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[ROM][9.0][UNOFFICIAL] [G800F/M/Y] crDroid 5.12 (P) [2021-03-14]

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Oct 13, 2014
I'm still on crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200915-kminilte-v5.12 - do not use the phone often. With Airplane mode the battery lasts almost 2 weeks ;-)
But I can confirm that the GUI is extremely slow. I will now try updating to twrp-3.5.0_9-0-kminilte.img and then do a dirty flash of crDroidAndroid-9.0-20201223-kminilte-v5.12 and open_gapps-arm-9.0-pico-20210203 since I would prefer to not have to reset and reinstall a lot.

EDIT1: after doing the dirty flash now since over 60 min I see the crDroid loading screen...

EDIT2: clean install of first crDroid+opengapps and then crDroid only resulted in the same bootup crDroid loading screen.
Hints on what could cause or solve this appreciated.

EDIT3: I now successfully installed lineage-16.0-20210116-UNOFFICIAL-kminilte+(microG).zip
So not sure why the last crDroidAndroid did not start up.
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Nov 7, 2013


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Oct 1, 2016
Updated the rom to include security patches from December and January. md5:
a38e46279680d5cd37f63012a618e429  crDroidAndroid-9.0-20210313-kminilte-v5.12.zip

it also includes the following prebuilt apps: (both: fdroid release)
SimpleKeyboard (https://github.com/rkkr/simple-keyboard), keyboard for smaller screens
LastLauncher (https://github.com/SubhamTyagi/Last-Launcher), very RAM friendly launcher
Is it better now? The last versions were slow, crashing and so on.

Where did the Android 7 version of crdoid go? I might go back to that. Can't find it so far.


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Oct 1, 2016
I went back to Crdroid 3.7 for my friend with the s5 Mini. I guess it is just too old for Android 9. It was so slow and frozen. Emergency calls could be done within 5 minutes or so.


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Dec 13, 2017
Do you have no access to Dropbox at all, or just the one from #1?
I've got the file but only Dropbox possible for me.
i tried to download it ten times but at the end it drops connections for some reason so it's not possible to finish downloading. just plz upload it anyware except that ****y dropbox


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Oct 1, 2016
Hi All,
Installed this rom on my S5 MINI. its running extremely slow. A lot sluggish than its stock rom.
Any idea why?
Is this ROM too heavy for S5 Mini?
Should I try some other ROM?

Thanks in Advance.
These newer versions nev er worked for me. The 9 from last spring was better. But never good. I went back to 7.0 on my friends S5 mini. I think there is no newer android for S5 mini that works.
These newer versions nev er worked for me. The 9 from last spring was better. But never good. I went back to 7.0 on my friends S5 mini. I think there is no newer android for S5 mini that works.
Thanks a lot for caring to reply.

Would you kindly provide me with the link to the ROM that you ended up using? I am happy to go back 7.0, as long as it can be rooted and have decent performance.


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Oct 1, 2016
Thanks a lot for caring to reply.

Would you kindly provide me with the link to the ROM that you ended up using? I am happy to go back 7.0, as long as it can be rooted and have decent performance.

That works fast and fluent. Root able with Magisk. All perfect. I never found any newer Android that actually works.
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The 9 from last spring was better.

That works fast and fluent. Root able with Magisk. All perfect. I never found any newer Android that actually works.
Thanks you so very much.

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    crDroid 5.12 (Android Pie) for the Exynos3470 based Samsung Galaxy S5 mini (G800F/G800M/G800Y) [UC]

    "crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. We're mainly based on LineageOS so use custom kernels compatible with them!" (crdroid)

    * Flashing this rom and/or altering system software may void your warranty.
    * You proceed at your own responsibility.
    * I am not responsible for any damage that might be caused by flashing this image (bricked device, lost data, ...)
    * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it

