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Feb 20, 2013
The ROM looks nice, however it does not seem to support "adb root:". LineageOS has an entry "Rooted debugging" right below the "USB debugging" setting, however, the build states "userdebug".
crDroid downloaded the offcial way through the website. has no build mode mentioned in the build number, hence, I guess it is production / user, and there is no option in the Developer settings, neither does a search find anything for "root", albeit "adb root" replies, "ADB Root access is disabled by system setting - enable in Settings -> System -> Developer options".

Actually it would be nice to:
1) either change the error message into the one "adb root access is not available in production envrionment" or something like that,
-> in order to let your users know, that it is intentionally not available at all
2) or enable / change the build to allow adb root.
-> in order to use it ;-)

just for the archive:

crDroid v7.14 has the option "Rooted debugging" right below "USB debugging" in the Developer options. adb root is working now.



New member
Apr 6, 2017
i've come here as many after oos12 disaster.
thank you for your great work
may i ask is there is a way to turn on WARP charge?
i've read whole thread, i got 2 wireless 50W chargers and 2 65Watt bricks
and i'm pretty sure it doesn't just display information incorrectly - it doesn't charge at 50W or 65W rate

thank you in advance


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Aug 30, 2021
OnePlus 9 Pro
I'm experiencing a minor bug: I have the "Prevent accidental wake-up" setting disabled, but I still see the "press and hold power button to unlock" message when the proximity sensor is covered.
I found what was causing this, by the way. There are two different settings in Settings that turn this one, "prevent accidental wake-up," and "Pocket detection." It appears that turning the first one on no longer does anything, and Pocket Detection is the real setting. Removing that duplicate setting might be a good thing to include in v8

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    *** Disclaimer
    I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device
    You have been warned

    crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today


    Flashing Instructions:

    First time installation (clean flash):
    It is recommended to come clean from latest OOS installation
    • Backup your data to PC, OTG flash drive
    • Reboot to bootloader (fastboot)
    • Run fastboot devices to confirm there is connection to the phone
    • Install LOS recovery with following command fastboot flash boot lineage-18.1-20210615-recovery-lemonadep.img
    • Power off and reboot to recovery by pressing VOL down + Power from shutdown state
    • Navigate with volume keys to Factory Reset -> Format data/factory reset and confirm format of data
    • Go back to main menu and choose Apply update and Apply from ADB
    • Now adb sideload latest crDroid package with adb sideload
    • When asked to confirm flash, do confirm it
    • Sideload push will go up to 47% and fail - no worry is normal
    • Reboot to system

    Update installation:
    Through recovery:
    • Download latest crDroid zip and reboot to recovery
    • Choose Apply update and Apply from ADB
    • Now adb sideload latest crDroid package with adb sideload
    • Sideload push will go up to 47% and fail - no worry is normal
    • Reboot to system

    Built-in OTA (slower):
    • When ready



    Known issues:
    - waiting for more feedback to see

    Visit official website @
    crDroid OnePlus 9 Pro Telegram
    crDroid Community Telegram

    crDroid is built with passion by @neobuddy89 and @gwolfu
    If you like our work, do consider a donation to support further device development

    ROM OS Version: Android 11
    ROM Kernel: Linux 5.4

    2nd July, 2021

    Short changelog:

    - Sigma Kernel: Upstreamed to v5.4.129
    - Sigma Kernel: Upgraded with WALT Sched improvements, F2FS and misc fixes
    - Introduce Awesome Slider controls (Settings > OnePlus Settings)
    - Removed OnePlus Dolby for now (Fixes audio glitches)
    - Fixed many more sepolicy denials
    - Added Gapps Search (Fixes screen-off Ok Google)
    - Fixed unlimited backup for Google Photos!
    - Reserved additional space on system & product partitions (you can flash more gapps addons)
    - Use OnePlus Pocket sensor for Pocket Judge (crdroid > misc > Pocket Detection)
    - Fixed local installation via Updater app
    - Improvements for FOD view (better and faster)
    - Updated SQLite lib to latest
    - Under the hood updates for av and native frameworks
    - Cleaned up dead shortcuts for power menu settings


    Core Gapps are pre-installed

    15th July, 2021

    Short changelog:
    - Android July 2021 Security update
    - Sigma Kernel: Upstreamed to v5.4.131
    - Sigma Kernel: Inlined all kernel modules
    - Sigma Kernel: Arch64 ASM optimizations from mainstream
    - Removed pre-installed TWRP for now
    - Reworked haptics sensor tuning
    - Fixed up vibrator strength restoring setting after boot
    - Updated Bluetooth blobs from CAF and configuration from OOS
    - Added USB 2.0 Force Fast charge toggle (OnePlus Settings)
    - Switched to crdroid pasty site for error crash upload
    - Various under the hood updates and misc fixes


    Core Gapps are pre-installed
    Build 20210620 is ready

    - Updated kernel to our own crDroid Kernel (based on LOS)
    - Added boeffla wakelock blocker (kernel mod)
    - Enabled different game controllers support
    - Updated WireGuard to v1.0.20210606
    - Some more different kernel tweaks
    - Added OnePlus Settings
    - Added OnePlus Dolby (Settings -> OnePlus Settings)
    - Added vibration strenght control (Settings -> OnePlus Settings)
    - Added Alipay fingerprint payment support
    - Added freeform window management support
    - Replaced stock Snap Cam with GCam (we work on enabling OOS Cam support)
    - Replaced stock Gallery with OOS Gallery
    - Fixed VolumeDialog animation when ringer and notification are unlinked
    - Fixed FPS tile
    - Fixed CPU info tile temperature info
    - Set default peak screen refresh rate to 120Hz
    - Some more different under the hood changes for stability and performance
    - Updated translations
    ty for using the edit button