[ROM][9.0][N960F/W/N/FD] Team Pixel Pie 1.0 [22/04/19]

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    PixelPie 1.0 -By Team Pixel

    Hey Everyone!PixelPie is a custom firmware that ports almost all of the features from a Pixel Device to a Samsung Firmware. This build has been based on the Pixel 3XL. It has been very deeply debloated and optimized for performance, whilst also bringing in many Pixel Features to our devices. It has also undergone a beta test ring, so most if not all of the listed features should be working! Here is a feature list:
    1. AdAway
    2. Google Calculator
    3. Google Calendar
    4. GCam arnova
    5. Samsung Stock Camera with Massive HDR parameter changes, while also debloated
    6. Google Chrome
    6.1. rom works fast
    7. Google Clock
    8. Google Contacts
    9. Google Files GO (File Manager)
    10. Samsung Gallery (Stripped Down and lightened to improve performance)
    11. GPay (Working Payment Method along with NFC functionality)
    12. Google Keep (With Handwriting Libs)
    13. Google Lens (Bixby Visions Alternative but works within Google Photos and Pixel Recents)
    14. Magisk 19.0 Prebuilt (No Need For Seperate Flash)
    15. Google Messages
    16. Mtweaks 14.0 (Has GPU Control)
    17. Eleven Music (Lineage OS 15.1)
    18. Google Phone (Ported Framework for full functionality)
    19. Google Photos (Warning: it upload in original quality because it thinks it is a Pixel)
    20. Google Play Games
    21. Settings debloated, along with framework
    22. App Lock (Settings)
    23. SystemUI Tuner (Updated)
    24. Google Tasks
    25. YouTube Vanced
    26. Correctly Scaled Pixel Boot Animation (Pixel 2XL)
    27. Google Sounds, animations, framework and configs.
    28. Pixel Launcher with new gesture navigation and recents menu (Not Pill Navigation)
    29. Digital Wellbeing
    30. Dolby Atmos (With Gaming Mode) with Correct Tuning and Gain (Main Speaker has most power and Earpiece just adds detail and treble)
    31. GBoard and New Pie Emojis (Not Samsung Ones)
    32. Incredibly Deep Debloat and DeKnoxed (Same as last time for performance and battery improvements)
    33. VoLTE Supported
    34. Pixel 3 Live Wallpapers with Normal Wallpapers too.
    Bugs: NONE

    1. RAM management when fresh installed idles around 3.5 Free on 6gb note 9
    2. ROM Size has fallen to small size from Stock size
    3. Device Maintenance swapped for Files GO and SystemUI Tuner. To view Battery Stats and Storage, pull down the Quick Settings Panel and on the top right click the three bubbles button and then Button Order. Then move the new Battery and Storage icon to the Quick Settings.
    5. Make sure you set Google Dialer as your default phone app. Goto Settings/Apps. Click the three dots in the top right corner. Then click default apps. Then Calling App and select Phone.
    6. After first boot, reboot your device once.
    7. Substratum does still work, just remember to get Samsung Substratum themes. -----IF ROM Support Substratum include-----
    1. Download the zip
    2. Wipe System, Data, Dalvik and Cache
    3. Flash the zip
    Final Notes, Download Link and Sources:
    Feel free to message me on telegram via the group: <Mod Removed>

    Download Link 1.0: <Mod Removed>

    Mirror Link 1.0 : <Mod Removed>

    Kernel Source : http://opensource.samsung.com/reception.do

    @Skulldron and the entire Pixel Team
    Samsung for their amazing device
    Augustin for building the ROM

    Check out the rom
    samsung spen works
    samsung health works
    samsung gear works

    includes gcam and samsung camera


    pictures of rom
    Anything associated with Augustin is banned from xda.

    Links removed, thread closed.
    A new rom yay!!! Right now it's 12:30am here so I'll be downloading overnight and will be flashing the rom after morning ?? Thank you so much, can't wait to try it out!!
    so i flashed it today (twice) and after a phone restart i get the message "only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed" so i have to restore my phone from odin then restore from twrp. First time it happened i restarted after titanium backup and the second time i restarted after putting my email in the setup wizard.... please fix

    flash oreo bootloader and flash the rom again i have this every time i use pie bootloader just flash oreo bootloader it is because the bootloader for pie is not good and it contains problems.


    flash this in twrp to get oreo bl and then flash this rom and no more problem.