[ROM] [9.0 r46] Pixys OS 2.4 [OFFICIAL] for z2_plus[TREBLE] | 4.4 Kernel | [ENFORCING

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Aug 30, 2018
Okay just flashed the ROM. Now my phone's touch is not working. Like it works for 2 seconds after unlocking the phone and then stops. I had faced this issue earlier as well but it was never for this long. Any suggestions on what should I do?
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    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
    * Your warranty is... still valid? 
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, 
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please 
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM 
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if 
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. 


    Pixys is a butter smooth Android aftermarket firmware. We handpicked the best features around and are adding our own juice into it.
    Get ready to taste the unique features it brings with itself.
    We aim to deliver an experience with original ideas and features along with the useful things the community is accustomed to.



    Support Us if you like our work [SIZE=+1]

    Got an issue or suggestion? Reach us at[/SIZE]Telegram:. https://telegram.me/pixysos_chat


    Networks And Internet
    - Roaming Indicator
    - 4G Icon
    - VoLTE icon
    - Show Data Disabled Icon

    Apps and Notifications
    - Heads Up

    Battery icon customization

    - Portrait, Circle, Dotted circle, Text & hidden battery icon styles
    - Hidden, Next to the icon & inside the icon battery % styles
    - New charging animation Added to Battery Manager from Pixel Devices

    Display settings customization
    - Font size customization according to percentage
    - Toast App Icon (Toggable)
    - Lockscreen Charging Info (Toggable)
    - DTS(Status Bar) (Toggable)
    - 21 Accents Added
    - Dark Theme Added
    - Black Theme Added
    - Accidental Touch
    - Recent UI (oreo/pie)
    - Dashboard Conditions
    - Dashboard Sugesstions

    Sound settings customization
    - Short Cut to prevet Ring added(Pressing power + volume up)
    - Screnshot Sound (Toggable)
    - Charging Vibration (Toggable)

    Security settings customization
    - Auto Face Unlock (Toggable)
    - fingerprint Authentication Viberation (Toggable)
    - DTS on Lockscreen (Toggable)
    - Apps Ops
    - Lockscreen Powermenue Visibility

    Button settings customization
    - Volume rocker playback control (Toggable)
    - Volume rocker wake (Toggable)
    - Volume key cursor control
    - Clear All Button
    - Navigation bar (Toggable)
    - Navigation bar customization

    - Pixel ringtones
    - Powermenu customization
    - Battery light customization
    - Lockscreen shortcuts
    - New Wallpaper Credits to @kvijaya
    - OTA Updates support


    Pixys: PixysOS
    Pixys Device Sources: PixysOSDevices

    Before using the ROM:
    Q. Can I have an ETA for the next build?
    A. Yes, just look in the OP to see if your device is built on a nightly or weekly schedule.

    Q. Does this ROM support custom kernels?
    A. No. You can still use them, but discussion should go in the thread of the respective kernel. We don't offer support for bugs you might encounter while using them!

    Q. Why doesn't this ROM support Xposed?
    A. Xposed is a hack that is geared towards AOSP, custom ROM's modify the framework a lot, so Xposed can cause a ton of issues on custom ROM's. Now it might work for you, however it is not to be discussed in this thread, and you should refrain from posting bug reports.

    Q. Alright, but I still want to flash Xposed, so which version do I need to install?
    A. You will need to use the version arm64/arm/whatever for SDK 27.

    Flashing the ROM:
    Q. What do I need to know before flashing?
    A. Check the install instructions in the first post...

    Q. Can the builds be dirty flashed over each other?
    A. Yes, however make a nandroid backup first as there is a chance of getting a bootloop or encountering bugs. Also bugs may only be reported on a clean flash.

    Q. How do I dirty flash builds?
    A. Wipe the System, Cache and ART/Dalvik cache. Flash the ROM, GApps (only needed if you wipe the system), your preferred root solution and reboot. Or just use the OTA app to preform that task for you.

    Q. How do I flash kernel builds?
    A1. If it's a .img file, boot into TWRP and go to the install page in TWRP, in the bottom right corner select "install image", select the desired kernel, then select "boot", then swipe to flash, then go back to the install screen and install your root method again, if you don't want to loose root and reboot.A2. If it's a flashable ZIP, you can flash it together with a ROM update or separately. Go to the install page in TWRP, choose the kernel zip (or add it to the flash queue right after the ROM zip). Then add your root method to the queue if you don't want to loose root. Now swipe to flash, and then reboot.