        •    Android 9.0.0 [>=r63]
        •    Pixel look and feel
        •    crDroid Settings - Our own chamber of secrets with below customization settings
        •    OTA notification for officially supported devices
        •    crDroid Music - Music player based on Phonograph
        •    crDroid Home - Revamped and customized launcher with Google now integration
        •    ART and BIONIC optimizations
    Status Bar
        •    Status Bar icons toggle (including NFC)
        •    Clock style
        •    Clock & date customizations
        •    Network Traffic monitor and customizations
        •    Native superuser icon toggle
        •    Old style mobile signal icons toggle
        •    4G icon toggle
        •    Roaming indicator toggle
        •    BT battery status toggle
        •    VoLTE toggle
        •    Battery style and percentage customizations
        •    Battery bar customizations
        •    Custom logo customizations
        •    Tap to sleep toggle
        •    Quick pulldown customizations
        •    Smart pulldown customizations
    Quick Settings
        •    BT battery status
        •    Rows/columns configuration
        •    Tile title toggle
        •    Vibrate on touch toggle
        •    Brightness slider configuration
        •    Clock in quick status bar header
        •    Auto brightness toggle
        •    VPN alert toggle in footer
        •    User account icon toggle in footer
        •    Edit tiles icon in footer
        •    Running services icon in footer
        •    crDroid Settings icon shortcut in footer
    Lock Screen
        •    Shortcuts on bottom of screen
        •    Clock style (including Android Q style)
        •    Clock font style
        •    Date font style
        •    Weather
        •    Music visualization toggle
        •    Media cover art toggle
        •    Battery info toggle
        •    Charging animation toggle
        •    Face auto unlock for recognized trusted faces
        •    Tap to sleep toggle
        •    Fingerprint authentication vibration toggle
        •    Power menu and quick settings on secured lock screen toggle
    Recents Screen
        •    Recents style (QuickStep or AOSP)
        •    Icon pack support
        •    Memory bar (for AOSP only)
        •    Clear all recents (for AOSP only)
        •    Clear all button location (for AOSP only)
        •    Navigation bar toggle
        •    Pie navigation
        •    Interface
        ◦    Navigation mode
        ◦    Pulse customizations
        ◦    Stock navbar customizations
            Swipe up on home button
            Pixel animation
            Show arrow keys while typing
            Navbar tuner
        ◦    Smartbar customizations
        ◦    Fling customizations
        ◦    Navbar height customizations
        •    Gestures
        ◦    One handed mode
        ◦    Carbon gestures
        ◦    Swipe-up gestures
        ◦    System gestures
            Swipe fingerprint settings
            Jump to camera
            Prevent ringing
        •    Power button
        ◦    Advanced restart toggle
        ◦    Power menu customizations
            On-The-Go mode
            Airplane mode
            User Switcher
        ◦    End call with power button
        ◦    Long press power button for torch
        ◦    Automatically turn torch off
        •    Volume buttons
        ◦    Wake device with HW non-capacitive button
        ◦    Answer call with volume button
        ◦    Control playback with volume buttons
        ◦    Keyboard cursor control with volume buttons
        ◦    Reorient volume keys on rotation change
        •    Extras
        ◦    Additional buttons
            Customize notification slider use
        •    Devices with HW keys
        ◦    Disable navigation HW keys
        ◦    Backlight toggle and timeout settings
        ◦    Accidental touch prevention for navigation HW keys
        ◦    HW button mapping
        ◦    Kill app with back button
    User Interface
        •    Ambient display
        ◦    Always on display
        ◦    New notifications wake screen
        ◦    Pulse notificaitons on tilt
        ◦    Pulse notifications on pickup
        ◦    Pulse notificaitons on handwave
        ◦    Pulse notifications on removal from pocket
        •    Animation
        ◦    Screen off animation
        ◦    Scrolling cache
        ◦    Custom animations for system, toast, QS tiles and list view
        •    Blur
        •    Display cutout (for notch devices)
        ◦    Cutout style
        ◦    Stock statusbar height toggle
        ◦    Force full screen apps
        •    Expanded Desktop customizations
        •    Font
        •    Round corners
        •    Smart Pixels
        •    Style
        ◦    Accent color
        ◦    Style (light/dark)
        ◦    Dark mode
        ◦    Notification style
        ◦    Preference switch style
        ◦    Quick settings tile style
        ◦    Quick settings header style
        •    Substratum (needs app installed)
        ◦    Themes
        ◦    Force authorize every theme app
        •    Ticker
        •    Blink flashlight on call
        •    Force expanded notifications toggle
        •    Noisy notifications toggle
        •    Less frequent notifications sounds
        •    Heads up customizations
        •    In call vibration options
        ◦    Vibrate on connect
        ◦    Vibrate on call waiting
        ◦    Vibrate on disconnect
        •    LED customizations for notifications and battery
        •    Charging sounds
        •    Launch music app on headset connect
        •    Screenshot sound toggle
        •    Live volume steps customization
        •    Volume Panel
        •    Aggressive Battery
        •    Suspend actions
        •    Wakelock blocker
        •    Alarm blocker
        •    Show CPU info overlay
        •    Gaming mode
        •    Keyboard Settings
        •    Media Scanner boot behavior customization
        •    Toast icon toggle
        •    Pocket detection - prevents device interaction when inside pocket
    About crDroid
        •    Current changelog
        •    Official website
        •    Translations
        •    Share crDroid
        •    Support us
        •    Github
        •    Telegram
        •    Updates (not available)
        ◦    OTA (not available)
        ◦    Links
        •    The drill
    LineageOS Additional Features
        •    Burnt-in protection
        •    Livedisplay support
        •    Privacy guard with native superuser
        •    Increasing ringtone feature
        •    Unlinked notification sound
        •    Per app data / wifi toggle
    [Custom Kernel/ROM Features]
        [•    CPU underlocked (200 & 300 Mhz available) - thanks @Spookcity]

