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Are you satisfied with this build? Also do you feel this build is smooth?

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  • No Un-Satisfied

  • Neither Satisfied Nor un-satisfied

  • Yeah smooth

  • Nah not smooth

  • Smoooooooth

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Nov 1, 2021
yo tengo I have this ROM installed and the mobile has been asking me at all times to update to Android 12 for 2 days. What I do? Could the operating system crash if I accept the update, if someone else is asking me to download or is it good to update?


Senior Member
Jul 10, 2013
Surprisingly, I also got ota of 1.8 GB last week. I ignored it as being unofficial it could have led to boot loop. It never came back again. Anyways it is of no use now as new Pixel Experience with Dec patch is better, and that is without OTA updater.


Nov 1, 2021
I installed this ROM the same day it came out. Has any other update come out of this same ROM? If so, you can give me the link and tell me if personal information is lost when I put it and if the method of putting it is the same as with the change rom


Jan 1, 2016
Moto X
Xiaomi Mi A2
I am trying to flash this rom but it is impossible. I have done everything to the letter, the wipes and reboots, and I always remain in bootloop. I have restored 5 times my device to the stock rom and I have done the procedures of different tutorials and nothing.
I also tried adb.

I am using twrp 3.6.0_9-0 because OrangeFox is also in bootloop.

pls help!

Happy 2K22
Google Traductor *-*

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    Hi, I managed to fix the problem after commenting here. Before flashing the Pixel Experience Rom, I had "DotOS" installed on my Mi A2 and I think that's where the problem comes from since "DotOS" modifies the recovery. What I did was the following:

    1- Restore the factory equipment using MiFlash by installing the latest version available (Android 11) with Bootloader blocking.
    2 - Bootloader lock.
    3 - Boot TWRP 3.6
    4 - Full wipe & reboot TWRP (Boot with CMD)
    5 - Flash Orange Fox Recovery
    6 - Change from Slot "A" to "B"
    7 - Reboot
    8 - (in orange fox) Full Wipe & Flash Pixel Experience. Change to Slot "A", full wipe & Flash rom again.
    9 - Here I rebooted but remained in bootloop, I went back to Orange Recovery and changed to Slot "B", wipe factory and reboot system.
    And ready. I've been testing the Rom for 2 days and I have the following comments:

    ~ The battery drains very, very quickly, it is necessary to optimize the battery consumption. With the screen on, my battery does not exceed 2 hours.
    ~ With Mi Band 6. It does not send all the notifications to the bracelet and it takes a long time.
    ~ The interface is very fluid, I did what I said happened to increase the size of the Buffer Logger to 8MB.
    ~ The call volume is very low.
    ~ Overheating of the equipment only using apps. With games it is an oven.
    ~ The notification from Google asking to Update to android 12 is annoying (the notification can be disabled)
    ~ When opening apps, even system ones like "Settings".
    ~ Using Mi Air Pro 2s. Bluetooth distance shortened. Before (with DotOs) it came from my room to the bathroom, now it cuts to the middle of the hall (3 to 4 meters approx).

    That's all for now. I appreciate the Port, very good, fluid, smooth, but the battery consumption needs to be optimized a lot.
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    PixelExperience for Xiaomi Mi A2 [jasmine_sprout]

    What is this?

    PixelExperience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation)

    Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device

    Based on Android 12

    What's working?
    Mobile data
    Fingerprint reader

    • Enforcing Build
    • Pixel 6 Pro Fingerprint
    • Spoofed custom props for most of gapps
    • Made the build more smooth (do tag me if you feel a great difference - would be helpful)
    • Other fixes and improvements


    ️Installation Guide

    • Thanks to @clarencelol @sakilmondal @Anush02198 & Madhavsaladi and for testers

    Known issues
    - Encryption is broken can't/don't encrypt from settings
    - You Tell Me if you find anything else

    Sourceforge (Build)

    Sourceforge (Recovery)

    Liked my work? Give me a beer
    UPI :- [email protected]


    Help with project translation

    Stay tuned
    Our Telegram channel
    Our blog

    how to set the buffer size?
    First you have to enable the developer options. Once you have it enabled do this:
    System -> Developer options -> Look for buffer size (it's between verify bytecode and function flags) -> Set the buffer size to 8M

    Hope that help 😁
    I am currently on pixel experience rom unofficial with 4.4 halcyon eas newcam+ kernel
    Can I dirty flash?
    Will dirty flash format or delete data?

    What are the consequences of broken encryption?
    dirty flash yes but if you face bugs do a clean flash
    No, it won't format/delete data

    Nah it won't affect anything as no one uses encryption (since this rom is 4.19 encryption is broken encryption works with 4.4 roms only)
    Thanks for the reply and all the work. The mistake is a silly thing. I notice it because of a habit of opening the camera like this. If I eliminate that habit it does not affect the OS at all.
    The speaker bug is a configuration problem in the phone app. If you deactivate the hearing aid compatibility option it is solved.
    I would like if it is possible to be a tester of the future versions of Pixel Experience that I compile for Xiaomi Mi A2. If so, he tells me and I will pass him my email.
    Do you want to test future builds?? Just join my telegram group or you can ping me in private in telegram i will post test build and other info of camera twrp etc there