    Using the ROM:

    Q. I installed a bad theme and now I'm getting a bootloop, how do I fix it?A. In TWRP, flash the substratum rescue zip that's in the substratum folder on the internal storage.

    Q. Do I need to provide a logcat if I'm reporting a bug?
    A. If you want it to be fixed faster (or at all) then yes, you should definitely provide a logcat. (Note: Please just link the logcat from your GDrive, Dropbox, etc. and do not post the content here. Thanks.

    Q. How do I get a logcat, what type should I get and more questions that can conveniently be answered by my pre-determined answer?A1. Read this thoroughly. Also, here's a good app for getting logs: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tortel.syslog (Root needed).


    The ROM should contain everything you need to enjoy Android. You don't need to install any Add-on's, simply download the latest ROM, GApps, flash it and go!If you want the device to run the ROM "rooted", you can flash a root solution of your choice after the ROM Zipfile. It is STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing and please avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup as this can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug.
    If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience any strange behavior.


    - Backup your personal data (Important)
    - Download the ROM and GApps and transfer them to your device.
    - Boot to recovery (TWRP recommended).
    - Wipe the System, Cache, Data and ART/Dalvik cache.
    - Flash the ROM + Gapps Zipfile.
    - Flash the root solution of your choice (optional).
    - Reboot your device.

    The ROM has GApps persistence in between dirty flashes, so you only have to flash them once!
    The root solution should be flashed together with every update (= ROM Update)

    Currently Supported Root Solutions:

    Magisk stableMagisk versions higher than 14.0 doesn't require flash on every dirty flash depending on the device, some devices need you to flash it every time, unless your maintainer says otherwise it should be fine


    ROM: Download Latest from source forge

    GApps: OpenGApps


    Bootanimation not Looping You will face dark screen for sometime during First Boot


    - Google for AOSP
    - AOSCP
    - Dirty Unicorns
    - Bootleggers
    - Pixel experience
    - AOSP extended
    - LineageOS
    - Nitrogen Os
    - Bootleggers Rom
    - AICP & POSP Team for thread template idea
    - Also many pro devs who all help us to bring this rom to you..
    - Please let us know if we forgot to mention your name in credits..​

    XDA:DevDB Information Contributors:


    Kernel source:


    Device source:


    ROM OS Version: 9.x.x Pie
    ROM Kernel:
    Linux 4.4x
    Based On: AOSP
    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Version: v2.4
    Its been a couple of weeks since I have switched from AEX 6.0 (Pie) + Nameless R22 (EAS) setup to Pixys OS 2.4 and here is my experience so far. Before continuing, you may read my user review for AEX 6.0 setup.

    If I may pickup from that AEX 6.0 review, although the ROM was working without any major bugs or issues but the experience wasn't smooth enough. Some how it lacked the polish and fine tuning and that promoted me look for something else. @RaZoR747 at a PubG ROM related thread suggested me about Pixys OS and that drove me to this ROM.

    So lets start,


    Coming from AEX 6.0, most of the baseband/firmware related work was already done so its a straight forward installation. Wiping everything and doing a clean flash of ROM + GApps (Nano). No hiccups, ROM booted up nicely and setup was straight forward. Nothing special to report. However if you are coming from Oreo ROMs with older baseband/bootloader/firmware, you may need to get the latest before installing this one. Refer to the first post of OP for further clarification.

    I don't have ROOT or any extra mods, only ROM with default kernel. Little surprised to see this ROM using Nameless as its default kernel.


    Regular Use / UI Feeling

    Fluid and butter smooth. Two words are enough. Extremely satisfying experience. Better than Oreo Treble ROMs that I have been using before switching to Pie. It does remind me about that raw performance of non treble ROMs. Blazing fast operation just makes you fall in love with this phone again. Never even for once gives you the urge to feel jealous about that new Dual Camera device of your peeps. I do have another Xiaomi Redmi Note5Pro as backup device but this setup simply blows that away. As I keep on using and load up the apps and their backup (like for example, WhatsApp restored a few GBs of data), one may expect to see some performance hit, but no, this one seems to be utilizing the full benefit of SD820. System continues to be as fast as a clean slate !!

    Unlike the issue I faced with AEX, the CPU core frequency isn't stuck at their respective highest clock speed but rather do come down to their minimum state for most of the time and thus, not surprisingly the device runs much cooler than my previous AEX installation.


    Default launcher is butter smooth, but really simple and it takes bit of digging to find that option to enable on screen buttons. I dont use uTouch so had a hard time till I found the option to enable that on screen navigation buttons.

    I stayed with Default launcher for a few days before moving to me usual regular using launcher, that is Apex Classic. However I do use Pixel Icon pack 2 but for some reason, with this ROM, Google Play Store isn't even showing me the app so stuck with the default icon set of this ROM.


    I use this device for a lot of office related working, along side of social and financial apps. Most of them are working flawlessly, expect a few, as they refused to run on unlocked bootloader for security reasons. App load timing or app switching is multi tasking is butter smooth. If anyone switch from ZUI 2.5 (Indian) to this ROM, they may find it hard to believe this is to be the same device.


    If you are a fan of Resurrection Remix level of Customization, then look else where. This ROM pleases people like me who prefer a stable and simple setup. Options are very limited but you do get things which matters. Like notification, icons, battery or such. What I don't like are the way this customization options are hidden in menu. One has to dig deep to find them. Dev may want to rebel the options and put them under a separate more pronounced and easy to find menu item.

    What is working / What is not

    Under my regular use for last few weeks, I am unable to find anything which isn't working. Basically everything works. Let's go one by one in no particular order.

    USB File transfer is working
    WiFi Sharing is Working.
    Bluetooth is working and I am able to pair it up with my car and make phone calls or enjoy music streaming via Gaana type apps.
    Navigation / GPS is working fine, expect for those odd days when Google Map simple takes to a hellish off roading detour.
    OTG is working with my USB-C adapter and pen / thumb drives
    Proximity sensors are working.
    Google Camera Mods / Portrait Mode / 120fps slowmo working.

    Talking about Camera, default camera isn't that good, but thankfully Google Cam ports, Open Camera, are working fine. However the Videos are coming pretty dark in indoor location. Specially the slow motion videos are pretty useless under night shooting or indoor. One has to have desktop editing software to crank up the exposer to get some meaningful results.

    Network / Speed / Calls / Performance

    I have dual SIM setup. Running Indian networks of Jio 4G VoLTE (Primary SIM) / AirTel (2nd SIM). There are no visual indication of network fluctuations like Oreo ROMs with Jio. Network is stable and phone is able to detect all 3 available 4G bands of Jio (850/1800/2300MHz). Internet speed is also satisfactory, at par with any other ROMs. Easily clocking over 50Megs when ever network supports carrier aggregation (CA or 4G+).

    Coming to WiFi, unlike few ROMs limiting the 2.4GHz link speed at 72 mbps, this ROM supports channel bonding by default and allows full 150mbps link speed. However for some reason, most of the time it stays at 72mbps with my home DLink router.


    Phone calls are load and clear with both SIM. So much so that usually I have to keep the volume to lowest when ever I am in indoor office condition. I feel the ear piece volume is bit load. But completely opposite with the ring tone with external speaker. The ringing volume feels on lower side. Surprisingly the speakers seem to work better when playing movie via VLC. May be the ring tones are to blame for the lower volume and talking about ring tones, the options are really limited. I wish dev includes more ring tone options to choose from.

    Gaming / PubG..

    Devs feel irritated with our obsession with a poorly optimized game like PubG, but what can you when you are some what addicted and attracted towards it ?? ha ha.

    Yeah, PubG is running good with medium settings without any GPU/kernel related mod. They new snow update seems to have made the game much smoother so default kernel and this ROM is giving really good performance. Heat is really well managed, and being winter, longer session aren't letting the fingers feel the heat or any sign of thermal throttling !!

    Other games are not worth mentioning since they are well built app, they run butter smooth in anyway.

    Battery / Backup / Charging Speed

    My device is close to year old so someone with newer battery may get even better result than me. I strictly follow 20-80% charge cycle on regular use and I do full charge once a week. Having said that, at times, I do use power banks for those quick top up to 70-80% regardless of the percentage remaining.

