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Jan 4, 2011
Hong Kong
hey all, just have a question, how to download the ”face unlock for pie.zip“ file
I click on the link and it said no secure and need login... tks!
or maybe anyone can upload to another server is appericated!

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    HavocOS v2.7 22/07/2019
    During my spare time doing some experiments with custom ROM building for MI9SE, so decided to share may be it'll be useful for those who like AOSP expirience instead of "polished" MIUI.
    Compared to "general GSI" images it feels much better and almost everything works at first glance, but need to test more of course..

    There are some for sure, waiting to be discovered..

    Fix SELinux policy. Keep it as "permissive" as for now.

    Installation & Requirements

    1. Unlocked BL and TWRP installed
    2. Running MIUI global or PE (yep, it's all about Treble so we're going to use vendor's blob and firmware)

    1. Boot into twrp, format data, swipe to factory reset, reboot back into twrp
    2. flash Havoc-OS-v2.7-20190722-grus-Unofficial.zip
    3. Flash gapps & magisk (if needed)
    4. Reboot and pray || enjoy !
    5. In case of bootloop (for me everything works without this step): flash vbmeta.img with fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img (check GSI topics to obtain vbmeta file)

    Credits to
    HavocOS Team
    @okitavera (ROM bundled with her kernel)

    FaceUnlock module which works for me. Flash it using TWRP:
    Optionally you can flash latest ANXCamera for MIUI camera experience.

    Device tree

    PPS: Clicking this link makes you buy me some beer. :)
    * Charge only mode fix
    * Sources sync with havoc repo

    * In-call mic/handset fix

    * Flicker-Free mode (experimental, shipped kernel is a must, will not work with Okita) (Settings->Display->at the very bottom)
    * Bring up QTI Telephony stack (manual SIM provisioning is now possible)

    * Sources sync with Havoc repo
    * Color profiles fix (Settings->Display->Color profile)

    * Unresponsive statusbar fixed
    * FaceUnlock fixed (though you still need to flash it, look up for Magisk faceunlock module or use this one for TWRP)
    * Several improvements regarding fingerprint UI
    * Some other minor improvements/fixes..
    Guys, I'm going to abandon further Havoc builds.
    It's quite good yes but excess of all that features makes it look like a cesspool, many of those 'features' are poorly implemented/ported and do not work correctly, affecting stability and other aspects as well.
    So I've switched to crDroid ROM myself and will focus on it further. it's based on LineageOS and contains all the needed features and works much better in my oppinion.
    You can give it a try: crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190724-grus-v5.6.zip
    I'll create a separate topic here soon, providing more info.
    Since I cant maintain both ROMs at the same time (simply have no resources for this) volunteers are welcome to keep up with Havoc.
    Will it be possible in the future to disable one of the sim cards? I can do that with MIUI. Having both sim cards always on drains a lot of battery. I use my second sim card for mobile data only, so I don't need to keep it always on.

    Check today's build.
    After flashing okita kernel, issues like lagging and top bar swipe are fixed. For me i guess