[ROM][9.0][OFFICIAL] FlokoROM v2.0 [clover/Mi Pad 4]

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Mar 3, 2009
OnePlus 8 Pro
FlokoROM v3.0 (based on Android10) for clover is now available on new thread.

Hey I've noticed a problem in 2.0, maybe related to task killing/battery saving or something like that.

If I start recording the screen (with apps like AZ Screen Recorder, but also with the built-in), and then open a game, the screen recorder app gets closed.
Similar behaviour with Youtube Premium (which allows keeping the audio playback with screen off). After a couple seconds of turning off the screen, youtube closes.

I haven't faced this behaviour with any other roms, miui or custom. Do you have a hint about this?

Thank you!

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    Your warranty is now void.

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
    Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it!
    YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    Floko-specific features:
    • OmniSwitch included
    • Kawaii Easter Egg in Floko Settings
    • Remove Music Player
    • Remove Font Packages (Did Google release "Product Sans" under open source license???)

    crDroid and LineageOS features:
    • SmartNav(SmartBar, Fling, Pulse...)
    • Network traffic monitor
    • switch 4G/LTE icon
    • Battery bar
    • Statusbar Quick/Smart pulldown
    • QS columns
    • Lockscreen customization
    • Switch "Recents" style
    • HW button configurations
    • Expanded desktop
    • Rounded corners
    • Style(Theming)
    • Volume panel customization
    • brand-new dashboard
    • media seekbar

    Hardware-specific Features

    I have an 8" wifi model of Mi Pad 4. so I can't test other version's hardware-specific features like cellular and fingerprint scanner.

    • dt2w
    • smart (magnetic) cover
    • Night light with LiveDisplay
    • grayscale (both "Reading Mode" and "Digital Wellbeing")
    • aptX Audio

    Known Issues

    • Lockscreen is Landscape mode only
      Maybe aosp issue, plz tell me if you know "it's fixed in other ROM!"
    • If you encountered other issues, please tell me

    How to Install

    2. (First time) Wipe /system, /data, /cache, Dalvik/ART Cache
    3. Flash ROM, GApps, Magisk(optional), ...
    4. Reboot to System
    5. Enjoy.


    love. respect. and love.

    • GuaiYiHu (device & kernel are based on his work)
    • crDroid
    • LineageOS
    • OmniROM
    • Dirty Unicorns
    • AICP



    Source Codes

    XDA:DevDB Information
    FlokoROM, ROM for the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

    Source Code: https://github.com/FlokoROM

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    Based On: crDroid

    Version Information
    Status: Beta
    Current Beta Version: v2.0
    Beta Release Date: 2019-10-15

    Created 2019-02-19
    Last Updated 2019-10-15
    FlokoROM v3 RC is here!


    FlokoROM v3 (based on Android 10) is coming!

    warn: MUST format /data before flash

    known issue: (SafetyNet) ctsProfile: fail

    testing build: https://mega.nz/#!Z7RBAILQ!eimfwbkiujcpKTPHr8j-NQi4iJiRWVfihdAJGSaY6fQ
    TWRP: https://mega.nz/#!CQQRwSAL!VX34bYDiiZCfYAIE03ZhIfkhxyx7-fb1wm1rI6abVek
    (optional) Disable ForceEncrypt: https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/universal-dm-verity-forceencrypt-t3817389
    additional information


    Why this ROM encrypting my /data partition? How to disable it?
    FlokoROM enabled forceencrypt for /data partition as default to avoid the issue ( https://github.com/FlokoROM-Devices...mmit/d83e5ebd7b826d53b3aa49faa3d824c397e4ba2f )
    and keep your data securely.

    If you don't want encryption, you can use this https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/universal-dm-verity-forceencrypt-t3817389 .
    note: This Disabler require formatted /data . you can use it at first time you flash Floko. DO NOT use for already encrypted /data .

    first time: in TWRP, Format Data(THIS WILL ERASE YOUR DATA) -> Flash Floko -> OpenGApps(optional) -> Magisk(recommended) -> Flash Disabler .
    update: Flash Floko -> OpenGApps(optional) -> Magisk(recommended) -> Flash Disabler.

    What is "recommended TWRP"?
    some TWRP couldn't decrypt /data correctly. we recommend mokee's one.

    Why FlokoROM doesn't support "Fast Charge"?
    Hardware issue. Mi Pad 4 DOES NOT support ANY "fast charge", 5V/2A is max (depend on charger and cable).


    You can read full changelog (Git changes) in FlokoROM. Open Settings -> Floko Settings -> about FlokoROM -> current changelog .

    Floko-v2.0-clover-20191212_060504-OFFICIAL: 2019.12 release
      * Include 2019-12-05 security patch levels
    Floko-v2.0-clover-20191114_033716-OFFICIAL: 2019.11 release
      * Include 2019-11-05 security patch levels
      * added seekbar to media notification: like Android Q
    Floko-v2.0-clover-20191015_073807-OFFICIAL: 2019.10 release
      * Include 2019-10-05 security patch levels
      * no new feature (maintainance)
    Floko-v2.0-clover-20190915_100553-OFFICIAL: 2019.09 release
      * Include 2019-09-05 security patch levels
      * kernel has been rebased
      * re-enabled "Force activities to be resizable" (does it work?)
    Floko-v2.0-clover-20190817_084433-OFFICIAL: 2019.08 release
      * Include 2019-08-01 security patch levels
      * Update kernel to 4.4.185
      * Gaming Mode: now you can disable ADB when you turned on
    Floko-v2.0-clover-20190707_160503-OFFICIAL: 2019.07 release
      * Include 2019-07-05 security patch levels
      * Update kernel to 4.4.181
      * Added Gaming Mode (block notifications, disable automatic brightness, ...)
      * Substratum settings integration in "Interface" category (require "substratum theme engine")
    Floko-v2.0-clover-20190610_024932-OFFICIAL: 2019.06 release
      * Include 2019-06-05 security patch levels
      * Update kernel to 4.4.180
      * Now you can use OmniSwitch as Recents
      * Add Android Q style battery icon
    Floko-v2.0-clover-20190515_072709-OFFICIAL: 2019.05 release
      * Include 2019-05-05 security patch levels
      * Update kernel to 4.4.179
      * Renewal bootanimation
    Floko-v2.0-clover-20190416_014344-OFFICIAL: april release
      * Include 2019-04-05 security patch levels
      * Update kernel to 4.4.178
      * Use Snap as default camera app
      * Show our logo in "about device" dialog
      * Add "Restart SystemUI" button
      * Fix old style cellular icons
    Floko-v2.0-clover-20190318_110436-OFFICIAL: renewal
      * v2.0 (based on crDroid)
      * Doze and LiveDisplay are back
      * Include 2019-03-05 security patch levels

    old releases changelog (based on AICP):
    floko_clover_p-9.0-OFFICIAL-20190219_070313: First Official release!
      * SELinux is now Enforcing
      * Enabled forceencrypt on /data (but your data doesn't encrypt at this time)
      * Disable useless DisplayMode settings (finally!)
    floko_clover_p-9.0-EXPERIMENTAL-20190207_004509: Initial public release (experimental)
      * Support "Night lights" and "Grayscale" screen
    (feature does work, but you can see DisplayMode settings that does not work)
      * Remove LineageOS LiveDisplay(we don't use lineage-sdk)

    It's final build of FlokoROM v2.

    Security patch level: 2020-03-05
    New feature: none

    FlokoROM v3 (Android10): soon™
    Floko-v2.0-clover-20190817_084433-OFFICIAL is up! (2019-08 security patch included)

    check OP and #2 .