    By far the best Custom ROM when compare to previous Treble Oreo or AEX Pie that I have tried. When ever I am using the phone for mainly office/social/entertainment(streaming/youtube/movies) related work without any gaming session, it's easily giving 7+ hours of SoT with outstanding standby time. Deep sleep is working excellent, idle drain is really well controlled, less than 0.5% an hour with WiFi + Dual SIM on.


    Now adding PubG or other games to this mix does effect the SoT. PubG is consuming around 35-40% per hour so one may end up with 2h30mins of SoT with continual PubG sessions. But a casual gamer like me with a couple of match before bed time or in afternoon ends up with around 5h30mins to 6h of SoT.

    Overall outstanding battery backup if you ask me.

    Moving on to charging, here there isn't much to talk about, since it is pretty much the same as like any other Oreo or Pie Custom ROM that I have tried. Default Charger is charging at rate of around 2250-2300 mA on average. As or if the Battery temps go high, the charge slows down. If we talk about this in real world, usually the phone is charging 2% or bit more per minute when battery is really low like around 15% till it goes up high 30s. From there it slows down to 1% per minute till it reaches mid 80s. The last 85-100 per, it slows down a lot and takes its own sweet time to do full 100%.


    Overall Impression !!

    Outstanding experience so far.

    Yes there are issues, like camera shooting darker video, or limited customization but no ROM is perfect in that sense. All of them have their stronger aspects and negative issues.

    This ROM is shining and giving out standing performance for people like me who prefer taking headache of fiddling, working, troubleshooting for once and find a stable setup and then enjoy the benefits daily. This ROM just does that. Outstanding Battery backup, no hiccups and fluid performance is making me fall in love this phone again.

    Highly recommended from me if you can sacrifice on bit of default customization options.
    The update will be pushed tomorrow ;
    Change log

    Rom side ;-

    * Stock Recents/Overview icon pack support
    * Support per-app icon and label customization
    * Lockscreen Clock Styles: Introduce Q style text clock
    * Agressive battery settings
    * Cellular qs tile from OOS
    * Lockscreen cover art filter
    * Location tile : make it cycle modes
    * Added Cpu info toggle tile
    * Added deep sleep info into uptime
    * improved dark theme

    Device side ;-

    * fixed audio issues
    * fixed volte issues
    * switched to cfq
    * kernel : merged latest caf tag
    * kernel : added boeffla wakelock blocker

    OTA pushed
    PixysOS 2.4
    UPCOMING BUILD :silly:

    • January Security Patch
    • New qs tiles
    • Font Manager
    • Full Navbar gestures
    • Customisable status bar clock/time options
    • Themes improvement
    • More and better accents to select from
    • Theme/accents tile picker added
    • Bootanimation blackout fixed
    • Multi-Sim ringtone selector
    • New sound picker ui from pixel
    • Weather Client Improvement
    • Major source improvements & bug fixes

    Device ;

    • Updated thermels from daisy_sprout
    • qti_telephony blobs from daisy
    • Updated Powerhal
    • Airtel & Vodafone Volte
    • Improved Audio *
    • Major improvements from zuk_devs git


    Those who are interested to test can join this telegram chat ;
    Changelog For Feb Build

    1. February Security Patch Merged (android 9.0.0 r33)
    2. Fixed Updater changelog Link
    3. Fixed Updater Downloading issue on Enforced Build
    4. Improved The Document app UI
    5. Improved Animation during opening messaging App
    6. Improved our launcher and removed useless stuff
    7. Improved the Google Sound Picker permission
    8. Improved theme related stuff
    9. Improved Dialer UI
    10. Removed Now Play Feature
    11. Add Battery Temperature
    12. Add Sound Tile
    13. Add Animation On keyguard while Charging (credit to AOSCP team)
    14. Add Toggle to unlock the phone by Fingerprint on every Reboot.
    15. Add switch for linked ring and media notification volumes
    16. Add Night Light brightness mode options
    17. Add One Hand Gesture
    18. Add One Plus Switches default one
    19. Workaround for some banking apps wrongly telling that we are rooted (Tested in BHIM And TEZ (still need to disable phone services for TEZ)), Without any magisk or any module.

    Device Specific

    * updated huge changes from zuk-devs
    * switched back to /factory instead of renaming it to /vendor Refer to Post #3 for info
    * switched to Bubblewrap EAS™ by @ajaivasudeve
    * added some vector icons in zukDoze
    * added spectrum support
    * kernel compiled with clang 8.0.8
    * added call recording overlay

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