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Mar 4, 2022
It's strange, the fingerprint disappears on the latest version, at first it works fine, and then after about a week everything, you need to add the fingerprint again


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A5 2017 520W here (Canada, same as the 520F AFAIK) and seems great so far! Dirty flashed the latest rom w/ TWRP and it seems to have fixed some problems I was having from ****ing around with the system partition too much. And it's nice to be on PIE/OneUI over Oreo; it feels smoother &c.

I'll let you know if any problems come about.

Thanks for this!


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Sep 10, 2022
Hi everybody
Does work google pay? I can't add my card.
I didn't see any reply on this (perhaps it was obvious answer) - I also wanted to know if switching will break Google Pay (I thought it was possible to upgrade the A520F without rooting?) I know there are tools like Magisk to bypass SafetyNet (but not Play Inegrity?), but as it's for my daughter's phone I don't want something that may require more fiddling in future! Thanks for advice :)


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Mar 3, 2022
I installed the ROM cleanly and apps like Google and Samsung detect root, Samsung pay and Samsung pass don't work and apps that don't let it work with root like Netflix don't appear on Playstore, can you fix it?
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Feb 27, 2019
Making Radio work (WIP)

So I've came around a patch for this ROM and came really close to make it running, but stuck on an error described below:
You get to the Radio mainactivity, it even detects there is no antenna connected, but when trying to turn the radio on, you see this error in adb logcat *:W
Rooting or clear stock doesn't solve permission error.

Missing FMRadio files in this ROM could be taken from HadesRom 1.5 for A7 2017

04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  : Bad call: specified package android under uid 10220 but it is really 1000
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  : java.lang.RuntimeException: here
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at com.android.server.AppOpsService.getOpsRawLocked(AppOpsService.java:2066)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at com.android.server.AppOpsService.noteOperationUnchecked(AppOpsService.java:1632)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at com.android.server.AppOpsService.noteOperation(AppOpsService.java:1626)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at android.app.AppOpsManager.noteOpNoThrow(AppOpsManager.java:2623)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at android.app.AppOpsManager.noteOp(AppOpsManager.java:2566)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at com.android.server.audio.MediaFocusControl.requestAudioFocus(MediaFocusControl.java:794)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at com.android.server.audio.AudioService.requestAudioFocus(AudioService.java:8272)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at android.media.AudioManager.requestAudioFocus(AudioManager.java:2915)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at android.media.AudioManager.requestAudioFocus(AudioManager.java:2710)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at com.android.server.FMRadioService.on(FMRadioService.java:2326)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at com.android.server.FMRadioService.on(FMRadioService.java:2241)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at com.samsung.android.media.fmradio.internal.IFMPlayer$Stub.onTransact(IFMPlayer.java:81)
04-05 04:23:51.703  3244  3258 W AppOps  :      at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:739)
04-05 04:23:51.704  3244  3258 W System.err: java.lang.SecurityException: android from uid 10220 not allowed to perform TAKE_AUDIO_FOCUS
04-05 04:23:51.704  3244  3258 W System.err:    at android.app.AppOpsManager.noteOp(AppOpsManager.java:2568)
04-05 04:23:51.704  3244  3258 W System.err:    at com.android.server.audio.MediaFocusControl.requestAudioFocus(MediaFocusControl.java:794)
04-05 04:23:51.704  3244  3258 W System.err:    at com.android.server.audio.AudioService.requestAudioFocus(AudioService.java:8272)
04-05 04:23:51.704  3244  3258 W System.err:    at android.media.AudioManager.requestAudioFocus(AudioManager.java:2915)
04-05 04:23:51.704  3244  3258 W System.err:    at android.media.AudioManager.requestAudioFocus(AudioManager.java:2710)
04-05 04:23:51.704  3244  3258 W System.err:    at com.android.server.FMRadioService.on(FMRadioService.java:2326)
04-05 04:23:51.704  3244  3258 W System.err:    at com.android.server.FMRadioService.on(FMRadioService.java:2241)
04-05 04:23:51.704  3244  3258 W System.err:    at com.samsung.android.media.fmradio.internal.IFMPlayer$Stub.onTransact(IFMPlayer.java:81)
04-05 04:23:51.704  3244  3258 W System.err:    at android.os.Binder.execTransact(Binder.java:739)

Tried the appops adb command to bypass TAKE_AUDIO_FOCUS, but no success in that direction.
Maybe @corsicanu could take a look or @Option58
How did you get FMRadioService installed

Did you just replaced the whole framework.jar (or patch it somehow), or are there some other files?

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    [ROM][9][OneUI] Korea's rom for A5|7 2017

    As you probably know by now a Korean variant of A7 2017 has recently received firmware update to android 9 and OneUI. I made it working on my international variant and cleaned it up, so I'm sharing with the community.

