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Dec 11, 2014
I installed the Prometheus One Ui V2 rom in my G610F. And i enabled the dual speaker at the time of installation, please tell me a way so that I can disable this particular function.

Otherwise the ROM is very great! ?
Dirt flash the rom and not select dual speaker during the installation ... just clear cache after the installation... boom you're done dual speaker disabled

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Feb 25, 2020
I just dont want to re install the ROM, it would erase my all data again! Isnt there any way to manually disable that without flashing the rom again.!?


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Dec 11, 2014
I just dont want to re install the ROM, it would erase my all data again! Isnt there any way to manually disable that without flashing the rom again.!?
I will not erase any data dude, just reboot to recovery flash the rom don't format anything but un tick dual speaker only

Dirt flash it's like doing any update

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Jul 3, 2018
Bluetooth device does not work during any calls???

All rom is ok
But bluetooth device doesn't work
No voice incoming n outgoing

S.M Adnan

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Apr 9, 2020
bro my phone stuck on boot animation plzzz help me quick reply plzz
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Jul 11, 2020
Microphone not working on bluetooth headsets

I've tried with several bluetooth earphones of various brands, but this problem continues. On connecting a bluetooth headset, the microphone in the device doesn't work. Either on call or anything.

Please suggest something to resolve this issue


Jan 11, 2019
So i installed this Prometheus one ui v2 rom. My device Sm - 610m variant. But other say they have this rom running fine. My in my device this rom lagging (especially on notification panel, recent panel and in app switching) , device also heating very bad. Also battery capacity showing 3000mah when it is 3300mah. I dont know why this is happening. I didnt even rooted the device. Should i change kernel? Or any particular fix. I got this device new. I am not sure what to do.


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Nov 15, 2020
custom rom of j7 prime

please help me out i flashed this custom rom and its working more than expected but i cant boot into download mode or to recovery mode when i press keys its rebooting back to system


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May 4, 2022
Blue light filter and face unlock does not work. HELP PLSS


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    Welcome to Prometheus OneUI Rom For Galaxy J7 Prime
    ONLY FOR G610X​

    Some information you should know..
    • This is a full Samsung OneUI port with android version 9.0
    • If you want to report a Bug, read the F.A.Q First Then provide a logCat OR LoggingKit.zip with detailed explanation
    • Read the instructions and the F.A.Q Before installing the rom or posting a reply.
    • [FOR DEVS] If you want to use this as a base for other exynos7870 Phones. Please ask first, and provide proper credits and links to the original thread.
    • Any sort of File Kanging will be reported without hesitation.

    So, First we brought you the First Oreo based ROM. and now its Android Pie. Due to the nature of this release, and the fact that it comes before any Exynos7870 Official Android Pie. there might be
    some bugs that me and testers could not have found yet. so please report them. Some bugs will be listed below and most of them would be unfixable until official is out for more 7870 Phones
    The J5/J7 OneUI official update is still around 4+ months away, so this rom should keep you guys busy.
    I have also included pretty much all the features of previous Prometheus ROMs, but some are impossible due to Pie specific issues (Deodexing is not possible without great problems)

    As the nature of these ports go, it was a non stop battle for almost 3 weeks straight to get it to this point where all features are working as expected. if you appreacite this work Hit the Thanks button, and consider a donation

    RULES OF POSTING : READ everything before commenting, And especially the instlal steps, the rom has been tested throughly for a long time, so if you have an critical issue like not booting or no sim, you missed the instructions, posts that are irrelevant to this project will be ignored(Constructive criticism is welcomed). If you do face a new bug however, dont just say "hey bug here" provide more information, and a LOGCAT, bug reports without logcats will most likely be ignored.


