[ROM][A515F] OneUI 4.1 [S20 Port] ---- ICBM r0M v.1 ----

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Aug 21, 2017
I just found this rom, is there more information or installation tutorial?

n there are more discussions. don't lazy to read.
n please don't private message me (or anybody else) with your own native language. because me and anyone else could be don't understand it, use english.


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Jul 31, 2022
everything worked out, thanks a lot... bought another sd card 😃😃 fat32 to exfat... now i am writing with this rom 💜💜 another level, flying...thanks.
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Jun 11, 2022
Hey brother..just wondering.. is it possible to flash and use a different kernel while using your rom? Or will there be issues if that were to happen..
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Aug 21, 2017

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    I'm gonna put this in short and sweet.
    Very good for those who lazy in reading.

    So, this custom ROM based on S20 FVC and A51 FVD2. ROM packed with 3 images: system/vendor/kernel.img. Unpack first and flash!!!!!

    Things to do before flashing:
    1. Make sure you're on binary 5 OneUI 4.1 (this ROM tested and using binary 5 vendor, so to avoid any broken or whatever error flash your device with latest firmware).
    2. Backup your IMEI!!!! this is not scare you or because of flashing this ROM, but this is standard/basic procedure if you modified your phone
    coz I guarantee you will cry if your IMEI loosing and you don't have backup. BLAME YOUR A** STUPIDITY!!!

    1. CLEAN FLASH is A MUST. Flash image then flash Magisk (use Canary version recommended).
    Now without custom kernel, so if you using stock kernel, flashing Magisk is mandatory
    and also dm-verity.

    ROM Features:
    1. Samsung DeX
    2. Flagship live blur (disabled) - you can enable it but cost in performance
    3. Flagship edge lighting style
    4. AirCommand (hand touchy)
    5. LiveDrawing
    6. Multy screen resolutions (HD+ - FHD+ - WQHD+)
    7. 1000++ system fonts
    8. Some "small" flagship features: extra dim, processing speed, object eraser, shadow-reflection eraser, remaster pic etc.
    9. Camera features unlocked (pro video etc.)
    10. All original A51 features
    11. Common tweaks here and there and so many possibility to unlock another flagship features

    Bugs: - Audio glitch -- Fixed (look at bellow message)
    - QWHD resolution: will overlap status bar (not really priority, could harmful slowly kill your screen), but will try to fix.
    Very very minor, for me almost nothing. Let's further discuss at Telegram Group https://t.me/samsunga51

    Hall of Fame:
    @MrWaehere for his awesome CRB kitchen
    @VDavid003 for so many things
    @Yillié and his OFox recovery and also countless help
    @BlassGO and his Dynamic Installer, patches, advise and countless contributions
    @Winb33 for 1000++ fonts mod
    @topjohnwu for Magisk
    @ianmacd multy disabler for my base ROM securities implementation

    PM me if i forgot to mention someone.

    Advise and Tips:
    - Do not disturb while at the very begining boot to your Home. Give your smartphone time to update/initialize
    - It's better to avoid update in Galaxy store related to system app, such as MDE Service Framework, Samsung Core Services etc. It might causing conflict due to mixed up firmware. But anyway it's up to you
    - Please do not complain regarding app missing (getting debloated) and related to debloat. Because it's very hard to acomodate every person's taste. Bloatware is very Objective and absurd for each person. I know it's supposed to be using Aroma installer or any script but i don't have time that much to do that.
    - Set DPI to 430 - 440 and all animations/effect to 0.5 for best experience.

    Download link:
    **when you click this link and downloading, that's mean you're agree to all the consequences and i'm not responsible to anything - do with your own risk**

    thanks to our fellow asdfghftyhgfgth for new link (maybe that's an alt Telegram ID :p )

    Experimental DeX (kernel and dtbo) :

    DeX Experimentation to enable DeX touch.
    Already flashed and booted, but still not yet direct tested to Monitor thru DeX station or USB to HDMI converter.
    Remember to always backup before doing anything and risks all yours.
    Further Discussion - Changes - Additions

    Audio Fix : Link
    flashable with simple script, so need ticking "mount" on vendor before flashing or whatever your comfortable

    or use bellow magisk module for audio fix.
    Hi, with twrp installed, via odin flash BL and AP? then you go to TWRP, flash magisk, reboot and that's it? Sorry for asking what you surely wrote but when translating I lose information
    I too bootloop and preffered STOCK ROM a12
    I instlled STOCK ROM twrp and magisk
    1. Flash in Odin only Stock ROM (STOCK)
    2. Uncheck option reset in twrp
    3. Flash TWRP 3.6.1 in this moment
    4. After flash imediatly enter twrp
    5. Flash MAGISK and BOOT patched
    6. Format data
    7. Reboot systen
    8. In this moment you have vendor boot and systen stable
    Download Boot 4.1 + magisk