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Development [ROM][A12][OP9Pro] XTENDED XS-v2 [ 14 Jan 2022 ]

Guys I can build only one variant, Either GApps build or Vanila. It'll depend on your vote.

  • Gapps build

    Votes: 71 82.6%
  • Vanila build

    Votes: 15 17.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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New member
Jan 14, 2022
1.When I changed the status bar icon, the lock screen still displayed the default icon.
2.When I set the Columns menu in Quick Settings to 2 columns, the animation used was very uncomfortable (When I transition to fulldown)


Senior Member
Oct 29, 2010
Verizon supports the LE2125 and it works good for both calls and 4G data. I'm not sure if 5G works but I'm not really concerned about that. I unlocked the bootloader and flashed this rom but it doesn't recognize the sim. It does say Verizon in the status bar briefly but when I go to settings the mobile network tab is greyed out.
Is your device rooted by any chance?


Senior Member
Aug 23, 2010
OnePlus 9 Pro
V2 is looking good here. Rooted too. GPay working. (I don't use android auto, so can't speak to that)
350/48.5 speedtest on 5g. Also, wifi speeds are better than i get from my desktop's intel mobile 802.11ax wifi.
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    Have you tried any custom roms on Verizon yet?
    Evox has Verizon working
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    * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD card or anything happens with your device
    * Flash on your own risk/knowledge.

    TEAM XTENDED: @SuperDroidBond | @mady51 | @mukesh22584 | @anishpratheepan | @xawlw | @SonalSingh18 | @Roger.T

    FEATURES: Get Feature list from HERE

    SUPPORT LINK: Xtended Telegram Public Group

    Click HERE



    GAPPS DOWNLOADS: Already Included

    ROM SOURCE: Project-Xtended ROM Sources

    KERNEL SOURCE: Our Official Devices Sources

    Social Media Link: Click HERE (Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for latest updates)

    DONATIONS: SuperDroidBond | mukesh22584 | mady51

    We would like to give thanks to everyone in the Android community, big or small.
    - Flicker when enrolling FP first time, To solve just Lock & unlock your device.
    - You guys tell me if get any.

    Device specific Features:
    - Screen off gestures
    - DC dimming
    - Automatic High brightness mode
    - Notification slider customizations
    - Haptic strength customizations
    - Minimum & Maximum refresh rate switch
    - Pickup to pulse/wake option

    Flashing instructions:

    If already using Xtended & want to update:

    - Just Sideload latest build without wiping anything.

    Coming From OOS or any other custom ROM, Please Follow:
    - Follow instructions carefully: HERE

    After downgrading to OOS11 Please follow this:
    - Flash Xtended recovery ( Link in bottom of flashing instructions page).
    - Download copy-partition zip from HERE
    - Sideload copy-partition zip.
    - Reboot to recovery & factory reset
    - Sideload Xtended rom zip & reboot.
    Hello Everyone,

    We're here again with brand new update of Xtended XS-v2 for lemonadep,

    ROM Changelog-: HERE
    Download-: Xtended Xs-v2
    Flashing Instructions: HERE

    Device Changelog:
    - Fixed USB OTG
    - Fixed Android auto
    - Fixed CNE location privacy indiactor popup

    • Follow proper flashing instructions.
    • Don't report issue without logs.
    • Please refresh your browser if not showing latest build.

    Best Regards
    Team Xtended
    I think with Oxygen 12 being so buggy custom roms on OP9 Pro are going to become very popular. Thank you for your work!
    VERY solid rom, impressed by how many customizations are already included. I can honestly say I'm enjoying android 12 on the 9 pro with this rom much better then I was on my pixel 6 pro. This will be my new daily driver. Thank you @mukesh22584