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[ROM][Android 11][SURYA] crDroid v7.12 [OFFICIAL][EOL]

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Jun 8, 2018
@gringo80 Los with default kernel or Optimusdrunk? Simply i dont know yet which is better for Lineage in future.
All kernels are good ... the most important thing is the ramdisk optimizations !

I always use default kernels with my own optimization.

For LineageOS, i will post a full ramdisk optimization ... maybe gardiol can merge it in the future. But i'm busy now.

See you.
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Feb 21, 2010
Hello. Call recording doesn't work on latest build.

There is no option in phone settings.

Call recording dot is visible during a call though, but doesn't start any recording at all.
I once caused that problem myself when I installed Gapps that had a Google dialler. I fixed by installing a pico Gapps which had an absolute bare minimum apps.


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Nov 24, 2015
Xiaomi Redmi 5
Lenovo Vibe P1m
So, has @GtrCraft forgotten to include call recording in the latest build or has the feature been removed? 🤔
I hope this feature isn't gone, cause it's very usefull if you need to keep track about specific events.

And TBH, this feature was the reason that got me into crdroid, at first place :)

If this feature is gone for good, i'll have to rely on 3rd party apps, like some magisk modules or sh#tty apps full of ads from play store.

Other than that, the latest build runs smoothly and I didn't notice any other lack or bug.

Although, there is one other thing that doesn't work, but it's not vital.

The edge lightning (in crdroid settings -> user interface -> ambient display) doesn't show colored edge lighting at all.

This featues works fine on my redmi 5 plus running crdroid for a10.
Not big deal though. Just a cosmetic feature afterall.
Jan 26, 2016
Hello everybody. DSU does not work on Poco X3 NFC (surya): "Installation error". On Poco X3 Pro (vayu): "No DSU available". Previously DSU Loader worked great on Poco X3 NFC. What do you advise?


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Apr 7, 2011
Can someone help me please.

I get stuck in a bootloop with the new builds (starting form the 7.1X that required a clean flash as a requirement).

I'm following instructions. I even went so far that I flashed the complete fastboot stock rom, so I can do the whole process from the beginning.

So, MIUI Firmware, latest - flash recovery (twrp-3.5.2_10-5-surya, I think it's from Brigudav, as that is rocommended in Arrow OS thread) - flash crDroid - reboot to recovery - flash GApps (FlameGApps, latest stable) - Wipe+format straight after flashing) = BOOTLOOP every single time.

Only time I managed to boot is when I dirty flashed crDroid over ArrowOS, formated the data, boom, boots but I didnt have Google services. Flashing it this way but adding GApps after dirty flashing crDroid over ArrowOS also makes me bootloop.

I also noticed that there are no folders created on the internal memory by crDroid (the only 2 there are are the TWRP one and an obb folder)

Edit: Everything I wrote here is replicable time after time. Only time I can boot is when I dirty flash crDroid over ArrowOS and format data. All other instances, including a clean flash as per instructions leads to a bootloop and leaves no files on internal memory except the TWRP and obb folders.

I can flash and boot the 7.9 version just fine.
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Mar 2, 2011
Czy ktoś może mi pomóc, proszę.

Utknąłem w bootloopie z nowymi kompilacjami (począwszy od 7.1X, który wymagał czystego flasha jako wymóg).

Postępuję zgodnie z instrukcjami. Posunąłem się nawet do tego stopnia, że sflashowałem cały magazynowy rom fastboot, więc mogę wykonać cały proces od początku.

A więc oprogramowanie MIUI, najnowsze - odzyskiwanie flasha (twrp-3.5.2_10-5-surya, myślę, że pochodzi z Brigudav, ponieważ jest to zalecane w wątku Arrow OS) - flash crDroid - restart do odzyskiwania - flash GApps (FlameGApps, najnowsza stabilna ) - Wyczyść+format bezpośrednio po flashowaniu) = BOOTLOOP za każdym razem.

Jedyny moment, w którym udało mi się uruchomić, to wtedy, gdy brudziłem crDroida przez ArrowOS, sformatowałem dane, boom, bootowałem, ale nie miałem usług Google. Flashowanie w ten sposób, ale dodanie GApps po brudnym flashowaniu crDroid przez ArrowOS również powoduje, że robię bootloop.

Zauważyłem również, że nie ma folderów utworzonych w pamięci wewnętrznej przez crDroid (jedyne 2 są to TWRP i folder obb)

Edycja: Wszystko, co tu napisałem, można powtarzać za każdym razem. Jedynym momentem, w którym mogę się uruchomić, jest brudny flash cDroid przez ArrowOS i formatowanie danych. Wszystkie inne instancje, w tym czysty flash zgodnie z instrukcjami, prowadzą do rozruchu i nie pozostawiają żadnych plików w pamięci wewnętrznej, z wyjątkiem folderów TWRP i obb.

Mogę flashować i uruchamiać wersję 7.9 w porządku.


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Apr 7, 2011
you have a damaged gapps file
Nope, I use the same package for dotOS/Havoc/Arrow, can flash and boot them just fine. Another issue I encountered with latest builds is that microphone is broken on viber...it cuts of in the middle of the conversation sometimes, and after that, it is not back until after a reset, happens all the time and just with Viber, and on crDroid only (the aforementioned ROMs didnt have the issue)


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Nov 27, 2010
Problem with version 2021-10-21 the cellphone drops out a few times a day? I don't know why, otherwise this thread is good, had some problems with android auto, but the fact that it cuts out is of course less...

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