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[ROM]9.24.2013 NOS M7 v3.0.7 [Sense 5.0 JB 4.2.2]Optimized&Stable

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Jan 29, 2011
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Link Dead

Link Dead


Link Dead

NOTE: Before flashing mods do a backup so if you don't like the mod you can revert and check the zip before downloading if your using verizon rom get the zip labeled vzw and so on... if the mod you want dont have vzw or gsm in the name it works for both... I do not recommend flashing these on a different rom do to them being odex...


*Kiray: Dark Theme
*Hawknest: Inverted apps​

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Jan 29, 2011
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[ROM]NOS m7 v3.0.7[JB 4.2.2 & Sense 5](9.24.2013) Optimized

This Rom is based off of the newest HTC Flagship device HTC One (M7wlv) and ported to our device by me... the rom is IMO 99% Functional with only very minor bugs... anyways i hope you enjoy it if you do hit the thanks button or donate if you wish.... There is a FAQ section in the second post please read through them before asking questions to avoid asking already answered questions... Have Fun!!!!!!


Based on 1.10.605.8 CL221778 release-keys for Verizon HTC One
Beatsmode Kernel source here
Sweep to wake
Zarboz 4.2.2 kernel source here
Sense 5.0
Jelly Bean 4.2.2
4.3 source here
Rooted SuperSu Perms Thanks to koush
Busybox run parts
Mounts tweaks
sysro/sysrw support
Global support (any carrier)
CRT down animation
4x5 & 5x6 app drawer
Battery percent
VPN support
Pure GSM
Vzw SSO support
and more

Bugs 4.2.2


[B][SIZE=2]v3.0.7(vzw) & v3.0.3(gsm)[/SIZE][/B]

removed aroma
Improved stabilty
Improved Battery life
Smoothed out transitions
Fixed album art not downloading
Added new apm
Improved audio through out system
Adjusted some things in ramdisc
Updated all data apps to latest
Removed blinkfeed toggle causing issues(full rom only)
Updated SU
alot more minor tweaks here and there

if you like using inverted theme or volume wake you will need to flash the updated version after you update the rom

[B][SIZE=2]v3.0.6(vzw) & v3.0.2(gsm)[/SIZE][/B]

Fixed Hotspot (Thanks Zarboz)
Added missing apps(Flashlight etc)
Added aroma Lots of options (Thanks V6-Maniac)
*launcher mods
*Message mods
*Cam mods
*Battery mods
*power mods
*Clock mods and more 
Completely rebuilt and odexed system
Removed some junk
Updated Superuser and binary
Updated all gaps 

[B][SIZE=2]v3.0.5 VZW only[/SIZE][/B]

Fixed Bluetooth Calls
Fixed Vvm media not supported
Improved audio

[B][SIZE=2]v3.0.4 VZW only[/SIZE][/B]

Fixed Settings Force Closing at first boot
Fixed Bluetooth audio
Fixed Zoe
Fixed Camcorder
Fixed Dock Icons
Removed GPS icon
Removed wifi reminder
Added screenshot back to EQS

Posting full rom and update patch if your on 3.0.3 you can flash the update if not flash full rom

[B][SIZE=2]v3.0.3 VZW only[/SIZE][/B]

Rebased off of Vzw HTC One 1.10.605.8 CL221778 release-keys
Fixed Data connection problems
Fixed mms issues
Fixed signal bars showing full
Fixed data shutting off during call
Fixed data icons
Fixed Music crackle on speaker
Fixed EPST
Fixed VerizonSSO engine
Fixed screen loading forever on boot
New VZW HTC One Bootanimation
Added Homescreen extended menu
Added everything from last base

big thanks to dougvan and indirect for getting the dump

[B][SIZE=2]v3.0.2 VZW only[/SIZE][/B]

Improved Data
Fixed signal strength not showing
Fixed service state saying "out of service"
Fixed wireless hotspot
Fixed MMS over wifi
Fixed Camcorder
Added menu remap
additional tweaks and improvements


