[ROM][AICP][7.1.2][UBERTC][SMOOTH] AICP Unofficial Build [t0lte]

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Sep 17, 2011
I really like this ROM, heck it's coming from Mr. Wilson and I've been using his roms since he was putting out CMs. I've got one problem with this rom though, I use Neutron to listen to music, every time the screen goes off, it shuts down after a minute or so, does anyone else has this problem and is there a fix for it? I've tried to use ''do not optimize'' under battery settings but still no luck. any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance...

Maybe try doable the app from battery optimize settings? Are you using any other battery saving apps?


Jun 11, 2018
This rom does the same as all the others to me , Have flashed it 3 times and every time i keep loosing sim and my imei number keeps disappearing , Does anyone know how to fix this please .

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    Android Ice Cold Project

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for bad things that happen as a result of flashing this.

    My kernel source is HERE.

    Uber tool chain source is HERE.

    Download Latest (credits to @c0urier)
    (Note: need one more reboot after fresh install for data to work.)


    Clean installation is encouraged if come from different roms or android versions...

    Thanks AICP team for the amazing ROM.
    Special thanks to: @DerTeufel1980 , @sbrissen , @rogersb11 , @TheBr0ken , @DreamFX , @frankie, @Option58, @PoisonNinja...
    I am still alive. Sorry guys, was busy with personal stuff...
    It is time to cook another build (ver: android 5.1.1_r6)! I will upload new build as soon as I reach home:)
    Thank you guys for supporting this ROM.
    Added a few more governors...Pegasusqplus, smartass2, lulzactiveq, intelliactive, zzmoove...

    Interactive added, but not showing, will check later. But intelliactive is Google's interactive governor, should be better.

    One interesting changes in today's build:



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    I was very busy with family matters in the past few days...i always try to update as often as possible.

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    Next build will be 5.1.1 release 4...