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[ROM][9.0][Official] Evolution X 2.2 [AOSP][09/30/2019]

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Sep 27, 2018
OnePlus 9 Pro
Hey ,

Just fresh installed Evolution X and I seem to have a problem with the off screen gestures. I can't get them to work even though they're activated in the settings.

Do I need to install a special kernel?


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Coming soon ;)


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Oct 14, 2010
anybody knows a kernel that doesnt trick safetynet and increase the headphones volume? i dont like the generic apps on the store, im using exkernel but in a official build. magisk googlepay and xposed worrk? thx


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Oct 7, 2011
yep seeing all these other roms with a10 builds but waiting for evo-x 10 build update. other roms just doesn't have stability like evolution X.
honestly cant wait XD
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Dec 21, 2012
Afaik Bliss said that he'll develop this when official 10 for our device drops. But this was a while back. There were a few closed betas I recall. But my guess is once 10 drops, Evo-X will soon follow.

Yeah I understand too, lot of rework to be done when OnePlus will release 10 next year.
I'll settle on this rom waiting, it's stable as hell (minor glitches with dark mode maybe) I love it so far !


Sep 5, 2017
Guys I am getting version mismatch for substratum Valarie and liv dark themes. Any idea of how to fix it? And I am choosing android 9 pie in version selection menu for both.

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    Evolution X 2.2 for the OnePlus 5T [dumpling]


    Pixel UI, Android Q vibes, Customization and more. We are Evolution X!


    - Clock Settings
    - Clock Font's & Colors
    - Battery Icon Customization
    - EvoX Icon Toggle (39 Styles)
    - Notification Ticker
    - Roaming Icon toggle
    - VoLTE & 4G Icon Toggle
    - Pixel Animation Toggle
    - Invert Layout
    - Extra Button Customization
    - One-Handed Mode
    - Navigation Gestures
    - Portrait Height/Landscape Width Configurations
    - Pulse (Navbar Audio Visualization)
    Quick Settings
    - QS Rows & Columns Customization
    - Tile Titles Toggle
    - Gaming Mode QS Tile
    - OOS Screen Recorder QS Tile
    - QS Panel Color's (RGB picker)
    - QS Panel Opacity Selector
    - Quick Pulldown (Right/Left)
    - QS Edit Icon Toggle
    - Bottom Brightness Slider Toggle
    - QS Animations (Flip/Rotate)
    - QS Styles (24 Including QDP4 Styles)
    - Status bar visibility toggle
    - Clock Styles (14 Including Q Clock)
    - Clock Font Sizes & Colors
    - Date/Alarms/Zen Hider
    Ambient Display
    - Music Ticker & Visualization Options
    - Ambient Display Gestures (Hand Wave, etc.)
    - Wallpaper/Light/Dark switching
    - Accent's (43 Including 6 Q Accents)
    - Font Picker
    - Rootless Substratum Support
    Buttons and Gestures
    - AOSP & Fingerprint Gestures
    - Power Menu Customization
    - Volume Key Cursor Control
    - Volume Key Playback Control
    - Volume Panel Placement (Right/Left)
    - Heads Up Notification & less Annoying Toggle
    - Notification Timeout
    - Snooze timer
    - Stoplist & Blacklist for Heads up
    - Smart Notification Sounds
    - Blink Flashlight On Call
    - Kill App Button
    - Call Vibrations
    - Q Style Seek Bar
    - Extended Screenshot
    - Smart Charging
    - Doze Settings & Profiles
    - Wakelock Blocker
    - Alarm Blocker
    - Sensor Block Per Package
    - Signature Spoofing Support
    - Time In State Monitor
    - Default USB Config
    - Wake On Plug

    Known issues
    You Tell Me



    Reboot to recovery
    Wipe data/cache/system when coming from ROMs that are not AOSP based
    Flash the latest build
    Reboot to system


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    XDA:DevDB Information
    Official Evolution X 2.2, ROM for the OnePlus 5T

    AnierinB, joeyhuab, peaktogoo, hugwalk
    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: 9.0.8
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Beta

    Created 2019-05-27
    Last Updated 2019-10-03
    Update time! Grab it on SF or check for OTA!


