[ROM][A520x/A720x][TW-8.0.0] hadesRom Stock v6.0 - final [06.12.2018]

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Apr 29, 2017
hi flashing bootloarder oreo
and after .....
is possible to downgrade ......?????
because of security in bootloarder oreo
best regards


Nov 21, 2012

Going to leave the threads open, maybe someone has something to say.
So glad you left it open, so 3 years later this stranger can say THANK YOU.

After my newer phone self-destructed last year, I've been stuck using an iPhone 6s. (Yes I'm thankful there was ANY phone available, but I miiiiisss my Android.)
The other day, I came across my old A5 at the bottom of a box and thought, "maybe I can root this and if I'm lucky there's a de-bloated stock out there to save me some work."
This ROM, before I've even finished installing it, has made a discarded device feel better than any new one!
Got all set to hit "install" and wait for the reboot.....instead I've spent an hour googling every installation option because they're all so delightfully unfamiliar. There's definitely some re-flashing in my future.

So it really really sucks what happened to make this the final release, but please know that your very hard work is still having an incredibly positive impact.
I'm also very happy to see the recommended threads below this box and see you're still developing. Your work is hugely appreciated!
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Apr 29, 2017


iagreeee with you
i have 2 a5 and this rom is the best !!!

but trying to find
an"Aurto data patch"
because with all my phones
usualy used this patch
allow to use itsel data for mms
witout turn on data in phone !
was very very usefull
but this patch work with kitkat , marsmallow , lolipop , nougat

but NO !!! oreo and after .....

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    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    Some personal thoughts:
    - you should read at least install instructions stated in this post - i won`t offer support for any issues regarding installation;
    - press 'Thanks' button instead of saying it - it will keep the thread clean and keep me motivated to do more;
    - feel free to donate to me if you want to support my work;
    - if you take any of my work without my permission i'll report you, and you'll probably get banned.

    Rom Features
    Only for A520F/A520K/A520L/A520S/A520W/A720F/A720S
    • Android 8.0.0
    • Full A8 (2018) port, based on A530FXXU2BRG1 on top of A520FXXU7CRID
    • Deodexed / Deknoxed / Zipaligned / Unbranded
    • Signature verification disabled
    • AR Emoji
    • Hybrid October/September security patch
    • Heavy debloated
    • Aroma Installer
      - selectable wipe
      - selectable boot animation color
      - selectable mods
      - selectable sound features
      - selectable bloatware
    • hadesKernel - details here
    • Multi country csc (OMC) from Samsung Galaxy S9+ June release
      - reboot 2-3 times after booting to be sure everything is applied
    • RMM prepatched (more info about RMM here)
    • Under the hood optimisations for buttersmooth experience
    • Fingerprint gestures
    • Vibration feedback on hw keys and on some actions (haptic)
    • 4k/2k video recording with stock camera
    • Good Lock 2018 integrated
    • OneHand+ with some gestures
    • Smart Manager from chinese S9+ (contains also Samsung Package Installer with more features)
    • S9+ Native Dolby Atmos
    • Fully working Bixby Vision from S9, Bixby Home, S9 Messaging+Stickers, S9 camera like + S9 camera stickers, Note 9 Live Drawing, Samsung Max, Applock, S Clean, Usb Backup, Ultra data saving mode
    • Pin to AOD (notes, links, text can be set as AOD)
    • More AOD themes
    • Freeform/Snap multiwindow
    • Dual speaker mod
    • Google Assistant
    • Device status Official in settings
    • Some csc related features (call recording, more toggles, internet speed in status bar, some options in messaging app, auto reboot menu, data toggle in power menu, data usage in quick panel)
    • Landscape mode in Touchwiz Launcher
    • More fonts
    • A8 (2018) ringtones and notification sounds
    • enabled outdoor mode in settings, touch key light settings
    • disabled safe volume warning and high brightness popup
    • increased headphones volume (for better handling of SoundAlive bass with Dolby Atmos)
    • Maybe more.. Will update when i`ll remember

    Installation steps
    Proceed only if you updated Bootloader and Modem to Oreo! (info here)
    • Make sure you have twrp 3.x installed (download from 2nd post, install instructions here)
    • Make sure your phone is charged to at least 70%.
    • Download the ROM, and transfer to your phone / external SD card if you have encryption active
    • Make sure OEM Unlock is on in developer settings
    • Boot the phone into TWRP
    • Do a FULL wipe: Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data, System
      - If you come from stock rom, probably encryption is active, you need to format data partition in twrp-wipe menu
    • Flash rom and boot (first boot may take 15-20 min)
    • If you face any lags/hangs at first boot, reboot 2-3 times and it will be fixed
    • uncheck diagnostic data in setting wizard