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    ROM Info & Features
    • Based on A720SKSU5CUJ2
      • Kernel built from A720S sources
      • Enforced SELinux policy
      • Removed forceencrypt and verity
      • Disabled OEM Unlock toggle
      • Prepatched KG. See here
    • Ported features
      • Added support for A5 2017, too
      • Added dual sim functionality
      • Fixed secure folder
    • Debranded and debloated
      • Removed unnecessary preinstalled apps
      • Removed Korean region-related apps and services
      • Removed SKT bootanimation

    Supported devices

    • SM-A720F
    • SM-A720S
    • SM-A520F
    • SM-A520W
    • SM-A520S/K/L

    • Korean base doesn't have full support for all countries (some languages, local features missing etc.).
    • No FMRadio.
    • Second sim slot only works for calls/text.

    Installation Steps
    1. Make sure you had Samsung's Oreo firmware bootloader and modem before installing this
    2. Download the rom
    3. Download koreanaddons.zip (optional)
    4. In TWRP format data (if you still have stock rom encryption)
    5. In TWRP wipe system/data/cache
    6. Flash the rom
    7. Flash koreanaddons.zip (optional)
    8. Reboot

    ROM: MEGA | androidfilehost || koreanaddons


    If you find the work I do helpful, you can support me by donating via this link.


    • 27012022
      • Revert "Enforced SELinux policy"
      • Revert "The rom now passes SafetyNet naturally"
    • 06112021
      • Rebased on A720SKSU5CUJ2
      • Updated the kernel drop from A720SKSU5CUJ2
      • Enforced SELinux policy
      • The rom now passes SafetyNet naturally
    • 04032021
      • Rebased on A720SKSU5CTL2
      • Updated the kernel drop from A720SKSU5CTL2
      • Slight a5y17lte-only firmware changes
    • 14072020
      • Rebased on A720SKSU4CTF2
      • Further debloated - removed unnecessary preinstalled apps
      • Enabled more csc options by default by @George35000vr
    • 06032020
      • Fixed screen mirroring
      • Stopped forcing dual-sim prop for all devices
    • 12122019
      • Added support for dual sim
      • Fixed secure folder
      • Permissive sepolicy
    • 08122019
      • Added support for A5 2017
      • Kernel built from source
      • Fixed settings bug with superfluous options
      • Rebased on A720SKSU4CSK2
    • 28092019
      • Initial build
      • A720SKSU3CSH1

    There's a telegram group made by A5|7 users where they hang out. Feel free to check it out.

    Special thanks to:

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [ROM][9][OneUI] Korea's rom for A5|7 2017, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy A Series 2017 A3, A5, A7

    Source Code: https://github.com/universal7880/android_kernel_samsung_universal7880

    ROM OS Version: 9.0 Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.18.91
    ROM Firmware Required: Samsung oreo bootloader and modem

    Version Information

    Created 2019-09-27
    Last Updated 2021-11-06
    As promised. New build up!

    • Rebased on A720SKSU4CTF2
    • Further debloated - removed unnecessary preinstalled apps
    • Enabled more csc options by default by @George35000vr

    However, if you still feel like you are missing features it is still recommended to flash an addons zip. So I linked the post above to the OP.

    Is it possible to flash stock oreo firmware after using this rom?
    Yes, of course. Flashing this rom doesn't update your bootloader.

    I have A5 2017, but battery capacity shows 3600mAh.
    You can ignore this. That's only in about phone. The kernel knows your true battery capacity.

    How to add csc codes
    Korean base doesn't support multi-csc. But we can still unlock region-related features by using special codes. I won't post them here, you should search around xda for the specific one that you need.

    For example here I will be adding network speed indicator in the status bar. The code for this is:
    But you can add something else, too.

    You'll need a PC. Steps to take are:
    1. Download THIS zip to your PC.
    2. Extract the zip.
    3. Open system/csc/others.xml with Notepad.

      It looks like this:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      Add your code like below:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    4. Repack the zip.
    5. Copy to your phone and flash.

    Now when you go to settings -> status bar you should see the network speed indicator toggle appear. Or any other change that you added.
    Updated the KoreanAddons zip.

    Flash at your own risk!

    This should be flashed after flashing the Rom (Preferably after clean rom install).

    What does this do?

    Adds your country's CSC and could add some features,mods of your choice. By adding the CSC of your country it may enable voLTE and other carrier specific features, voWiFi doesn't work as the Korean Pie Rom does not include voWiFi (WiFi Calling) related stuff.

    UPDATE: The previous zip had an issue with the battery cosmetic fix, fixed that. Please redownload.

    UPDATE 2: Fixed again, works with the latest rom version.
    New build up!

    • 04032021
      • Rebased on A720SKSU5CTL2
      • Updated the kernel drop from A720SKSU5CTL2
      • Slight a5y17lte-only firmware changes
    This build comes with a several week delay, but for a good reason. The kernel drop I was waiting for, as said in the post above, is finally here. Samsung did some smaller driver and security changes to it, so although it's minor it's nice to have the latest thing. Especially since this could be the last one.

    In case you haven't heard already, Samsung will no longer push security patches for it's 2017 A Series. You can read more about that in this news post. Unfortunately, this leaves this update as the last A720S firmware we can rebase on. But, of course, we see new roms (which take newer devices as a base) start appearing. And I hope that they can become more and more stable over time. Edit: I got pointed out that because A720S was released a bit later, in july 2017, we might or might not get one another security update.

    Lastly, need to thank my friend @Jmackley for covering me with testing and bandwidth issues. 😂