[ROM][9.0][X00TD] Pixel Experience [AOSP][r44][2019/07/10][OFFICIAL]

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Aug 23, 2019
Which is stable to use?

I want to flash Pixel Experience on my Max Pro M1. Which should I flash AOSP or CAF. I'm confused about this as on site it is written no updates are given to CAF version and on youtube there are many comments first to roll back to oreo and then flash!

Main reason behind it is I want good battery backup, Good Connectivity and Stable performance. Please answer!


Aug 23, 2019
Battery draining severely!

Battery draining rapidly after flashing PE, does anyone faced this issue? Any troubleshoot?


Senior Member
Dec 12, 2015
When somebody calls! It doesn't rings!
Is there anybody facing the same issue? Even If the settings is set right! It doesn't ring at all

are you sure you're not in dnd mode? because i don't have this problem, i just received a call this morning. the rom is perfect so far.
did you do a clean install or did you dirty flash it over another rom? dirty flashing might cause trouble.


Mar 26, 2014
Hi! First, I dirty flashed PE from June update(20190615-0602) to the latest one now (20190824-0721). When trying to do so, it complained about the firmware update. So I did update the firmware and tried to install PE and it worked. Everything worked good, but I couldn't access Display Settings. It just keeps crashing. Then I did a clean flash with the latest version (20190824-0721) and the Display Settings issue got resolved. But, couple of features like 3 finger gesture to take screenshot, long press to turn off flashlight and advanced restart are not available. Am I missing something here?


Apr 6, 2016
default camera not taking photos

Default camera is not taking photos
Clicked one photo
After that sometime it clicks a solid green photo
And sometime the button just greys out
Other apps like whatsapp are able to capture photos

I don't want to change kernel because I am getting a balanced battery backup along with charging speed
ROM is smoothest than any other Rom btw
The only ROM where I don't change the animation speed it's default at 1
Someone please help with the camera issue :good:


Senior Member
Feb 21, 2019
Settings app crashes when trying to open display settings in latest PE rom. Also fingerprint scanner working slowly with this firmware

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    PixelExperience for DeviceName [X00TD]

    What is this?
    Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 9.0

    Whats working?
    Mobile data
    Fingerprint reader
    Sound / vibration

    Known issues
    You Tell :eek:


    Liked my work? Give me a beer

    Help with project translation

    Telegram channel
    Stay tuned

    If Any Device Related Issue Please Join Our Telegram Community for the speedy help​

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][9.0][X00TD] Pixel Experience [AOSP][r44][2019/07/10][OFFICIAL], ROM for the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1

    Subinsmani, SagarMakhar
    Source Code: https://github.com/PixelExperience-Devices/kernel_asus_sdm660

    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest Pie - LINK(https://t.me/ASUS_X00TD/2185)
    Based On: AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 9.0
    Stable Release Date: 2018-12-15

    Created 2018-12-15
    Last Updated 2019-08-04

    Pixel Experience for X00TD OFFICIAL
    1. July security patch
    2. Improved pocket lock
    3. Theming fixes
    4. Night display improvements
    5. Updated gapps
    6. Updated translations
    7. Others bug fixes
    1. Removed Zenmotion(Will be Back)
    2. FM radio FC Fixed.
    No Bug. :)

    1. Theming improvements
    2. Bring back night display on some devices (Additional LiveDisplay settings will be there)
    3. Improved behavior of automatic theme based on time
    4. PixelLauncher and some others apps updated
    5. Translations updated
    Device Side​
    1. Fixed Headphone low Audio
    2. Merged Latest Kernel Tag

    Donwload Now : PixelExperience_X00TD-9.0-20190615-0602-UNOFFICIAL.zip

    ROM Source Side​
    1. June security patch merged on AOSP and CAF branches
    2. Black Theme Added
    3. Google Sans Fonts Improved
    4. Network traffic indicator improved
    5. Translations updated
    6. Google apps updated
    7. Others fixes
    Device Side​
    1. Sync with Latest Kud Changes
    2. Kernel related derp fixed
    3. Added channel bonding for 2.4GHz WiFi
    4. Added Use EIS v2.0
    5. more vendor blobs updated and some were removed unused blobs(will increase performance)
    6. DRM Issue fixed
    7. Sound Cracking issue fixed from my side(Without any mod)
    8. App FC fixed (Like phone info etc)
    9. Add back Headphone Driver check everything with headphones(External mic fixed)
    10.New zenmotion icon added
    11. Greyscale Options added
    12. Kcal Prebuilt added all thanks to @SagarMakhar pari dada
    13. New Blobs from 053 added
    Download Link​
    Donwload Now: PixelExperience_X00TD-9.0-20190604-1152-UNOFFICIAL.zip

    1 Buttons
    * Invert navbar keys (disabled by default)
    * Volume wake (disabled by default)
    * Volume music control (disabled by default)
    * Torch on power menu (disabled by default)
    * Disable power menu on lockscreen (disabled by default)
    * Ability to take screenshots using hardwarephysical keys (for devices without navigation bar)

    2 Status bar
    * 4G/LTE toggle
    * VoLTE icon toggle (disabled by default, unavailable on devices with notch)
    * Quick pulldown (disabled by default)
    * Traffic Indicator (disabled, hidden unavailable on devices with notch)
    * Disable qs on lockscreen (disabled by default)

    3 Lights
    * Battery pulse when low toggle (enabled by default)

    4 Display
    * LiveDisplay
    * Switch to dark theme based on time of the day
    * Pocket detection (disabled by default)
    * Double tap to sleep on statusbar and lockscreen (disabled by default)
    * Ability to force full screen and ignore notch, useful for games and Netflix (inspired by MIUI)
    * Custom accents color