Fixed Random Reboots
Fixed Location and play services crash


Updated to JB 4.2.2 HTC One 2.24.401.1
Initial Release


This update is v2.0.0 and both recent patch's combined into full roms for each version... If you are having no issues you dont have to flash but if you are having issues i recommend full wipe and flash

[B]v2.0.1 Update Zip[/B]

Updated files Sprint One 1.29.651.7
Updated kernel to Newest stock
Improved Audio
Improved GPS
Improved system performance
Improved battery life

[B]v2.0.0 Patch[/B]

Fixed Camcorder reboot
Fixed color and cutoff words
Fixed Homescreen icon txt size
Fixed Wallpaper size


Updated all apps to latest
Complete overhaul
Adjusted audio for sense 5
Added more battery saving tweaks
Added 4x5 and 5x6 options in app drawer
Added extended context menu
Added extra settings to Gallery
Added Vertical EQS
Added Horizonal EQS
Added battery percent
Added HTC Locations
Fix MMS permissions on navbar
Fixed hdmi
Fix Dubugging not working
Added Secure Folder to MMS
Added Block to MMS
Reverted max MMS size back 1.2 (VZW)
Removed VVM
Removed kidmode(available in market)
Removed KM from apm
Hid NFC notification
Hid wireless charging notification
Enabled all Rotations
Raised Entropy size

I did a lot of work on this version cant remember everything, but that's the majority hope you enjoy it!!! I recommend full wipe with this version 


Fixed Data issues (vzw)
Impoved MMS (vzw)
Raised max mms size to 5mb (vzw)
Added VVM tab to message apk (vzw)
Fixed wireless charging
Fixed compass warning
Added Custom Camera with many features
Fixed panorama
Fixed slow motion
Fixed continuous burst
Fixed all resolutions

I spent prob 30 hours just on the camera, mms, and data issues it dont seem like a huge update but this should make the rom stable for everyone now... [COLOR=Red]make sure you read flashing instructions below[/COLOR]


Switched to Stock Kernel
Fixed some internal system errors
Fixed wakelock
Improved on FFC fix
Adjusted Camera res and menu
Added missing Market and SU (GSM)


Updated base to 1.28.401.7 CL162357 release-keys
Added WWE Lang Support
Fixed LTE issues
Fixed SMS character limit
Fixed video chat issues
Fixed continuous burst ( only takes 2 pics for some reason WIP)
Removed ZOE
Added my custom Auto brightness values
Edited default values in framework
Added my speed tweaks
Switched to newest SuperSU
Updated all apps to latest
Fixed issue with country code
Added apn tweaker for Global gsm users ( check faqs for why )

[B]v1.0.3 & v1.0.0 D/E [/B]

Fixed MMS 
Fixed Front face camera
Added advanced power menu by dunc001
Added some speed tweaks
Added epst (GSM)
Hid GPS crosshairs
Hid Wifi nag
Hid nfc icon
Fixed Extsd (BF)


Updated base to 1.28.401.6 CL162357 release-keys
cleaned out some more junk
added all missing Vzw DNA stuff
added support for Butterfly X920D


Fixed Hyperlinks causing crashes (vzw)
Fixed Camera Resolution (Thanks Zarboz)

This will make all all pics full resolution im gonna adjust it more for the next full rom but this does great for now big thanks to zarboz for finding the fix
Make sure you flash the right one for your rom


Cleaned up junk
Fixed Messages crashing
Fixed Missing button options
Fixed global support
Added Google Now
Fixed mms for gsm

I recommend a full wipe this time


1.)Please do not use this rom or any part of it without my permission I put alot of time into it to get it where it is I will report anything taken without permission

2.)As always i am not responsible for anything that happens to your device if you flash this


Forey79: donated device, tester
LlabTooFeR: New base Rom thread here
Mike1986: thread here
Zarboz: Kernel,banner, and others
laehmic: EQS app
Lyapota: for being awsome
dunc001: Advance Power Menu thread here
Chainsfire: Superuser
Joelz: kernel source
V6-Maniac: awesome mods and script
a2441918: for super camera


VZW 4.2.2

[Link Dead

md5: 5401ef62894180adbd31e25637b0b496

GSM 4.2.2

Link Dead

md5: b5c522a262155145d7843e1bd59f1836

Alpha/Beta Builds

Link Dead


Link Dead

Link Dead

Link Dead

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Dec 2, 2007
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NOS m7 v3.0.7​

How do I install?