    Bugs / Notes
    - see the (lineage) thread
    - Not working: Android device encryption​
    - Random wifi disconnects (?)​

    How to install
    with *GAPPS:
    ** Make sure you're running a proper working Recovery (TWRP)
    *** Make sure you've enough battery and a (complete) backup of your data / partitions​
    1) Copy crDroid zip, *gapps zip (for arm / android 9.0) to your device​
    2) Reboot into recovery​
    3) Wipe cache, system, & data (or just cache & system for a dirty flash).​
    [ Fix flash fail (in twrp, adb shell or via filemanager): ">mkdir /cache/recovery" ]​
    4) Flash ROM​
    5) Flash GApps​
    6) Boot up​
    7) For root: AFTER you boot into the ROM, you can go back to recovery and install Magisk XX.x (whatever is most recent).​


    Device tree: github (Spookcity); see lineage thread​
    crdroid: github

    Thanks to...
    - Maintainers of S5 mini (G800F/...) device tree; Spookcity138​
    - crDroid​
    - Google​
    - LineageOS​
    - SlimRoms​
    - AOSPA (Paranoid Android)​
    - OmniRom​
    - NamelessROM​
    - Many others...​

    Version Information:
    [ROM][9.0][UNOFFICIAL] [G800F/M/Y] crDroid 5.9 [Beta] [UC], ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
    Status: stable
    Created: 2018-12-18
    Last Updated: 2021-03-14

