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Oct 27, 2013
bugs in gestures when using youtube/landscape mode and happen on other occasions as well. Sometimes in portrait too. No magisk/mods. Pixel Experience (simple).

"Sometimes the back gesture doesn't work. And the bottom center bar (home gesture) is centered on the right side in landscape mode (roughly in the same place as portrait mode).
This bug generates a new bug in recents, erroneously causing the navigation gestures in recents to be inverted (navigation gestures in recent portrait mode showing recent landscape, or the opposite.

Other than that I haven't had any more problems. And a huge congratulations on the work. It's the best I've ever seen! I had a lot of smartphones and used a lot of custom roms. THIS WORK HERE IS THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN!


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May 4, 2022
I have a issue with the last version... Can't install Instagram no matter what i do... Is there someone else with the same issue?
I have a question. This is the second time that I install the pixel experience and I did it because the first time the process through adb bothered me a lot because I had not updated the drivers and I also did it through the pixel experience recovery, the second time I installed it through orange Fox with the format data and the wipes, everything worked normally but the phone restarts at specific times, it is worth mentioning that I am not a demanding user because I do not play with it or do heavy tasks, I only use social networks and multimedia content. What can I do to fix that?
Random reboots are common in vayu bro, but I didnt face any sofar. And I have no idea on fixing that. Try my nre build, hope it'll be better, as kernel is upstreamed and mochi might've done some changes
Well using the official build and would like to share that my phone gets real hot at times when using Facebook or YouTube for a while. Mostly related to watching videos I guess. The launcher also glitches out at times. This is with the April security patch so I guess unofficial build needs to work on optimization as well for the April update.
If you have issues in official build, how can that be reported in this post. You should contact the official maintainer for this. My builds runs cool. Battery temperature is 35C when ambient temperature is like 29C or 30C


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Jan 12, 2014
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S
I absolutely love this works. Cudos for the developer. Works mightly fine, and battery life is also good. Smooth as butter.
Just one thing, youtube app lags like hell when you play any video. Maybe this is a problem with youtube app, just thought if you'd have a look into it.

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