[ROM][ALL MDPI][JB 4.1.2] Super Jelly Bean™ 8.0 (Perfection)(kitkat ui) [23/11/2013]

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    Firstly , This is one of the Fastest Jelly Bean Rom out there . A must have for all the people who are sick of ICS !!​


    About 14000 downloads for the xperia 2011 mdpi devices through all versions ;)

    Features :
    A perfect Jelly Bean Experiance for our Xperia devices

    This Rom gives you the most Fluid UI , amazing gaming and multitasking and lastly Unmatched battery life ! What else do you need in a ROM ?

    Perhaps the best JB gaming rom (consistent framerate during graphic tasks )

    De-Bloated (All useless applications removed )

    Some quality applications built in

    Very Gaming Friendly

    Great multitasking

    Lot of available Free Ram

    Extremely Battery Friendly ( Easily gets through 1.5 days of heavy usage for me )

    One of the most Battery friendly and performance driven Rom out there.

    Rock Stable ( panorama is the only bug I found )

    Very Beautiful

    All Android 4.4 Kikat Wallpapers

    Android 4.4 Kikat fonts

    Android 4.4 Kikat Launcher

    Android 4.4 Kikat Bootanimation

    Android 4.4 Kikat UI sounds

    Latest play music with DSP manager equalizer

    Special Tweaks by harsh for the perfect experience of a jelly bean rom.

    Xperia NXT Keyboard and hardware keyboard working (sym button not working :( )

    Google Keep

    Doesn't get slow like ICS

    This is a result of a lot of hard work harsh put into creating and testing the rom.

    A must try rom for all !!

    Experience the ultimate Jelly Bean goodness for our Xperias

    Super Jelly Bean 8.0 changelog:
    Full Android 4.4 Kitkat themed UI
    {including framework,
    systemUI(status bar)
    icons and few apps}
    Kitkat launcher replacing apex
    Memory footprint reduced of all apps
    Upto 50 % more free ram(on system apps only)
    Overall upto 30 mb more available ram when compared to previous versions
    Faster app load time
    Smoother scrolling
    More battery friendly (like v7)
    Kitkat camera app (No green preview and fully bugfree)
    Fake 720p video mode (16:9) (actually 864x480) Videos look a lot better and ram not sacrificed
    Camera image quality tweaks
    Quickpic gallery app replacing google gallery
    More languages added to keyboard, should not FC anymore
    MX player removed
    Better looking dark dialer
    Digital clock removed
    Analog Clock widget back to old 4.2.2 style
    Android 4.4 Kitkat wallpapers
    Android 4.4 Kitkat fonts
    Android 4.4 Kitkat UI sounds
    Android 4.4 Kitkat Bootanimation
    All apps updated
    New SJB Gapps updated (Contains latest play store and google now)

    So overall , this update polishes a lot of things from the previous versions and this version aims to give a better experience than any other previous version.

    Again Very important : full wipe.. as i had to change lot of files in this one ( if you dont perform a full wipe , then the old files will still be present and may cause problems)
    but you can use titanium backup for games(only games!!) not fb , whatsapp etc !

    Super Jelly Bean 6.0 changelog:
    Based on latest cm10 nightly (20130811-mango/satsuma, 20130804-smultron/coconut)
    All major apps and features retained from v5.5
    Better battery life both while using normally and also on standby
    All apps updated
    Stock Camera and gallery app removed ( many users reported problems )
    A better Camera app
    Xperia Z Album app (replacing stock gallery ).
    Xperia Z Calculator app.
    Discoverer file manager app included.
    Sunbeam lwp included.
    Many Under the hood changes like lmk have been tweaked.
    Smoothness improved along with gaming performance.
    Ram management also better than previous versions.
    Some more changes which i'll add to the changelog as i remember.