1. Download v3.0.7 for your device.
2. Reboot into recovery of choice
3. nandroid
4. Factory reset, clear cache, clear dalvik cache, format system
5. Flash v3.0.7
7. Reboot
8. Boot can take up to ten minutes to complete


1. Download v3.0.7 for your device.
2. Extract boot.img from v3.0.7 file and place in your fastboot directory
3. Reboot into recovery of choice
4. nandroid
5. Factory reset, clear cache, clear dalvik cache, format system
6. Flash v3.0.7
8. Reboot phone into bootloader, plug phone into your computer and make sure fastboot usb is displayed
9. From a command line in your fastboot directory, type the following command: fastboot flash boot boot.img
10. Reboot
11. Boot can take up to ten minutes to complete


Want to use a custom kernel?
This ROM is now using 2.04 base, which means you would need to use a kernel that has been updated for 2.04. If you use a kernel that uses the 1.15 base you will see screen flicker.

Can I hide the horizontal quick settings?
Yes, just click on the date in the notification pulldown.

How do I access the vertical quick settings?
Tap the button next to the normal settings button in the notification pulldown.

Use APN tweaker that is included in the Rom and just follow the steps. Once you are done, you can uninstall tweaker.

What is Zoe?

Don’t like blinkfeed?
You can set up additional screens, then make one of them your home screen.

How do I change icons on the navbar?
Open the app drawer, long press app you want to remove and drag it to apps. Then long press and drag the app you would like to add to the space on the navbar.

How do you get rid of the 3 button menu on the bottom of the screen?
Settings > Display, gestures & buttons > Recent apps button. Choose something other than Always open recent apps. If you would like the 3 button menu back, change back to Always open recent apps.

What resolution are pic’s taken at?

Facebook scrolling is TERRIBLE!?
Settings > Apps > Facebook > Check "Force GPU rendering"

How do I get rid of the power saver notification?
Long press > App info >uncheck “Show notifications” or go to Settings > Apps > All > Power, uncheck "Show notifications".

ADB doesn’t work.
Turn off ADB under developer options, then turn it back on.

Can I use an OTG cable with this ROM?
Yes, since it is using the stock kernel, it does support OTG cable.

Working Amazon appstore (do not update) (Thanks paulhoop)
Amazon APK
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Nov 22, 2011
Wow. Thank you. I could care less if Zoe works. If you use a 3rd party app like go sms, will mms work?

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Flashing ROM now and will try using gosms to see if mms will work or not. if someone doesn't beat me to it, ill let ya know


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Re: [ROM]3.10.2013 M7 Sense 5.0 Project thread

Specific kernel or any kernel?

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It comes with beastmode

Wow. Thank you. I could care less if Zoe works. If you use a 3rd party app like go sms, will mms work?

Most likely... It's an easy fix I just forgot to fix it because I was busy on the big bugs

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Nov 22, 2011
took a couple of times of unlocking the screen after initial boot....screen would keep going to htc white screen but be patient...after a couple of unlocks it will load the setup wizard
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May 29, 2012
Re: [ROM]3.10.2013 M7 Sense 5.0 Project thread

Holy sh!t newt. U the man! Thanks for this!!!!! Why is this not in original development???

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Jan 29, 2011
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Re: [ROM]3.10.2013 M7 Sense 5.0 Project thread

Holy sh!t newt. U the man! Thanks for this!!!!! Why is this not in original development???

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Original is for source projects

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