    How about bugs?
    Major issues for your info:
    • bluetooth FC in some scenarios (couldn't reproduce myself)
    testers & donors
    *please pm me if i forgot someone

    XDA:DevDB Information
    hadesRom, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy A Series 2017 A3, A5, A7

    Source Code: https://forum.xda-developers.com/samsung-a-series-2017/development/kernel-hadeskernel-v1-5-t3866244

    ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.x
    Based On: Samsung Experience

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v6.0
    Stable Release Date: 2018-12-06

    Created 2018-04-19
    Last Updated 2018-12-06
    If you don't care in reading this, go below this post, you'll find the rom.

    First of all i feel the need to thank everyone that been around supporting me, this project wouldn't have got so far without you.
    I want to share this final rom zip as it was already cooked and ready for release. As i said, i halted the release of this rom because november security update got out and this rom felt overdue.

    As some people like to blame me for various things, i want to shed some light onto recent events.
    1. A while ago i have found some roms with Pie apps ported by me included with no credits or small credits. Yes i will rage everytime for this since nobody spent 16 continous hours with me to port and fix most of the bugs only for the Telephony/Contacts/IncallUI combo or for others. Yes it was my choice to port/share it, no i won't agree with people taking things as their own. As a consequence i discontinued that project and halted others.
    2. @Option58 released LineageOS 16 (gg for it) and all the questions, bug reports and LOS related talk moved to my telegram group, most of the questions being addressed to me. Not my duty to answer them, not my rom, not my problem. As a consequence to this fact i choosed to delete the telegram group since all the chat was about LOS. If you have something to discuss, do it in related thread on XDA or on dedicated telegram group, if any.
    3. It has come to me that one of my 7 trusted testers has leaked the download link for the last test version and even sold it for 10$. For this i will release the v6, a bit improved from that leaked build so people wouldn't have to pay for it and get scammed. Sooner or later someone on 4pda would share it anyway since it got out in the wild.

    Considering all mentioned i decided to end this project too and lay low for a while.
    I'm not going to say i will never do anything anymore, i get bored pretty quick and eventually get over it so we might see eachother again, but at least for a while i won't do anything.

    So at the very end of this post i would like to thank some people:
    - donors and people who supported my projects, thanks again
    - @MPachulski24 @●CaloMarzi● @paulo boë @vivb.21 @XxChaoticStrike @Dynamo22 @Yahia Angelo thanks for trying to be there as testers and thanks for leaking the test v6
    - @ermakovermakov7878 thanks for not admiting you had the rom too and not wanting to say who leaked it, you are a part of this anyway, thanks again
    - @Option58 - thanks for your devotion into this device(s)
    - for other users that helped me find out all this scam, thank you very much
    - for users that paid for that leak, i'm really sorry for that, if you read this, try to reach me and maybe you can help me find the guilty person eventually
    - for haters, thanks for hating, good things come from both positive and negative feedback

    Going to leave the threads open, maybe someone has something to say.


    Video reviews
    thanks to my friend @DasNuddel
    hadesRom v5.0
    hadesRom v4.5
    hadesRom v4.0 changelog:
    • rebased on A520FXXU4CREF XSG June Security patch
    • new kernel based on A520FXXU4CREF XSG June Security patch sourcecode
    • added awesome GoodLock2018 -> Rom Control - Useful Apps
    • added Rom Control with few mods - mostly added for starting Good Lock apps
    • added OneHand+ with some gestures
    • A720S experimental support
    • added separate csc for korean and canadian versions
    • added S9 Bixby Vision
    • forced all Bixby Vision features work for all the countries
    • fixed block calls / messages
    • fixed developer settings FC without root
    • fixed bluetooth false reporting on battery usage
    • added ultra data saving mode in yuva features
    • added aroma selectable Samsung/Google apps
    • added aroma selectable Smart Manager from chinese S9+ (contains also Samsung Package Installer with more features)
    • added another check for csc to apply the proper csc files
    • removed magisk/supersu/busybox due to the embedded flashing issues, flash root separately after flashing the rom
    • enabled outdoor mode in settings
    • enabled touch key light settings
    • enabled fingerprint unlock after reboot
    • disabled safe volume warning
    • disabled high brightness popup
    New version is already in test phase, still needs some fine tuning.
    For A520W, my hands are still tied, nothing official from Samsung.