[ROM] [9.0] GODNESS ONE UI V5 [OFFICIAL] [J730X] [Estable]

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    I am not responsible for blocked devices, dead SD cards, Read everything so you do not end up like an imbecile

    - Before Installing The Rom Do Advanced Wipe And Format Data To Do A Clean Installation :)

    - Install the Rom and choose in the Aroma Installer what you want to use

    - Restart and wait until it starts (it takes 5 to 10 minutes to boot)

    - Extra option is to install the mods (It can only be installed after having the Rom started

    - Fixed NFc
    - Fixed Secure Folder
    - Added Bixby Vision + Bixby Voice Working together
    - Added Nicelock No ads
    - Added Galaxy Labs
    - Added Multipack A70
    - Added Led Notifications To the aroma
    - Added Mixer Stock (Sound Stock) + Mixer Mod (High Sound)
    - Added Smart Things
    - Added Code QR
    - Added Magisk 20.3
    Mods Changelog V1:
    - Added Changelog
    - Rom Logo My Rom
    - Disable High Volume Warning 
    - Disable High Level Brightness
    - Night Light

    Older changelogs:

    > New Features A8+ (Better Focus + Zoom X2 + Best Resolucion)
    > Fixed Bug And Delay 
    > Fixed Bixby Voice + Dolby Atmos
    > Galaxy Store Update
    > Support For J7 Prime, J7 2016, J7 Pro, J5 Pro, J7 Neo
    > New Aroma Installer
    > Multi User
    > Nicelock Goodlock Replacement
    > Magisk 20.1
    > New Camera Features 
    > S Secure + Samsung Max
    > Night Light (J7 Prime) 
    > Kraken App By: Corsicanu
    > Semi Deodex By: Zonik (The Zonik - Sentimiento Legal)
    > Navbar + Game Tools Working
    > Disable Flag Secure: 
    This MOD  allows screen captures and screen registration in secure applications
    > Apps One Ui 2.0 By: AlexisXDA
    > Helios Kernel By: Ananjaser1211
    > Multipack Removed
    > Extra Zip Added To Rom 
    > Ar Emoji A6+
    > Bixby Vision A6+ + Dolby Atmos Working
    > Bixby Voice S10 5G + Dolby Atmos Working
    > Multi Usuario
    > Dolby Atmos Ported From A10 by: KassemSYR
    > A50 Wallapers
    > Multipack A50
    > A50 sounds
    > Rebase In J730GMDXU6CSF5
    > VoLte support
    > Lag Fixed
    > Food Mode (Camera)
    > Magisk 19.4
    > Tweaks Update
    > Updated Game launcher
    >Samsung Max
    >S Secure
    > Rebase In J730GUBU6CSF1
    > Added Dolby Atmos (Do not Note The Difference At The Moment)
    > Improved Fluids and Battery
    > Added Facial Unlocking (Smart Lock)
    > Does not Support VoLTE By The Moment
    > Minor Bugs Disappeared With The New Base
    > Build.prop Tweaks By: @Ingen
    If you start the Rom but do not have a telephone signal, install the kernel that will be left in the download.
    Rom Base J730FMXXU5CSEE
    >RMM Eliminated
    >Build.prop Tweaks
    >Csc Tweaks
    >Improved Performance And Battery
    >Helios Pie V3.1
    >Payment Topics Patched By: @RedDragon
    >380 Dpi Default
    >Goodlock Patching (More Your Accessories)
    >More Sources
    >Youtube Vanced
    >Screen Recorder
    >SPower, S Secure & Ultra Data Saving
    >Magisk 19.3
    >Mixer Mod By: @[email protected]
    >Bootanimation White

    Helios Pie V3.1
    [x]Fake Enforcing (Permissive and shows enforcing)
    [x]Compiled with Linaro 7.4.1
    [x]ADB Insecure
    [x]Fake KNOX
    [x]Private Mod support
    [x]RMM-KnoxGuard Free
    [x]MultiCPU Governors
    [x]Multi I/O Schedulers
    [x]Multi TCP Algorithms
    [x]Limited Wakelocks
    [x]Dynamic Fsync 2.0
    [x]PowerSuspend 1.5
    [x]UKSM V1.23
    [x]Boeffla wakelock blocker v1.1.0
    [x]StateNotifier & SysfsHelper
    [x]Optimized ZSwap
    [x]Optimized Deadline I/O
    [x]Better Input Booster
    [x]Quicker Doze entry
    [x]Other improvments for Batterylife and performance
    [x]Support Android 9.0
    [x]Support GSIs
    [x]WireGaurd Support
    [x]CPU VoltageControl
    [x]CPU OC upto 1700MHz
    [x]GPU OC Upto 1146MHz
    [x]GCC 6/7 Support
    [x]CRC Disabled by default
    [x]Reduced Wakelocks
    [x]GPU/CPU Voltage dropped
    [x]Improved GPU Utilization
    [x]Improved standby
    [x]Adoptable SD patched
    [x]Many ram improvments
    [x]No sim breaking with 8.1 rooting
    [x]Encryption Support for StockRoms
    [x]And many more listed in changelogs below
    [x]Full CPU/GPU/DEVFREQ/MIF/CAMERA Voltage control and more
    [x]Full Spectrum profile support
    [x]LZ4 Memory
    [x]Pre-Rooted with magisk

    Source Code: https://github.com/ananjaser1211/Helios_7870

    - Make sure you have the latest Twrp

    - Download And Copy The Rom On Your Device. External Sd Card (Preferred)

    - Clean Everything (System, Data, Cache, Dalvik and Preferably Internal Storage All Together)

    Google Drive

    Telegram Support Group

    Telegram Channel

    ananjaser1211 By The Kernel

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM] [9.0] GODNESS ONE UI V5 [OFFICIAL] [J730X] [Estable], ROM for the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)

    Source Code: https://github.com/ananjaser1211/Helios_7870

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: V5

    Created 2019-06-05
    Last Updated 2019-06-21
    V3 coming ?

    Yes Bro I'm Already In That!
    Yes Bro I'm Already In That!

    Excelente mi hermano esperando la versión 3
    Good day godness users, the v5 is already ready if you have any questions, ask me by private message @DarkGod14 :)
    hi could i boot it in the j530G? Thank you

    No men, since I do not have that terminal it's only for j730