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[ROM][9.0 Pie][MIUI] Mi Globe (PCFMIXM) - EOL Edition [Stable][UNOFFICIAL]

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Senior Member
Apr 7, 2011
I am daily driving the rom for last 30 days and it's running amazing for me. Only has during payment apps like Paytm, Gpay, Phonepay it shows that it's a rooted device. Even after hiding in magisk module I am having the same issue. Anyone has this issue ans has any solution this problem? This issue is happening only recently from last 15-20 days.


New member
Jul 25, 2021
How to remove Added Apps: GetApps, YouTube Vanced, Viper4Arise?

I deleted them by Magisk, but after remove Magisk (unroot), they returned.
I can't use Vanced Manage to update youtube btw.

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    ====================== Disclaimer ======================
    You know this warning already. So I want remind you again!!
    I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
    Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it!!
    YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you blame me in any way for what happens to your device,
    I will laugh at you.
    BOOM! Goes the dynamite

    ~|| MI Globe Changelogs ||~

    Lock screen
    Fix – Incorrect date format for English (UK) locale

    Fix – Request dialog for custom permissions were not displayed

    New – Added more currencies in the currency calculator

    Screen time
    Fix – Chinese locale was being randomly forced on the app

    One-handed mode
    Fix – One-handed mode was unavailable when any Accessibility service is active

    Optimization – Remove online content in Settings -> Display -> System font, Settings -> Wallpaper and Settings -> Themes
    Fix – Font search results were not visible in dark mode
    Fix – “Choose online ringtone” option was opening China ringtones channel

    New – You can write basic information about your health to be able to show it to health care providers in case of emergency now
    New – You can delete data sources now (except of current phone and data sources which have been added manually)
    Fix – Inaccurate standing detection and incorrect calculation of exercise intensity during running issues
    Fix – Removed “Version” preference in Health app (opened a Xiaomi Market web page, version can still be checked in About)
    Fix – Crashes on any screen other than the main screen (Turkish only)​

    ~|| Device Specific Changelogs ||~
    • SYSTEM:
    - Based upon xiaomi.eu MIUI 12
    - Android Security Patch: August 1, 2020
    - Partial Screenshot Added
    - On-Screen Navbar Removed
    - GAPPS updated to Latest
    - Glove Mode Added
    - AOD Added
    - Added Access to Unlimited AOD Screens
    - YouTube Vanced Added
    - System Apps Updater aka GetApps Added
    - HW Buttons Lights Working
    - Many Languages Added

    • Performance:
    - Merged with Stability Mod v.2.3 - Pie Edition
    - Thermal Engine v2.0 Added
    - System Cool down Tweaks Added
    - Game Boosting Tweaks Added
    - ROM OverClocked to 3.1GHz
    - SAR Revalued to 0.215W/Kg

    • Audio/Sound:
    - MI Sound Enhancer Removed
    - ClearAudio+ Added
    - Acid Audio Support Added
    - Viper4FX Added
    - Dolby Atmos Added
    - A.R.I.S.E. Sound Engine Added
    - System wide Dirac Sound Added
    - Added FLAC Audio Support (Use PowerAmp)

    • Networks & Connectivity:
    - BT Calls & BT Media Fully Working
    - Dual 4G Added (Experimental)
    - VoLTE on 2nd Sim Added (Experimental)
    - Dual GPS Added
    - Global GPS Fix Added
    - Geocoding Merged into System

    • Camera:
    - Device Watermark Added
    - 4K 30FPS Support
    - Added Chroma Flash
    - Added HDR Support
    - Added Support for Enhancing Lowlight Photos Automatically
    - Added Capture Selected Objects when Stationary Support

    • Security:
    - Goodix/FPC FP Working
    - Face Unlock Working
    - Dual FaceID Support Added
    - Google Pay Support Added
    - Banking Security Added
    - Chinese Server Connection Removed
    - Russian BlackHat Server Removed
    - Indian Banking Server Added
    - Registered ROM into Google & Xiaomi Server

    • Root Access:
    - Magisk v20.3 Added
    - Playstore Device Certified
    - SafetyNet Passed
    - CTS Passed
    - Banking Security Passed
    - Netflix Support Added
    - Widevine L3 Support Added
    ~|| Bugs & Fixes ||~
    - Almost None, Best for Daily Driver
    - To Run Banking Apps, Magisk Hide + Hide Magisk Manager Needed
    ~|| Wanna Try this Awesomeness?? ||~
    ~|| I know, You Know, but still, Do these ||~
    1. Download the ROM and put it into SDCard
    2. Reboot to Recovery (Recommended: OrangeFox R10.0 Stable / TWRP 3.3.1-0)
    3. Do Normal Wipe
    4. Flash my rom
    5. Wipe Cache
    6. Reboot System
    7. Device will reboot 2 times
    8. After rebooting, it will take around 5~10 mins to boot up fully
    • Github Release
    • Sourceforge Release

    Almost 4.3K+ WorldWide Downloads Completed

    Developer: @Siddharth_Sarkar
    Device: Redmi Note 4/4x aka Mido
    Build Date: August 20, 2020
    Android Version: Android 9.0 Pie
    ROM Size: 1.84 GB

    #MIUI #MiGlobe #Stable #MIUI12 #EOL #EndOfLife

    Last Updated: August 28, 2020
    Date Created: August 28, 2020
    Has anyone else had trouble charging the phone?
    It makes the charging sound, and it does not show any animation, I turned it off, and off I put it to charge, but it did not charge until I turned it on.
    I had to restart it several times until it took the normal charge. (That is, it shows charging animation, and you notice that the battery charge increases)

    --Upgrade -
    - Wipe cache
    - Wipe dalvik
    -wipe data

    - I set from 0
    during the initial configuration I try to load it
    -fail at first
    I plug the cable back in and charge.

    After a few minutes I plug the cable back in but the fault reappears
    - I change the theme (Slimpak light) and the theme shows the loading animation, but not the system UI, nor does it show the charging led.
    - Reboot
    - I try to load it
    -fail at first
    I plug the cable back in and charge.

    Basically I didn't understand what you want to say ?
    Congrats for this excelent rom...for ur excelente work!! [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]
    For me its perfect..working 100% [emoji106][emoji41]

    Enviado do meu Redmi Note 4 através do Tapatalk
    I have problems to be able to load the phone, it happens only with this ROM.
    Before installing I had the firm MIUI 11 and never failed.
    When plugging in the charger cable, sometimes the system recognizes that it is charging, sometimes not.
    I have to reboot and try many times in a row to get it to load.

    But only that mistake I had for the rest is a very beautiful Rom.

    From my usage, I never faced this issue, might be some system inbuilt files got removed, you might need to flash firmware