[ROM]★[TF700 LP 5.1.1/6.0.1][ZOMBi-POP OMNI KANG RC2][Mar 21]★

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Oct 2, 2009
After being away for a long time, I log in...
Darren, I am so very sorry for your loss. You and your family are in our prayers. All other concerns pale.
May God keep and bless you and yours.


Sep 20, 2014
Can you tell me and others what ROM you found faster? I have the same issue, I would like the fastest ROM (no lag etc). Thanks

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Which ROM did you find to be faster please?

Sorry for late reply.

It got stuck in TWRP bootloop. I`ve tried some methods to get out it out from that. But gave up.
Its now sold, hope the new owner manage to fix it.



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Oct 3, 2014
Hey, I just tried to install ZOMBi-POP 5.1.1 RC2 20151210 but I'm stuck in boot animation. Yesterday I gave the tablet a hefty 4 hours to boot up, didn't happen.
I've checked that cache is not in f2fs, so that's not the problem I'm facing.

I've included the logcat so someone with deeper understanding could figure it out why it's not booting for the first time.
I've noticed from logcat that some sort of a compile error makes all this happen but my understanding is not deep enough to figure out what exactly is going on.

I've also tried to flash with multiple different versions of TWRP from 2.8 to 3.0.2 but they all seem to lead to the same boot animation problem.
I have the same issue whereby the first system boot after install never seems to finish (after hours of loading animation), did you get help with this elsewhere?


May 1, 2019
Thank you so much. I bought one of these tablets a couple years ago and the previous owner had installed it before I bought it. I then wiped everything from the tablet including the Internal Storage, which was a mistake. I then researched how to put an OS on it. I found ZOMBI-X and installed that using TWRP. That ROM was super laggy, so I looked for another one and I found the KatKiss Nougatella rom. That was fairly laggy as well, so I wiped everything again and installed the ZOMBI-POP ROM, and downloaded L Speed and tweaked the performance a bit to make the tablet faster. I really like this ROM and greatly appreciate the effort that the developers put into this ROM.



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Apr 10, 2012
Thank you so much. I bought one of these tablets a couple years ago and the previous owner had installed it before I bought it. I then wiped everything from the tablet including the Internal Storage, which was a mistake. I then researched how to put an OS on it. I found ZOMBI-X and installed that using TWRP. That ROM was super laggy, so I looked for another one and I found the KatKiss Nougatella rom. That was fairly laggy as well, so I wiped everything again and installed the ZOMBI-POP ROM, and downloaded L Speed and tweaked the performance a bit to make the tablet faster. I really like this ROM and greatly appreciate the effort that the developers put into this ROM.


Mate, try KatKiss - Nougatella #038, and follow the instructions (format Data and change the File System from exFat to F2FS). And if you want a really fast device (really fast!), don't install GAPPs. It's a huge difference, I tried everything on this old Tablet, but F2FS + GAPPs-less it's like a new device.

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    Note: For Marshmallow release and information please go HERE





    You must do a full wipe in recovery if coming from another ROM. Do not do a full wipe from the bootloader. Don't forget to do a Nandroid Backup first and give the ROM 15 mins to stabilise! The first boot will take 15 minutes!










    Features and Tweaks
    • This ROM is based from OMNI AOSP sources
    • Supports EXT4 and F2FS Data partitions
    • Based off omni-5.1.1-20150526-zombi_tf700t-KANG source by lj50036/hardslog
    • Full Aroma Installer for main rom including choice of 3 kernels and ROM2SD/DATA2SD/F2FS support :)
    • Remixed _thatv11 kernel with OMNI ramdisk - repacked by sbdags
    • Grimlock kernel with OMNI ramdisk and _that init - by hardslog
    • Omni Kernel with _that init - by hardslog/lj50036/sbdags
    • DPI Size: 213 (TF700 recommended small fonts), 240 (Stock fonts), 224 (Medium fonts) & 200 (Small fonts), 180 (Tiny fonts) & 160 (Specsavers fonts)
    • Launchers: Omni, Google Experience Launcher, Apex , Nova
    • Boot Animations: ZOMBi-POP, Android-L, Nexus Phase Beam
    • Gapps (updated by me to Google latest apks and libs)
    • Misc Apps: ESFile Explorer, Adobe Flash, AdAway, Titanium Backup, Keyboard Manager
    • Tweaks: File system and performance optimised, Init.d support, Zip Align, Force GPU Rendering, Browser2RAM
    • Continued Best Support of any ROM!