    • Fully ported A600N/A105FN ROM
    • Android 9.0
    • Samsung OneUI V1.1
    • Semi-Deodexed
    • Full international Languages added to A600N base
    • Full DualSIM Support
    • SafteyNet CTS Pass
    • Heavily debloated
    • Zipaligned
    • Very Optimised
    • Battery and performance focused
    • Full Samsung OneUI without missing vital apps
    • Rootable with Magisk
    • RMM/KnoxGuard/Defex Free
    • And many more
    Extra Features :-
    • All the original features are present (Wifi,Bluetooth etc)
    • A10 Wallpapers + Multi Wallpaper sets
    • BixbyVision
    • Latest Camera UI
    • DolbyAtmos With DualSpeaker mods
    • Adjusted the framework for 16:9 Aspect ratio (instead of buggy 18.5:9)
    • DE-Knoxed and disabled Additoinal samsung root preventions and secuirty spams
    • Note 8 modded OMC with Additional Features
    • VoLTE Support for INS users and countries that use it
    • Uptodate APN Configration
    • Added navbar selection (Aroma)
    • Heavly Debloated with a BLOAT add-ons (Aroma)
    • Added exclusive samsung apps (Aroma)
    • Dualsound and BoostedAudio configs (Aroma)
    • 1700+ Fonts MOD (Aroma)
    • IOS 12 / Android Pie Emojis (Aroma)
    • GoodLock 2019 Suite (Aroma)
    • AdAway (Aroma)
    • BixbyHome And Bixby Routines
    • Full Pie YUVA Suite (SecureWifi, AppLock, Call Blocker and so on)
    • Native Screen Videorecorder
    • Native Call recorder
    • Many prop tweaks
    • Many feature tweaks
    • And many more additions from My previous ROMs
    • Check the changelogs for the FULL feature set
    Kernel :-
    • Helios Pie Kernel for J7 Prime
      - Basic Kernel To Boot Android Pie
      - Latest Drivers and R28 GPU Driver
      - Samsung Security Disabled
      - Disabled more knox and useless logging
      - FakeKnox
      - Bootstate Green for safteynet
      - Patched some props for safteynet
      - Reduced GMS Wakelocks
      - Init.D Support
      - Other minor improvments

      and many more goodies


    1. ensure you have LATEST TWRP from Here
    2. Download and copy the ROM to your device external SDcard (preferred)
    3. Wipe everything (SYSTEM,DATA,CACHE,DALVIK and preferably Internal storage all together)
    4. Flash the ROM.ZIP
    5. After the boot animation is on for 15~20 Seconds. Hold VolumeDown+power until the device reboots[/COLOR]
    6. Setup your rom and READ the F.A.Q for more information.
    7. To Root, Flash the latest Magisk Canary Build after a successful Boot


    • Manual VPN might not work. Use OpenVPN instead
    • FM Radio
    • Samsung FaceUnlock (Unfixable Due to conflicts with fingerprint)
    • Might have some Pie BETA bugs that we didnt find


    Imgur Album with ALL photos : IMGUR Album


    IF you helped in this rom and i forgot you, tell me in a PM or in a reply

    @corsicanu for always working with me on my projects, And many features
    @kill-switch For ideas for extra Localization
    @mohitmallick17 For debugging on his J710
    @LuanTeles For help with feature and csc features
    @gyogubin (kousagood) for A600N Beta Dump
    @topjohnwu for for magisk
    @RickyBush_ For Emojis

    And the rest of EliteTeam

    Testers :

    XDA:DevDB Information
    PrometheusROM, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy J7

    KassemSYR, Ananjaser1211
    ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    ROM Firmware Required: Latest Modem & Bootloader

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 2.0

    Created 2019-03-23
    Last Updated 2019-04-29​


    Welcome to Prometheus OneUI Rom For Galaxy J7 Prime
    ONLY FOR G610X​


    OneUI v2.0 - 04.2019
    - Rebased to Official OneUI A600FNXXU3BSC5
    - Fixed Goodlock issues when installing from aroma and updated them
    - Updated all apps to latest stable ones
    - Fixed many under the hood issues that caused instability
    - Updated Audio HW fully to stable Pie
    - Fixed GameTools for nonNavbar
    - Fixed Video res options in*samsung*camera
    - More RMM stuff removed
    - S10 MultiWallpapers
    - S10 Wallpapers
    - NavBar or Gestures only mod added
    - Enabled back AutoPreConfig (To install missing apps automatically)
    - Dolby Fixed
    - Google Faceunlock
    -*Samsung*FaceUnlock (Disable FingerPrints and FP gestures to use)
    - Fix a problem that caused AOD to crash at times and require a hard reboot
    - Fix an issue that caused "CLIPBOARD" dialouge to show up everytime the keyboard is up


    -Helios Pie V3.0
    - Imported every good thing from Helios 2.7
    - Overclocking support
    - Custom governors
    - And much more

    How to install:

    1- Download and Wipe System,cache,dalvik
    2- Flash ROM
    3- Wait 15~20 seconds on*samsung*boot animation
    4-Hold VolumeDown+power until phone shuts down
    5-Boot it up and wait*
    6-Setup and enjoy.

    Note : Dirty flash IS possible but not recommended as this is a*base*change. it might cause some unexpected FCs.
    Note : Google seems to be blocking me on googleDrive even tho i have a subscription. Downloads on google mirror might not be available for everyone


    NewsChannel : Telegram
    Come hang with us on our chat : Telegram

    PrometheusOneUI v2.0 Based on A600FN April-2019

    LINK : XDA

    PrometheusOneUI v1.0 Based on A6 2018 April-2019

    MEGA : Download (April)

    DRIVE : Download (April)

    Release Post : XDA
    Kernel Sorces : github