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[ROM][A11][Official] Nusantara-ROM 3.1 || 26/07/2021

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    * Your warranty is... still valid?
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.



    Rich (BB code):
    • Accent picker
    • Theme backup
    • Theme styles
    • Heads up options
    • Charging animation
    • Edge Lighting
    • Blink Flashlight on Call
    • Rounded Corners
    • System Animations
    • Scrolling Cache
    • Expanded screenshot
    • Gaming Mode
    • Three Finger Swipe
    • DT2 Sleep
    • Signature Spoofing
    • Sensor block per app package
    • Screen off animation
    • Dashboard conditions
    • Dashboard suggestions
    • Disable device identifier restrictions
    Fingerprint Prefs:
    • Fingerprint error vibration
    • Fingerprint authentication Vibration
    • Show status bar on lockscreen
    • Disable QS when locked
    • Lockscreen charging info
    • Lockscreen album art filter
    • Media artwork blur level
    • Shortcuts
    • Charging animation
    • Lockscreen style
    • Fod Icon picker
    • FOD recognising animations
    • FOD pressed state
    • Hide lock icon
    • DT2sleep
    • Lockscreen visualizer
    • Media Artwork
    Status Bar
    • Battery Customization
    • Charging LED
    • Battery Estimates Toggle
    • Battery Icon Style
    • Battery Percentage
    • Aggressive Battery
    • Battery Bar Customization
    Carrier Label
    • Custom Carrier Label
    • Carrier Label Fonts, Size, Colors
    Clock Customization
    • Show clock and date toggle
    • Auto-hide Clock
    • Clock Style
    • AM/PM Style
    • Show seconds toggle
    • Date, its position, style, format, size, font color & style
    • Icon Manager
    • Statusbar Icons
    • Custom Logo
    • Signal Icon Switch
    • Toast app icon
    • Bluetooth battery status
    Quick Settings
    • Quick QS Pulldown
    • Smart Pulldown
    • Vibrate on Touch
    • QS footer text
    • Customize footer text
    • Settings icon toggle
    • Running services icon
    • User switch icon
    • Edit icon toggle
    • QS Tint toggle
    • Header Images & toggle
    • QS Blur
    • Background opacity
    • QS Layout Customization
    • QS tile Animations
    • Brightness Slider Positions and customization
    Traffic Indicators
    • Traffic Indicator Placement
    • Activity Layout
    • Net Type Activity
    • Net font size customization
    • Show/Hide arrows toggle
    • Net activity auto-hide threshold
    • Ticker toggle
    • Ticker Animation
    • Ticker Duration
    • Buttons
    • Kill app button
    • Screen off power button torch
    • Volume Panel Customization
    • Music Control
    • Volume rocker wake
    • Reorient
    • Volume rocker wake
    • Volume key cursor control
    • On-Screen nav bar
    • System Navigation
    • Full Screen gestures
    • Extended swipe action
    • Left/Right Swipe Action
    Power Menu
    • Power menu animation
    • Restart toggle
    • Advanced Restart Toggle
    • Lockdown toggle
    • Screenshot toggle
    • Lockscreen visibility
    • Ambient Display
    • Always on
    • Custom Options
    • Batter level on bottom
    • Always on when charging
    • New notifications toggle
    • Lift to check phone
    • Hand wave pulse
    • Pocket notifications on removal
    • Brightness options on Ambient
    • Ambient wake gestures
    • Ambient music ticker
    • Night Light
    • Adaptive Brightness
    • Styles and wallpapers
    • Screen Attention
    • Display Colors
    • Screen Savers
    • Screen rotations
    • D2w
    • Wake on plug
    • Game driver preferences
    And more to be filled later, we're still in beta.


    Recommended GApps


    1. Wipe Dalvik/ART Cache, Vendor, Cache, System, Data.
    2. Flash latest fw+vendor of your device variant. Download
    3. Flash NusantaraROM Zip.
    4. Flash any add-ons if you want to like Gapps (Use core, basic... light, don't flash heavy ones)
    5. Flash Magisk if you need root access.
    6. Reboot & enjoy!


    1. Question : On what ROM is Nusantara is based on?
       Answer   : Its based on AOSP.
    2. Question : Do we need to flash Gapps?
       Answer   : Yes for vanilla variant, but there is prebuilt gapps variant.
    3. Question : When will be the next update! Any ETAs?
       Answer   : There will be regular updates as and when the team is ready to push a new update. Kindly do not ask for ETAs.
    4. Question : I need this feature/ I found some bugs!
       Answer   : Firstly if u find any bug then please check with your add-ons like magisk module, zips, etc u flashed and whether its related or no. Though if your sure that its from rom side then kindly grab a [URL="https://telegra.ph/Logcats-are-important-03-01"]Logcat[/URL] and report to me just mention on reply.


    Every single awesome member and developer of Custom ROMS!

    • Donate Maintaner: mans0amador

    XDA:DevDB Information
    NusantaraProject, ROM for Xiaomi Redmi K20/Mi9T Pro


    Source Code:
    Kernel Source:

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.14

    Version Information
    Current Version: 3.1

    Created 2021-02-03
    Last Updated 2021-07-26
    Update 23-02-2021
    - Fixed some audio issues.
    - Removed force encryption for decrypted users.
    - Switched to perf kernel.
    - Switched to a more compatible DT. Clean flash is recommended, but not mandatory.

    Links are updated in OP.
    Updated on 18/05/2021

    - Update to 2.9 Reog.
    - Faster FOD.
    - Fixed blinking on AOD.
    - Re-enabled blur effect in display settings.
    - Minor performance improvements.
    - Fixed AOD
    - Passing safetynet

    Links updated in OP
    New update 09-02-2021 - Links updated

    - Fixed FPS toggle
    - Fixed FM radio
    - Fixed UI dimensions & padding
    - Fixed AOD
    - Fixed DT2W
    - Fixed FP not acquiring wakelock (ScreeenOff FOD)
    - Fixed booting to fastboot on kernel panic, now to recovery
    - Added VoLTE and VoWIFI settings for Indian carriers
    - Updated device fingerprint to Redfin Feb