    • Warning - experimental tweaks
      [*]Option disable data journaling on /data during install - CAN CAN CAUSE DATA LOSS IF SUDDEN SHUTDOWN OR CRASH
      [*]Option disable fsync during install - CAN CAN CAUSE DATA LOSS IF SUDDEN SHUTDOWN OR CRASH

      [*]Tip 1: Go to Settings - About Tablet, Click build number 7 times
      Now you will see Developer Settings & Performance menus

      [*]Tip 2: In Developer Settings - Set Animation and Transitions to 0.25 or 0 for extra free speed!

      [*]Tip 3: In Performance Settings - Set CPU max speed to at least 1.6GHz, I/O scheduler to noop and Governor to Performance or On Demand

      Bug List
      [*]No Floating windows yet

    Change Log

    20151210 ZOMBi-POP 5.1.1 RC2 changes
    - Fixed RC1 missing ZOMBi Tweaks that bring performance back
    - Added Lockscreen rotation - thanks lj50036
    - Rebased off omni-5.1.1-20151206-tf700t-tf300-NIGHTLY by lj50036/hardslog/scanno
    - Tweaked windows max events back to 60 (reduces CPU heat)
    - Added Marshmallow boot animation
    - Updated Browser with speed and touch tweaks
    - Updated Google Play Store to version 6.0.5
    - Updated Google Play Services to version 8.4.89
    - Updated Google Search to version
    - Updated Google Calendar to version 5.2.7
    - Updated Google Mail to version 5.8
    - Updated Google Hangouts to version 6.0
    - Updated Google Maps to version 9.18.2
    - Updated Google Street to version 2.0.0
    - Updated Google Music to version 6.1.21116T
    - Updated Google TTS to version 3.7.12
    - Updated Google News and Weather to version 2.5.2
    - Updated ES File Explorer to version
    - Updated YouTube to version 10.43.60
    - Updated Nova Launcher to version 4.2.0
    - Removed Dock Battery as no longer compatible and causes stability issues

    20150726 ZOMBi-POP 5.1.1 RC1 changes
    - Fixed the problem with ROM2SD and DATA2SD not working correctly on beta 4
    - Added SuperUser and Secure Kernel as options to the installer (Turn these off for work wifi or watching sky go, etc)
    - Added dock battery icon as an option to the installer under tweaks
    - Fixed partitions not getting unmounted correctly for tuning during installation
    - Fixed WiFi across the unified bases for TF700/TF300/TF201
    - OmniSwitch now working - thanks hardslog
    - Tidied up some installer messages
    - Google play services updated to unified version for all devices
    - Updated Google Maps to version 9.12.0
    - Updated Google TTS to version 3.5.6
    - Updated Google Calendar to version 5.2.2-98195638
    - Updated YouTube to version 10.28.59
    - Updated Apex Launcher to version 3.1.0

    20150723 ZOMBi-POP 5.1.1 Beta 4 changes
    - Unified Aroma installer for TF700/TF300/TF201
    - Rebased from omni-5.1.1-20150718-zombi_tf700t-KANG maintained by lj50036, hardslog, sbdags
    - Merged source from omni-5.1.1-20150718-zombi_tf300t/tf201t-KANG maintained by lj50036, hardslog
    - Updated all kernels and modules to the unified versions - thanks lj50036
    - Aroma re-written to allow multi device selection and detection
    - Additional tweaks added from TF701 Zombi-pop
    - Amended SuperSU installer script to give correct permissions and install locations
    - Reverted to latest Banks Gapps - means another wipe - sorry!
    - Updated Google Calendar, Google Mail, Google Hangouts, YouTube, Google Search & Google Maps to latest versions
    - Updated ESFile Explorer and Nova Launcher to latest versions
    - Added flashable zip to enable dock battery - NOTE - this means you can't change the battery icon
    - Beta 3 unreleased

