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Would you like to see a Flex based rom

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Clark Joseph Kent

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Dec 17, 2011
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
There is a download tab on this forum for this thread, click on that and there is a direct link.

Just downloaded the file and tried to install , gives me bootloop on flash screen.

Did you do a clean install and what recovery are you using......did you wipe system also? In other words, what have you done to try to fix your issue....other than install and boot-looping....


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Feb 21, 2010
Middlebury, CT
Did you do a clean install and what recovery are you using......did you wipe system also? In other words, what have you done to try to fix your issue....other than install and boot-looping....

twrp, and did a wipe in recovery. I went back to my backup for now, I read trying the other recovery may be better. Im also downloading the other rom, AEONFLEX v3.0.2 Every Variant.

Dont have time to play with it too much tonight.


May 28, 2007
Call recording

I would like some info from people using this rom regarding the call recorder before actually flashing this rom
Is it an auto call recorder?
What is the template of the file name saved? Phonenumber? Contact name? Date?
Is it working with bluetooth?
Does it work when you change the source during the call (close Bluetooth during call and continue the conversation by using the actual phone?)
Thanks in advance

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    PLEASE READ THE 2nd,3rd,and 4th post


    *F320K11a Base
    * LMT Pie launcher
    *Smaller Navagation Buttons
    *Viper Auidio Mod (Thanks to ViPER520 and zhuhang)
    *5 Additional themes for stock launcher
    *Free of Korean text on dialer and Q-Voice and everywhere. :thumbup:
    *EFS Backup
    *Removed Ohlle apps from Task Manager
    *Xposed Installer (Thank you to rovo89)
    *G2 Xposed module (Thank you to BlackDino)
    *Advanced Reboot
    *No CID
    *Call Recording
    *Volume Slider Removed
    *Hide Navigation Buttons
    *Additional Settings can be found by changing Settings from tab to list view.
    *There is more that I forgot Im sure.


    *Copy AEON zip to phone
    *Reboot to recovery
    *Factory Reset phone
    *Flash rom zip

    AEON v3

    DOWNLOAD v2.3
    AEON v2.3
    MD5 Sum: 6bda2c2e019c6dc1ceb05597d4fc37c5

    AEON v2
    MD5 Sum: f5488042c05f641c69b080dccdc8cdea

    AEON vI

    XDA:DevDB Information
    {ROM}(AllianceRom)[4.2.2] AEON v3 Stability at it's Finest , a ROM for the LG G2

    bigfau, http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=3036336
    ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean

    Version Information
    Status: Stable

    Created 2013-11-27
    Last Updated 2014-01-10
    v3 Changelog

    *New Bootanimation
    *New Shutdownanimation
    *Removed some more unnecessary apps
    *Updated Dynamic Notifications app
    *Changed Status bar icons to white
    *Changed Status bar and toggles color to black
    *Updated some init.d scrpits
    *Added Xposed Gravity Box module
    *Added LG Flex theme
    *Added MIUI theme
    *Added LG Flex app QTheater (WIP)
    *Improved i/o speed to reduce lag
    *Added Textra for those who are having problems with MMs
    *Added LG Flex wallpapers
    *Updated apps
    *Improved Speed
    *Improved battery
    ***First LG G2 rom with Split View ported from the LG FLEX by me.
    **I added all apps to Split View. Please keep in mind not all app will run in split view correctly.
    ** BUG**
    ***With Split View you will not be able to post pics to Tapatalk or Hangouts (A change to build.prop can fix this,but you will no longer have Split View). There could be more bugs I have yet to discover.

    v2.3 Changelog

    Ram Optimization
    Updated Apps
    Disabled Logging
    Better Battery life
    LMT launcher, Xposed Installer and Battery Bar are now hidden from app drawer. Moved to Settings
    Added AllianceRom Control to Settings (Only visible in "List View" for now) AllianceRom Control Settings are still being worked on.
    New init.d scripts
    ADB enabled
    Qslide now supports 5 windows
    Updated to New Hangouts
    2 more themes for stock launcher
    Added Dynamic Notifications app

    v2.2 Changelog

    Tweaked for speed
    Advanced Power Menu
    Ramdisk improvements
    Updated apps
    You can almost count on there being an aeon rom for kitkat. Personally what I'm waiting for.

    Sent from my LG-D800

    I can guarantee that there will be an AEON Kit-Kat rom. I am also waiting on it.:cool:
    XDA 2013

    AEON is now on DevDB

    Split View Remover

    You may find that posting pics or uploading through Tapatalk , Hangouts will be broken.( You can post to Hangouts by selecting image using a file manager)

    Opening Tapatalk notification will cause a FC

    To fix the posting of pic or to just turn off Split View use a file explorer and delete this line or change it from true to false "ro.lge.capp_splitwindow=true" and reboot.

    Uninstalling apps that can be used in Split View may cause a FC of Split View Services

    For now to deal with this FC you must hold your power button until your phone reboots. :eek: