[ROM] Amestris BlackDiamond V5.0 |ODEX] [XXEMC3][20April] Galaxy Fascinator

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  • Perfect User Interface Design [BlackDiamond Theme]

    Votes: 141 50.4%
  • Performance and Stability

    Votes: 203 72.5%
  • Huge Customizations

    Votes: 97 34.6%
  • i Like Stock User Interface

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    Amestris or Amastris (Friend in Old Persian) was the wife of Xerxes I of Persia, mother of king Artaxerxes I of Persia





    How to Install

    you need to install custom recovery, PhilZ Touch 4 Recovery
    attention: TWRP recoveries doesn't run some scripts.


    Team AC!D
    Gokhan Moral
    Rizal Lovins >> For All Sony Mods , Leader of Team Lovins


    Whats new on version 5.0? >>04/20/2013

    1. Fixed Aroma installer bug and crash
    2. Based on last samsung rom, XXEMC3
    3. added Siyah ,Shark and Stock kernel to aroma
    4. Removed INK effect , its produce lag on rom, i will make it later for who wants to install
    5. Added Sony Xperia Keyboard
    6. Added Sony TrackID
    7. Added Sony Bravia Engine2
    8. +Added Sony Clear Audio
    9. Amestris tweaks and scripts are back
    10. updated all apps to latest
    11. added databases for more default samsung keyboard's languages
    12. Big Apn list
    13. updated Host files
    14. fixed Kies problem
    15. fixed Live Wallpapers problems
    16. removed all Yahoo apps
    17. reworked for pin code lockscreen

    Whats new on version 4.0
    1. Removed previuos mods such as
      • HTC Beats Audio
      • Dolby Digital
      • SRS Audio Enhancements
      • Sony xLoud eXperience Engine
      • Sony Clearbass+
      • Sony Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2
      • Sony Album
    2. removed all scripts from phone, even Zipaligner script on boot
    3. unchanged buil.prop file for better stability
    4. added
    5. huge improvements on GUI elements
    6. Better Aroma Installer with more customization
    7. Removed all scripts
    8. Siyah 1.9.1 Kernel and Stock one, you can install one of them from Aroma
    9. Transparent MultiWindow from Aroma
    10. 23Toggles and Default Statusbar with new Task Manager graphic files , selectable from Aroma
    11. 4 Color option for battery from Aroma Installer, [White , Orange , Blue , Green]
    12. ink effect 16 colors
    13. New Design for Recent Panel layout
    14. Removed Red and green banner from incall progress screen
    15. Fixed The padding for edge elements on call screen
    16. Designed New graphics for Call screen layout
    17. Improved the gui for my files application
    18. Galaxy Note II Camera application with New theme on Aroma installer
    19. New Progress bar loading files
    20. Designed New Layout for Power option screen
    21. Added Italiano and Persian language as default for Samsung's Keyboard
    22. Changed Default wallpapers to new images
    23. Added More APN Configuration

    01 April 2013 - updated to version 3.0
    Whats new?

    1. Based on XXEMB5 , Samsung Stock 4.1.2 JB Rom
    2. Designed New layouts for White and Black themes.
    4. HTC Beats Audio
    5. Dolby Digital
    6. SRS Audio Enhancements
    7. Sony xLoud eXperience Engine
    8. Sony Clearbass+
    9. Sony Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2
    10. Sony Album
    11. Siyah Kernel as Default kernel
    12. Inverted Play store
    13. Updated All Application to latest
    14. Added Equalizer Control to Settings , based on DSP Manager cyanogen app.
    15. Designed more than thousands new layouts and graphic files.
    16. Added New options to Aroma for selecting which applications to install.
    17. Bloatsware free
    18. Updated host files
    19. REMOVED Amestris OTA updates from settings.

    read more info here
    See some new UI designs.

    Amestris Rom Version 1.0 , Initial release.

    Odexed Firmware , Based on I9300XXEMB2

    1. Rooted
    2. Multi Language
    3. Odexed All Stock application and jar files.
    4. Stock Kernel , Insecured
    5. CRT-Off animations
    6. Aroma Installer
    7. MediaScanner fix.
    8. Skip Tracks via Vol.btn
    9. Torch via home button on lockscreen
    10. Extended power menu options [3way]
    11. Busybox + Superuser
    12. Init.d Support
    13. Disabled Scrollcache
    14. Bloatwares free!
    15. Amestris OTA updates on settings.
    16. Zipaligned + Zipaligner script on boot.
    17. Multi CSC
    18. Disabled Increasing Ringtone Mode.
    19. New Button Design
    20. New Dialouge Frames
    21. New Checkbox Buttons
    22. New Tab Buttons Design
    23. Amestris Dialer Design [iOs 5 Like]
    24. New CallScreen Layouts
    25. Defined New Styles on CallScreen.
    26. Fixed touch area on "End Call" button on CallScreen.
    27. Activated the Record Button on CallScreen [Wanam]
    28. Bigger Caller Screen Photo [ 720 * 960 pixels]
    29. New Amestris Statusbar [Version 1.0 ]
    30. Transparent Status bar on Home Screen
    31. New Battery Design
    32. Center Clock
    33. Signal bars on the left
    34. New layout For Signals Icons
    35. Statusbar Widget on the Bottom.
    36. New layouts for Widgets and rows on extended status bar
    37. Fixed glitches from the edges on statusbar.
    38. Add Exit Button for Stock Browser
    39. Unlimited Contacts to SMS,MMS
    40. No Auto Converting messages to MMS
    41. Percentage battery Mod
    42. Adfree updated hosts
    43. Hide Sms from log
    44. fixed Rtl Layouts
    45. New Calculator UI


    Download links:

    Please don't share the direct link, just use this address for your forum.

    Latest Version
    Amestris Black Diamond Version 5.0 - XXEMC3 April 20 , 2013
    New Power Option layout design, red and white colors combination.

    Take a little break. There's no hurry.;)

    mr nazari
    i test a lot of rom in xda and in most case i have aroma errore . my phone frezze and installing process must be restarted
    i think you do the best work for us and maybe no need to aroma for extra setting
    thanks and sorry for bad english

    hi guys, finally i managed the aroma installer without any problem, it caused if you add many mods, its very unstable.

    i reduced the mods and merged some mods together to fix those problems..nevermind it.


    Amestris version 4.0 is uploaded and introduced here


    let me to rest , if you want to install v4.0, this is it.

    i will update the thread as soon, at this moment I'm sick and tired.

    best regards.:good:
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