    Older versions

    20150531 ZOMBi-POP 5.1.1 Beta 2 changes
    - Rebased from omni-5.1.1-20150526-zombi_tf700t-KANG maintained by lj50036, hardslog
    - Merged Test Patch 1 in to main rom build
    - Removed processor affinity queuing
    - Dropped read ahead value to 256KB
    - Cleaned up unnecessary init.d & addon.d scripts
    - init.d scripts trigger 10 seconds earlier so wait time for response after a reboot is reduced
    - Updated Gapps to latest Slim Gapps package - thanks Slim Team and raulx222
    - Play Store updated to Multi DPI version
    - Added Material Green theme to Aroma - thanks raulx222
    - Updated SuperSU to version 2.49
    - Removed Google Ears from package
    - Updated ESFileExplorer to version
    - Updated Nova Launcher to version 4.0.1
    - Updated Apex Launcher to version 3.1.0
    - Fixed Google Experience Launcher not appearing after first install

    20150508 ZOMBi-POP 5.1.1 Beta 1 changes
    - Rebased from omni-5.1.1-20150506-zombi_tf700t-KANG maintained by lj50036, hardslog
    - Android 5.1.1!
    - Retweaked some File System and Virtual Memory parameters - focus on smoothness and battery
    - Switched sbdags recommended options back to _that kernel - it works really nice with this version
    - Viper4Android sound enhancer updated to lollipop version + updated the audio_effect.conf file
    - Updated Google Play Store to version 5.5.8
    - Updated Google Play Services to version 7.3.29
    - Updated Google Search to version
    - Updated Google Maps to version 9.8.1
    - Updated Google Hangouts to version 3.2.91698097
    - Updated Google Play Music to version 5.9.1854R
    - Updated Google Calendar to version 5.2-91668080
    - Updated ESFileExplorer to version
    - Fixed swipe gestures on google keyboard
    - Fix for Battery Drain on Google Play Services
    - Removed Titanium Backup from the zip file

    20150422 ZOMBi-POP 5.1 Beta 6 changes
    - Rebased from omni-5.1.0_r5-20150420-zombi_tf700t-KANG maintained by lj50036, hardslog
    - New base is from OMNI 5.1.0_r5 merged by lj50036
    - Browser History is back again! Thanks hardslog
    - Updated Google Maps to version 9.7.1
    - Updated Google Search to version
    - Updated Google Mail to verison 5.1.90765967
    - Updated Google Calendar to version 5.2-90091543
    - Updated Google Hangouts to version 3.1.89134953
    - Updated Google Text-to-Speech to version
    - Updated YouTube to version 10.14.56
    - Updated ESFileExplorer to version 3.2.5
    - Updated Android Terminal to version 1.0.70
    - Updated Banks Gapps:
    - Google Play Services 7.3.28 (1863718-438)
    - Google Play Store 5.4.12

    20150415 ZOMBi-POP 5.1 Beta 5 UNRELEASED
    - Rebased from omni-5.1-20150413-zombi_tf700t-KANG maintained by lj50036, hardslog
    - Fixed the issues with no gapps option crashing the installer

    20150406 ZOMBi-POP 5.1 Beta 4 changes
    - Repacked _that's kernel with an attempt to solve heat issues - I think I know what it is
    - Tweaked the cpu settings so it should try to go to all cores slightly quicker
    - Fixed _that OC to 1800MHz on internal/data2sd installs
    - Fixed GAPPS to /data partition not working correctly
    - Removed GAPPS to /data option as GAPPS only work on /system
    - Installer now removes redundant GAPPS folders on /data if you used the beta 3 installer
    - Updated Google Play Store version 5.4.10
    - Added Aroma code to remember previous selections as well as offer various installs
    - sbdags best auto install, omni default auto install, previous options and previous auto install
    - Getting closer to RC1!

    20150404 ZOMBi-POP 5.1 Beta 3 changes
    - New Grimlock and Lite Kernel versions by hardslog for 5.1
    - New Omni base kernel by lj50036/hardslog/sbdags - default is 1.4GHz
    - Fixed issue with not being able to disable OC on _that kernel
    - Fixed Setup Wizard crash
    - Removed balanced CPU options from Aroma for _that kernel as we only have perf mode now
    - Set F2FS user to default choice in Aroma - you should move if you haven't
    - Added NEW Options to Aroma for GAPPS
    - You can now choose to install GAPPS to /system or /data, no GAPPS or minimal GAPPS (just playstore and syncs)
    - Brand new 5.1 GAPPS package from Banks used
    - Google Play Store updated to version 5.3.6
    - Google Play Services updated to version 7.0.99
    - Updated Google Mail to version 5.1.89985675
    - Updated Google News and Weather to version 2.3
    - Updated Google Maps to version 9.6.1
    - Updated Google Text To Speech to version 3.4.5
    - Updated YouTube to version 10.11.55
    - Updated Terminal Emulator to version 1.0.69
    - Removed Keyboard Manager as it no longer works on Lollipop

    20150322 ZOMBi-POP 5.1 Beta 2 changes
    - Rebased from omni-5.1-20150320-zombi_tf700t-KANG maintained by lj50036, hardslog, ikkeT and sbdags
    - Adaptive brigtness fixed and values changed
    - Browser speed tweaks incorporated into source
    - OmniSwitch updates
    - Settings changes to alarms and notification interruptions
    - Updated Google Music to version 5.8.1836R
    - Removed Titanium Launcher - as it needs to be installed form the store now

    20150315 ZOMBi-POP 5.1 Beta 1 changes
    - Rebased from omni-5.1-20150313-zombi_tf700t-KANG maintained by lj50036 & harslog
    - Testing Aroma 3.00 scripts from Amarullz
    - Repacked omni / _that kernel with preinit init binary
    - Updated YouTube, Hangouts, Google Search, Calendar, Maps to latest 5.1 versions
    - Updated Google Play Store and Services to 5.1 versions
    - Updated Apex Launcher to version 3.0.3
    - Recompiled Browser.apk with speed tweaks
    - Moved tibu to system to try and fix install issues
    - Shrunk all gapps by removing duplicate lib files from binaries

    20150217 ZOMBi-POP Beta 10 changes
    - Rebased from omni-5.0.2-20150216-zombi_tf700t-KANG maintained by lj50036 & harslog :
    - Show Optimizing app dialog on first boot
    - Prevent copyNativeLib of package scanning to reduce booting time
    - Keyguard: don't refresh ui when screen off which causes high power when screen off
    - Prevent App Not Responding when broadcast receiver is killed
    - lowmemorykiller: Fix high min-free values
    - Removed my minfree init.d script to test new default values
    - Changed the interactive governor tweaks to help battery life and heat :)
    - min_sample_time from 40000 to 10000
    - go_maxspeed_load from 90 to 98
    - max_normal_freq from 1500000 to 1300000
    - midrange_freq from 760000 to 1150000
    - Updated SuperSU to version 2.46
    - Updated Apex Launcher to 3.0.2
    - Updated Google Maps to version 9.4.0
    - Updated YouTube to version 10.05.6

    20150212 ZOMBi-POP Beta 9 changes
    - Rebased from omni-5.0.2-20150208-zombi_tf700t-KANG maintained by lj50036 & harslog
    - Rebuilt _that/omni kernel with oom patches and repacked ramdisk

    20150207 ZOMBi-POP Beta 8 changes - not released
    - Reverted some vm and kernel tweaks which seems to have got performance back on track
    - Reverted read_ahead_kb to 4096 as no benefit to 2048
    - Fixed Tibu not installing correctly and updated to version
    - Removed Chrome and Dolphin / Flash
    - Rebuilt all GAPPS from latest PA GAPPS modular package Feb 2015

    20150201 ZOMBi-POP Beta 7 changes
    - Resized Nexus-Lollipop bootanimation
    - Added the Unknown Pleasures bootanimation
    - Testing read_ahead_kb set to 2048 not 4096 to see if it improves read/write stabilty
    - Aroma theme updated - thanks Shonkin for the bg picture
    - Fixed Overclocking not working on data2sd with _that's kernel. You now get 4x1800 cores on data2sd
    - CPU will use all 4 cores at 90% max load instead of 85% on basic cpu tweaks
    - Fixed missing sdcardi on grimlock kernel
    - Fixed init.d on Grimlock 5 kernel by repacking init.zombi.rc
    - Fixed zipalign script so it runs properly once after a dirty or clean install
    - Set the lowmemorykiller to less aggressive 2048,4096,8192,16384,24576,32768 via init.d script
    - Rewrote Aroma installer which gets us a step closer to it remembering previous installs (but not yet!)
    - Split out the extra tweaks into two parts for further debugging - Basic and Extended
    - Spilt out Disable Software Rendering and Force GPU rendering for further testing
    - Added 1760x1100 & 1440x900 as additional resolution choices
    - Fixed resolution changes not getting applied by changing delay from 30 secs to 45 secs after boot finishes
    - Reordered init.d scripts to make more sense
    - Updated Titanium Backup to version 7.0.0 and cleaned up installation script

    - Force GPU Rendering is not getting applied correctly - do it manually for now

    20150131 ZOMBi-POP Beta 6 changes
    - Added sysctrl to /system/xbin as the file was missing. This means a lot more tweaks get applied. Doh!
    - A suspect for OOM errors is B2RAM so dropped memory usage to 50MB as a test
    - Fsync is enabled by default if you select ROM2SD or DATA2SD in the installation process
    - Updated zipalign script to work with Lollipop apk folder conventions
    - Updated the Android Lollipop bootanimation with latest official google one
    - Updated YouTube to version 10.03.5
    - Updated Android Terminal Emulator to version 1.0.65

    20150125 ZOMBi-POP Beta 5 changes
    - Rebased from omni-5.0.2-20150125-zombi_tf700t-KANG source maintained by lj50036/hardslog
    - Fixed Auto-rotation - thanks hardslog/lj50036!
    - NEW Material AOSP Broswer - very nice!
    - Omni Switch but no windows mode yet
    - Fixed missing sdcardi folder for data2sd and rom2sd users
    - Fixed the Apex and Nova Launchers getting messed up on install
    - CLEANTweaks init.d re-balanced to be less aggressive - hopefully stops so many reboots
    - Recompiled latest framework-res.apk with zombi-pop default_wallpaper.jpg
    - Updated Google Chrome to version 40.0.2214.89
    - Updated Google Maps to version 9.3.0
    - Updated YouTube to version 10.02.3
    - Updated Android Terminal Emulator to version 1.0.64

    20150119 ZOMBi-POP Beta 4 changes
    - Recompiled framework-res.apk with new default_wallpaper.jpg
    - First public release

    20150119 ZOMBi-POP Beta 3 changes
    - New name - new logo! ZOMBi-POP
    - Rethemed Aroma to new ZOMBi-POP theme
    - Added 2 optional beta tweaks for testing (screen and kernel)
    - Fixed _thatv11 kernel option
    - Added Grimlock v5.0 (not tested)

    20150118 Lollipop Beta 2 changes
    - Updated to latest OMNI Lollipop source omni-5.0.2-20150117-zombi_tf700t-KANG maintained by lj50036
    - Fixed issue with AOSP Browser getting installed when not selected
    - Fixed issue with Live Wallpapers getting installed when not selected
    - Fixed issue with Launcher3 getting installed when not selected
    - Fixed issue with Terminal not getting installed when selected
    - Fixed issue with DSPManager still getting installed when Viper4fx is installed
    - Removed stock calendar as google app one is far superior
    - Fixed init.d scripts not running due to wrong permissions and wrong ramdisk init.rc call

    20150117 Lollipop Beta 1 changes
    - Updated system and data apps to use new lollipop structures
    - Updated all apps to latest versions
    - Removed xposed as not compaitble with lollipop
    - Tweaked the force gpu options

    20150111 Lollipop Alpha 1 changes
    - Updated to latest OMNI Lollipop source maintained by lj50036
    - New PA GApps Lollipop version 2015
    - Initial Beta test build to see what works and what doesn't

    The Team
    • @sbdags - Creative Mastermind (From CROMi-X/CROMBi-kk/ZOMBi-X ROMS)
    • @lj50036 - Source Guy (From CROMBi-kk/ZOMBI-X ROMS)
    • @hardslog - The Canadian (From Grimlock ROMS)
    • @ikkeT - The Fin

    • Google
    • Omni Team - Thanks!
    • @_that For all the great advice, watching over us and fixing everything we break!!!!!
    • All the beta testers for your patience and feedback : fatboyinlycra, berndblb, drewski_1, duckredbeard, keshavmot2, corb06, jmaybush, JoJoDaClown, kansasboy001, TrofeoSC

    To Do
    • Fix loads of stuff! :)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    ZOMBi-POP, ROM for the Asus Transformer TF700

    sbdags, lj50036, hardslog, _that, ikkeT
    Source Code: https://github.com/zombi-x

    ROM OS Version: 5.1.x Lollipop
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.1.x
    ROM Firmware Required: JB - bootloader
    Based On: OMNI AOSP

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: 20151210 5.1.1 RC2
    Stable Release Date: 2015-12-10
    Current Beta Version: 20150723 5.1.1 Beta
    Beta Release Date: 2015-07-23

    Created 2015-01-19
    Last Updated 2016-03-21
    Thank you!

    A bit off topic but none the less can I just thank everyone who has been offering support and kind words on xda for my wife who has been battling cancer for the last 8 months.

    She gets all the messages from you guys passed on and every little bit cheers her up and supports her. She says a huge thank you for all the love thrown her way from people she doesn't really know but know me through this site. So a massive thank you from both of us!!!

    She has her final appointment with the specialist tomorrow so hopefully it will be to close this chapter and she can start getting her/our life back on track. Thank you everyone!!

    Prayers that the appointment went well today.

    Sent from my TARDIS

    It did! :) All clear received :D

    Onwards and upwards!! :good:

    Thanks to everyone - I have run out of thanks to give according to xda ;)



    1. If you haven’t yet, unlock your TF700 by following these instructions.

    2. Install the latest version of Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) 2.8+ or ClockWorkMod Recovery Note this ROM will NOT install with older versions of recovery!

    TWRP XDA Thread

    CWM XDA Thread

    Download the recovery file from above, put it into the same folder where you have adb and fastboot files. Please rename it to twrp.blob or cwm.img and follow the instructions below:

    Connect your transformer to your PC, reboot to the bootloader to enable fastboot by either holding down [power] and [volume down] or opening a command prompt in your adb.exe folder in windows:

    adb reboot bootloader

    To flash the recovery:

    fastboot -i 0x0B05 flash recovery cwm.img


    fastboot -i 0x0B05 flash recovery twrp.blob

    A blue bar will go accross the screen on the tab and the command prompt will indicate it was successful in about 10 seconds

    Then reboot the tablet either back to the bootloader or to android to complete

    fastboot -i 0x0B05 reboot-bootloader
    fastboot -i 0x0B05 reboot

    You can now access the recovery by pushing [volume up] on the RCK icon in the bootloader screen



    1. Download the ROM below and save to your internal or external SD Card. Do not unzip the file.

    Note: The first boot after install will take 20 mins whilst everything is built. Some people might think it is looping but it is not. The ROM also takes about 10 mins to stabilise after the first boot

    ZOMBi-POP 5.1.1 RC2 20151210 Full Mirror 1

    MD5 Sum: ee45e9bf273ed7fe59e7cd6b30087b7c



    ROM2SD only works if you have ZOMBI-POP, ZOMBi-X, CROMBi-kk, CROMi-X or miniC flashed on internal with a THATv10+ kernel. Just choose ROM2SD in the installer of ZOMBi-POP to flash it to ROM2SD and the installer will do the rest.

    - Install ZOMBi-POP and choose ROM2SD or DATA2SD install

    The ROM2SD1.zip below is only needed if you need to switch your recovery to between normal and rom2sd mode. For Example you want to backup or restore a rom2sd installation. Flash once to go rom2sd and flash again to go back to normal. A reboot always puts you back to normal. Thanks to _that!

    ROM2SD1.zip Download Mirror 1

    ROM2SD1.zip Download Mirror 2

    MD5 Sum: 7b699136d59ea3d5538570ccaf422acf

    The DATA2SD1.zip below is only needed if you need to switch your recovery to between normal and data2sd mode. For Example you want to backup or restore a data2sd installation. Flash once to go data2sd and flash again to go back to normal. A reboot always puts you back to normal.

    DATA2SD1.zip Download Mirror 1

    DATA2SD1.zip Download Mirror 2

    MD5 Sum: 9d5e9e2fd32593f981624499b37924b2

    2. Boot to recovery – Either choose Boot to Recovery from the Power Menu if available on your current ROM or from the tablet power off hold the [volume down] button and press the [power] button. Once your see the flashing RCK icon, press [volume up] to select. If another icon is flashing use [volume down] to move between icons.

    3. Using your recovery make a Nandroid Backup of your current setup

    4. Select install and navigate to where you saved your ROM zip file.

    5. Choose the ZOMBi-POP zip file and follow the on screen prompts to customize your installation.

    6. Reboot and enjoy.

    Using GParted to setup a micro SD for ROM2SD or DATA2SD support

    First and foremost - DO NOT USE MINI TOOL!

    Formatting a micro sd card for ROM2SD
    Note for DATA2SD just do one partition in stead of 2 ;)

    We will be using a GParted Live boot USB and a FAST good quality micro sd like a Sandisk or Samsung Class 10 - SDHC/SDXC UHS-1 card with read speed of at least 20MB/S. If you have a cheap chinese eBay card don't bother - they are not good enough.

    You will also need a USB Stick with at least 1GB size. Note this process formats the USB disk so don't keep any important files on it. It will also wipe your micro sd so make sure you are prepared.

    1. Go to the link below and download the GParted Live CD/USB/HD/PXE Bootable Image and save it somewhere you remember
    2. Download Linux Live USB Creator and install it

    3. Fire up LiLi USB Creator:
    a. Choose your USB key - I,e, the drive letter for your USB (not sd card)
    b. Choose your GParted iso image for the source
    c. Choose the check box to Format Key in FAT32 and hide files
    d. Click the lightning bolt to create

    4. Now you have a bootable disk you need to boot from it. You may need to alter you BIOS Settings on your PC to boot from a USB Stick but mine did it without messing.
    5. Insert your micro SD card into an SD Card adapter and insert into PC
    6. Boot into GParted ;)

    7. Choose Gparted Live <Enter>
    8. Don’t touch keymap <Enter>
    9. Languge <Enter>
    10. Start Gparted Automatically
    11. Change device to your micro sd )it will default to you hard disk - hda– mine is /dev/sdc


    12. Delete all existing partitions

    For a 64GB card: (resize as needed but /system doesn't need to be bigger than 1GB)
    13. Create new, always select primary: do this 3 times.
    14. FAT 32 : Size 16GB – this will be /dev/sdc1 in gparted and will be your sdcard for storage in Android
    15. EXT4 : Size 42GB – this will be /dev/sdc2 in gparted and will be your /data partition in Android
    16. EXT4 : Size 1GB – this will be /dev/sdc3 in gparted and will be your /system partition in Android (not needed for data2sd)


    Apply, wait until it finishes and then reboot. Remember to remove the usb stick ;)

    *Images stolen from elsewhere as I couldn’t get it to save mine :(

    Now you are ready to install ROM2SD. Note if you want to use DATA2SD then only do 2 partitions 1x FAT32 and 1x larger EXT4

    Then reinstall ZOMBi-POP but this time choose the ROM2SD / DATA2SD option
    Zombi - Marshmallow Release

    Hey All, @lj50036 and I would like to release our tribute to our beloved @sbdags as he fights with his next challenge in life. We are proud to present a working build of Zombi on Marshmallow!

    • Wifi
    • Bluetooth (but a bit flakey)
    • all dock keys
    • camera
    • Sensors
    • All current Omni Features

    • Dock Battery % display
    • Rotation Lock when Docked (have to lock rotation manually)
    • Maybe other things?


    Link to SuperSU Download
    Recommended GAPPS - Arm 6.0 Pico

    Same instructions as per OP for installing.

    If you run this rom and want to say thanks, please consider sending @sbdags a little love via donation. He is in our thoughts and prayers.

    Also some props for our good friend mr @timduru Without his contributions there would be no bluetooth, camera, or proper video playback.