    (2021-03-14 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20210313-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -Security patches Dec. '20 and January
    -remove qti optimizations
    (2020-12-24 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20201223-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -dalvik heap changes
    (2020-11-17 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20201116-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -increase recording volume
    (2020-10-18 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20201016-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -rfkill/bluetooth perms change
    -update media codecs
    (2020-09-15 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200915-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -updated sources
    -lots of updates to hardware/kernel/...
    (2020-08-18 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200817-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -updated sources
    (2020-05-22 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200521-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -update sources
    (2020-05-20 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200520-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -switch to 1.5ghz max oc branch
    (2020-05-14 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200518-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -test oc bugfix
    (2020-05-14 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200513-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    - included r56
    - disable buffer age
    - enable memory heap
    (2020-04-17 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200417-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    - included r55
    (2020-04-15 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200415-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -re-enable nfc, ...
    (2020-03-30 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200329-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -disable nfc again
    (2020-03-16 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200315-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -nfc fix
    (2020-03-12 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200312-kminilte-v5.12.zip])
    -updated sources
    -fixes to cover/wifi
    -increase max readahead
    (2020-02-16 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200216-kminilte-v5.11.zip])
    -updated sources
    -widevine fix
    (2020-01-22 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200122-kminilte-v5.11.zip])
    - updated sources
    (2020-01-08 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200108-kminilte-v5.11.zip])
    - updated sources
    (2019-12-20 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20191220-kminilte-v5.10.zip])
    - updated sources
    (2019-11-14 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20191114-kminilte-v5.10.zip])
    - updated sources /device tree
    (2019-10-26 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20191025-kminilte-v5.9.zip])
    - updated sources
    - default swappiness/cache pressure
    (2019-10-16 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20191016-kminilte-v5.9.zip])
    - updated sources /device tree
    (2019-10-12 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20191012-kminilte-v5.8.zip])
    - updated sources
    (2019-09-12 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190912-kminilte-v5.8.zip])
    - updated sources /device tree
    (2019-08-17 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190815-kminilte-v5.7.zip])
    - fast_reauth=1
    - updated sources /device tree
    (2019-08-07 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190803-kminilte-v5.6.zip])
    - Switched to Spookcity's P_custom (thanks!) kernel with some modifications (minus OC but with UC)
    - fast_reauth=0
    - raised swappiness to 20
    - updated sources /device tree
    (2019-07-26 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190725-kminilte-v5.6.zip])
    - Updated sources
    - fast_reauth=1 (from 0) in gps.conf
    (2019-07-12 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190711-kminilte-v5.6.zip])
    - Updated sources/device tree
    - modified gps.conf
    (2019-07-01 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190629-kminilte-v5.5.zip)
    - Updated sources
    (2019-06-23 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190623-kminilte-v5.5.zip])
    - Updated sources
    (2019-06-10 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190610-kminilte-v5.5.zip])
    - Updated sources/Device tree
    (2019-06-01 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190601-kminilte-v5.4.zip])
    - Updated sources/Device tree
    (2019-05-26 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190526-kminilte-v5.4.zip])
    - Updated sources
    - applied patches
    (2019-05-19 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190519-kminilte-v5.4.zip])
    - Updated sources/device
    (2019-05-13 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190513-kminilte-v5.4.zip])
    - Updated sources/device
    (2019-05-05 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-201900505-kminilte-v5.3.zip]):
    - Updated sources/device
    (2019-04-27 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190427-kminilte-v5.3.zip]):
    - Updated sources
    (2019-04-21 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190421-kminilte-v5.3.zip]):
    - Updated sources/device tree
    - (Re-)added FlipFlap
    (2019-04-14 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190414-kminilte-v5.3.zip]):
    - Updated sources/device tree
    (2019-04-08 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190408-kminilte-v5.2.zip]):
    - Updated sources/device tree
    (2019-04-01 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190331-kminilte-v5.2.zip]):
    - Updated sources/device tree
    (2019-03-19 [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190318-kminilte-v5.2.zip]):
    - Updated sources/device tree
    (2019-03-14: [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190313-kminilte-v5.2.zip]
    - Updated sources
    (2019-03-05: [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190305-kminilte-v5.1.zip])
    - Updated sources/device tree
    (2019-03-01: [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190228-kminilte-v5.1.zip])
    - Updated sources/device tree
    (2018-12-19: [crDroidAndroid-9.0-20181218-kminilte-v5.0.zip])
    - Removed FlipFlap App
    - Resynced
    Sorry to update again but now nfc should work:
    2dd186f9987879310faa5b9792640c01  crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200315-kminilte-v5.12.zip

    * I forgot to add that nfc must be turned on when rebooting phone otherwise it won't work.
    Upload new build with Security Patch April (r55):
    9d87eec41a04a11adc8ac0bcf5d7a549  crDroidAndroid-9.0-20200417-kminilte-v5.12.zip
    Updated ROM, md5:
    870e592b19a19bd50753cb6a1cb715b4  crDroidAndroid-9.0-20201223-kminilte-v5.12.zip

    Sorry if the last update made radio crash a bit too often. I mistakenly included a change in the last build which should not have been included.

    I made some changes to dalvik vm, which improved things a bit for me:
    dalvik.vm.heapstartsize=8m (was 16)
    dalvik.vm.heapsize=512m (was 256)

    this should prevent (certain) oom situations. I couldn't reproduce an crash with these settings anymore.
    I uploaded crDroidAndroid-9.0-20190331-kminilte-v5.2.zip which can now be patched with the Nanodroid patcher in order to get signature spoofing and microG.
    Since the incomplete patch for signature spoofing is removed from sources the patcher does not fail anymore.
    To this end, I also set DEX_PREOPT to false here.