    - switched to Los kernel (for now)
    - Battery styles: Add Circle battery style from PA
    - QS Tile: Add default data sub switcher in CellularTile
    - Sound: Add back increasing ring feature
    - SystemUI: Fix analog clocks not refreshing in AOD
    - Wifi: Filter unsupported networks from scan results
    - Wifi: Update accesspoint to cater to add network option from GUI
    - Update translations
    - Kill some log spam
    - Prevent DataSaverBackend from overwriting uid policies
    - Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
    - Speed up some animations
    - Stop resetting battery stats after reboot with battery level >= 90
    - Update default material popup animations
    - Allow override of system DUN settings
    - Enable force authorize substratum packages by default
    - Fix binder leakage when turning off Bluetooth
    - Grant Google Markup perms to avoid crashing on clean flash
    - Grant Pixel's Wallpaper app access to SD
    - Increase Longshot timeout to 2 seconds
    - Improvements to Media player seekbar
    - MTP: Add support of ObjectInfoChanged Event
    - Navbar: Always add shadow on home button on some cases
    - Network Traffic: Update traffic arrow icon
    - Notification ticker: don't tick in do not disturb
    - Permissions: Add Location & Storage to Default Dialer App
    - SystemUI: Better QS detail clip animation
    - SystemUI: disable wallpaper-based tint for scrim
    - Update translations
    - Merge September security patch
    - Allow override of system DUN settings
    - Enable force authorize substratum packages by default
    - Fix binder leakage when turning off Bluetooth
    - Grant Google Markup perms to avoid crashing on clean flash
    - Grant Pixel's Wallpaper app access to SD
    - Increase Longshot timeout to 2 seconds
    - MTP: Add support of ObjectInfoChanged Event
    - Network Traffic: Update traffic arrow icon
    - SystemUI: Better QS detail clip animation
    - SystemUI: disable wallpaper-based tint for scrim
    - Update translations

    As always,
    Update is out! Grab it here or check for OTA :)

    - June security patch merged.
    - Theming, icons and fonts improved
    - Google apps updated.
    - Hide Statusbar on Lockscreen added.
    - QS Panel transparency levels added. (qs styles in next release)
    - Only show BT icon when device is connected.
    - Dual Channel added into Bluetooth Audio Channel Mode in dev options.
    - QS detail view arrows added to QS toggles (WiFi, BT, Data, DND only).
    - Fix OTA app theming issues.
    - Add Battery saving mode toggle in Location settings.
    - Add toggle to disable Data disabled indicator in status bar.
    Android Q Stuff
    - Lockscreen Clock Styles added. (q clock in next release)
    - Update network & internet and security & location icons in Settings app to match Q DP4.
    - Add seekbar to media notifications.
    - QS Panel adapted to Q style.
    - Added icon to Private DNS in network & internet Settings.
    - Add media info in keyguard slice.
    Device Changelog
    - Added OnePlus Camera & Gallery
    Encryption has been disabled

    #KeepEvolving :highfive:
    Just a quick update for you guys (OTA is also live)!


    - Bring back old Gaming Mode QS tile
    - Remove Gaming Mode settings
    - Remove Playground
    - Revert Location QS tile to old behavior
    - Added 2017 Google wallpaper reel
    - latest lawnchair alpha 2382 (replaces pixel launcher)
    - Added two live wallpapers from op7pro (Gold & Gray)
    - Update to clang 9.0.6

    Latest Firmware:

    Latest Build:

    Telegram Group:
    Update is out!

    - Updated blobs from OOS 9.0.7
    - Updated props from OOS 9.0.7
    - kronic kernel Is now built in
    - Built in Google Camera DotFix v5.0
    - Fixed OOS cam support (portrait, pro & slowmo)
    - Fixed Face Unlock
    - fixed flashlight gesture
    - revert setting read ahead to 128kb post boot
    - Add OnePlus Camera support for OP devices
    - Add Swipe start height setting for OP Gestures
    - Add support for AVC level 6.2
    - Add NFC sounds (for devices with NFC, ofc)
    - Add NLP combo feature (network location provider)
    - Set default network location provider to None
    - Update navbar when changing display density
    - Update signal bar when data switches during voice calls
    - Disable SIM lock page when inserting correct SIM
    - Fix SIM PIN unlock when using dual SIM dual standby

    9.0.7 FW:

    Latest build: