Unerversal Mod OMC

It's maybe the solution for your problem


May 1, 2019
And my last try to get an answer: any possibilities to use the external sd card as adoptable storage?
For sure i can move all the apps to the external sd cards, but saved pictures and videos be still saved in the internal storage from the phone.

ADP- Brigde dont works, Root Essentials also not, any suggestions?


Mar 1, 2016
Is the rom suppose to works with f2fs file system? I mean if i change Data & Cache to f2fs from ext4 in TWRP ? I did that and got only samsung shining logo in 30 min..


May 26, 2020
Main speaker not working

How should I enable the main lateral speaker on my J730F?
Right now all sounds go trough ear speaker...

Just reinstalled in aroma without the sound mixed mode (or something, i forgot the exact name) and it worked.
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Jan 5, 2021
Alguien por favor puede explicarme como hago para poder descargar la ROM? Disculpen mi ignorancia pero, no veo el link.

Translation: Can someone please explain to me how I can download the ROM? Sorry for my ignorance but, I don't see the link.


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Feb 27, 2011
Kansas City
Alguien por favor puede explicarme como hago para poder descargar la ROM? Disculpen mi ignorancia pero, no veo el link.

Translation: Can someone please explain to me how I can download the ROM? Sorry for my ignorance but, I don't see the link.

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Sep 18, 2013
I dont see any bugs, Rom is stable. But i prefer Totsuka OS with Black Panther Vendor.

installation went well with ofox but having to stay too much time in phone is starting screen :cautious:, while i can log in to settings using notification panels settings shortcut, is it normal or a problem, this phone with custom installations makes me sick o_O, Lol

does totsuka is based on tw 9 or is it another android 10 based one, cuz i need fm radio too :cry:

installed twrp latest made by You (thanks) :love:
re-installed the rom from twrp after wiping everything expt ext-sd
went well phone setup procedure till the end :cowboy:
lemmi check the rom and spam another thread for some more problems haha :giggle:
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    I am not responsible for blocked devices, dead SD cards, Read everything so you do not end up like an imbecile

    - Before Installing The Rom Do Advanced Wipe And Format Data To Do A Clean Installation :)

    - Install the Rom and choose in the Aroma Installer what you want to use

    - Restart and wait until it starts (it takes 5 to 10 minutes to boot)

    - Extra option is to install the mods (It can only be installed after having the Rom started

    - Fixed NFc
    - Fixed Secure Folder
    - Added Bixby Vision + Bixby Voice Working together
    - Added Nicelock No ads
    - Added Galaxy Labs
    - Added Multipack A70
    - Added Led Notifications To the aroma
    - Added Mixer Stock (Sound Stock) + Mixer Mod (High Sound)
    - Added Smart Things
    - Added Code QR
    - Added Magisk 20.3
    Mods Changelog V1:
    - Added Changelog
    - Rom Logo My Rom
    - Disable High Volume Warning 
    - Disable High Level Brightness
    - Night Light

    Older changelogs:

    > New Features A8+ (Better Focus + Zoom X2 + Best Resolucion)
    > Fixed Bug And Delay 
    > Fixed Bixby Voice + Dolby Atmos
    > Galaxy Store Update
    > Support For J7 Prime, J7 2016, J7 Pro, J5 Pro, J7 Neo
    > New Aroma Installer
    > Multi User
    > Nicelock Goodlock Replacement
    > Magisk 20.1
    > New Camera Features 
    > S Secure + Samsung Max
    > Night Light (J7 Prime) 
    > Kraken App By: Corsicanu
    > Semi Deodex By: Zonik (The Zonik - Sentimiento Legal)
    > Navbar + Game Tools Working
    > Disable Flag Secure: 
    This MOD  allows screen captures and screen registration in secure applications
    > Apps One Ui 2.0 By: AlexisXDA
    > Helios Kernel By: Ananjaser1211
    > Multipack Removed
    > Extra Zip Added To Rom 
    > Ar Emoji A6+
    > Bixby Vision A6+ + Dolby Atmos Working
    > Bixby Voice S10 5G + Dolby Atmos Working
    > Multi Usuario
    > Dolby Atmos Ported From A10 by: KassemSYR
    > A50 Wallapers
    > Multipack A50
    > A50 sounds
    > Rebase In J730GMDXU6CSF5
    > VoLte support
    > Lag Fixed
    > Food Mode (Camera)
    > Magisk 19.4
    > Tweaks Update
    > Updated Game launcher
    >Samsung Max
    >S Secure
    > Rebase In J730GUBU6CSF1
    > Added Dolby Atmos (Do not Note The Difference At The Moment)
    > Improved Fluids and Battery
    > Added Facial Unlocking (Smart Lock)
    > Does not Support VoLTE By The Moment
    > Minor Bugs Disappeared With The New Base
    > Build.prop Tweaks By: @Ingen
    If you start the Rom but do not have a telephone signal, install the kernel that will be left in the download.
    Rom Base J730FMXXU5CSEE
    >RMM Eliminated
    >Build.prop Tweaks
    >Csc Tweaks
    >Improved Performance And Battery
    >Helios Pie V3.1
    >Payment Topics Patched By: @RedDragon
    >380 Dpi Default
    >Goodlock Patching (More Your Accessories)
    >More Sources
    >Youtube Vanced
    >Screen Recorder
    >SPower, S Secure & Ultra Data Saving
    >Magisk 19.3
    >Mixer Mod By: @[email protected]
    >Bootanimation White

    Helios Pie V3.1
    [x]Fake Enforcing (Permissive and shows enforcing)
    [x]Compiled with Linaro 7.4.1
    [x]ADB Insecure
    [x]Fake KNOX
    [x]Private Mod support
    [x]RMM-KnoxGuard Free
    [x]MultiCPU Governors
    [x]Multi I/O Schedulers
    [x]Multi TCP Algorithms
    [x]Limited Wakelocks
    [x]Dynamic Fsync 2.0
    [x]PowerSuspend 1.5
    [x]UKSM V1.23
    [x]Boeffla wakelock blocker v1.1.0
    [x]StateNotifier & SysfsHelper
    [x]Optimized ZSwap
    [x]Optimized Deadline I/O
    [x]Better Input Booster
    [x]Quicker Doze entry
    [x]Other improvments for Batterylife and performance
    [x]Support Android 9.0
    [x]Support GSIs
    [x]WireGaurd Support
    [x]CPU VoltageControl
    [x]CPU OC upto 1700MHz
    [x]GPU OC Upto 1146MHz
    [x]GCC 6/7 Support
    [x]CRC Disabled by default
    [x]Reduced Wakelocks
    [x]GPU/CPU Voltage dropped
    [x]Improved GPU Utilization
    [x]Improved standby
    [x]Adoptable SD patched
    [x]Many ram improvments
    [x]No sim breaking with 8.1 rooting
    [x]Encryption Support for StockRoms
    [x]And many more listed in changelogs below
    [x]Full CPU/GPU/DEVFREQ/MIF/CAMERA Voltage control and more
    [x]Full Spectrum profile support
    [x]LZ4 Memory
    [x]Pre-Rooted with magisk

    Source Code: https://github.com/ananjaser1211/Helios_7870

    - Make sure you have the latest Twrp

    - Download And Copy The Rom On Your Device. External Sd Card (Preferred)

    - Clean Everything (System, Data, Cache, Dalvik and Preferably Internal Storage All Together)

    Google Drive

    Telegram Support Group

    Telegram Channel

    ananjaser1211 By The Kernel

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM] [9.0] GODNESS ONE UI V5 [OFFICIAL] [J730X] [Estable], ROM for the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)

    Source Code: https://github.com/ananjaser1211/Helios_7870

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: V5

    Created 2019-06-05
    Last Updated 2019-06-21
    V3 coming ?

    Yes Bro I'm Already In That!
    Yes Bro I'm Already In That!

    Excelente mi hermano esperando la versión 3
    Good day godness users, the v5 is already ready if you have any questions, ask me by private message @DarkGod14 :)
    hi could i boot it in the j530G? Thank you

    No men, since I do not have that terminal it's only for j730