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Mar 7, 2012

This is a Rom Based off of Cyanogen mod 7.2.0 RC3. This is a Rom that is for people that want everything working. A Rom stripped down to the essentials, a Rom light weight (74Mb's as of preview 1) and powerful (scoring over 1050 on quadrant stock kernel). I wanted to make this Rom because everything is ICS, Sense, Aokp, Miui, or some other japanese Rom. I wanted to make a gingerbread Rom that ran the way I wanted to, that not only looked the part but ran the part. I present to you... ACEgb.

Latest Version: http://d-h.st/SeK

Working: Everything as far as I know.

Bugs: None that I know of.

Changelog and Downloads:

Preview V1: http://d-h.st/SeK
Based of off Cyanogenmod 7.2.0 RC3
Added Modded Sony Bravia Engine
Added Beats Audio (That means no dsp manager)
Added Sony Xloud
Added a modded nifty companions tweaks (found here http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/...ns-tweaks-updated-tweak-bundle-flashable-zip/
Put in some other tweaks and things like that
Removed Dsp manager
Removed all live wallpaper
Removed all Cm Wallpaper
Removed all themes
Removed Rom manager
Removed Dev tweaks
Removed Spare parts
Removed Rom manager
Removed Pro tips (Widget)
Removed file manager
Over all slimmed the Rom down to 74Mb's
Added in a new boot animation
And more... flash it!

What to do:
Add in a kernel (maybe)
Add in a theme
You tell me...

The whole Team V3Nd3TTA team: For support and Ideas
Death by soap: For helping me out when I felt like a noob.
The_plattypus: For teaching me most of what I know.
Cyanogenmod: For the awesome base.
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