    5 Sound and vibration
    * Vibrate on connect call (disabled by default)
    * Ringtone chooser for 2nd sim card
    * FP vibration (enabled by default, AOSP behavior)
    * Screenshot sound (enabled by default, AOSP behavior)

    6 Lockscreen
    * Lockscreen art toggle (enabled by default, AOSP behavior)

    7 QS Tiles
    * Sync
    * Heads up
    * Caffeine
    * LiveDisplay and reading mode
    * Most Stable Gcam for ur device Added and u can Install any version of GCAM v6.x
    * Improved audio
    * DRM Blobs Updated to Pie
    * Kernel Upstreamed
    * Kcal screen fade issue fixed
    * AOD added, by default it will be disable.
    * Set Default Hotspot name to Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1
    * Add some more carrier config from LA.UM.7.2.r1-06700-sdm660.0
    * New Caf Tag merged
    You Tell :p
    1. Source from Pixel Experience Is upstreamed
    2. Add new Latest pie Blobs( As to run run device fully efficiently You must be on Latest Pie Firmware. Download from here https://t.me/ASUS_X00TD/2185)
    3. Add new Pie Fingerprint which helps to pass CTS(All Banking app will work out of the box)
    4. Add new Google Camera version 6.2 with Green Tint fix.
    5. Kernel Is now Upstreamed to 4.4.178
    You Tell :p If You found any bug post ur issue in xda
    1. April Patch Added
    2. Improved the Updater UI
    3. Add Q style Ambient Display Music Ticker
    4. More source side Optimization
    1. CTS will pass Out of The box now( Can use google pay or other banking related app)
    2. Added Widevine L1, which can stream upto 4K.
    3. Kernel Is Upstreamed.
    4. Added some more selpolicy rules.
    5. LOW in call audio fixed.
    6. Updated the blobs from Pie Beta.
    You Tell :p Me lazy as hell
    1. Add more slow Charging with secret Ninja Technique.
    2. Add more battery Sucking Cool Technique..
    3. Summer started so u can heatup ur home with ur phone(My best one)...
    Important Announcement !

    People who have issues with incall audio dying on ROMs with enforcing Selinux , are advised to flash latest stock oreo rom (339+)again(i.e. relock bootloader) then come back on custom rom to use bugless experience...

    Note:- be advised that this is still a Theory ...which itself was reported by many users & we hav recent confirmed reports of such by some users ... so incase if it didn't work for you dont blame us !
    1. March Security Patch Merged
    2. Kernel Version Upstreamend
    3. Thats it :D

    * Feb Security Patch Merged
    * Zen Kernel upstream to 4.4.172
    * Sound is now more improved the earlier.. but don't expect as stock one..
    Selinux Permessive

    1. Night Light Issue Solved.
    2. Default Dpi is 420 now to solve the UI Glitch
    1. Selinux Permessive
    1. Add ability to force show battery percentage inside icon
    2. Workaround for some banking apps wrongly telling that we are rooted
    3. Add Dark Theme
    4. Add Advance Reboot
    5. Add QS and notifications theme like Android Q
    6. Removed Some Unwanted **** to smoothening the UI.
    7. Optimize the Power Consumption
    1. Selinux Permessive

    ? 09-1-2019
    Changelog -
    ∆ January Security Patch Merged
    ∆ Screen Flicker during playing heigh Intensive Games Fixed
    ∆ Removed Time Machine :p
    ∆ 338 sync
    ∆ Gapps updated
    ∆ Translations updated
    ∆ Several bug fixes

    ? 15-12-2018

    Changelog -
    ∆ Cleansed Previous maintainers fom pe
    ∆ Added latest zenmotions with kcal support
    ∆ Fixed Display flickering
    ∆ Fixed Lags and memory management
    ∆ PE source upstream
    ∆ New Maintainer in the house
    Please clean flash this rom

    In short , new builds will be more stable
    Changelog For 18-12-2018

    * Notification LED Fixed during Charging The Phone
    * Incall audio for some user has been fixed
    * Screen flickering During Playing PUBG Game Fixed
    * Overall Audio has be Improved from the last build, which include incall, media, notifications etc
    * Always On Dispalay is added
    * Google Camera 5.1 Is added as Default Camera
    * Selinux is permessive for now, will enforce soon.

    If anyone facing any type of bug report to our Official Pixel Experience Support Group for X00TD https://t.me/pexootd

    Wait for the OTA
    A small Announcement, from now u will get Only Monthly build i.e. after New Security patch merge. there will be no Mid Month update for Pixel Experience(AOSP). So this will help to reduce the ETA Spam. And I have now Limited time, I mostly work after midnight due to office work and other personal stuff. So Here have to look at my health condition also, that's why I am taking this decision. So don't pm me for the Next update or device dropped something(until I have Asus Zenfone Max pro m1 u will get Regular update from me ). I hope now everything clear, And don't pm bug list also, just post ur issue with proper logs.

    Cheers and Happy Flashing.
    New Changelog

    Many fixes from source side done by pe team
    Device Side​
    Selinux Is fully Enforced (That means all banking related app will work without magisk and specially thanks to @SagarMakhar for his selinux base, @rahul9999xda to test all my experimental build and whole X00TD comunity to give us ur all support and motivation)
    Using Kud Tree(specially thanks to @krasCGQ to keep alive and updating our device source. So yes clean flash need and Must be in latest firmware 339+, otherwise u will get error 7 msg while flashing)
    Gcam v6 Added With green tint fix
    NXP added with incall audio fix( Thanks to TRB team and Varun for the NXP)
    OTG is working, must be on stock kernel, TRB, AZURE and Overdose.
    Device shutdown duing usb tethering fixed
    Did very well optimized on source side...
    You tell :p

    New Firmware download link: https://t.me/ASUSX00TD/262678