    Super Jelly Bean 5.5 changelog: [not major changes but a lot better experience over 5.0]:
    1.All problems and bugs of sjb 5 fixed(including lags and slowdowns)
    2.including all potential lags gone
    3.apex launcher added (lot more customization available now)
    4.tweaked and fine tuned scripts ( the whole rom engine is a lot more responsive now )
    5.some cosmetic changes (some new icons )
    6.battery life further improved
    7.signal quality tweaks
    8.wifi tweaks
    9.dialing tweaks
    10.all apps updated to their latest versions(including gmail , play music , keep)
    11.mass storage mode now fused with framework ( no need patch)
    12.use previous patches for OSBs

    Super Jelly Bean 5.0 changelog: This update gets super jelly bean to a whole new level. a must try for every single person who owns these devices:
    Battery life improved
    Aosp 4.2 launcher
    Xperia Z launcher out
    Nexus wallpapers*
    Perfect combination of tweaks
    Much much smoother than v4 or any other version
    Gaming performance improved a lot (you can feel the difference when compared to sjb4 )
    Latest google play music
    latest superuser app
    New build tweaks by harsh
    Thunderbolt script used
    Better touch responsiveness
    Use viper4android for better sound (in addons ) if you think the sound is low

    SJB 4.0 changelog :
    1.Based on FXP CyanogenMod 10 and completely rebuilt
    2.Apps Updated (file manager , music player etc etc)
    3.google keep added
    4.Sony notes removed
    5.Deep sleep improved a lot ( i get 0 wakelocks and ofcourse 0 % overnight battery drain (7 hours ) )
    6.Lot more gaming improvements than previous version
    7.Some more tweaks by harsh586
    8.A heck lot faster than before !!
    9.Even the Sony Xperia Z launcher will perform better
    10.Solved some problems of 3.0
    11.Xperia Z styled status bar
    12.More things here and there..

    Recommended kernel : nobodyAtall's 2.6 kernel
    Recommended kernel settings : No overclock, just stock!

    Recommended install method : Full WIPE !!
    ( Remember : you are not experiencing the true strength of sjb if you don't do a full wipe )

    Suggestions/recommendations for and after installation [IMPORTANT]


    0.Don't restore anything from titanium backup.. its better to download apps from play store...
    1.Rom is tested only on fxp, mesa jelly bean and nAa's 2.6 kernel kernel , however it should work fine on others[/B]
    2.In MX player , by default use SW decoder.. if the video doesn't work properly , only then use HW decoder.
    3.Keep all the animation set at 0.5x in developer options
    5.[optional] you can delete 1 of the launcher apps. [2 included]

    NOTE : do not use seeder or anything else with this rom ( you dont have to ).. if you do then don't post here about battery life... thanks.


    Note : only for unlocked bootlader
    1. copy super jelly bean and gapps to sd card
    2. flash any jb kernel for your device..
    3. (optional but recommended: flash stock ics .587 ftf excluding kernel and simlock.ta files..)
    4. boot into recovery
    5.full wipes
    ie :
    wipe data / factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    wipe dalvik cache
    in mounts and storage , wipe system , data and cache

    6. flash Super Jelly Bean
    7.flash gapps : use this link : Gapps For SJB
    (8. flash a patch (if available!))
    (9.flash wifi modules of respective kernel (if they are needed)

    Note : after install , let the rom settle for atleast 15 to 20 minutes.. then reboot and use as normal :)

    ( gapps not included )​

    Caution : I am not responsible for any damage done to your device or your head by using this :p you are making these changes on your own..

    Rules : All XDA rules.
    Do not use this rom as a base for your own custom rom. because a lot of hard work has gone into making it.. thanks.

    I'd appreciate feedback or recomendations on harsh586's original thread here :)

    Here's a statement by harsh586:
    also if you like this . then hit the thanks button :) i don't want any donations as its just for fun and you guys deserve something good :) just pressing the thanks button is appreciated as it motivates :)

    Please hit the thanks button here, on his original thread! All the credits and all the work wasn't made by me, but by him! So support him by giving him your thanks :good:

    Rom Banner :
    Use it as your signature to support him :)



    XDA:DevDB Information
    Super Jelly Bean, ROM for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini, Mini Pro, Active

    mihahn, harsh586
    ROM OS Version: 4.1.x Jelly Bean
    ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2013-08-21

    Created 2013-09-26
    Last Updated 2014-10-11
    FAQ :

    I am having bootloop( never boots just shows kernel logo and bootanimation ) . What to do ??
    Please follow the steps and install correctly because hundreds of users already use the rom without any problem !

    I am having a laggy rom
    Do a clean install of the rom ie wipe data(factory reset) , wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache , wipe system , wipe data and cache

    My wifi is not working
    flash the wifi modules (present in addons ) of the respective kernel . it will be present in the kernel thread !!

    My keyboard/hardware keyboard is not working
    You need to disable the hardware keyboard, to enable any other keyboards. The hardware keyboard will still be working, even if you disable it ;)

    I get a status 7 error in cwm after wiping system

    1.That's normal because the rom.zip wants to get information about your phone and after wiping system it can't do that. Open the zip on your pc, go to META-INF -> com -> google -> android and open the updater-script with a text editor (like notepad++). Now you delete the first few lines with "assert" and "getprop". Repack the zip and you should be able to flash!

    2. If you did the first method and you still get a status 7, could it be you are on lupus kernel? Read the FAQ for more info/help!

    CPU settings :
    No OC , interactive governor and deadline as scheduler !!

    which kernel do you use ? :
    nobodyAtall's 2.6 kernel with No OC ,stock settings

    Can I even use lupus kernel ? :
    It looks like you get a status 7 error while installing the rom on lupus kernel, so better use another one (you can install the rom on any kernel and then flash lupus kernel if you want to, but it seems like there are some problems with lupus)!

    Why is rotation not working? :
    You have to enable Auto-Rotation in settings -> display -> auto rotation!

    How to fix superuser? :
    Please try flashing this. It should remove the superuser.apk from /system/app. Then please reinstall superuser or supersu from playstore. If the zip doesn't work, please report! :)

    How to enable ANT+ on this rom? :
    Follow the steps on this post by steinarlundemo. Thank you for this great method!

    How to disable the button backlight? :
    In system/etc/hw_config.sh, look for echo number > $dev/button-backlight/ and change the number! Change it to 1, to disable the light. (Thank you washwash for pointing it out here)

    How to fix offline charging (charging when phone is turned off) on this rom? :
    Flash the zip from this post by sud.vastav. Thanks for this!

    what can i do to repay you ?
    just hit the thanks button here
    Super Jelly Bean 8.0:

    Changelog/Buglist for the port by mihahn:
    Check the official changelog!
    -SYM Button fixed, now fully working! Flash [URL="http://d-h.st/ZOd"]this[/URL]!

    Super Jelly Bean 6.0:

    Changelog/Buglist for the port by mihahn:
    Check the official changelog!

    Super Jelly Bean 5.5:

    Changelog/Buglist for the port by mihahn:
    -superuser fixed
    -some tweaks
    -msc mode in framework included
    -homescreen layout fixed

    Super Jelly Bean 5.0:

    Changelog/Buglist for the port by mihahn:
    -Xperia Keyboard included
    -Hardware keyboard fixed
    -Bootanimation fixed
    -New improvements regarding speed/battery life
    -Panorama (not working in the original rom, too. Maybe we'll find a fix!)

    Super Jelly Bean 4.0:

    Changelog/Buglist for the port by mihahn:
    -Xperia Keyboard included
    -rebased on latest cm10 nightly
    -Resize bootanimation
    -Add MSC mode

    -initial release for xperia mini pro
    -Xperia Keyboard not working, excluded!
    -Bootanimation has the wrong size!
    -To use any keyboard you need to disable the hardware keyboard!
    -rebase it on the latest cm10 nightly (20130512) just give me a few days!

    Download links:

    Remember: I can't test the builds for xperia mini, active and live with walkman, so you flash it at your own risk! Please report bugs here, but be patient if fixing bugs needs some time ;)
    harsh586 - all was his work, I just ported it to our xperias!
    iiandskater- xperia keyboard
    Rizal Lovins
    pm me if i've forgotten somebody..
    Few basic tips to really get the most battery out of your device..

    1.Try changing the kernel if you have a heavy battery draining
    2.Reduce the screen brightness and the screen time out to a comfortable value
    3.Don't Overclock as i said many times already.. use 122/1024 ( even for gaming )
    4.Turn off wifi , bluetooth etc when not in use
    5.Before going to sleep , turn off useless apps such as whatsapp running in the background
    6.Restart your phone once everyday or every two days.. ( i restart my phone everytime before putting it for charging , i usually re-charge only when the battery reaches 1 % )